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Tana Mangeau joked that she was pregnant but a lot of her fans did not think it was very funny

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April Fool's Day may tend to bring out a lot of pregnancy fake outs but tannaz pregnancy tweet

Rubbed a lot of people the wrong way

Tana mojo is a creator that rose to youtube fame with her honest and controversial vlogs. I mean, honestly

Honestly what

Anna is known for being a hot mess with a sense of humor, right? Okay

That actually hurt so bad not like that was it like 1% staged literally I'm in so much pain I cut Minnie

Hello good pic. I'm like

She made headlines when her convention Tanic on ripped off thousands of fans and caused an uproar in the YouTube community

It was so stupid planning my convention the same day. This VidCon was so

Stupid yeah

Since November Tana has been dating Brad Sousa who you may recognize from this internet prank by

Yes theory tricking the internet into thinking Justin Bieber eats burritos sideways do love that creamy stuff

I love you

Tana shared some news that many found suspicious she tweeted. Hey just dropping down to announce. I'm pregnant

Plenty of fans congratulate to Tana but a lot of people didn't buy it Hanna said girl, you're lying and Elijah

Daniel said I can't wait to be the godfather of your publicity stunt

I mean child and lo and behold a few days later Tana tweeted. Wait guys. I'm not pregnant lmao

I copied and pasted that tweet ha ha ha ha ha

Valerie said yo, that's not cool Mia

Marie said yeah, that's not funny and Michelle said even though you technically didn't post that joke on April Fool's Day

I'm just gonna leave this here. And yes, I've miscarried before before you put up

What you think is a brilliant April Fool's joke as your status update and tell the world that you are pregnant

Take a moment to think about all the women who are enduring painful IVF treatments

Women who have recently experienced a death of their baby and those women for whatever reason are

Not able to conceive a child at all how brilliantly hilarious is your April Fool's joke now and while a lot of fans were upset

Others felt like people needed to chill and learn how to take a joke, but what do you think?

Is it okay to lie about pregnancy for the sake of a joke?

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