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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Hindu Vocabulary Volume 4 Lesson 1 English Grammar - Unacademy

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hello guys welcome to today's listen my

name is Sheena Dee I'm an educator on an

Academy I teach English grammar on this

platform you guys can follow me on an

Academy by downloading the unyk atom

e-learning up on your phone and please

to check out the youtube channel as well

so in today's lesson we're going to

learn a few difficult words from the

Hindi newspaper along with its meaning

its usages and also sentences but there

is something fun waiting at the end of

the lesson which we'll find out

eventually so let's get started

hey guys so this is an all new course

which is called drilling into analysis

part 4 just like the previous courses we

will be learning you know new words from

the Hindu newspaper but unlike the

previous courses we won't be learning

problems at the end of the lessons but

rather I won't pick a word which is

obviously from the news in the newspaper

and I will jump on up the letters and

give you the you know a word that seems

you know that does not make any sense at

all so you will give me the I will give

you guys the you know if it is an

adjective or if it's about if it's a

noun and also I'll give you guys another

int which is the synonym of the word so

you will have to find the word for me

and you know posted in the comment

section and just like the previous

lesson the following lesson will contain

the word meaning and an example using

that word in the sentence ok so as you

can see the newspapers date mentioned

right in the first slide so let's get

started with the set of words first one

is expel X pen that's a verb which means

if someone is expelled from somewhere

they officially made to leave that place

because of bad behavior so please pay

attention expel here 1l when you write

it you know in the past participle form

it is double led okay so if someone's

expelled from somewhere maybe a school

institution organization or anywhere

from that for that matter they

officially made to leave that place

they're not leaving out of their own

will but they're made to leave that

place because of the you know the the

order that they receive so they made to

leave from that date they made to leave

that place because of bad behaviors

they made to live because because of

their unacceptable behavior or

unconventional behavior other so

synonyms are banned throughout so you're

banning somebody from somewhere and

you're throwing out somebody from

somewhere okay example three boys were

expelled from school for blackmailing

their classmates so since the boys were

blackmailing their own classmates which

was considered to be a bad behavior

which is obviously a bad behavior they

were expelled from the school that means

they were asked to leave the school and

never returned

okay the second one is who not w-h-o who

this is hmm which is a noun that means a

color it is a color okay so it's not any

specific color but this means color in

general synonyms a shade die you know so

example is the wine expert lifted his

glass to the light to examine the hill

and clarity of his wine Nemean Z lifted

his glass up and you know to the light

to examine the shade or the dye or to

see the color and the clarity of the

wine that is held inside the glass okay

next one manifest manifest is a word

which means if one manifests a

particular quality feeling or illness

it becomes visible or obvious that means

if you're manifesting some bad quality

it is shown out to people so one

manifests the particular quality feeling

of illness it becomes visible or it

becomes obvious to people who's looking

at your who know you better

synonyms display reveal reveal is to you

know keep the truth in front for

everybody to see example Sasha's

frustration and anger will manifest

itself in crying and screaming that

means it will become obvious that she

will end up crying or screaming okay she

manifests very bad anger management or

very bad feelings okay harboring ill

feelings for others that means you

manifest those feelings that becomes

very evident for people okay next one is


yes this might seem like a name of a

person but that starts with a P and H

this is starting with an F it is not a

proper noun

it is Philip which is a noun that means

if someone or something gives a Philip

to an activity a person they suddenly

increase or improve them so giving

somebody Philip a Philip

that means if he gives a Philip to an

activity you are encouraging that

activity all of a sudden that means you

weren't supportive before but now all of

a sudden you are supporting and

encouraging them to do it that means

you're giving up Philip ok synonyms

boost or push give him a push boost his

inner confidence or something example

the news gave a Philip to the concerned

industry that means the news or the news

maybe the company was in the limelight

or maybe the company's controversy

wanted controversies gave a Philip that

means it gave a boost to that specific

industry ok that made the industry

well-known to people because of that

specific news so in turn we use it in a

better way saying the news gave a Philip

to the concerned industry ok next one

impromptu impromptu is an adjective that

means an action that one does without

planning or organizing it in advance

that means use something you do

something you know without planning

without you know if without even

organizing it you don't even realize

that this is going to happen but you end

up doing it for example meeting your

friends at the mall so you hadn't

planned to meet them but you know

coincidentally everybody were there so

it was an impromptu meeting or impromptu


okay so impromptu is something that is

not planned or organized much in advance

so something that happens all by itself

suddenly by kappa sadly synonyms

spontaneous unprepared spontaneous is on

the spot immediately okay example when

the new CEO was invited on the stage he

gave an impromptu speech which left the

audience damp found it that means when

the new CEO was called up on the stage

to talk here obviously here

he gave an impromptu speech that means

he was not prepared to give a speech it

happened spontaneously which left the

audience dumbfounded that means which

left the audience in shock they were

they were so overwhelmed by the speech

that did not have words to express it so

that's when you years damn found it okay

I'm dumbfounded by the achievement that

this man has you know achieved in his

life I'm sorry achievements achieve so

that does not work together sorry next

one relent so the length is a verb that

means to allow someone to do something

that they were previously refused to do

sorry previously it refused to allow

them to do yes the meaning is quite you

know clumsy and it's it's rather

confusing that means someone allows you

to do something but the same person was

against you doing the same task a few

days back okay example my mom relented

and give permission to party this

weekend that means maybe when I asked

the midweek she said no that means but

maybe after two days she agreed to have

a party this weekend so she relented and

then give permission so that this is

something you know she refused to give

permission before but after some time

she gave the permission so the same

person who refuses you or who denies you

the permission to do something agrees to

it after a while so relent okay

something that is very hesitant for that

person seventh one incredulous

incredulous is an adjective that means

sorry someone who is unable to believe

something because it is very surprising

or shocking so you you refuse to believe

because it is very surprising and it is

very shocking that you know even your

mind is sitting like no it's not

possible so that kind of situation of

that kind of you know condition in which

the person is involved we call that as

incredulous ok synonyms doubting

suspicious suspicious is you are not at

all convinced by something you there is

you know a very high degree of doubt

inside you example you won the lottery

her voice was incredulous that means

she'd not believe that I won the lottery

so she asked a question you won the

lottery in such a way that that gave

away that her tone was incredulous that

means the tone was suspicious doubting

she'd not believe that I had won the

lottery ok so now before we start off

with the front part that is a jumbled

words the jumbled letters

so let's you know pay attention to the

pronunciation once again expel that

means someone who is banned from

somewhere who is a color manifest is to

harbor feelings or qualities that

becomes very evident to others ok next

one is Phillip Phillip to give somebody

a Phillip is to encourage them all of a

sudden impromptu is something that is

not planned or not organized in advance

Roland is something you know some

activity a person who denies you a few

days back gives permission a little

later so that is relent hesitates ok

incredulous is someone who does not

believe that something is true because

it is so shocking and so surprising so

here is the jumbled letter for today so

it is a s a B V E I ah so you'll have to

arrange this that is in such a way that

you end up getting a proper word which

is an adjective and the synonym of that

specific word is tough so if you find

the word let me know in the comment


I'll see you guys in the next lesson

thank you so much for your time until

then bye-bye

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