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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Do the Urkel! - 10 Minute Power Hour

Difficulty: 0

Tucker (off-screen): We're rolling! Dan: Shit.

Arin: Welcome to the 10 Minute Power Hour. My name is Arin Hanson. (My name's Dan). This is Dancin' Hanson.

Dan: It's not. Hello. It's nice to see you again. Arin: It's Dan Avidan.

Dan: Yes. Arin: *clears throat* Did you have a good morning?

Dan: I did have a good morning, how are you?

Arin: Today we're gonna ... we're gonna have- we're gonna play something really exciting.

Dan: Do the Urkel!

It's everybody's favor- mmm...

Can you Urkel your way to a win?

I dunno if that's a verb... Arin: This game was purchased at a Goodwill for $2.

Dan: What a fucking ripoff.

There was a show in the early 90s called Family Matters. Arin: Do you really have to explain it? (Yeah.) I guess you do, fuck.

Dan: Dude, it's 27 years ago.

Arin: *spot-on Steve Urkel impersonation* Did I do that?

Dan: Yeah, and Steve Urkel was a bit character he was like a super nerdy kid and, uh...

then he became like the focal point of the show.

Arin: That's right. Dan: And he got his own board game!

Arin: And Dan only just realized the pun in "Family Matters".

Dan: Yeah, see because you're not just discussing "family matters", they're also saying that family "matters".

You see because the, um...

Arin: Yeah, they get it. Dan: So many things involved.

Arin: You can actually get our colors, but we have to swap seats. See, blue and pink.

*various crashing and banging noises*

Arin: It feels weird over here. Dan: It doesn't feel right, it feels weird, right?

Arin: Here's how this Urkel the game works.

This has all kinds of Urkel lyrics and sayings, because the whole point of this game is to be Urkel!

Dan: Such as: *in another spot-on Urkel impression* "No sweat my pet," "I'm bad to the bone," and Arin: "Got any cheeeeeeeese?"

Dan: He actually had kind of a Spongebob voice before Spongebob.

*Spongebob laughter ensues*

Dan: Be the first to collect eight bowtie cards. Arin: That's not stupid at all. (It's not stupid!)

Dan: The best thing to remember about Do the Urkel is it's not stupid! *Arin laughs*

Arin: Why don't they just make them cards? You can't shuffle these. They're an odd shape. Dan: They're bowties.

How would we make bowties if they were just normal cards?

Sorry to play devil's advocate on this. Arin: Place them face up in this little array. (Okay.) We take our turns. (Uh huh.)

and then when we roll it, it says what card you take. Dan: Okay (So) and that's the pose you have to do? (Yes.)

Dan: Microphone test *burp*

Arin: But when you take the card, you gotta do the pose! (Okay.)

Dan: And just to reiterate,

It's not stupid. Arin: It's definitely not stupid. There are these action cards that you can take. We have to...

Imitate Urkel. (Mm-hmm). So make millions of dollars daily and fuck beautiful women.

When you get in your bow tie, you can play against the other player. Dan: Oh my god, Arin. Do we have seven hours? Like...

Arin: And then Do the Urkel!

Dan: Okay. Oh, all right. Arin: But I'll explain Do the Urkel when it happens.

Dan: God this is...

Not stupid.

Arin: If you get the same card you have to Do the Urkel.


Alright you ready to play? Dan: Chop chop baby, make it happen.

Arin: Go ahead and roll.

You win that card (I win that card!). Do you want to roll again? Dan: I'm gonna risk and roll.

What? How crazy! Arin: Wild card! You can pick whichever one you want!

Dan: Oh my god! Arin: You got two bowties on your (I did) first turn.

Dan: God, that's exciting. Arin: Well, you have to do the actions dude. What the fuck!?

Dan: Oh, what are the actions? (You skipped it.) Oh.

Hey! and...




Arin: This game's fun.


Dan: Way to put your whole heart and soul into it. Arin: And then there's this one which is...

Dan: Someone made a million dollars creating this. Arin: Now do you want to risk and roll?

Dan: Yes, I'm gonna risk and roll!

Yes! (Nice). I'll take these bowties. (Holy shit) Roll again? I can't do that. That's not a pose,

but I can do this one.

Arin: That was pretty good. (Anyway ....)

It's just another step towards our crushing heat death...WILD CARD! (Oh my god) I'm gonna grab the roll again now.

Dan: Oh, you're risking it all? (Risking it all.) You crazy son of a bitch.

Arin: Yes! (You did it.)

Dan: You did it. They're all yours. Arin: Gonna take 'em. I got the finger, which is...

Dan: You're gonna get the finger.

What? Arin: And then I got this one, which is just him kind of going...

Dan: Good stuff. (WOOO!)

Oh my god. Arin: You could choose whichever one you want! Dan: I'm gonna stop... (Shit.)

with the Sing the Urkel song. (Holy fuck dude.)

Cause I don't want to lose my opportunity!

*♪ Phat nasty beatboxing gets dropped ♪*

Now if you wanna do to Steve Urkel dance, ♪

All you have to do is hitch up your pants. Bend your knees and stick out your pelvis. I'm telling you, baby! ♪

It's better than Elvis Do it. Do it. Everybody do the fucking Urkel dance! ♪

Now point your fingers up to the sky and talk through your nose way up high! ♪

Spin and dip, jump and cavort and finish it off with a laugh and a snort! ♪

"♪" Heh heh heh *snort* Heh heh heh heh *snort snort* Heh heh Heh heh Heh heh Heh heh ♪"

Do it do it everybody do the Urkel dance! ♪

I just want you to know it actually says "Heh heh heh *snort* Heh heh heh heh *two snorts*".

So I was- I've really

really fucking worked hard at that.

Arin: I got four on this side and three on this side, and a roll again and a Do the Urkel and I got to do this pose.

Whatever this one is. (Okay.)

Dan *laughs*

Imitate Urkel. Yes, please (Nice)

Dan: And I'll...

roll again and laugh and snort. (Wow!), What? Oh my god, dare I? Arin: Roll again?

Dan: *whispers* I'm gonna!

Arin: Holy shit.


Arin: Now, Dan, (Uh-huh?), you're gonna have to Do the Urkel. (No!!). So take this little Urkel finger...

Dan: *laughs*

You gotta fuckin get a (I got big beautiful hands!) I KNOW you do Dan!

That's partially why I love you. Now put a finger in there. Just one! Just one!

Dan: I don't like where this is going. Arin: All right, don't worry about this Dan.

Don't worry about this, this is chocolate (Okay).

You're gonna have to wear the Urkel glasses because you're not allowed to see. Dan: Oh no! Okay...

Arin: Put 'em on.


Wherever your finger lands, that's how many cards you have to discard from your bowtie. Dan: Oh my god. (Yes.) Okay.

I'm just gonna say one more time before we start that this is not stupid.

Arin: One, two, three!

*Beatboxes while talking ...* ♪ Do the Urkel. This is how the song goes. I've seen Family Matters. ♪


All right.


Remove your glasses...

(Ugh it's really bright) and see how many...see, one! Dan: One! I only lose one bowtie. (One bowtie part.) Wait a second...


*both laugh*

Arin: Time for me to roll and figure out whose destiny lay ahead. I'm gonna choose Imitate Urkel.

Dan: Okay.

Arin: And guess what? (You have enough to win.) I'm gonna stop because I won the game if I can imitate Urkel real quick... Dan: Wait, who's the judge of this?

Maybe Tucker judges it? Arin: All right, well then you're gonna have to judge this Urkel imitation right here.

*Very sombre* Did I do that?

*both laugh*

Dan: What do you think Tucker? Tucker (off-screen): Here's a real Urkel audio clip.

Steve "Did I do that?" Urkel: Did I do that?

Tucker (still off-screen): To be honest Arin, I thought you were gonna be good, but you know what?

Today, you did a phenomenal impression of Urkel. Dan: Wow...


Tucker: It was fucking incredible. Think Arin wins this time. Dan: Ooooh ma-

Mazal tov Arin!

I'm happy for you bud.

Arin! I WON!!! I WOOOON!!!!

Dan: You should do the Urkel to celebrate. Arin: I don't know the Urkel (Okay.), but I'll do a little dance. Put some music on baby!

*Brooding music plays*

Dan: *giggling* It's so disturbing.

Next time on the Game Grumps 10 Minute Power Hour. Oh god, it's like a nightmare

Tucker (off-screen): It's like Silent Hill.

Dan: It's absolutely like Silent Hill. (OW!) Are you okay?

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