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why use homewards do you want your

students to learn real English to find

out about British and American culture

to enjoy the adventures of Rebecca and

Wyatt and their friends great reasons

but homewards offers more than this we

have hundreds of great video exercises

your students written exercises are

really corrected by our language experts

our vocab trainer remembers the words

they forget and reminds them home words

English premium is a complete course for

use in and out of the classroom for the

classroom we provide smartboard

resources activity sheets and of course

a comprehensive teacher's guide students

carry on learning outside of class in

their personalized learning profile so

what's in it for you as a teacher save

hours on marking time all exercises and

even the written assignments are checked

by us and students get feedback easy

class management clear reports show who

is working and who needs help you can

even listen to the speaking exercises

the students have done time for fun

activities in class because students do

so much online there is more time for

practicing speaking and other

stimulating work forms in lessons let's

not forget the rewards and medals that

motivate students to be better than

their classmates with homewards you just

want to be the best so what will your

students learn and how will they do it

vocabulary look forward to with our

smart adaptive vocab trainer students

will learn faster and will understand

articles and stories better reading a

huge and diverse range of stories and

articles that are aimed at students will

ensure that they are exposed to all the

vocab and grammar structures they have

been practicing listening the hundreds

of interesting videos from

english-speaking countries will further

embed the sound of real English into

students memories

Wow it's hot here speaking my computer

is not working students practice with

words and sentences that they have been

learning to help them on their way to

speaking fluent English writing students

practice with simple writing exercises

and longer assignments with computer and

teacher feedback yes that really is

feedback from a real teacher

grammar simple grammar lessons and

exercises help perfect your students


the course is divided up into units and

levels each one has a test to track

students progress and don't worry they

won't get bored with many different

types of exercises lots of interesting

facts a vibrant environment and much

more they will be speaking English

before you know it why don't you put us

to the test sign up for a free two-month

trial add as many students as you like

and let them learn English the homewards

way you can start today go to WWF full

resources you and signup need help

mail or call us we are here to help you

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