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What Case Briefs, Law Outlines, Flash Cards and Law School Exam Writing Products Are Best

For You.

* There are many different types of case briefs, law outlines, law school exam writing products

and flash cards that you use. * This lecture will give you focus as to which

type is best for you.

Paul Owen here for Law School Success Frequently Asked Questions and Questions You Should Ask.

I am writing this series of lectures for the simple purpose of giving you a solid foundation

for what you need to do in law school to become successful. You will save time, money, and

effort and I always promise to be completely truthful with you in everything that I convey

to you and the information and secrets that we talk about.

Law school can be difficult, law school can be hard work, or law school can be very easy.

Do not make it hard on yourself.

You are in the right place to become a law school success.

Frequently Asked Question #7

What study guides and aides should I use?

This is our most subjective lecture mainly because people learn different ways. Different

things register with different types of people. You may be an audio person, you may be the

kind of person who has to write everything down, or you maybe the person who likes flashcards,

or maybe you are the type of person that likes complex outlines.

Flash Cards 720 Series Flash Cards - Law in a Flash

As far as hardcopy flashcards there are the 720 Series Flash Cards and there is Law in

a Flash. Generally, Law in a Flash ask leading questions. A good example is: Does this contract

present an offer? Yes or no is the answer. You could flip a coin and get it right half

the time. We don't necessarily think that's any good. The 720 cards are hard to answer.

You cant answer them unless you know the material. The problem is 720 people don't

like shipping hard copy cards because all their products are digital inside the Rom

LawTM product. They will ship hard copy versions but it is vastly cheaper to get the digital


Law Outlines GilbertsEmanuelFoldeez

There's about 20 different types of outlines. We've only listed three here for the reason

that we can explain the types the each are. Emanuels; we don't consider them law outlines.

An 800 page dissertation on con law is not a law outline. It is a mini-hornbook. It's

almost impossible even to take the subsections of their law outlines and turn them into an

exam writing outline that you can use right away.

A Gilberts law outline is somewhere in between. The best part about Gilberts is you can take

the material out of it remove excerpts and put them into your own law outline. They also

have large banks of Q&A in the back which are very very good. As we told you before

in other lectures, Q&A can substitute for case briefing. This cuts short the amount

of time you need to learn the application of the law. This type of law outline and there

are many types of these, there is not just the Gilberts, is very good.

The Foldeez are strictly law school exam writing outlines. Here it is, here's everything you

need to memorize. Here's your exam writing definitions; go for it. You can actually memorize

these outlines and if you do, you do quite well.

Audio Lectures Gilberts - Sum and Substance - MP3

Don't ever buy an audio lecture for any reason if you are going to listen to it at home.

You will fall asleep. I guarantee you. Ive tried to do it. I know other people have tried

to do it. They listen to it and you are self- hypnotized and you are gone. All of a sudden

you wake up and the MP3 player is still playing and its two hours down the road. If you

drive around during the day, you drive to school 20 minutes to and 20 minutes from that's

40 minutes of wasted time. Yes, you can put all your lectures into your car radio and

listen to the stuff and actually learn something.

Gilberts Legend Series is a medium level product. Sum and substance has the most titles. The

MP3 Law Leectures have the least. They only have 6 titles with their MP3 Exam Writing

Lecture. But the advantage of these is they have a book that comes with each lecture.

They are also 11 hours of lectures. These are heavy duty lectures in MP3 format. The

main advantage, no matter whose audio lectures you use is to make sure you are not sitting

at home and listening to them. If you're running, if you're jogging, if you're driving around,

great. These are fantastic.

Exam Writing Aids and Seminars Exam Writing I-IV- MP3 Exam Writing

Crunch TimeLEEWSFlemings

There are books like Exam Writing 1-4. Flemings also has books that are good. These two are

just as good as each other. The main advantage in the Exam Writing against the Flemings is

real simple. Exam Writing 1-4 have lots of sample questions that you can write on. So

if you need to do 30 contracts exams that's where you find them.

There's exam writing lectures. There is the MP3 Exam Writing lecture. There's the LEEWS.

There's live lectures. LEEWS is about the only person that gives live lectures anymore.

We question the sufficiency of any live lecture. Heres why; you only learn 10 to 15% of

the material the first time you hear it and that's even at a alive lecture. So what good

is a live lecture if you're only walking out the door knowing 15% of the material you are

supposed to know. You have to do the lecture again two weeks later. We believe that you

should do the MP3 and listen to the lecture over and over and over again until you've

done it eight, nine, ten times. In the two-week period in between you're actually doing the

materials. You're actually doing what it tells you to do. The next time you listen to it

you will hear things you never heard before. That's because you're actually doing stuff

and you're having trouble with filling in the blanks. All of a sudden with the need

to fill in the blanks you actually hear the answers in the lecture. I guarantee you.

Exam writing is a skill. Going to a live lecture 30 days before the exam and while anything

helps in that 10 to 15% boost will help you four weeks before the exam. But are you going

to learn the skill of exam writing four weeks before the exam? The resounding answer is

no, because it takes up to a full year. All these products are fundamentally good. They

all have their advantages.

Bar Review Sign up and get materials

Bar Reviews will try to get you to sign up in the first year of school for $100. They

will get you to sign up for a $2500 bar review that you need 3 years later. You are going

to new a bar review if you don't study or follow the M.A.D.TM study method. (Memorize,

Apply, Dissertate) If you study the M.A.D.TM study method you will have no problems with

any bar exam in this country. The M.A.D.TM study method was developed as a response to

the California State Bar that we used to use help students get through the California bar.

It's the hardest part exam in the country They try to trick you into selecting the wrong

answer. They try to trick you into answering the essays wrong. The issue is whether you

know the law. If you do, you get to pass the exam. If you don't you fail period. That's

why so many people fail the California bar. They don't know the law. The Dean of Stanford

University Law School failed the California bar when she took it in all arrogance when

she assumed the position as the Dean of Stanford University Law School.

We will talk about a little disingenuous thing, Kaplan owns its own school. They own their

own law school. It is an online law school. They have lots of medical doctors that go

into their online law school. Their pass rate at the California baby bar (FYLSE) is pathetic.

It rotates between 25 and 35% of their students. Thats terrible. That pass rate tells you

how great the bar review is when they only get 25- 35% of their students through that


Be wary of these bar review things. I am not saying not to do them but if you follow the

M.A.D.TM study method, 80-90% of people that use M.A.D.TM through law school don't do bar-reviews.

And if you need to do a bar review, buy the stuff used. Instead of paying $2,500 you can

pay $25-30 bucks for all the books used. You can buy that stuff used. You can go over the

materials yourself for $25-30 versus 2,500. Me, I am going with $25 or 30 and will study

a little bit harder and get better grades in law school, all the way through law school.

Study Groups

We told you before in other lectures; don't join a study group unlessWell if you did

join a study group even if you are not doing the M.A.D.TM study method guess what? Your

study group people and partners can share the cost of all the these materials without

violating copyrights. You could buy one used box of flashcards and pass around and see

if it does you any good. You can buy certain outlines used, if you can get them. If not,

you can all share the cost of a new one. You can get an MP3 exam writing lecture and can

all listen to it and pass it to the next person for the next day to listen to it. That does

not violate copyrights and it keeps the costs down.

This is our most subjective lecture. I talked about some advantages of products and some

pitfalls of others. I talked about flashcards, outlines, audio lectures, exam writing lectures

and bar reviews and the cost savings advantae of the study group in trying to get study

aids to help.

Paul Owen here for law school success. Frequently asked questions and questions you should ask.

Thanks for reading. Hope I conveyed some valuable information to you, to save you time, money,

and effort.

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