Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Why Map History Together?

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Historically, maps have been created by experts.

They were used for marking borders,

property and territories for instance.

Maps were important in colonial history

and after the two world wars

Maps claim to show the world as it is,

but like all stories, they reflect the people that make them,

their culture and ideas, their power.

Some things get included, some things are left out

some things are made valuable,

others are forgotten entirely.

But what would happen if, rather than an expert doing it,

we could make a map together?

Participatory Mapping

means we can all share in creating a different kind of map world,

where we get to decide what is included.

We can choose to add things like pictures, words and music

but also people, walks, memories, events, moods and relationships.

In fact, when you start thinking about it, theres not much you cant add to a map.

And, because life is fluid, and things move on,

we can change the map whenever we want, without asking the experts!

So, get community mapping!

Map your Bristol, now!

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