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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Life After Death: Who Controls Lil Peep & XXXTENTACION's Posthumous Music? | Genius News

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JACQUES: In the last months of 2018, there were two posthumous releases -

the late Lil Peeps 'Come Over When Youre Sober PT. 2' and XXXTENTACIONs 'SKINS.'

While both releases satiated fans yearning for new music, they werent without their

missteps and bigger questions.

JACQUES: Lil Peep, known to many as a visionary due of his fusion of mid-aughts emo with todays

trap sound, was fresh off the release of his debut album, “Come Over When Youre Sober Pt. 1'

when in November 2017, tragedy struck.

ANCHOR: Popular YouTube star and emerging rapper Lil Peep died last night right before

he was set to perform in Tucson.

JACQUES: The 20-year-old X was loved by fans for his raw and emotive lyrics. He also had a dark side -

JACQUES: in June 2018, the month of his death,

X was awaiting trial for charges for domestic abuse and false imprisonment regarding his


He was killed in an altercation outside of a motorcycle shop that same month.

ANCHOR: Police are investigating the death of a popular rapper from South Florida after

he was ambushed and murdered in Deerfield Beach.

JACQUES: The charges against X were dropped after his death.

Both him and Peep left behind plenty of unfinished songs - with no real direction for what to

do with them.

This is a unique conundrum for todays generation of artists as the New Yorkers Carrie Battan writes, quote:

WOMACK: We gotta do what Gus would have wanted, and Gus had very strong feelings about his work.

JACQUES: Thats Lil Peeps mother Liza Womack.

After Peeps brother urged her to get involved, she started to take more control over

'Come Over When Youre Sober Pt. 2.'

MRS. WOMACK: He said to me, Mama, you gotta start to get involved with what's going to happen

with Gus' music

JACQUES: Liza believesPt. 2is the perfect sequel to Peeps debut.

MRS. WOMACK: You can see how it went from Com Over When You're Sober 1

to Come Over When You're Sober 2.

JACQUES: But the process wasn't always so smooth.

In September 2018, a Peep & X collab called "Falling Down" dropped.

JACQUES: OriginallyFalling Down,” was titledSunlight On Your Skinand featured Makonnen.

The addition of X caused quite a stir amongst Peepsfriends and fans.

FISH NARC: He explicitly rejected Triple X for his abuse of women, spent time and money

getting Triple Xs songs removed from his Spotify playlist, and wouldn't have co-signed that song.

JACQUES: And in one of his final interviews, Peep said, quote:

JACQUES: At the time, Makonnen insisted that the record was meant to bring people together.

MAKONNEN: I think itll be good for everybody.

Both legacies, all that.

JACQUES: Still there is no way to know what Peep wouldve wanted - and therein lies

the moral quandary with these posthumous releases - do you add features when the artist is not

alive to approve it?

As for X, his album 'SKINS' was released with only one feature - Kanye West.

JACQUES: Longtime X collaborator John Cunningham explained why West was included on the album, saying:

JACQUES: Cunningham also told Genius that

he and X began work on this project not long after X's "?" album, saying, quote:

JACQUES: Knowing that John and X were close should put many fan worries to rest -

but feasibly there could still be controversy on the horizon.

X reportedly signed a $10 million deal shortly before his death, which may mean more posthumous

albums are on the way that were not approved by X while he was alive.

Issues over releases like these arent anything new.

In fact, in June Drake took some flack for using dated Michael Jackson vocals on his

5th studio album, 'Scorpion.'

JACQUES: Michael Jacksons nephew raised some concerns.

AUSTIN: I feel like, if he didnt finish it, then you shouldnt use it.

JACQUES: But Drakes been here before - in 2014 he had to abandon a posthumous album

of Aaliyahs music after her frequent collaborator Timbaland objected.

TIMBALAND: Aaliyah music only work with its soulmate...which is me.

JACQUES: As for MJ, there's a lawsuit alleging that Sony's 2010 album 'Michael' - the first

release after his death in 2009 - included three fake records.

And if we look at rap history -- notably the numerous releases from 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G.

after they died -- we might see more from X and Peep. 2Pac and Biggie even posthumously

appeared on a song together in 2003.

JACQUES: As fans well just have to hope that those in control of these artists legacies

stay true to what they wanted.

And when it comes to Lil Peep, we may not have to worry at all.

MRS. WOMACK: There's a lot of music, and I'm going to be a very busy mom,

because I gotta go around and make it happen the right way.

JACQUES: We reached out to a representative for X's mother, Cleopatra Bernard for an interview,

and she declined to comment.

JACQUES: Im Jacques Morel with Genius News, bringing you the meaning and the knowledge

behind the music.


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