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Hello, everybody!

Its Gwang-Seok Kim, DAS system's developer, and the CEO of GBLS.

We really thank for your long waiting.

I have worked as a licensed architect in South Korea, and been an airsoft maniac for the last 25 years.

DAS system design began in 2012, and took about 5 years.

I am really glad to show you the ultimate AEG

that has the DAS system I developed after years of hard work.

I only worked on buildings before,

so went through many trials and errors to design airsoft gun so far.

But now finally I can manufacture DAS M4A1.

It is our first limited edition just for you have been waiting long till now.

I proud to say that our first M4A1 replica has the best quality and realism

with steel outer barrel, stainless steel stock tube, and CNC milled parts in body kits etc.

Now, let's shoot.

Can you see a hard recoil kick caused by the bolt carrier?

It fires about 13 balls per second.

I will adjust the velocity setting to meet the regulation of each countries, and ship.

You have just checked Dass dynamic performance.

DAS system has more advantages,

and the strongest point among them is high shooting accuracy.

Piston in bolt carrier is always ready to hit the ball before you pull the trigger.

Thank to this mechanism, air-cocking is another strong merit of DAS.

And whenever you want, you can use it without worrying about temperature and evaporation rate of liquid gas.

I am really happy to introduce this amazing gun.

Limited edition is just 300units, and available to not only dealers, but also users.

I will assemble these valuable guns personally,

and the gun serial number for limited edition will be carved on the lower receiver.

And the certificate I signed, 6 months warranty, and other special advantages will be provided as well.

You can check purchase information in detail on 9th May on our website. ( )

300pcs is quite small. I will keep doing my best to advance release dates of the mass production model

for the people can not grab this opportunity.

Please give your interest and support to DASs new models constantly.

Thanks for watching.

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