Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Nightfall Cameroon Movie

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daddy is this our new house?

yes my angel this is our new house where's your spray? In mommy's bag? okay

now this is important never go anywhere without it, okay?

this is where it's gonna be alright don't go anywhere without it

okay? You're my angel

(Depressed Pregnant wife drinks from a bottle of beer as her husband parks their belongings into their new home)


I needed some help in the kitchen. Maybe you should show me where to put the things

so girls, you may excuse us for a while ok? hmm we`ll usher you back in here in a while ok?

think about it

thank you.

To business ; okay yeah lets tidy up this business up so we can get back

to fun, sure...speaks foreign language... He is asking of the girls with the balls ...chuckles?... Tell him the girls are not going.

they are going no where.They are here to entertain us all night. when we finish business.You might have one, two,

three,four. so mayor, he is saying he does not want....he wants only the kidney. so what about the hearts?

(speaks foreign language) He wants only the kidney, he doesnt want the hearts. so what are we going to do with the hearts. well umm, i think i will get to those guys, the other guys i told you of

(speaks foreign language) He wants only the kidney, he doesnt want the hearts. so what are we going to do with the hearts? well umm, i think i will get to those guys , the other guys i told you of

(speaks foreign language) He wants only the kidney, he doesnt want the hearts. so what are we going to do with the hearts. well umm, i think i will get to those guys, the other guys i told you of

(speaks foreign language) He wants only the kidney, he doesnt want the hearts. so what are we going to do with the hearts. well umm, i think i will get to those guys, the other guys i told you of

(speaks foreign language) He wants only the kidney, he doesnt want the hearts. so what are we going to do with the hearts. well umm, i think i will get to those guys, the other guys i told you of

well umm, i think i will get to those guys, the other guys i told you of and talk with, try to get the hearts over to them

well umm, i think i will get to those guys, the other guys i told you of and talk with, try to get the hearts over to them

well umm, i think i will get to those guys, the other guys i told you of and talk with, try to get the hearts over to the.

Okay what about the uhh,

what about the balance?

(speaks foreign language)

He says on Tuesday immediately he receives the goods, he is paying the money.

Yeah yeah, its no problem. Its all business

cheers, cheers, cheers. It's good business right?..... Yes!


bring the girls, unleash them please

Bonsoir, Mon commissaire. Inspecteur Tabi, How are you? fine sir, Thank you.


uhmmm, The new guy from Douala will take over from you here

uhmmm, The new guy from Douala will take over from you here Yes Sir

Is Emimi in? Yes Sir, he is in?


Yes, he is in

(indistinct chatter)


(indistinct chatter)


Emimi my friend!

Cava. How are you? Im good (Both men laugh)


What's Up? Men, get in here......

Monsieur Le Commissaire, come good. There you are

Monsieur Le Commissaire, come good. There you are

Monsieur Le Commissaire, come good. There you are.....Thank you

thank you, thank're very welcome, you're welcome

Please meet Alex Bresnev

Please meet Alex Bresnev

Pleased to meet you.

(speaks foreign language)

He is not good .....

He is not very good in english.....(laughter...youre welcome, so how are you?

He is not very good in english........youre welcome, so how are you?

He is not very good in english........youre welcome, so how are you?

Im okay......its good to have you!


Let us enjoy ourselves. Oh sure why not?

(At The Police)

Oui mon commissaire, le dossier est pret. Ainsi que celui du cas de vol de Mile 17. Bien !

et....qu'en est-il du cas de meurtre au Lycee de Mbanga ? son avocat est aller au conseil d'etat pour obtenir une mise en liberte sous caution. Ces dossierrs sont egalement prets.

de Mbanga ? son avocat est aller au conseil d'etat pour obtenir une mise en liberte sous caution. Ces dossierrs sont egalement prets.....Bien.

rassure toi que Martha transfere ce document au tribunal quel sont lest elements que vous avez postez en route?

uhmm...l"officier Ngwa et Atabe sont en poste en route

Bien...inspecteur Tabi demandez lui de me rencontrer dans mon bureau avec sont document

et si Inspecteur Ngalle est la. Dites lui que je l'attends. Oui, mon commissaire.

EP Ngalle...EP Tabi, nice to meet you. Its a pleasure sir, please have a seat.

First day at work from Douala. EP Ngalle. Oui mon officier.

The commisioner will see you now. Merci mon officier. EP Tabi?

Yes, my officer, you may also go in with your leave papers.

Oh thank you very much my officer

(drinking beer and Peeling Plantains)

mama why do you always refuse me from drinking with you? Mama may i take a sip

now? .....No ! children don't drink alcohol why mama ? because they are children. why ?

Mama why do you drink so much alcohol ?why can't you be like daddy ? ........stop asking stupid

questions what's wrong you Harriet?.......(sighs)

Sorry My Baby, Sorry

for the certificate of non conviction and every other document you asked for. wow, thats good. thats okay, then i will take it from here

remember to bring it before the week runs out but you know that you and i know

that the contract is yours. We just have to observe the due process not to give the Secretary

General any reason to doubt the deal . I trust you. Thank you very much.....ah for nothing...please,do photocopies of those and remember 2 fiscal stamps

and file them appropriately. Yes sir, alright.

why would I borrow someone's car? It is mine, i bought it.

fifteen million cash. 15 million what ??? EP Tabi but we have the same "salaire de base" and even after

we save for 10 years, how do you get something like this?

are you joking don't tell me you still depend on your salary to do anything now

that would be like a 40 year old who mostly depends on the parents for food okay

this is Emimi's hotel complex and here is where you will be working.

Good evening officer. Good evening, is the boss in?

no sir he has gone to Tiko at the the golf field to play golf sir. okay this is

my colleague Inspector Ngalle and he will be working here. okay sir

You're welcome Sir. okay, I'll see you soon okay

just go down straight to the lobby

(Van Pulls In)

No. We don't have keys to the room okay boss. Clean! Perfect! It is okay

yes, i will be on my way. Peter, i am going to pick the boss up. you stay here with the booty. Make sure, dont move.

Peter, i am going to pick the boss up. you stay here with the booty. Make sure, dont move.

yes, i will be on my way. Peter, i am going to pick the boss up. you stay here with the booty. Make sure, dont move.

yes, i will be on my way. Peter, i am going to pick the boss up. you stay here with the booty. Make sure, dont move.

Its occupied. Its Occupied.

Occupied How?

i just saw you leave here now

there's nobody in there

I need to go.

You're a man, understand this thing. you want me to piss on myself? ah ah ah


No! No! No!...let me go, let me go around and move these things

take ease....

i had to that one. you know im new around here. this is a very nice outfit yeah very nice place you have here

but you know what they about ehh....ask the oga, officer the oga? whos the oga? ahaha he is theone who owns all

the pretty girls in town. uhhhhh……

yeah! ....ok....hehehehehe

we talk about this later. let me get to my post

yeah sure. Thanks

when i see him, i feel like spitting on him

i feel like strangling him.


but then

my heart still fools me that i love him

my heart still fools me that i love him

it cant be true

when i think of it,

my heart bleeds

it bleeds

Why did this have to happen to me?

why did this have to happen to me?

why ? why ?

why me?

Shuut girl, i wish i could get you to take it easy?

but holding on to these thoughts

would only eat you up?

and break you down

you need

to put yourself together

else you would lose everything

you have to be strong

you have to be strong

inspector you are? inspector Ngalle sir replacing inspector Tabi who's on leave

oohhh yes I see your commissaire, my good friend told me about you

yes sir. so how are you? fine sir. So how are you settling into your new job? pretty well sir. ok i see

so we will find time to talk okay ? okay Sir. I hope everywhere is okay? everywhere is secure sir

Alright. Good night. Good Night sir.










Essomba, viens dans mon bureau tout de suite!

Repos! Oui mon commissaire. Je croyais qu'on avait finit avec cette histoire d'enlevement

et traffique

d'organes ?

Mais cette histoire si devient un gros probleme. Rapport preliminaire..mon commissaire

a part les temoignages des voisins et les petitions des collegues, rien a se mettre sur la dent

a part les temoignages des voisins et les petitions des collegues, rien a se mettre sur la dent

je veut un rapport de cette enquete

chaque soir avant que tu te couche. compris?

Oui mon commissaire

Je te charge de l'enquete. Toi et Ngwa, vous aller vous en occuper. Oui mon commissaire

Mon commissaire, l'inspecteur Ngalle voudrais vous rencontrer

Demande lui d'entrer

commissaire,You have not told us about

your trip to Yaoundé?

haha! Its okay!

Whats the meaning of okay?

Excuse me.


God i missed this game.

So, how did it go? ....

How did what go?

What do you mean by that?

come onn, You have to learn to take life easy. Why you always taking life seriously?

See i almost gave you a heart attaack

(both men laugh)

Thats my boy. Who's your boy?

whatsup? dont mind these two clowns.

who is a Clown?

He is the one that has been....

hey! come on just do that thing let me teach you a little bit of golf

I can see you are fidgeting already

Once money is involved

we love tough!

I know! hahahahaha

Earlier, this is your share of the money.


what is this ? Sorry? What is this?. Thats your cut of the deal. For a deal of 150.000.000fcfa you give me 15.000.000fcfa?

What are you talking about? Are you okay?

Lord Mayor, we are not just the only people involved in this deal, there are other people and theyve collected their own shares.

What nonsense are you telling me?


The last time you treated me this same way?

and i went away quietly, i am sure you are taking me for a fool. Calm down? Its not going to happen this time around. Calm down, calm down. Its not just the both of us?

There are people involved, there are guys involved that have taken their own cut.

This is your own share.

Emimi! Remember i brought this deal to you? and today you are telling me about some people that i dont know.

NO NO, look, listen, when you are ready with my cut.

give me a call, i will come and collect it. I cannot take this shit a second time.

thank you, i cant stand this again

Lord mayor, come....ive had enough



I'm not in a mood to talk.

I'm sorry to disturb you boss but there is a situation I want to draw your attention to

It concerns the ne police guy that replaced...

EP. Tabe

Yes! What about him?

I think he is a problem,Boss.

How do you mean?

There is a possibility he saw the stuff we brought the other day

Did he see it or not?

Talk to me!

I, I left the stuff in the bathroom and I had to drive you around

What exactly was the merchandise doing in there?

The door was guarded.

Call him!

Juliette abeg levam so, the man don go.

My dear, leave me I beg. Looking is free, touching is expensive.

dont just eat him with you eyes

Tell me you do not find him attractive and I`ll stop looking at him.

If you find him that attractive , why not... you know? work out that magic

That wont work

why not? or dont you trust yourself anymore?

He is married, ive seen the ring on his finger

abeg, leave me that thing, ring na wush one? is EP Tabi not a married man?

and he is one cool dude

this one is different. it's like... I can tell he's a quiet man and mostly keeps to himself and i can also tell his wife is one happy woman.

Are you married?

yes sir a daughter and my wife is expecting sir,

Ohhh thats wondeful.hahahahaha...that's wonderful! so how are you settling into your new working environment?

I love it here Sir

and I must say you run a very fine establishment here sir

(laughs) thank you very much

thank you you see our kind work gets better by the day.

I'm afraid I don't understand you at that point sir. Oh let me tell you......Its, for you. 200000fcfa just to say welcome

you see i lead a very simple normal life and at all times I'd love to extend presents to people, especially those who work for me.

but something tells entourage.. that since you've been standing out here, you probably would be needing some financial assistance to enable you settle down fast. am i correct?

I don't....I don't know what to say. You dont know what to say? maybe a little thank you....well then, thank you sir.

Anytime, alright? this is just your official welcome into our establishment.

Anyhow, let me not take much of your time. You can go back to your duty post...once again, you're welcome!

EP Ngalle, how are you today? I'm okay, I'm fine. what about the case any new developments?

nothing yet but we are working on it. I hope we find something soon.

Mon officier, I meant to ask you what do you know about this Emimi guy?

Dr Emimi? Uh Uh

I don't know much, Cest le proprietaire de Emimi hotel, un homme plutot gentil, un gentleman.

I see. Is he a real doctor ? No. I don't think so

its just a name but he's a good friend of the Commissioner

why did you ask ? what are you all doing on Friday evening I want to throw a

party for my promotion. oh J'y serai a coup sur mon commissaire. We will be there mon commissaire. Great, Inspector Ngalle, come

with me to my office

Daddyyyy. Heyyy look what i bought for you?

What is it?

I'm gonna get you another one okay? you're a baby what did you eat? How are you?

ahhh you didnt have to pinch me that hard. I'm fine, how are you ? im fine.

well why don't we go in and you help Daddy undress into something else

okay? hold your doll.

how was your day?

baby im talking to you

my superintendent will be celebrating his epaulets. He invited us, i would appreciate

if you come

Hey, Hey thats mine, give it to me. Go back to work

(indistinct chatter) Monsieur Le Maire et madame! Monsieur Le commissaire

Thanks for coming

Nice to meet you.

Yeah the deputy's wife yes this is my private sector okay

Okay, how are you? and you?

you came alone? why not with your wife? Good evening mon officier...... well it's a

long story I thought that we get to see her today I

thought so too she really meant to be here but

something something came up something urgent that needed her attention

I'm sorry. That's okay maybe I should come visit at your place?

you know getting to know your family visitor? my place?.....ah ah no no that would not be possible.

why? well my wife she's... she's hardly at home. At least talk to her... talk to

her about it...........................well

we can work something out

(muffled yeelling) Is that why you are ranting like a mad dog?

Call me a mad dog?

i think i should get the police on you!

Ah you want the police on me? After you denied me of a contract that is mine?

You call me a mad dog?

..and you wanna get the police on me?


look, not me, a commission sat and went through the files and they, not me, found out that you were incompetent to handle the project!


You and i know that you denied me of that contract, yes, you denied me of that contract!

hehehe, i just wanted to give you a little bit of it so that you feel how it pinches

Oh I see, so its a vendetta thing, isn't it? huh? Its payback time.

but i gave your share but you rejected it and now you wanna pay me back?

Very well then, ill get back to you.....i will get back to you!

hehehhe know that what happens to the kettle will always happen to the pot!

Please could you pass me the rice? go ahead it's okay

Are you Daddys girlfriend?

shut up! Where did you get that from? but Mummy says you have a girlfriend. Now Harriet that is rude. You will sit quiet and

eat your food okay okay?

Mon officier I'm so sorry I don't know where she picked that up from. Its okay she is just a child.

Emimi what is it you want from me? i want my money. all the money i spent on your political campaign

I want them here and right now. Give them back to me. I thought you called me here to give me my share of the booty you got from Alex

and you telling me this rubbish? you call what rubbish? you call me asking for the money i spent

on your campaign rubbish? then you listen up

mayor whatever you call yourself I thought i was gonna recoup the money i spent

installing you as mayor but when I love the contracts I knew there and then that i would need that money. now can i have the

money, can i have the money you owe me?

Listen, you remember the first two contracts I gave you after my elections. You made well over 200 million

Fcfa. did I ask anything as my own share? no! i think I would have paid you far more

than you deserve I don't care I want that money. give

it back to me. The clock is tickin. Is that a threat? Call it what you want i don't care!!!! give me back

my money now listen, you know I know you

I know every little detail about you and i actually own you. On phone call from me

and you will rot in jail where you rightly belong. Now im giving you one week, one week. Lord Mayor why do you always take things serious. look at you, age is no longer on your side

one little mistake, heart attack and youre gone. I was only pulling your legs and you fell for it.

come on Mayor, we are friends okay? we are friends and very good ones but this is business. I

Yes i know. You have one week. lord mayor, you always fall anytime im


baby please can we talk? baby tell me what to do

I'm tired of living like this. we've lost that connection

I want that bond we used to share. I miss the way we used to talk and this

everything they way we used to laugh they way we ...everything in the house

is gone. and whose fault is that? I am guilty. yes I have

apologized to you time without number just tell me how else to do it and I

will do it. say something, anything

Let me sleep

Hey... im sorry sah. What are you doing? I'm so sorry Sah I have to go home for a family emergency, i have to be away for a few hours sah. I did not see anybody at the post thats why i had to come and......

will you get out of this place.....get outttt! Im so sorry sah. Im sorry sah, sorry...get away from here

God, this idiot!

Please dont do this. let me fix this. Let me make this thing right, please!


Each time i look at you Paul, pain fills my heart. Pain invades me. Shame and disgust fill me

i need to get out of here. i need to clear my head

Think of our daughter. Think about our children

What happens...what happens to them?

i dont want to be her mom

The baby and i will be just fine, please just let me go

Mama where are you going?

I promise i will be back soon okay? Please dont be sad

i will call you every day

Im going to miss you. I promise i will come back soon

Its night

Hello Mon commissaire

Mon commissaire. Vous m'avez appler mon commissaire?

Vous n'allez plus assurer la guard a l'hotel Emimi

Qu'est-ce qui s'est passe Mon commissaire? Les raisons sont pas importantes pour le moment.

Vous allez remplacer l'Inspecteur Ngwa dans l'enquete que jai confier a l'Officier Essomba

Pas de probleme mon Commissaire

l'Inspecteur Ngwa va vous remplacer le temps que l'Inspecteur Tabi rentre de son conge, Oui mon

commissaire. Dispose. why did you drag this poor girl to a police station this

early morning. it is holidays, why is she not at home watching cartoons. Her mommy's not

around oh Mon officier can I ask you a favor? Yes. Could you please stay with her for a while

I have some things to do around .ok that is not a problem. Thank You mon officier

Her spray is in her doll in case she needs it. Now you be a good girl and

don't worry aunty okay? now go to your auntie

Harriet I'm not your father's girlfriend. it's okay

Calm down. We are friends and we shouldnt allow money to tear us apart. oh yeahh.

Im thinking

8 oclock? that would be fine

I'll be waiting

bye bye

Im sorry for the embarrassment the other day. oh you don't have to apologize but permit me

to ask you what is the problem? it's clear to anyone who visit you that

something is not right

she's been like that since her sister's death

what happened

The only way she deals with it is by drinking. Have you tried to help her stop

this heavy drinking

et surtout qu'elle est enceinte. Mon officier you think I haven't tried?

you think I haven't talked to her? she doesn't listen to me

any ideas where she is? No!

maybe this will ease her mind. Maybe it is all the better. You think she will come back soon?

I hope not

oh of course she will are you sure?


Hey you Get down!

oh tthe lord mayor, how are you? Emimi are you behind this? why did you bring me

here? why are panicking? why are you threatened like a

little boy? just a few transactions to sort out. Why you all shaky like a

fish. What kind of transaction in ambush? What kind of transaction? come on...Emimi we are good friends we are friends. don't do this to me. Lord Mayor of course we

are friends. we are friends, very good ones at that, huh? so just relax

2 minutes, ill be back.

You are not doing this to me

ah Ah? Lord Mayor, ill be back (chuckles)

Emimi you are not doing this to me!

the corpse of a man who drowned at the Mungo river yesterday

has been found the victim whose identity has not yet been confirmed was found

floating and poured to the banks of the river by some sand divers circumstances

surrounding the death of a said man remain unknown and details pertaining to

his demise will be provided as investigations are on the way

reporting for the 8 a.m. news cast i am Bessem Agbor


Une haute personalite de la republique qui meurt assassine

Mais cest la fin de ma carriere si je ne trouve pas les meurtriers, vous allez redoubler le dispostif de surveillance

Jour et nuit. je vai appeler le Commissaire du GMI Numero 5.

Vous aller travailler en etroite collaboration

Rassemblez tout le monde, je vai vous parler. Oui mon commissaire

I am officier de Police Ingrid Essomba and this is my colleague Inspector Ngalle Rawlins

We are sorry for your loss. Your husband death shocks us all. Please try to pull yourself together

We want to ask a few questions that may help us proceed with the investigation

Madam wambo, can you tell us when last you saw your husband?

Yesterday morning when he left for work.

Was he worried? were there any signs that something might be wrong?

No. he left in a very good mood

and that was the last time the two of you were in communication?

No, he called me at about 7pm and said he will be home soon

Maam, did he say where he will be?

He said he was going to see his friend Dr Emimi

Emimi Samuel? The owner of Emimi Hotel Complex?

Okay Maam we are sorry for disturbing you this morning. However we will be coming here to get pieces of information as the investigation goes on

we are so sorry to discturb and to stress you. Its alright, take heart

Please officer, find who did this to my father.

you need to stop this Shantal,.....look at you. You are wasting your life away

What are you doing to yourself? you need to let go of the past so that you can enjoy the present

There is nothing left to enjoy please

what about Hariette? do you even consider her? Bob will take care of her, he should take care of her

Shantal i think you need to turn a new page in your

life. For the sake of the pregnancy you have to stop this, you have to move on

you have to take care of your health take care of your little girl take care of

Robert also also if you are distressed about your husband is approached by

any of those desperate Molyko girls would you imagine what that would do to

your already fragile marriage? you have to stop this, you have to be strong

we understand that the late Mayor was a very close friend of yours, is that correct?

Late? i hope nothing has happened to the Mayor. Yes he and i were very close friends

Lets talk about his murder. Murder? His body was found by the banks

the Mungo River. how did it happen and how may i help? When was the last time you saw the Mayor, it's been a while now

Are you sure? well we have it from a reliable source telling us that you Dr Emimi

were one of those who saw the Mayor during the later part of his last day

What do you mean by that? i just told you its been a while i saw him.

Sa femme nous a dit que la nuit du meutre il lui a dit quil allait rentre tard. Because he was

going to meet with you first

Yes, he was supposed to meet with me but he didnt show up

and you are just mentioning that? did you call him back when he did not show up? Dr Emimi

No i did not


Listen we are both very busy businessmen, we do business from time to time

when he didnt come see me I did... I presume he had other things to do

Where were you on the night the Mayor

was killed? Officer i dont even know the day he was killed so how im i supposed to know where i was?

Dr Emimi, you do not know or you do not remember where you were? officer let me

reiterate I do not know the day he was murdered so how im i supposed to know where i

was on that day?

i hope you get to root of this case. well doctor Emimi we're so sorry for the inconvenience

but we reassure you that we'll get to the root of this matter, your friend the

mayor would surely get justice for this. Now the only thing we ask of you is to keep

your eyes open because this investigation continues . My doors are open. Thank you Sir.

i have to rush now and go see Harriet you mean she's alone since morning? no no no I

did not leave her alone i left her with the neighbors ah I

need to go back and make a some food now that is raining I have to...I can help

you. yes. Are you sure?

lets rush then. Commissaire, the death of the mayor has left me

devastated I don't know I don't know what to do. I still cant understand the mystery

around his death. Things are not the same without him

I miss him you know? i really miss him. Oh meet Nadia, Nice meeting you. Its my

pleasure sir. I know her from Edea. she just moved here for an english program

at the University. I see she's beautiful

your face is familiar, was she at the party? yes. oh okay Youre welcome okay? youre welcome

ah Commissaire excuse me, let me show you something okay

yes excuse us

commissaire, i like that girl and i want her. You listen to me, give her to me and ill owe you one.....i promise, just give her to me. sure? sure? i promise.... so yourre gonna help me

because I'll be doing security for that day

What are you doing in my kitchen? i was helping. You were helping?

did you mistake for your office? or for the motel where you whore, you prostitute

excuse me? get out of my house before i do something we both will regret. Shantal What is going on? what is

happening? so this is a new eh Bob? so you bring her into my kitchen? get out

This lady here was just making a meal for Harriet. Get out, you shameless home breaker.

Oh spare me the details Bob!

Someone killed my husband, my husband did not drown....and that person will certainly be brought to justice

I promise you madam, i am going to employ all my resources towards bringing whoever killed your husband to justice

Your husband was my best friend and i would certainly i promise you, unravel the mystery behind his death.

in the mean time, is there any burial plan yet?

No plans, yet and i dont think there will be any untill we know those who killed my husband.

Hold on to this okay? Thank you. If theres anything else you need, dont hesitate to call me

Thank you Doctor, God will bless you

sweetheart come, i will make sure those that killed daddy are brought to justice okay? its alright

as his first deputy I do understand that if I do anything foul, I will be the first

suspect so why? why do you think I'll do something that stupid?? by the way the Mayor

was a good man he was a friend, he was my mentor and I

won't do something like that to a friend to a mentor, to somebody I loved you

have to understand that on that particular day, the day he passed on I

was out of town on official duty. I have nothing to do with this death. I want those

who killed my husband caught before he is buried

I understand how you feel but let me bury my brother first,

I will wait, I cannot put Kevin in the ground without knowing who killed him ..Uncle don't you

think that'll make father rest in peace? My daughter

The police is taking time...the police is taking time

those who kill never come from far. I always knew this assistants were against him

What is going on? nothing, im fine. are you sure?

Its okay, im fine

Just a minute, Juliette these other two girls are supposed to join me for my reunion

yes sir, Lyonga took them to your chambers

What is the matter, it sounded urgent, i cant keep it anymore. its too much

What are you talking about? you work at Emimi hotel dont you? Its about the Mayor, The Mayor? what about him?

I think I know what happened to him. Calm down,if you are half as serious as you

are right now I can assure you of police protection

I dont want to get into trouble, im scared. What is that name again? Juliette, Juliette

trust me okay?

Tu plaisante ou quoi? Je te rapelle qu'ils sont amis Remember I worked at that hotel, I saw a

lot of strange things trust me that guy is defending the night

I have a feeling he trades in human body parts , Quoi? Tu es sur? mais pour quoi n'as tu

rien dis avant? I've just been watching things happening around and the

commissioner and inspector Tabi have a really good relationship with Mr Emimi

I had to be careful. Dans tout les cas il nest toujours pas un suspect dans cette affaire. I know they

had strain in the relationship remember the commissioners party

Both men stood apart and aloof from each other

he only looked at each other there was some some pressure which was very

unusual this happened just after an incident at

the hotel. Si nous devons apprehender Emimi il nous faut beacoup plus que des observations

Mon officier, what if i showed you some


I have a I have I have a record recording, god I cannot believe I left

this thing at home. what is on a recording? it shows his boys holding and

interogating the mayor the same night he went missing, Tu es serieux?

Not Unless Emimi who claims he didn't see the

mayor the same day is on the same video

Where is she? where is the whore? Madam calm down, where is she?

If i see you around my husband, i will mix you,

Akwara, i will mix you, i will mix you

(angry yelling)

What is is? we have a problem. who's after you? not me, you. What do you mean me? My Coleague, Inspector Ngalle

i hear he has been snooping around, what about him? he now suspects you have a hand in the

Mayors death. Its okay, close the door. This is mere suspicion, anybody can suspect anyone. i cannot be scared of suspicion

well he claims he has a video recording of you and your boys interogating the Mayor

Did you see the video? No. like i said, people will

suspect people. Its normal, You know people are bound to be envious of my success

as a businessman, it doesnt matter but it wont work

but all the same its okay, thanks for the information . Should you get to hear or know anything about this inform me okay?

always , always boss, always. Its alright

it's my life, Bob my life

When you were doing it, what were you thinking?

Look at him? i hate you

i detest you with a passion

you disgust me. yes hate me, even kill me if you want to but you dont destroy yourself. Do not spoil your life and the lives of our children. It is my fault, it is my selfish sexual urge that got us to this place

and i am guilty

do not persecute yourself for my sin

Dont touch me.

now that you no longer want me around my female colleagues may i atleast hangout with Inspector Tabi?

That depends if he is not going to introduce you to chicks....Shantal di i just see you

smile? don't be late, i want us to talk when you come no no we can talk now

whoever can wait, are you sure?

Ive decided to put what happened behind us. you hurt me real bad but I think I'm

ready to put it behind me

I love you Bob

i cannot make any promise to you right now

just watch the new me


I love you too

don't be long

hahaha Its been a while since i had so much fun actually

Its been months since i had so much fun

Thank you EP Tabi

come on, you dont have to thank me

you deserve something like this, besides it gives us the opportunity to know each other more

Now listen, i cannot wait to see emimi's face when we execute his arrest tomorrow

(both men laugh)

Now imagine this, first case, first solve, first crack hahaha

Im up for a promotion!

Inspector Ngalle are you okay?

Shantal, Shantal????....(sobs) Hariette...Hariette...?

boss there's another problem, what problem? Juliette is out of town

Oh is she? there's another problem Boss, what problem again? I'm afraid that his

wife may died? What? you killed Inspector Ngalle's wife?

Peter no no no no Peter you don't solve a problem by creating another how how

could you kill his wife? Im sorry sir itwas a mistake. Please shut up ! shut up ! what stupid mistake

Getout all of you! Getout!!!

Out i said! Out!

(Both men whisper)

what do you mean? he violates little children and he knows im aware, he

killed the Mayor. this is impossible do you know the consequences of what

you're saying? Mon commissaire have the evidence with me right

now but he killed my wife I had some incriminating evidence with me linking

him to the death of the mayor. Where is the evidence?

I lost it Mon commissaire the same day my wife died , I have to go far away from here.

Okay tu dois partir de chez toi

je vai vous heberger ta fille et toi, jusqua ce que Emimi soit juger

Sorry Bob, Its okay Patience, why are you not naked? what? sorry, sorry

why are you not sleeping yet? i thought

you liked it i betrayed my sister, Shantal doesnt have to know

she doesn't have to know

just like this

you slept with my sister and she is pregnant

shantal, it was my fault

i took a shot too many, she looked iresistible. she what?

you took a shot too many? you tokk a shot too many? Shantal! she looked irresistible?

because of a shot too many?

Thats a knife in your hand

i trusted you Bob!

im so sorry, i gave you my life!

you have to be reasonable! what? i should be reasonanle? dont tell me to be reasonable, DONT TELL ME TO BE REASONABLE!

Im sorry

Emini Samuel, you've done your worst

Hold it! Hold it,, right there! Turn around!

Are you alone? Are you alone?



Where is Emimi? Where is emimi or ill blow your heaad off!

What is wrong with this fool? he has not painted this place?

I thought he would've started painting by now. huh? i thought he would've covered this place...

Emimi !!!.....I know you killed my wife and my child. Inspector Ngalle, put that gun away.

Its doomsday! (fires a shot) put your gun back EP Ngalle, NOW!!!

Move over there, Move over there, put that gun down, idiot!

You think you can mess with me? You think you can mess with me?

stop there Emimi!

Cuff him.

you're under arrest for the murder of the mayor

nefarious activities on human organ trafficking

yeah.. so you come and youve been sleeping with bitch!

Why should i believe you? come on! we are friends, you know me.

me Emimi? child abuse ?killed my own good friend the Mayor? cest nest pas possible! Its not just

possible! They are lying! Are they? ofcourse and there is no evidence to prove.

Whats that? you destroyed the phone but

the memory card is still safe!

Emimi you're a pig, you're worst than a pig. You're a butcher...get out.....You're a butcher!


I would like to talk with you, let me talk with you one on one

let her excuse us

Didier, you are my friend, okay? we can work this out between us. just name your price. anything, ill pay

see..he threatened to kill me, he almost killed me so i acted in self-defence

tu veut me corrompre comme tu as corrompue l'inspecteur Tabi?

La justice fera son travail

Tu es en etat d'arrestation!

Le Meurtre de M.Mwambo, Maire de la Ville de Buea. L'assassinat de la femme de

l'Inspecteur Ngalle, enceinte! et plusieurs autres

cas de viol et de mutiliation. You are just a criminal and you

have to be treated as such!


The Description of Nightfall Cameroon Movie