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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 까니짱 야외먹방|서울 통인시장에서 도시락 만들어 먹기! 치즈 핫도그와 녹두빈대떡!

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Hello~ I am kani-jjang~(^^*)



I am standing in front of Gyeongbokgung station.

I came here to look around Tong-in market.

I am going down this street. Then I can find the place.

Let's go and look around Tong-in market with me.

Tong-in market.

This is so unique place.

When you come to Tong-in market, you can exchange cash to coin for easier shopping.

I am gonna change too.

Coin exchange.

We are 2 people.

I want to exchange 10,000 KRW (8.5 USD)

I got the coins.

These are worth 10,000 KRW.

See the shape.

This is similar to "yeopjeon", money of medieval Korea.

I am gonna use this to get yummy foods in the market.

You can buy some foods and collect them here. Then go upside to eat.

Tteokbokki and japchae.

I will buy some here.

Hello~ (Welcome~)

Japchae and...

(Japchae is so yummy)

Wow~ you give me too much. (^^*)

Give me gyeran-mari(egg roll) too.

Please give me this too.



one, two, three, four

five, six

This is 3,000 KRW (2.5 USD)

(Yes, it is)

Thank you~ (Enjoy your food~)

Thank you~

This is first step.

I heard oil tteokbokki is famous here. I am gonna try it too.

Oil tteokbokki.....

3 coins.

Oh~ then please give me spicy one.

(You just finish japchae, then you would get full) Yes, he gave me too much (^^*)

(This is on me) Really?

Thank you~

Wow~ I got this for free.

So great~ Thank you~(^^*)

Kimbap! Kimbap!

How much is this?

Just 2 coins for pretty woman.

Thank you~ (You are a liar ^^*)

I saw kimchi noodles soup over there.

I will go up to eat after buying it.

How much is this?

2 coins~

Please give a bowl.

2 coins here.

Thank you~

I will start from japchae.

You can buy various foods at the market on the first floor.

After buying all the foods that you want, please go to 2nd or 3rd floor where you can eat them.

Please remember that you need to take spoon and chopsticks on the 2nd floor.

And you can buy rice and soup with 2 coins also on 2nd floor.

Using coing is more convenient, but still you can use cash as well.


Pretending as if nothing happened (^^*)

Foods were cheap and delicious.

And it was so impressive that all the merchant were very kind.



Everything is so yummy.

Because I got just cooked foods, every food is so warm and yummy.

It's turn of kimbap.

This is not general type of Korean kimbap.

This small kimbap is called "koma kimbap" that means "kid kimbap"

Wow~ Gyeran-mari.

Gyeran-mari is popular for students' lunch box.

Japchae is stir-fried glass noodles with meat and various vegetables like carrot, spinach and mushroom.

Japchae is not a special foods any more in Korea.

but Japchae was a important party foods in medieval Korea.

This tteokbokki seems to be soy sauce based.


Gyeongbokgung, main palace of Chosun dynasty is also near here.

I recommend you to look around the palace before coming here.

I heard Tong-in market had been very popular spot for travellers.

But when I visited the market, it didn't seem to be very active.

I hope that this market would get active soon again.

I want to recommend this market especially to foreign travellers,

because they can taste various Korean foods at cheap price.

And you can feel the atmosphere of old Korean market.

Now I am gonna eat some chicken skewer.

I wanted to eat chicken skewer of this shop. But it seems to be closed today.

But I just saw another shop that sells yummy looking hot dog.

I will try it instead.

I want this.

Please give me a potato cheese hot dog.

(Okay! it is 5 coins) Got it.

It is 2,500 KRW (2.1 USD) right?


Thank you~

White thing is sugar.

Thank you~

Tomato ketchup.

Mustard sauce.

It was too big.

So hot~

There was hot and plentiful cheese inside. So I could stretch the cheese easily (^^*)


This reminds me of my childhood. My mom used to buy hotdog for me in the market.

I could fully enjoy my hobby, cheese stretching. (^^*)

Hot dog was just fried.

So potato cubes on the surface was very crunchy.

Cheese is really stretchable.

I can say this was the best hot dog that I had eaten on year 2019.


I am thirsty.

So yummy but..

I am gonna drink sikhye.

Can I pay for sikhye with coins?

Sure! 3 coins!

Thank you~

Sikhye is Korean traditional rice drink.

Wait! How can I eat my hotdog now?

Let's do like this!

It was my editor's hand (^^*)

She records and edits my outdoor mukbang video. (^^*)

She is 22 years old and a college student.

No more cheese!

Now I am almost full.

But still looking for another food to eat.

Now I am gonna eat "Jeon" here as my final food.

1 Nokdu bindae-tteok and this please.

(4 piece set?)

Yes please!

(It is 6,000 KRW (5 USD) for each)

Then it is 12,000 KRW (10 USD) right?

Okay~ Give me please~

"Jeon" is Korean traditional pancake. It is also called as "Buchimgae"

Some Koreans call these "Korean pizza" as a joke.

This jeon is made of mung beans called "Nokdu" in Korea.

Thank you~

Let's enjoy~

Just fried nokdu jeon.

Nokdu jeon is also called as "Bindae tteok"

Since its main ingredient mung bean is quite expensive, nokdu jeon is also expensive.

Actually nokdu jeon is not sticky or chewy like other types of jeon.

Because it doesn't contain much flour.

This is ken-nip jeon.

Ken-nip is perilla leaf. There is ground pork meat inside the leaf.

Oh! Yummy!

Jeon is also one of the main dishes in the party long time ago.

But young people including me seem to prefer pizza to Korean pizza (^^*)

Nokdu bindaetteok is so savory.

I can feel the efforts of cook.

I am gonna pack the leftover.

Chan~ I packed this for my husband.

I tried various foods at Tong-in market today.

It was so impressive that all the vendors were so kind and generous.

Thanks to them, I could enjoy my time so much.

It was nice meal~ See you again~

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