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Diary of a Drummer Woman

WWOOFING, it's nuts !!!

Hello everybody ! I begin this new video with joy,

because I still have the effects in the lungs and in my mind of the air of the country

where I went to discover WOOFING ! The first time I heard about it,

I had a bad reaction...

What the hell is that thing? Is it a workshop, for 300 euros a day,

where they'll ask you to bark in the fields, to feel your connection

with all living beings? Woof!

It would have been original, but its completely wrong. WOOFING, with one or two "w"

means "World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms"

No no no no, it's not American. This network was born in 1971 in England

and then spread over in more than one hundred countries worldwide. The concept : hosts

welcome you into their organic farm, offer you board and lodging, their life and their skills.

In exchange, you give them your time, participating in

various activities of the place. No imposed schedule, it's not a job,

but it's not Club Med either. Each of you musnt abuse so the exchange can be fair.

Come on, rather than being explanatory, here is a general overview of my stay...

Hi !

Did you have a good trip?

- Did we have a good trip Pamela? - yes, we did.

- Yeah ! - Great.

We are in the direction of Rosines farm. A firm specialized in gardening.

Exactly. So we produce vegetables only.

we must know that today, in the country, in places

where there's a lot of intensive, conventionnal agriculture,

there are places that are more polluted than some city centers.

If I had settled in the country and said 'I dont do organic agriculture' while I left

the city to try to improve my environment, it would have been meaning less.

So there, you take away a little piece of cake. You press it. You must push to the maximum.

Yes, thats the technique, you have to move like this once youre above it.

- I go down and I pull. - Yes, go ahead, go ahead.

Pull on the Grelinette and earth will treasure you.

The Grelinette is used to make the soil compactless. What does it mean ? It means aerate it.

It means aerate it. It means that instead of having a floor that looks like a sidewalk in Paris,

you have a soil that looks like a land ready to welcome vegetables.

And what is a land ready to welcome vegetables ? Thats a land that will let the roots go down deeply,

that will let the air and water flow, which is important

for a plant.

Oh, it smells good...

Once we have used the grelinette, we can remove weeds by hand

without using herbicides, pesticides.

Insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, all of them are pesticides.

- Pesticides is a generic term. - And they are all humanicide ultimately.

And they are all humanicide.

I am trying to use a hoe !

And I sweat a lot !



Even if its a gardening place

there are also animals.

Animals that are not dedicated to be killed and eaten

but animals that are free, in the garden.

It's the last day, the sun is falling,

we only hear birds... Sometimes a dog barking, or a little butterfly.

When I arrived, I was tense, with my teeth clenched, and now, I feel

totally Zen.

Come on guys, more and more people want to eat healthy not to be sick

protest against Monsanto and Co, think that it's stupid to buy

buy tomatoes that have traveled thousands of kilometers when they can grow

just next to our house, think its absurd to live parked in cities

in small spaces, often alone, unemployed or on temporary contracts, depending on supermarkets.

So lets do not remain in the myth, in the intellect ! Let's ally and create jobs

on our territories.

Bio-Man, Bio-Woman, lets cultivate our lands !

By the way, if you like these agroecological ideas,

do not vote for that kind of people

concerning the strange expression of « agroecologyThis is the false nose of an obsession

for the destruction of our agricultural power which could be replaced by the possibility

for Bobos to go shopping directly at the farm, with this idea of « short circuits ».

And while were at it, w could touch the beret, and we could even be allowed

for each purchased product to make a picture.

Nico, in the garden of Rosine, I saw neither beret nor hoof. So instead of ham acting

to get an idea closer to reality, why dont you try to WWOOF ??

And if you would like to try it too, to get some fresh air, punctually or regularly

or to test you before the radical change of life you are considering,

you can go to this website for more information.

Thank you to Christophe, to his family, to Pamela, to YOU who want beauty, respect

solidarity, to evolve. And lets thank Nature that gives us so much...

Lets take care of it, take care of you and see you soon ! Ciao !

A series written, directed and played by Estelle Brattesani

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