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I'm so happy that Peter 5:8 this peopie did not hold back at all

PewDiePie the battle continues. Oh my god

Feuds I saw this yesterday. I literally like listened to it yesterday

I know we had our differences but today I just want to tell you

Oh, you got roomy you got Boyd of bands every beauty paisa you need this trio

To your cooperation. Oh my gosh, you did it very man

It's a no ly to watch some massive corporate entity with every song. Oh

He went there you did nothing wrong like starting your business by selling pirated songs


That's the TV series right there. I'm sure right now. There's nothing you're doing next illegal

Allusions with the really

Really big change he's gonna put this all on me like it's a joke

And every article is like PewDiePie was saying I was bad stuff about t-series

Doctor concert genocide so you can call me. He's salty. He knows he's gonna go back on top soon

He knows they're t-series is not gonna last

It's like here's a congratulation video with a burn track

Pretty ridiculous how he's competing with a giant corporation. I didn't know there was this much drama

Telling them to hold me

May God bring poverty looking good CSeries path. I'm guessing now probably

References to everything

He's milking the shit out of this and I appreciate it so much

This is it, thanks for sticking with my channel ever since I was a nobody screaming in barrels, right? Oh,

It's been an Stefano and all the barrels. It's the end of the reign of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. You gotta get that deep

Deep message. You've been by my side. There's no army in the world. I would rather give me a watch time

Yeah, I'm sorry crying, bro. I can still be heard. Here's one lash brofist from the number one in the world

Here's one lash brofist from the number one guy he's gonna do it. He's good. I

Did it I don't know why I just got emotional. This makes me kind of sad actually

Okay, no time for sadness

I'm so happy that PT 5 made this

They look like they're having so much fun

So, I don't know why every PewDiePie song actually banks like it slaps

If this is me off this is actually a good song

This is such a good song though my god, honestly, I can see myself listening to this driving down the freeway


My god, everybody did not hold back at all. I can't believe like PewDiePie did that

That's wild. Oh my god, mr. B's what? Mr. B's did

Why is mr. Beast amazing, that's that's like a Stan Lee cameo of YouTube

It's honestly perfect for what PewDiePie like isn't this whole thing. He's been having on p5 vs. TT Ares

He just dealt with it and like his own sense of humor and did something big for it

And I think it's really funny and perfect this I feel is like a little bit

I'm kind of like a celebration as in you know

What like the battle is kind of over but at the same time he kind of like knows that he's always gonna be number one

to and especially to everybody that that matters which are the people that watch YouTube and people that genuinely

Care for this platform. So that was PT PI's videos. Congratulations

Which was released to kind of congratulate t-series on overthrowing PewDiePie as the most subscribed to channel on YouTube. Yeah

It's for sure like a backhand it goes with a bit

But we'll get into that a little more later as a filming this the video already has over

44 million views and almost every other comment we got recently was a request for us to cover this. We got it

We got a help PewDiePie. Oh, we can't let him like get the throne by t-series

So how closely have you followed the subscriber battle between p90 series? I think I've like I've watched it

Casually, I was never really into like the whole big fight. I had no idea that there was even like a competition

I remember seeing that teens react to subscribe to PewDiePie and that's when I started following it. I've folded pretty close

I've been watching mr. B's videos. We're watching PewDiePie videos. Like they're like the tag team against T series. I've followed pretty closely

I mean, I've I've been subscribed to Felix for a long time for years

He's someone that you know kind of holds the standard for what a person

You know should be on YouTube and someone that can take jokes and someone that can you know

Makes make a bad situation a good one et fight uploaded the video when t series had finally reached the most subscribed channel

Socialblade had initially predicted that t series was surpassed PewDiePie subscriber count in late October of 2018

I didn't realize it was that long but then

Like actually like doing some research into it and then like seeing like the numbers and everything

It's like the this is intense

But petaboys fans have gone to great lengths to help keep his channel in the number one spot

there have also been an overwhelming amount of support from other online creators who have urged their viewers to keep pvp on top by telling

Their fans to subscribe to him how cute that's so nice. It's like homies helping homies

So why do you think other creators have been wanting to help keep I so much

I mean I think community is the most important aspect to most digital creators. You don't want to just become like

Vivo the youtubes like we want it to still be community driven a lot of creators

Kind of see themselves in PewDiePie because t-series is like this giant corporation

It just doesn't feel like genuine YouTube PewDiePie started at the bottom and he like built an empire Bay

I want to say like respect and admire that its creator versus company

You want to keep the platform that was essentially created for creators to upload creator led

It's just like PewDiePie as a person versus like a whole like clung like a whole corporation

so I think PewDiePie in this is like the underdog and we're all just trying to like

We want the underdog to win so though the music video released on March 31st

When t-series it seemingly passing for good but as of filming this episode pretty soon after peopie is back on top again

All is good

And well with the world we thought Felix was gonna get passed up back in October and didn't and it's just been a constant

You know

tug of war the entire time

So do you think over time with big videos like this and continued creator support?

PewDiePie will be able to stay on top or is it inevitable that t-series will fully claim the top spot over time?

I think the battle is just gonna continue the more like people subscribe on YouTube

I don't know if there's gonna be like a

Definite ending to this t-series will end up on top just because PewDiePie is like has to go to great links

So like keep getting new followers and new followers and t-series

Not really doing anything, but they're still growing the fact that they took the top spot from him but him doing this

instantly brought him back up to the top just

Goes to show that no matter what t-series does all the people that really enjoy YouTube for what it is the true essence of it

We're gonna make sure that he stays on top as much as I love the support that other creators been giving peopIe. I think unfortunately,

Corporations always kind of get the you know upper hand but at the same time, you know

As long as everybody that watches YouTube knows that Felix is like the true number one then I think that's all matters

I don't think PewDiePie will be the number one most subscribed forever. And I don't think key series will be either

I'm sure there's gonna be a third thing that's gonna come along is gonna get like 200 million subscribers in 18 months

So there's been a lot of conversation around this video both in terms of its humor

But also its lyrics so we're saying that he is using his large platform to bring up issues that are happening in India overall

yeah, I

Saw that like the caste system lyric that was a little savage

I think it's good just because it's a simple fact that it's like a lot of people like me included don't really watch the news

Like that that offf think you catch yourself like singing what he's like singing but then it's like wait when you really listen to it

And like oh, this is actually something really important on the other hand

There are always people feeling that these kind of call outs are almost diss tracks or not the best way to bring up these issues

So, what do you think?

I mean I disagree that diss tracks aren't like the best way to bring about info because there isn't a wrong way to

bring about info as long as you're informing the people a lot of the times when you bring up a big situation like that shouldn't

be in a diss track because obviously people

Aren't really gravitating towards the idea of the problem. They're grabbing tayt

They're gravitating towards the idea of the video and who's making it not really paying attention to the issues of dealing with my problems through

Comedy and like those comedic things

So it's always better when it's pushed to those cuz it makes you think there's been so many media companies that have gun for PewDiePie

Where now he's gunning back and people are getting mad

It kind of doesn't make sense felix has been kind of like the butt of these issues

but it's because some media companies have kind of

They've taken his the things he's done out of context in this case

He's kind of taking things that are already out there that t-series has done and kind of just saying like hey

This is a thing

So a quick question

Around how you as a viewer. Think about YouTube in

2019 is the most subscribed channel something that matters the same way it did years ago

I think it matters more to the Creator than it does to the viewers

I couldn't care less if your channel had like one subscriber or a million if you're funny or I like your content

I'm gonna watch you. I don't think it matters as much


Think this battle is kind of it's the principle of the thing

I don't think it matters as much mainly because no one checks their sub boxes anymore

It's all in the recommended top feed YouTube when their latest algorithm change. They just devalued

Subscribers completely if I see a creator that I really like and I really resonate with their videos. I do sit

I do hit subscribe and I do like their videos does go a long way and you know

It means a lot for people that take the time out of the days, you know, this is people these are people jobs

You know, so I think that's important to kind of give back

So finally when we talk to other YouTube creators got the most subscribed channels in the platform

Many of them predicts that over time this list will be full of music traditional media and major companies like t-series

So do you agree or do you think that they're still away today's YouTube for a more native creator to be one of the most?

subscribed to channels

I feel if we're not included and we need to just not include

Music channels or vevo channels or those kind of things when it comes to most subscribed channels

It's not content created by an individual a lot of these bigger companies

They're seeing the value in YouTube and new media and they're like, hey, we have a ton of money

Let's just throw it all in there and then they're gonna dominate it and then it's gonna be uncool

There's those people that okay. Well, you know I can watch YouTube, but let me look at something more personal

Let me look at somebody that's taking the time to create this stuff rather than just like oh

It's like a huge company like for it to be like something personal from like a creator standpoint. I think they'd appreciate that more

So I feel like creators are always gonna have like that spot. I wish that YouTube would always stay a youtubers platform but a

lot of the times youtubers can't compete with the budget of Hollywood Hollywood is gonna take over and that's inevitable, but you know,

just keep supporting whoever you watch YouTube is gonna be entirely company driven and it's gonna be

ways for

the Tonight Show and

New music platforms and things like that to promote their different artists and then I think probably a new platform is going to emerge

It's more community driven and then that's gonna blow up and I think it's just gonna be a cycle of different social media

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Congratulations to the T series, but seriously go check out pewdiepie if you want to see more of its content by everyone

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