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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rohullah Hamdam - Bodybuilder | Khat\خط - S1 E5

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I am rohullah hazara

winner super Mr Hazara & Mr Quetta

and you guys are wacthing me at bravo bros

how do you feel

I feel so happy

I won double titles


see guys

this is not an easy path

first when I started

we were

we did't workout the right way

I mean when we finish the first set

after the first set we were making jokes and not paying much attention

I mean we did't workout the right way

the first month was the hardest

we were making our own diet food

slowly we learned that

the food was so hard for us to eat

because it was all boiled food

befor we never dieted and we never knew about it

add some salt

how is the taste

hehe it dose not taste good, because it is boiled

the first time he came

his body was full of fat

on that time exactly he was having

he was having 26% fat in his body

and I told him

body building is one of the hardest things

you will face the difficulties



it is very difficult

but he said no matter I can deal with it


his target was for Mr Hazara Competition

I said him that you face more difficulties for Mr hazara competition

he bared with difficulties

he worked hard for it

he faced many difficulties during this period

As I said him the first day that it is so hard to build a body

in 1000 people

1 or 2 people are found

that have the passion

and they can face the difficulties

then they can reach a stage

he builded a unique body

even though

some people tried to devalue him

it is the time of social media

no one has the right to do injustice

although I taught them to show sprite

then show some sprite raise opponent hand

they were all following my lessons

then he participated in MR Quetta competition

as always he was unique

and he won the title easily

when first time I was on stage

and faced the stage

my confidence level just risesed after the stage

and we were so motivated

people supported me so much

to those people who is watching this video

I wanted to say that

in every field that you are

do not ever give up on that

difficulties may come but never give up


he used the word give up, I also didn't give up

this episode of khat series is related after 1.5 month

I am sorry about that, but give me some chance

some people were saying that you can not do this you are one man army

how you will make a documentary

and it is my habit that I want to make ervery episode better then the other

it is hard for me, give me some chance

this video will end here

share this video to those that you know that they will be motivated

share to those that want to lose some weight

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I will never give up on khat series

this video will end like this, send you ideas to us

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