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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GOOD NEWS FROM TEACHER: ADSENSE PIN(HOW LONG?/CLASS

Difficulty: 0

hi guys oh my god welcome to my lecture

everyone so this is just a quick one


quad didn't know if teacher what is what

what's the egg

I don't understand shining hello Sean

you man good morning

so yes this I just finished over I just

finished our everyone I was everybody

doing so actually it's what time is it

it's 11 a.m. here in France right now

and yeah I just finished the show and

I'm going to share it to you some good

news and of course my breakfast so I

just put one bar of Vashi bar is Nipton

breakfast English breakfast black to you

I put it here in my hot water right

that's how I make my milk so I'm sure to

eat today guys and also the good news

the good news which I am in how are you

sorry guys my voice sounds different

because yeah I have a Gough the little

guys so yes guys this is how I look

after a shower so I'm just wearing my

jacket for now in later image I already

wear my jeans that I'm gonna go to work

I'm gonna change my jacket

hey shiny man my car is that the

mechanics today and my precious okay oh

man let's do that

you can walk here is like this what do

you think this is someone boxed up

awesome I'm gonna have this little

breakfast of course and the corners

let's finish anything is condensed milk

I will mix it with this one so that's

how I make my you know deep sorry guys

this is no real teacher let's see you

give advice good morning your flower

down below oh my god okay before that

yes this is what I'm having for

breakfast this week because um I feel

like not eating pancake anymore for this

week I don't know maybe only for this

week so yeah I just finish our everyone

I haven't this is my nails these are my

nails the milk tea which I meet and you

saw how I made it if you want to know

how you can ask in my

yeah this question as there are I bought

this in Locklear is they're very popular

shop here I sure miss the grocery shop

anyway so like I'm alone but it's not

perfectly because I no way it's like a

mall but the small one

okay and two four five six there are six

and I bought this for you know this is

speak for in 33 I don't know

288 I don't know it's according to

weight okay so I bought this there are

six pieces in the box six pieces in the


everyone was son this is Casa but this

for two euros and forty cents okay to

your sandwiches so let's eat everyone

this is my breakfast because is easy

what's the big news everyone you know

the good news do you want to know that

you can use everyone it's not a little

tea for me

more like chocolatey oh come on milk tea

is like this because I have the tea

black this actually got is if you're

familiar group is we have this chat time

it's a tea shop they have not tea it's

my favorite and how they make it they

use black tea and of course the mix

that's it the only thing lacking here is

the pearl okay which I love so much I

love so much

so buddy we guys I'm so sorry for not

having I've been invited yesterday

because I was very busy everyone I had

to do a lot of things yes hello Jennifer

Avalos woke up in the livestream don't

walk in buys and well she makes okay

this won't go then yes there no it's not

just woke up guys just finished shower

okay yes

Oh Jenna

not that shiny okay you're egging each

other put that a bread toaster after

cutting into two parts Wow

it's very good when it's hot but I will

just leave it like that

I'm so busy to make it pop you know it

takes time yeah so this will not really

be a quick this will not really be a

long string everyone so Yahoo see it's

just nothing you got to know the good

news no bicycle and open duty or really

there is all I need to find it what

happened good morning Jennifer atlas

good morning my beautiful students out

there welcome to my live stream so here

I am

Alyssa strand friends it's live again

from France and just finished shop get a

bus joining room taxi okay yes sure

so yes guys the good news the good news

is as you can see can see here I've got

my big board you see my big big board

for the class later yes guys I've got my

big big board but there see yes so we

can I use that later this the first good

news good news are you working today

teacher shopping up there you've got

your paid you got your pay pay okay I'm

gonna go through one of my work is

actually in 1:30 p.m. so I bit late my

husband guys before can write a book yes

I mean you can write a book here it's

very good there's actually smaller one

like half of it but I didn't choose I

wanted to buy that because you know I

don't really need a very very big one

but it's hard to stick on the wall so

yes I just decided to buy based on you

can do it in America lower so I just

decided to buy this one it's actually


it has a standing see everybody does it

stand you can see that

never mind the the roof over there there

is messy the two of my babies over there

over there never mind it

yeah there you stand guys teacher is

shaking because teacher is hungry okay

guys let's eat

so with the other good news grocery okay

very big ass or you know probably have a

door-to-door shopping there ah hello an

area gobbly and yes guys the other good

news of english teacher in france easy

this yes guys thank you so much everyone

for all your support

I've got my Google Adsense pin this is

the actually the pin so many people are

asking when you get the pin what is that

it doesn't mean you get your salary no

not really

this is not salary okay the purpose of

the pin is actually to verify your

address okay so before google adsense

can give you your salary while salary

yes can give you your revenue you

actually need to verify your address

because they need to make sure if your

the address that you have given is

really correct or not so this way they

send you the pin

so as soon as you get the pin you need

to go to your google adsense and you

need to verify your address

everyone yes you you verify your

interesting as soon as you verify your

address then you are there ready to

receive whatever revenue you will

receive of course as long as you reach

the trash worm the trash won't here

enough here in europe is actually 70 use

so well so far i have reached the

threshold good news everyone but i don't

know yet when i'm going to receive that

anyway I hope we can make it bigger

bigger CS dice Google Adsense it is and

that's the purpose of beam okay

because many people said opt no you have

money now it's not money yet okay this

is only to verify your address so unless

you verify your address they you cannot

start having your payment I'm in payment

when you reach your yes that's it guys

let me check the chat window thank you

so much nari golf league be child up to

you not any small shops around us it

used to be where I lived before but on

one stuff that's all cans oh yes cans

and other you know small things these

are the things we can get right away in

case there is remain you know you know

that expression I forgot the expression

save some for the rainy season save some

for the rainy days so let's talk about

goodness Wow exacting yes yes yes

everyone we are happy here

congratulations sponsor a plane ticket

to Fresno yeah I wish we could earn more

so I can sponsor you guys you know

vacation here in France oh my god but

it's only in order to eating guys did

you guys is going to have breakfast now

it's getting cold

the other encuesta my baby oh he took

some yesterday she said she wants bread

so liking her that she ate half all fit

yes thank you so much everyone you see

guys SHINee - it's fresh night because

master told me fresh time look happy

future thank you so much nothing new

career last name time just gets better

way so yes guys with a picture guys

seriously shine even this good news

another good news from SHINee amen

yummy yummy cheese inside yes cheese and

ham I think I'm seeing one of my life

streaming or one of my videos I'm sure

there was some with jumbo jumbo is ham

and she's okay but this one just you

know because I'm having tea so if you

have there you are just shiny right is

this fresh light

mmm everyone hey have to go need to buy

something you guys have fun okay have a

good day

my flower


guys I'm sorry guys I will industry okay

guys they need to end this sweet not now

guys okay I hope to see you later maybe

in six hours from now or seven hours

from now I'm gonna see you later with

this very big board of ours for our

class everyone so teacher is saying bye

now have a wonderful morning everyone my


that's all about the good news bye