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- Hey everybody, we're bringing you

another episode of "Real Talk Real Estate,"

and today, keepin' it simple:

how are we, on the Glazer Team

selling apartments in this market?

I'm gonna break down six ways we're doing so,

very quickly, so stay with me,

we're gonna run right through it.

First and foremost, pricing.

You gotta know the inventory,

and you gotta try to price your home

as close as possible to where it's gonna sell.

No one's purchasing overpriced homes right now,

and we've had these hard hitting conversations

up-front with sellers,

so that when we go on market, we're at the right price.

Secondly, marketing and presentation.

We find too many sellers and their agents

are trying to rush their properties onto the market

and they don't really have enough care

as to what it's going to look like,

and how it's going to appear online to the buyer community.

If need be, we're takin' the extra week,

maybe extra two weeks, to ensure our homes

are presented as ideally as possible,

and it's working.

We've put 12 homes in contract in the last few weeks,

and it's working, we're getting a lot of homes sold.

Thirdly, very simply but important, communication.

The buyer's market we keep hearing about

means a longer market.

Buyers are moving more slowly,

negotiations are taking a lot longer,

contracts are taking longer to get signed.

You see the theme here.

Constant follow-up and communication is key.

We need to communicate regularly

with our sellers, with our brokers,

with the attorneys, with the bank,

everybody needs to be communicating

with each other regularly.

We find a lot of brokers in this market

are getting way too comfortable

or have gotten way too comfortable

with the breakneck speed that we were accustomed to

in 2014 through 2017.

But the reality is,

they took for granted the necessity

of having open dialogues with everyone involved,

because it just happened so quickly,

and you almost didn't need to communicate.

I'm shocked even that there's so many brokers

who don't even follow up with us

after we bring a buyer

to one of their exclusives for feedback,

because feedback on a showing is important.

As I mentioned with pricing being key,

if you have more feedback,

you have more to communicate to your seller,

and you can speak more informed about the price.

So those are three tips for sellers.

For buyers, you've gotta know the inventory.

You gotta know what's on the market

and where the market is.

There are opportunities across the board,

but the market is still pretty healthy,

and you've gotta make sure the buyers know

if their price of the home that they're interested in

is fair market or not, right?

If you know the market, you'll be able to answer that.

Secondly, with buyers, very simply again, have patience.

As I've said before, if you're trying

to rush the process when the market has slowed,

you'll just kinda look like a desperate salesperson.

Our buyers have more time, so we're more patient

with them than we ever have been before.

We let them have the air they need

to figure out what the right home is for them.

So, have faith that eventually they'll find the right home,

and for us on the Glazer Team,

we'll be there to guide them to it.

Last but not least, don't knock the hustle, right?

There is no time off in this business.

I hate to say it, but I've seen a lot of agents

who complain about how difficult the market is,

and how their buyers aren't crossing the finish line,

and they can't close transactions,

and yet, I'll look on social media,

and what do I see?

They're halfway across the world

on a three-week vacation, right?

There's no substitute for being available to your clients,

to show them property, to walk them through the process,

and of course, staying current on the market and inventory;

which I believe is best done when you're available

and in your office, and totally plugged in.

So, those are six tips that we've employed

to help get 12 deals in contract

and accepted offers over the last few weeks.

Again, pretty busy on the Glazer Team,

keeping it simple.

Hope you enjoyed the real talk,

and we'll see you next time on "Real Talk Real Estate."

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