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(beating drum)


- Hey.

- What are you guys doing in here?

What are they doing here?

- I don't know.

- [Jenny] I think they're gonna help us pack.

- Yeah.

And they're walking down here and

we can drive them to the surprise.

- [Jenny] That's a great idea. - In the Teslo.

- She loves the Tesla guys, I love the Tesla.

It's gonna be so fun.

- Can we drive in the Tesla?

- [Jenny] Yes, but it's charging right now,

so we'll drive it later.

- First we need to pack up and

maybe it'll be done charging.

- [Jenny] That's a great idea.

Do you know where we're going Adley?

- Yes.

- [Jenny] Where are we going?

(crickets chirping)

- I don't know.

- She doesn't know and that's the best part, so.

- [Adley] To Aladdin.

- To Aladdin?

- Yeah.

- That would be really cool.

Hey don't take Harry Potter's head off.

- I must be the one to kill Harry Potter.

- So we have this surprise trip we've been

planning for months and months and months

when Adley got potty trained through the night.

'Cause that was the hardest part for her.

- Momma.

- She kept waking up in the night.

- Harry potter is dead.

- You took off Harry Potter's head!

Oh my gosh!

(Adley laughs)

Okay Adley, what do you think we need for this trip?

- 10 dresses and 10 shirts.

- [Jenny] Let's get 10 pieces of clothing.

How about that?

- Yeah, and then two dresses.

- [Jenny] Okay, let's go find some clothes.

- Yeah, a basket of clothes.

- [Jenny] Is there some clothes in there that we're taking?

Ohh, your rainbow dress.

Ooh, good job.

Oh okay. - Ready.

- [Jenny] Ready, good job.

- This is a hat.

- [Jenny] Oh and one hat.

- And so I'm not gonna fold it.

- [Jenny] Okay, you don't need to fold that. What's that?

- And a swimming suit.

- [Jenny] Oh that swimsuit matches that hat.

- We need this one.

- [Jenny] Ooh that one has long sleeves,

I like that swimsuit.

- I like that one too.

I like this one!

- [Jenny] I love that one too!

You wore that to the last swimming lesson huh?

- Yeah.

- [Jenny] Ooh.

- I see this dress.

- [Jenny] Ooh, I like that.

- Does this have a skirt?

- [Jenny] Those ones are pants, their cute though.

- Okay, I do want this dress.

- [Jenny] Ooh, some new sweats.

What else do you wanna pack?

- This.

- (gasps) I actually just got this for Adley

because it is so cute and I couldn't pass it up.

I love Aladdin, it's probably one

of my favorite Disney movies.

And this is a new Aladdin jumpsuit.

It has the lamp, and Rajah the tiger, so fun.

- Yeah, I'm picking.

- [Jenny] You probably need--

- I'll grab all the clothes.

- [Jenny] Okay, just fill them all in.

- Oh I need this.

- [Jenny] You do need a jacket. That one's soft too.

- Yeah, feel it.

- [Jenny] Oh wow, that one's so soft.

Oh and don't forget this.

This is like a towel, robe thing

after you're done swimming.

You're gonna need that.

All right guys, I have something embarrassing to tell you.

Shawn and I got spray tans last night.

- And you can hardly even notice it.

- Oh, we'll get a spray tan so we don't get sunburned.

(snaps) That's a lie, you can still get

sunburned and you still need sunscreen.

I'm pretty embarrassed about it.

We look ridiculous, it's really funny.

- [Adley] I think I'll bring these.

- [Jenny] What, a jumpsuit?

- Uh huh.

- [Jenny] You think we need to bring a jumpsuit?

- Yeah.

- [Jenny] Oh my gosh.

She thinks we're going to Aladdin.

Where do you guys think we're going?

Comment down below right now.

Any guesses?

We've been planning this trip for months

and I'm so excited it's finally here.

It feels so silly because I keep

seeing my hand and how tanned it is.

Oh, it's so embarrassing and so funny.

You are probably gonna need

some of these socks and hats.

- [Adley] Already got socks in there.

- [Jenny] Oh okay, but you do need a hat.

And you didn't pack any shoes.

Not all of 'em.

- I'm just bringing the whole bag out.

- [Jenny] Oh yeah, those ones will be perfect.

Okay, you know what else you probably need?

- I know what I need.

- [Jenny] Underwear.

- No, slippers.

- [Jenny] What?

Okay, we're bringing slippers.

- I know what we need.

Two more slippers.

- Two more slippers (chuckles).

This is turning into a really comfy vacation (laughs).

I don't know if you guys ever saw Adley's

closet but we finally got it all organized.

Shelves and we got buckets for everything.

The dresser that was right here is now in Nikko's room.

We got our pants and, you need pajamas!

- (gasps) I do.

- [Jenny] You wanna take Minnie Mouse?

- Yeah.

- [Jenny] Okay, grab Minnie Mouse.

- And the ghost.

- And the ghost, I like the ghost.

If there's one thing that Adley loves

the most, clothing, I would say she is

very fond of pajamas and dresses.

She would wear both of those all day everyday.

That is a lot of underwear (chuckles).


- I think it fits.

- [Jenny] What do you do every morning and every night?

- I put pajamas on and put underwear on.

- Not necessarily in that order.

- [Jenny] What do you do to your teeth?

- Brush my teeth.

- [Jenny] Yeah, go put your brush

and your toothbrush and your toothpaste in there.

- Okay.

Oh, you got tray.

- [Jenny] Okay, now you need some hair pieces.

- Mom, this is not even fitting.

- [Jenny] Okay.

- Oh it fit.

- [Jenny] There you go.

- (gasps) We need bows, I'll bring lots of bows.

Brush, there's toothpaste.

This is not gonna fit in my bag.

Can you put it in your bag?

- [Jenny] I can put that in my bag, yeah.

- Okay, we don't need this.

- [Jenny] We don't need soap, nope.

- I'll put it right there on the floor.

- [Jenny] Okay.

All right, zip it up.

- Okay, zip it.

Oh no, get back in.

- [Jenny] Good job Adley.

You packed your own bag.

- Yep, now you need to pack your bag.

- [Jenny] I do.

(hands clapping)


You're gonna bring money, that's a good idea.

So, this way all about these cupcake money.

- [Shawn] Say thank you.

- Thank you.

I wanted to buy a new dress there.

So I'm gonna keep it in here.

- [Jenny] Oh okay.

Do you like your new life jacket?

- I'ma put it in my bag.

- [Jenny] Oh, we're gonna put it in mommy's bag.

I think she's outgrown this one.

I found this in the garage but

I don't think we'll take it.

- Can we take it 'cause it still fits me?

I think.

- But maybe we'll take it (laughs).

- See, me swim.

- [Jenny] Oh my gosh, you're crazy.

- At least we can jump in the pool, jump!

- So it's fine.

I found all of this stuff, we're gonna bring it.

Oh, you know I'm gonna be rockin' this hat, yo.

So excited.

That's mom's hat, ooh but you look so nice in that.

All right, I think we got all the snorkel stuff.

(Adley laughing)

We cannot forget some sunscreen.

- Watch this.

- [Jenny] We got two redheads here.

(Adley screaming)

Are you pretending the bed is water?

- Yeah.

(upbeat music)

- Hi buddy yeah.

You ready to go to dog vacation?

That's right I have a vlog now and I got Nikko.

We're dropping the dogs off in dog vacation.

They're gonna hang out, make some friends,

and get a spa treatment while we're gone.

So that's the plan.

And then I'm taking Jenny to customize the Tesla.

She's gonna be so excited and we're gonna pack

and then stay up all night getting things ready.

And then we're gonna leave for the airport at 4 a.m..

But comes the middle of the best day ever.


Oliver, you ready for dog vacation?

- She's so scared.

- So, we took him here two days ago and they loved it.

They spent a full day here, made friends, played,

and we're like dog vacation while we're on vacation.

- Yeah, they're gonna love it.

Dogs on couches.

You ready to go make some friends.

What do you think, what do you think Oliver?

Although their dogs are like 10 times their size.

Good luck guys.

- [Female] Put 'em both in a room together.

- Yes.

They get a room together.

You hear that, you guys are gonna be room buddies.

- I think she needs human time.

- Those girls are always up there,

so their constantly going in and giving 'em attention.

- [Jenny] Okay.

- The little dogs have their own room.

- She has anxiety but like I'm not worried

about him at all, but her I'm nervous about.

- I'm worried about Cooper.

- Oh my gosh, if I'm--

- [Shawn] Are you actually crying though?

- Okay, we've never left him with anyone.

And now gonna leave Nikko (laughter).

- [Shawn] Are you laughing or crying?

- Both.

- If you're crying for Cooper we're

actually in trouble when we leave Nikko.

- [Jenny] I know.

- She's gonna be a mess when we say bye to Nikko later.

She's such a good momma.

Love you babe.

You're the other half of my heart.

- Ready?

- [Shawn] Ready, let's go, are you ready?

Custom Tesla.

Look at that, that's dirt from the horse trip.

- But it's gonna be gone soon.

- [Shawn] I know.

- Oh my gosh, I don't want to let this go.

She's gonna be beautiful when we get her back though.

- [Shawn] We're leaving this baby here

at the spa to get all beautifulized.

And we're leaving this baby in Utah

so that he can have fun. - To be safe.

- And be safe and not get sunburned

and attacked by dolphins.

- Or Stingrays.

- [Shawn] You're more worried about

the stingrays than the dolphins.

- (laughter) Yeah.

- [Shawn] All right, so babe, what exactly are doing?

- We get to pimp out my car.

- Can you say pimp on the vlog?

- I don't know but--


- [Shawn] I'm just kidding.

- I'm so excited, oh my gosh.

- So, this Luxe Auto right here.

- You guys know these guys 'cause, one,

we've been here but, two, they do a lot

of Tanner stuff, they did Holiday's car.

When we told 'em we were buying the Tesla for Jenny,

they're like bring it by we're gonna kit it out, our treat.

And that's the guy who said it.

- What's up, congratulations, happy birthday.

- [Shawn] That's Cougar, he's the homie.

Yo! - What's up man, how we doing?

- [Shawn] Did you see the video?

- Yeah, the video was awesome man.

- [Shawn] She was freaking out.

- That was the official best day ever.

- It really was and the front chunk.

- Shawn's like okay tap this button three times.

I'm like I can't, I'm shaking, I cannot do it.


- So what do we need to pick out,

what kind of options we got here?

- We're thinking maybe some window tints.

- [Shawn] Window tints, got it, okay.

- Yeah.

Give it a little chrome to lead,

depending on which way we decide to go.

- So take chrome and kinda like black it out.

- Any color, any color.

- [Shawn] Okay, purple it out.

- That would be cool.

- I think we just need to sit down and see

what's like inside Jenny's brain and what she wants.

- [Cougar] All right, let's take a look, man.

- Luxe Autos, you know what.

Come and join me on this way too small

of a chair for a conversation.

- We're getting cozy aren't we?

- We are getting cozy.

Give me the history.

- I've been doing this since I was 14, so 19 years.

- 14 years old. - Yeahhh.

- I started just washing cars and just kind of doing it.

- The hustle.

- Then got into kind of paint correction,

which is like polishing with the all

like big show cars and things like that.

Got into films, and now accessories, and wheels,

and tires, so we're doing it kinda full circle now.

- So your shop just kept growing

and doing more stuff, more stuff.

- Yeah, expanding.

- So how long has Luxe been around?

- Seven years, we rebranded a couple times.

We got into a small shop and then the shop was created.

I was working graveyards.

The shop was so horrible that it was

so hot in the summer, that I worked graveyards.

- (laughter) That's how I felt when

we moved to 2.0 The Dark Ages.

We were in that warehouse, it was super hot.

- Yeah.

- I gotta give this guy respect,

you think he has the coolest job ever.

He has this cool office and all these

fast cars, he's handsome and everything.

(Cougar laughter)

He's been working for 17 years at that.

- Crazy man. - Good job dude.

- Thanks man, appreciate it.

- All right let's go make Jenny the best car ever.

You're going with glittery black babe?

- Ooh, look at this, look at this matte black.

- [Shawn] Adley wanted you to do rainbow.

- She did. - [Shawn] Stay true to Adley.

Did you like them the video.

"Mom, do rainbow."

- Yeah. (laughter)

- Change it to rainbow.

- [Jenny] That'd be so cool.

- Right now, right now.


(Nikko cooing)

- [Shawn] You're not going gold.

- Oh my God. (laughter)

- [Shawn] So right now, it's between

rainbow black, this matte satin purple.

I like that one a lot. - Or this purple right here.

- Yeah, that ones interesting. - This is a color float.

- [Cougar] So, it goes between red and almost

kinda like a brown to purple.

- [Shawn] Wow, that is kinda cool.

Nikko, you made a mess.

(Nikko cooing)

Yeah, you did that.

You're a monster.

Cougar, I'm sorry (laughter).

We're gonna go look at some cars

to kind of see these wraps in person,

some of the tints, some of the cool stuff we can do.

Oh baby, this is what I'm talking about.

What is this thing?

That is so rad!

- It's a little rough so--

- [Shawn] You just got her?

- Yeah, we literally just barely picked it up.

- If I'm really good the rest of

the time can I ride that later.


- Oh my gosh.

- Babe look, this is where your car will be. In the spa.

Know how you like go to the spa

and get exfoliated and what else happens the spa?

Cucumbers on your eyes. - Cucumber eyes.

- Yeah, all that stuff. That's what our car is about to do.

Yo, Cougar send me a picture

of our Tesla with cucumbers on it's eyes.

- Shawn, I will do that.

- [Shawn] Wow, yeah.

- That makes it pop out.

- [Shawn] Yep, just like that but purple.

What do you think?

- [Cougar] Like really dark on the front

and then once you go to like higher

more direct, the purple really comes out.

- [Shawn] So crazy how it just changes color.

Do it, be aggressive.

- (laughter) Oh my gosh.

- [Shawn] Final answer.

- Final answer.

- [Shawn] We're going purple.

- Deal man.

- [Shawn] It's done.

- Oh my gosh.

- [Shawn] Good job man, your first decision.

And now we gotta keep going from there.

What's next? - Okay, okay.

- [Shawn] Pssh, you tinting?

What kind of tint, how tint?

- Tint. (baby crying)


- [Shawn] All this chrome that you see deleted,

it will be like a matte black, even the handles.

Cougar's gonna put a bunch of mats

for protection, quiver on this for the kids.

Basically make this thing kind of

like a tank Tesla so the kids can't destroy it.

Yeah? - Yes.

- Deal.

Spa menu is (cash register opening) ordered.

Yo, we're actually gonna rip on this

I feel like I'm getting inside

a soda pop can or something.

- Yeah, it's pretty tight.

(Jenny laughs)

- Wait, so my feet needs to be down here for gas right?

- Yeah, yep.

- Oh, that's crazy. (Cougar laughs)

It's like a bobsled.

- That's a bobsled.

(engine revving) (laughter)

- It's like a lawnmower.


- [Jenny] Holy crap that goes fast.

- Whoo, this thing's so fun!

(Jenny screams)

So fun!

- [Jenny] You were going fast.

- It's like our drift carts but more fun,

and it doesn't drift. - Yeah.

- [Jenny] Oh my gosh.

Be careful!

Oh my gosh.

- [Cougar] It's so sketchy.

- [Jenny] Right.

Don't crash.

- Whoo!

(Cougar laughter)

- [Jenny] Oh my gosh.

- This is amazing.

- [Cougar] How was it?

- Yo, you picked up a good toy here.

(Cougar laughs)

This is professional fun-havers stuff.

All right, say goodbye to your car.

Aww, so sad.

- She's in good hands though.

- [Shawn] She is.

You got this cougar thank you.

- [Cougar] Thank you guys have fun.

- [Shawn] Ahh, are you ready to go?

Bye. - Take care of my baby.

(bag ruffling)

- [Shawn] That's in the morning, we're up early.

You ready?

- Hmm, I don't know.

- [Shawn] You gettin' some crayons

for the airplane (chuckles)?

- I am.

- [Shawn] Good, I don't want you to be bored.

- Thanks.

- [Shawn] Me and Adley's bags are in the car.

Do you have yours? - Shh, yeah.

- [Shawn] Just these three for you?

- This is Adley's.

(Shawn laughs)

- [Shawn] Little backpacks so cute.

You let me go wake her up?

Guess who's here.

- Who?

- Hey.

- Heeyy (chuckles).

- [Shawn] Who is that?

(Adley giggling)

Is that Branson?


Did you know he's coming on our trip with us?

- Yeah.

- No you didn't. - It's gonna be so fun.

- (laughter) I did.

(Shawn laughs)

- Should we go fly on the plane?

- Yeah.

- Have you been before?

- Yeah.

- [Branson] I'm scared.


- [Shawn] Thank you Alex, bye.

- Bye guys.

- Backpack five.

Wa-shh (laughter).

- [Branson] Are you guys excited?

- Yeah, we're still tired. - Yeah.

- [Branson] I'm tired too.

You're not tired?

- Yeah, I am.

- [Branson] You are tired?

(quick footsteps pounding)

- [Branson] What, you got a cool window seat?

- Cool.

- [Branson] Wow.

A pillow and a blankie.

You're so lucky.

Good job.

Thank you, there's your juice.

- Thank you.

Do you want a drink?

- [Branson] Yeah, I'll get a drink, thanks.

(Adley yelping)


(upbeat ambient music)

- [Jenny] Where's my body, where's my body.

- Hello.


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