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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Falcons

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You did good.


How could you fall asleep? The trip only took ten minutes.

Come outside. The view is great.

Isn't it just sea? -No, we are at the Westman Islands.

Let's go up to the deck. Come on, Jón.

The deck? Which part of the ship is that?

Come on.

Come on.

Skúli! -They are over there.

Don't look down.


Do you think there will be a volcanic eruption?

On the island? No, the last one was so recent.

Is that good or bad? -Come on.

Skúli and Jón, come on.

Let's take a picture. Pose. Say "Messi".


Were you throwing up?

Hello, Westman Islands. -Quick.

Everybody on the bus. -Where are the fields?

Get going. Discuss that later.

Everybody on bus. -Where is the volcano?

What is the best team? -The Falcons.

Let's calm down. -Are you nuts?

This is the biggest competition in the world.

Arna, help me.

There goes the neighbourhood!

Why aren't we allowed to have our phones? -Who are you going to call?

Are there two volcanoes here, Finnur? -Two?

There are a lot of volcanoes here.


When we come to the school we will find our room...

Do we stay in that old school?

We are going to find our room, leave our stuff there,

find the canteen and eat.

Isn't everybody hungry? -I am.

Great. -You must be hungry.

Are we going to stay in this old school?

Yes, I just told you. -Can we hurry?

It's very hot in here. -Everybody out and follow me.

Everybody out and remember your bags.

Don't forget them. Straight into the school.

Follow Finnur, don't forget your bags and don't forget to be in a good mood.

This will be fun.

Come on.

Come on.

This way, kids.

Here. -Left.

This is great. A projector.

We can play games. -Great.

You're in the wrong room. -What?

This is Fylkir's room, not The Falcons.

What do you know about it?

What's it got to do with you? You're not even competing.


Do you have to compete to be able to read?

Stop it. -Where is our room then?

Here it is.

What's this? We're not sleeping in here!

It's very different than I imagined.

It could be worse. -How could it be worse?

It's good.

The other room would only make us soft.

This one will make us tougher on the field.

Fine, it'll do! -Let's get ready. We are starting.

There's the field. -Come on.

We have to check the grass. -Isn't it just green?

Who do you think we will play first? -Play?

First they have to open the tournament.

Welcome to the Westman Islands.

We are very proud to receive the best of the country's youth.

Some of the best Icelandic footballers are from here...

Jón, let's play ball.


One of them being Ásgeir Sigurvinsson and...


Here, Jón. -A great header.

It hit me.

Who did it?

Who did it? -Not me.

Did you do it? Is this your ball?

Is it?

It's my ball now.

There is something wrong with that guy.

The tournament has begun.

OK, Falcons. Aren't we here to play football?

Yes, we are. -Good luck.

Who are we playing? -ÍBV.

Are you kidding?

Are we playing the crazy ball thief? -What?

He stole Jón's ball.

We are the hosts. We are going to win the first game.

Let's show the city boys that they are losers.

Relax. The game hasn't started.

Are you the captain or the coach? -What?

It's not like you're dying of old age... -Right.

I have my coaching certificate. -OK.

Otherwise I wouldn't allowed to be here.

Young and promising. Great.

Good luck. -Thanks.

Come on, Falcons. -Mom!

Gather around.

This is the way we do it. Kalli is in goal.

Bjössi and Gunni are defenders.

Einar, Skúli and Davíð in midfield and Jón up top.

Let's start the way we ended last practice session.

Let's play through Ívar.

Don't be rough but decisive. -Two three one.

Siggi and Ingó start on the bench.

Questions? -Who's the captain?


What do you think? -Me.

Skúli. -Skúli.

Captain Skúli.

Come on, Falcons.

Fly, Falcons, fly.

Come on, boys.

It's like the World Championship. -It's crazy.

It's starting.

The Falcon's first gameat the Energy tournament in the Westman Islands.

Their opponents are the hosts. The crazy gang, ÍBV.

Let's get a goal right away.

I'm getting goosebumps. -Come on, ÍBV.

The Falcons will humiliate the boys in white.

The game is on. Skúli passes to Jón.

Who's that seven? Where did he come from?

He steamed in and took the ball from Jón.

Bjössi, stop him.

No, he can't. He's one on one.

I can't believe it.

One nil.

Great, Ívar.

This must be a world record.

Had the clock started? Had the game started?

That's the way to do it.

The Falcons hadn't started. -Don't be losers.

Come on. Get ready.

It was a horrible start. But there's a lot of time left.

Come on. -It can only get better.

Get the ball away.

They surround Einar. He can't pass to anyone, yes he can...

Back to Bjössi and he shoots...

Into the distance. -What was that, Bjössi?

Into thin air.

The Falcons must move better off the ball, offer possibilities.

Yes, Jón. A bicycle kick.

Skúli is through. Ívar follows him.

Ref, that's a foul. -It's not a foul.

The ref just waves his hands like nothing happened.

Referee. -Ívar continues.

He's going to pass... no he isn't.

Come on.

Jón falls like a feather. -Referee.

Bjössi is the only one left.

Take it.

And he clears to the corner.

Pass and play.

Stop it.

It's corner. Mark your men.

The Falcons are getting more lively. They are playing together.

They've stopped allowing the other team through.

Mark your men.

Jón is at the near post.

Skúli supports him. Here comes the corner.

Away with the ball.

Skúli jumps...

What were you thinking? -Sorry, sorry.

Stop acting you wimp.

Are arms supposed to turn like that?

Skúli, are you all right? -Arna, come on.

Stop it, boys. -I'm coming.

Are you crazy?

Go away, boys.

Skúli, are you all right?

We need a doctor.

Come on, Falcons. Let's finish the game.

You're dead.

Great job injuring our captain. Idiot.

Siggi. You're on for the second half.

What a first half. 0-2 for the Falcons.

Their best player in the hospital.

Can we get that dog instead of Jón?

Arna just called. Skúli will be all right.


he's got a fracture.

He won't play any more in this tournament.

But Skúli is our best player.

What's this? I thought you were a team.

Not just one guy.

What happened when Ronaldo got injured and had to leave the field

when Portugal was playing France in the final of the European Championship?

Portugal won. -Without whom?

Ronaldo. -Without Ronaldo.

Exactly. -But they are going to kill us.

They are going to kill us. -Guys!

Come on.

Since when have boys killed other boys during a football tournament?

Never. -Never.

They are just getting in your heads.

What are we doing here, Gunni? -Jón.

Jón, what are we doing here?

Playing football. -Playing football.

I don't know what you have been doing until now but it hasn't been football.

So now we will change everything. We will play together as a team.

Yes, let's do that. -I didn't hear you.

Yes. -What's the best team?

The Falcons. -For Skúli.

For Skúli.

What a halftime talk.

Now the Falcons are sure to get going.

Use the throw-ins. Come on.

Gunni throws it. -Jón!

Jón takes it with his heel. -Jón.

To the wing.

Davíð takes 20 scissors and gets to the corner.

Cross it!

Siggi runs to the far post, Jón to the near post. Davíð crosses.

Jó, he misses. -Yes!

Siggi scores easily.

Puts it in the corner. He's a great goalscorer.

OK, get going.

I planned that. -Right.

Well done.


2-1 and the Falcons are finally showing what they're made of.

ÍBV is getting closer.

They get a throw-in in a dangerous spot.

All the way into the area. -Well done.

Bjössi manages to intercept the ball. What is he going to do with the ball?

He passes down the whole field, over the defense and to Siggi who has gone through.

He's one on one with the keeper and he shoots and scores!

Yes. -I can't believe it.

What a player.

We have to win. -Yes.

If you need any help... -I've got this.

Really? -Yes.

Come on, boys.

One more. We can win... -Everybody needs some...right.

What a tense game! I'm shaking.

Start again. We don't have much time left.

2-2. An eruption wouldn't surprise me at all.

Ívar has the ball for ÍBV.

Mark your men.

He gets closer to the penalty area, passes Bjössi...

Only Kalli is left. Come out of the goal.

Jón arrives like a lightning...

Penalty. -What?

A penalty, ref?

He didn't touch him. -Are you joking?


He threw himself down.

Kalli, you can stop it.

Ívar gets ready to take the last kick of the game.

A penalty kick. The referee is terrible.

Kalli has to stop the ball. That's the Falcons only hope.

What does he do?

No. -No!

Ívar has scored three goals. It has to be admitted.

He's a great footballer.

Great, boys. -Like his whole family.

It's 3-2. They still have time to equalize. There are a few seconds left.

Come on. It's not over.

It's over.

And that's how the game ends. ÍBV wins 3-2.

We'll get them next time.

Thank you for a good game and congratulations.

Thank you as well and please calm down a bit.

Come on, boys.

I should always start every game.

You were great in the second half. -But we lost, mom.

We won the second half. 2-1.


We are in last. -It's just the first game.

A great game. -Thank you.

Great boys. How is the boy?

He's fractured. -But it looked much worse than it is.

That's a relief.

Could we go to the hospital and visit Skúli?

He might be a bit confused. We gave him strong painkillers.

Skúli, are you all right?

The doctor said I'm fractured.

The hand and the inflamed area.

Maybe I won't play anymore.

OK. -Right.

Did you understand what he said?

What was the number in the game? -Number?

What do you mean?

We lost.



Sometimes you win when you lose.

Do you understand?

Maybe we should have eaten before we visited Skúli. -Yes.

The queue was very long.

I thought we would have to wait until dark.

Where is Skúli...

This must have been great food. -Of course.


Can I sing for you? -Please.

Skúli, no.

He's a bit confused. Why not sit down?

Sure. Bye.

Bye. -Bye.

Hey, you are crazy. Is everything all right at home?

What did you say?

Watch what your friend is saying.

He's not quite here. He got drugs because of the hand.

You again.

I thought you were going to fight him, Bjössi.

I don't want to get banned. It's not worth it.

We have to get the fairness cup.

What's funnier, an apple or a lightbulb?

Eww. You there.

Smoking cigarettes is an epic fail.

You're literally burning money.

Are you talking to me?

Yes. It's expensive and stupid to smoke. And it kills you.

Isn't that my business?

Not when the smoke goes everywhere.

I'm just a kid.

Weren't we going for a walk? -We were?

Come on. -I'm coming.

I'm sorry. -About what?

You know... -Do you think it was your fault?

I destroyed everything. -Come on.

You had the post. I jumped on you.

It's not your fault you are so hard.

Do you think that volcano is about to erupt? Why are you so paranoid about it?

You there.

You're out of the hospital?

You were quite good today.

You smell gross!

Good luck, boys.

Should you be driving?

What's going on?

He's drunk. -What?

Good morning and welcome to the game between

The Falcons and Thor from Akureyri.

What about those boys from the countryside?

Do they eat something different from us in the city?

Yaks and huge minnows every meal?

It's David vs. Goliath. They are giants.

Let's hope they don't eat Gunni.

Gunni is in trouble all over the field.

Being captain isn't helping him.

They attack him wherever he is.

Kalli kicks and who receives the ball? It's Gunni.

He gives the ball to Einar who is everywhere.

He scores. 1-0.

Come on, boys.

They still press Gunni. The ball goes out.

Davíð runs and takes the throw-in.

A goal.

Who is he, where did he come from?

He is Einar Everywhere.

Siggi is getting closer. -Referee!

A freekick.


Boys. Who is the best footballer in the world?

Ronaldo. -Messi.

Raggi Sig. -Messi, right.

All the best footballers are very small.

Just like our little Messi.

I'm telling you, we call that one Little Ronaldo.

Davíð is the Falcons freekick expert.

He backs away. Assumes the position.

He runs to the ball.

No, he jumps over it. Gunni arrives.


Boys, if you would pass more to me

I would score a lot more goals.

Easy on the negativity. We won 3-0.

It's a great victory.

If Jón hadn't broken Skúli's arm we would have won bigger.

Fractured. But Gunni is the man of the match.

Great goal and assist.

The Falcons live long and prosper.

Come on.

There is not much time until the next game.

The last one to the boat plays with Þróttur.

Why do I feel like I know this guy?

Oh God.

I'm sure he is going to throw us into the sea.

Or leave us on an island. -I don't want to go.

I don't want to go either.

I'll go. -I get seasick.

Boys, it's Margrét Lára.

How beautiful. -What?

The caves. They are beautiful.

I get it. -He's coming.


Boy, I have to talk to you. -I'm sorry.

Sorry what? I decided to quit.

I've got patches.

Nobody has talked to me like that before.

Thank you very much. -Thank you.

Don't you want coffee? -What?

Don't you drink coffee? -Of course.

Come here.

What are you doing here? -Looking at the cave. What about you?

I'm talking about the tournament.

Are you really dumb or just pretending?

You are very convincing.

Fylkir must be a very bad team since it needs to play with a girl.

What's your position? -Striker.

OK. How many goals have you scored?

Two, almost three. -Congratulations.

I've scored four.

Shush. Here we are silent when we listen to the news.

The earthquakes in Eyjafjallajökull are coming thick and fast

and people living around the mountain have to prepare for an eruption.

Eruption. -Great.

You have obviously never experienced an eruption.

Being woken in the middle of the night because the lava is coming towards your house.

Do you think that was fun?

I'll show you something.

We don't have much time... -Don't worry. I know what time it is.

See the lava.

A lot of people lost their houses in the eruption.

They had to move away for a year.

Away from their friends and family.

Would you have wanted that?

I didn't think so.

You will play at the Helgafell-field.

It's on top of a live volcano. A very live volcano.

Now we will go home.

Hey, it's the drunk guy. -What?

He was driving drunk.

Dammit. Not again.

What did you say?

Tóti started drinking when he lost his wife.

It was terrible. Ívar's mom.

But he had stopped. -Dammit.

When did that happen? -At Easter.

Where he stands. -Wasn't she able to swim?

Did she just drown? What happened?

What is it about you and all those questions?

It's the coffee, man.

You won't continue to coach the kids.

Get it together, boy.

Get off me.

Come, Jón. -Get sober.

The final game in the group, the Falcons versus Stjarnan.

It's 1-1 and a few minutes left.

Come on! One more goal. We have to win this.

He passes.

This game determines what teams will go on.

Thor and ÍBV are playing at the same time.

Both teams want the winning goal.

Jón gets the ball. He's coming through. He is fouled.


He must point to the spot. -Yes.

A penalty and just a few seconds left.

The boys from Stjarnan are not happy. They complain to the referee.

Who will take the penalty? -Jón, you'll take it.

Jón is going to take the penalty.

Jón, you'll take it.

You'll score.

Jón, you got it.

Come on, boys. It's all right.

Jón, are you kidding?

What's wrong with you? You've destroyed everything.

You always do everything wrong.

Come on, boys. Thank them.

Siggi, thank them for the game.


Boys, get into the house. -Let's go.

Let's check on ÍBV, Þór.

Watch it, the floor is slippery.

How did the game against ÍBV end? -We won, 1-0.

Really? -It was terrible.

Ívar wasn't with the team.

And the team has a new coach.

Is there something wrong with you?

What a snowflake.

The man has over 20 years of experience. But you, did you work at kindergarten?

Shut up. Please.

Come on. See.

Please, please.

We get ahead on goal difference.

Have we won the tournament?

No, but we are now in the knockout round of sixteen.

OK. -ÍBV as well.

Two teams get out of the group. -OK.

Isn't there dinner soon? -No.

Watch out.

No problem.

A bit higher than I thought. -Rather high up.

Who's next? -I am.

I can do it. -Yes.

She can't do it.

Oh my God.

It's great.

Then it's our turn. Who's first?

I am. -No.

You broke your arm. -It's just a fracture.

Nonni. Will you be first?

Are you going to skip it?

He doesn't dare. -Yes, he's going to jump.

Aren't you going to do it? -Yes.

Good. It's no problem.

Just hold tight.

Don't look down.


Watch out.

You know, people have died doing this.

Shut up. -Siggi!

Think about the others who want to. You're not the only one.

Take your time.

Today, Jón. -He'll take his time.

You can do it. It's fun.

You can do it.

Hold tight.

Dude, aren't you going to do it?

Jón, there are others who need to do it as well.

Jón, do you want to come down? -It's all right to quit.

Yes! -Great.

Well done.

Finally. -You're next.

You were great. -I saw Ívar.

Come with me.

There is dinner soon. -I'm not going.

Not me.

Come on.

You two.

Where are you going?

Come on.

Wait for me. -I'm tired.

Aren't you watching it?

What are they barbecuing? -Why are we hiding? Come on.

I went to a place called Benihanah.

They cook in front of you.

It's a show. They drum.

And throw and catch. It was great fun.

The ball isn't here.

It must be in the house.

I'm just going to the car. -Come on.

Shut up, Skúli.

What are you doing?

What are you doing here?

I'm sure it's inside. -Let's get it.

What's going on?

Are you messing with the grill?


Where are the kids?

Boys. -There they are.

Ívar. -Hide.

He's going to go nuts if he sees you.

Come on, Jón.



Aren't you coming out to say hello to the guests?

Come on.

Aren't they going to the next stage, anyway?


Right, boy?

Show us what you can do.

Don't be like that.

Let's do something.

We are just playing. Relax.

Head it.

Head it a little bit.

Head it. -I don't want to.

One shot.

One shot to the old goalkeeper.

The old man.

Ívar prepares for the most important penalty kick in his career.

Do you think you will score?

What did you do?

Easy, man.

Once you would have caught the ball.

Shut up.

Aren't you going to say anything?

You're no fun when you are drunk.

The party's over.

The kid broke a window.

Can't do much about that. Thanks for coming by.


I'll hear from you later.

What's wrong with you, boy?

Why did you make me do this?

Do you want something to drink?

Yes, please. Do you have some milk?

We should be able to get some milk.

And maybe a biscuit or two?

I'll see what I can find.

With chocolate.


Just stay here. I'll be back in a moment.

Can I get some cocoa as well?

I'll check it out.

That's him. The policeman.

Knútur Sumarliðason.

That's great.

Footballers always help other footballers.

Jón...Knútur and Tóti are bro...

Here you are.

And what are you going to report to the police?

Nothing. -Yes, violence.

No, we've decided not to.

No. -Kids.

Violence towards a kid.

Do you realize what you are saying?

This is a very serious accusation.

Do you know... -Yes, I know his name.

His name is Tóti. -And his son's name is Ívar.

Tóti? -Yes.

No. He's not like that.

But he was mean towards his boy.

Mean? What do you mean? He grabbed him and hit him.

Did you see it?

Yes, or... kind of. -Kind of?

Kids, this is a very serious thing.

You just don't walk into a police station

and talks some nonsense about innocent people.

Yes, but... -That's not all right.

He was driving drunk as well.

What is the name of your team manager?

See. -What?

Come here.

It's him. -Who?

Knútur's brother.

This one? -Yes, that's him.


Knútur's brother.

Tóti is Ívar's dad.

Come on.

You have to tell me the truth. Were you lying to the police?

No, we didn't lie. -We told the truth.

The policeman said you lied about Tóti, Ívar's dad.

That's not strange. Knútur is Tóti's brother.


Really? -It had to be.

I thought all footballers were good people.

OK, that's the last thing I want to hear about it.

Go to your room, take your kit off, I have to wash them.

And go to sleep. All right?

I'll check this out.

Come on.

What are you doing? -I don't want to go home.

Uncle Knútur... -You can stay here.

You're not my friend.


You can't tell anybody.

Pass it!

Your penalty was great.

Do you never get stressed when you take a penalty?


Who takes your penalties? -Nobody special.

Just the one who gets the penalty.

Have you ever taken a penalty?


You always do everything wrong.

What? -Nothing.

How can you take a penalty when

everybody is watching you, screaming at you?

It's no problem.

You just...

think about only that

and trust in yourself.


Can I ask about your dad? -He's a good man.

He was on the national team.

The most promising goalkeeper in the country.


Then he had to quit. He got injured.

How about your mom?

Listen, about my ball...

Yes, yes.

Hello. -Hello.

Is Tóti's son here? Have you seen him?


He hasn't been home tonight. We're worried about him. I have to find him.

What's going on?

Can I just take a look... -No, you're not coming in here.

I have to... -No.

I'll check if he's here. Wait.


Pass it!

You're not playing football now.

He's not here. -Just allow me to look...

No, you're not coming in.

Everybody is asleep. Good night.

Tell me if you see him. -I will.



I'll wake you tomorrow morning before they others wake up.

Nobody has to know apart from us three.


Go to sleep.



It's ridiculous that my kit isn't back.

Nobody has a kit.

They should have been washed a long time ago.

Are you OK?

What's wrong? -It's all right.

I was just thinking about last night. -Of course.

I've got bad news.

Your kit isn't dry yet.

Which means...

The round of sixteen.

The Falcons and FH play on the Helgafell-field.

They are playing on an active volcano.

Come on. You look great.

Heads up.


We'll destroy them.

It's the round of sixteen. We have to win. OK?

Barcelona time.

The Falcons are a motley crew in the first half.

They can't seem to play together. Is it the lack of uniforms?

They are terrible.

It's so difficult. -What's wrong with you?

They just walk through our defense.

You are hopeless.

Is this true?

Have you given up? -Eivör.

Hi, mom. -Come on, Jón.

Boys, I thought I was coming here to watch winners play.

Not to see kids who give up at halftime. It's 0-0.

Exactly. -Listen to Jón's sister.

She's not only cute, she's very smart as well.

Very cute. Smart, I mean.

The first half was terrible. You have to talk together.

We are going to win, right? -Yes.

We have to talk together. Circle.

What are we going to do in the second half?


Yes, fight but also talk together.

Einar, you start on the bench.

FH-Falcons, the second half is beginning.

After a terrible first half it's a miracle that it's still 0-0.

The team looks very different. They're already playing much more together.

And they are talking together.

Jón goes up the right wing.

Go, Jón.

Davíð and Siggi run with him, call for the ball.

Jón passes the last defender. He's through.

He has to cross.

Here it is.


These kind of goals are the greatest.

Most of the team had a part in it.

You're lucky I could score after that pass.

It's not over. -It's over.

It's not over. -It's not over.

It's over. -Yes!

1-0! Things are hot here on the volcano.

Come on, boys.

Jón, watch your man.

FH has a corner. They send their giants into the area.

Kalli controls the marking.

Kalli pushes the man away, Jón jumps to head it away.



What were you doing, Jón?

Are you kidding me? An own goal.

It's 1-1. Not much time left.

Jón, come on.

You're going in.

It's all right.

Mom. -Come on.

One more goal.

Were you crying? -No.

Jón, when you're defending it's not an own goal.

You did all you could. -Excuse me.

Hi, aren't you Eivör Jónsdóttir? From the national team.

I am.

Do you want to sign my ball?

Yes, sorry. Aren't you going abroad? Where are you going?

Abroad? -To be a professional?

I've heard it's great to go to the USA.

College football is said to be great.

I don't know.

They've got great facilities there.

I loved your hat trick against Turkey.

Arna told me about Ívar.

Concentrate on the football and let us adults take care of it.

It will be all right.

Where have you been?

Sorry, I'm going to watch the game.

Come on, boys.

Can I get the tablet?

Come on.

It's not over. -It's over.

Come on. Let's hurry.

The Falcons won the game. 2-1.

And they are through to the next round.

Jón, I'm going. Give me the tablet.

Crazy game. -Great game.

We are in the round of eight. -Yes.

Who's next?

Valur. -Great.


I have to show you something.

What's going on? -That idiot.

Don't talk about things you don't know about.

What are you watching? -You have to see.

We're going to miss the game.

Isn't the game beginning?

Are you going to forfeit the game against Valur?

We're going to miss the game.

Give the computer to your sister and ask her to take care of it.

I have to prepare for the game. Hurry.

Yes, let's hurry.

That's what I call great goalkeeping!

Kalli seems to be the only one who can stop Valur.

Halftime. No goals scored.

Kalli takes the credit for that.

The second half starts. Kalli passes to Jón.

Jón passes. -Siggi is up front.

Davíð has the ball and passes it over the defense.

Siggi has broken through. The defenders follow him.

The goalkeeper comes out.

Siggi chips the ball. And scores.

God, you're terrible.

Siggi! Be polite.

Sorry. That's just the way he is.

Sigurður! What a player! 1-0 and it's the round of eight.

Mom, I'm just going to... -Jón.

Follow the game, Jón.

Wake up, Jón.

Wake up, Jón. We are playing football.

Siggi has the ball, passes it to Jón.

Jón isn't even watching the game.

Valur's player takes the ball and shoots and scores.


What was Jón thinking?

What's wrong with you? You've destroyed everything.

Shut up and play for the team.

Come on. -Be polite.

1-1 and the Falcons restart the game.

Siggi passes the ball to Jón.

Jón is pressed but runs up the wing.

What is he going to do? Do a Robben?

He does a Zidane-turn.

What a talent. He shoots.

Goal! One of the best ones I have ever seen.

Valur is distraught. 2-1.

The game is over. The round of four.

Why did you give the tablet to Knútur?

You've destroyed everything.

If you want to be hard you only use gel

and then the hair will be much spikier.

Great goal, man. -What?

Against Valur.

What happened?

I'm not sure.

I wasn't thinking. -Do that more often.

I was angry as well. -Yes.

You should be angry more often.

Skúli, we should do something.

We have to help Ívar. -How?

We're just kids.

Come on, boys.

The dance is beginning. Let's go.

How are you doing? -Really?

We are in the round of four.

What? -I said, we also got through.

Great. Will we play you then?

Yes. -We're going to destroy you.

No. -Yes.

No. -Yes.

Let's see what happens.

I look forward to destroying you again.

You then have to win Þróttur. We will destroy Fylkir.

Good luck with that. - You too.

Is Ívar with you? -No.

We have to do something.

Let's go to him and record him on the phone.

Let him tell us what's going on with his dad.

Let's ask Eivör to do it.

What? -He will listen to you.


Yes. She's the oldest. -What are you talking about?

And she's the cutest. -Skúli.

He doesn't know her.

It's a great idea. -What are you talking about?

Ívar has a bandaged hand.

We are afraid his father is hurting him.

Can you go and ask Ívar?

And record it on your phone.

Isn't that him? -It is.

Go, Eivör.

But if you need help all of us are ready.

It's OK if you want to tell us. -Ívar.

Stop this.


Let him go.


Weren't you supposed to be at home?


Leave him alone.

Why do you do this?

What do you think the town thinks? -I told you to leave him alone.

What are you doing here?

Dad, no. No.

Stop it.

You will go out and you won't tell a soul.

What are you doing?

Nutty kids.

What's going on? -Knútur.

Officer, this man...

Everybody out.



What the...

You there, give me the camera.

Give me the phone...

Bloody hell! -What?

I'll take the phone. Come on.

Give it to me.

Give it to me.

Pass it.


Come on, Jón.


Kids, I know you are here.

I need the phone. It's very important.

You don't want your parents to know.

Give me the phone.

Where is your sister? -I don't know.

Probably looking for us.

Jón. -Where is he?

Now you will come with me..

Stop it.



This is none of your business. This is a police operation.

Shut up, Knútur.


Explain it to him.

You attacked Finnur. -We have evidence.

Skúli recorded it on his phone. -Give me the phone.

Leave me alone. -Give me the phone.

I'll take the phone.

Come on. -Knútur.

Let go. -Don't make it worse.



Thank you, kids.

What will happen now?

He will be with me and his grandfather in Reykjavík. For a while.

Welcome to the final day of the Energy Tournament.

Today we play the final games. Four teams are left.

The Falcons against Fylkir.

It's started. It's very exciting.

Jón has the ball, Rósa tackles him.

There is a battle outside the area and Rósa takes the ball away.

Well done.

Jón has the ball. Rósa slides into him.

Fylkir counter-attacks. Rabbi is alone.

Rósa runs up the other wing.

She calls for the ball.

The ball is crossed. She jumps.

And scores.

What a goal.

If she isn't a future national team member...

Don't give up.

The winners go to the final, the losers play for the bronze.

Rósa comes running up the wing. Jón gets in front, falls.

The referee says Jón fouled her.

It's the softest foul I have ever seen.

You will stop it.

I don't know if the referee's hair obscured his vision. He must get a haircut.

He arranges the wall. Rósa is going to do it.

Kalli is ready on his line. Rósa runs up.

She kicks, over the wall and straight to Kalli.

Thankfully. His positioning was key.

Kalli has to get the ball out to his men.

There is not a lot of time left.

He kicks and it goes over the defense,

Siggi breaks through, Grettir follows.

Grettir pushes him. It must be a freekick.

The ref blows his whistle.

And ends the game.

What a disappointment. 1-0 for Fylkir.

Fylkir will play for the gold.

The Falcons will play for the bronze.


Be proud.

It's disappointing but there's no shame in losing to a team like Fylkir.

Fylkir will play in the final against Þróttur but the Falcons will play ÍBV.

I'm very proud of you.

Fight, Falcons, fight.

Well, boys.

The last game. For the bronze.

Who's going to be captain?


Jón. -Jón.

He's the leader type.

Captain Jón.

Well, boys. Let's spike.

Where is Ívar?

He's going to Reykjavík. -Today?

This is the game for the bronze. The Falcons vs. ÍBV.

Well, boys. This is it.


I don't want to play unless Ívar gets to play. -What?

Do you have concussion? -No.

We are not going to play either.

No. -I'm not playing.

Are you going to forfeit?

Do we have the bronze?

We don't want to do it either.

What's this nonsense? Am I losing the dressing room?

Are you kidding me? -Boys, let's...

The teams please enter the field.

He has to play.

What's going on?

Why aren't you taking to the field?

They don't want to play. -Not unless Ívar can play.

Everybody? -I think so.

Yes, everybody.


But that changes the plan. -I'll call the director.

You have thirty minutes.


No, no way.

That has never been done. Hello?



Please pay attention.

We will move the final game forward.

The teams from Þróttur and Fylkir please enter the field.

The final now? Who is running this?

The final game starts now.

We took the silver. You take the bronze.


This is just the way it is. -Shut up.

This is what football is like.

You never know what happens.

What time is it?

We are here. -Yes.


Come on, Falcons.

Come on, boys.

Come on.

Do you want me to ask them to make him leave?

I asked them to allow him to watch the game.

Why? Shouldn't he be in prison?

Even though this happened... he's sick.

I only have one dad.

Come on, Falcons. Let's win this game.

It's the last game.

Come on, Siggi.

Let's play together. Let's be a team.

Is it... -Eruption!

Dear guests, an eruption...

Boys, it's over. -What?

What's wrong with you?

There's a volcanic eruption.

We have time for penalties.

Ash will start to rain down on us.

It's over. Into the dressing rooms.

Proceed carefully...

I'm ready to finish the game but if you're afraid...

What's going on? Won't the kids be able to finish the game?

Can't you see?

I babysat you.

You yourself have taken part in the tournament.

Put yourself in their place.

They deserve to finish the game.

Shouldn't we finish it? -Isn't that right?

What's with you old men?

OK, let's do penalties.

But we have to finish quickly.

Three penalties for each team.

Come on. -You are not on my team.

Don't panic, it's just a small volcanic eruption.

It's on the mainland, not on the island.

Please go to the sports center.

Tóti, I have to take care of things. You will be calm, right?

Come on.

Ladies and gentlemen, the tournament winners...


Now we will wait while Falcons and ÍBV finish their game.


That's the way to do it.


Come on.

Right corner.


Fly, Falcons, fly.

Do it, Palli.

Kalli, you'll stop it.

Mommy loves you.

Fly, Falcons, fly.

You won't score.

Are you kidding?

That's a red card! It was intentional.

Come on, Kalli.

Well done.

Score, Davíð.

How can you take a penalty when everybody's watching and shouting?

It's no problem.

Just stop thinking about anything else.

And trust yourself.


And now we have the main prize for the most sportsmanlike team.

Not everybody can be the best at playing football

but we can all try to be better people.

One team showed a lot of courage.

They didn't only play great football.

They saved a person's life. Even two.

I'm talking about The Falcons.

They are some of the greatest heroes I have ever met in this tournament..

You did good.

The Description of The Falcons