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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Play the Cornet : Differences Between Trumpets & Cornets

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Hello my name is Duane Carter and on behalf of Expert Village I'm here to talk about how

to play the cornet or trumpet. Before we start talking about how to play the instrument let

me tell you about the trumpet or cornet. There basically the same instrument you use the

same fingerings you use the same breathing techniques, same amateur and valve system

is build the same exact way. Some differences are is the trumpet is built on what is called

the cylindrical board system that is from the beginning of the horn all the way to the

bell pipe, it's pretty much the same board throughout. With the cornet the board actually

starts expanding in varies slightly all the way through the horn. That's called a conical

boar when it gets to the end of the horn there pretty much the same, the bell flares out

to around the same boar size. There equally a responsive to vibrations however the cornet

is holds a little more resistance than the trumpet, so when you play the cornet you will

feel more pressure as you play. Oddly enough the cornet plays more freer though in technique

so it flows better.

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