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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: EnglishCentral Opens New R&D Center in METU Technopark

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we are happy to announce that English

central turkey has a new home in

February 2019 in glitch central was part

of the grand opening of the newest

extension of the met to techno Park the

grand opening was attended by the

president of Turkey Reggie up type or

Diwan as well as our general manager for

English central Turkey and the Middle


Khan Jahangir Olli along with English

central there are over 300 technology

companies now part of the techno park

including Samsung to brush the largest

energy company in Turkey and own a do

the premier social media site in Turkey

standing behind the techno Park is

Middle East Technical University or

Metsu one of the premier universities in

Turkey a source of national pride and

respected worldwide as an epicenter of

Science and Technology the new complex

is stunning

thirty three thousand five hundred

square meters of office space ten

restaurants multiple incubation centers

all located in the heart of Ankara the

capital of Turkey

now the techno Park is also the home of

English central turkeys office and a key

R&D site for the company's global

operations our turkey office now with 30

people is doing cutting-edge are indeed

in areas such as machine learning and

speech recognition the technology behind

our proprietary speech assessment system

called Intelli speech all this is

designed to power English Central's

industry-leading conversational English

learning platform where users watch




and go live there way to English

learning success



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