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- Hey, YouTube world!

It's me, Evelyn.

I have been on here,

on YouTube for a long time.

And my favorite genre of comments that I get is,

Are you on drugs?

Are you high?

On Drugs?

And I never even feel like what I'm saying or doing

in the video is that weird.

All I did was create a fairytale about my edges

off the top of my head.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had no edges,

and her name was...


All I did was tell real life horror stories.

You wake up in the morning,

you take a shower,

you get dressed,

you go to unravel your hair from those two strand twists

and to your dismay,

the twists are still wet!


They're damp.

I just wondered out loud if my Mom watching true story

crimes shows meant she was plotting on my life.

Okay, this one is called "Evil Kin".

Evelyn, she killed all her children.

Can you go get me a knife?

What? Don't kill me.





For my apple, why are you questioning me?

American children.

Really tame stuff.

I think it just goes to show that as we grow up we lose

a little bit of our imagination, and I'm not blaming you.

I fully understand that it's hard

to nurture your imagination when you got things like

student debt peering over your shoulder like,

hey girl, minimum monthly payment girl,

you want to pay this forever girl?

I'm here to help you out, okay?

So here are three ways to get those

creative juices flowing again.

Number one, write everything down.

I don't care if it's the notes app on your phone

or a special little notebook

that makes you excited to write in it.

Make sure you don't let those moments pass you by.

Don't let ideas just be a blip in your mind.

A while back I was listening to Larry Wilmore's podcast,

"Black on the Air" and he had Phil Rosenthal on the show.

So, imagine the creator of "The Bernie Mac Show"

interviewing the creator of "Everybody Loves Raymond".

And Phil stressed how important it is especially if you're a

storyteller to pay attention to your own life

and the life bustling around you.

Pay attention to the way stressed out moms talk to their

kids in the checkout line at Target.

And I know your upstairs neighbors fight.

So what do they say?

Eavesdrop for your life!

And Phil said something that really hit me, alright?

And that's why write everything down is my first tip

for getting the creative juices flowing.

He said, a lot of the times people think you

have to invent things.

That's false.

You just have to chronicle them.

Oh my God.

And that's just something I've naturally

done my entire life.

There is a photo somewhere at my parents house of me,

at like seven years old at the zoo

with my little flip notebook and a pencil.

What am I taking notes on?

But I am.

I've just always been that kid who documents things.

Hey girl.

Number two, think out loud.

So if writing things down helps capture your ideas,

talking them out takes things a step further.

I love to play, "What if?" with my friends.

We'll be sitting down, hanging out

and I'll be like, hey what would you do if you were sitting

here talking to me like you are right now then your doorbell

rings you went to go answer it

and when you opened the door it was me?

Who do you kill first?

People's reactions,

people's answers tell you something about them.

That's why watching shows like "Black Mirror"

or "Handmaid's Tale" lead to such intense discussions

because those shows make our imaginations run wild

and our imaginations aren't

all running in the same direction.

So start sharing what's in your head,

especially if you're not feeling very creative or playful.

Use other people to help kickstart your brain.

Children, of course, are especially good at this.

Have you ever watched two kids argue

over the same imaginary thing?

Number three, play!

A common misconception is that being creative means being

artistic and those aren't necessarily the same thing

although, yes artists are creative.

Whether you have a job in tech, politics, government,

the medical field, you're a parent, you're a teacher,

all of us in our lives have to be problem solvers

and the only way you can continue to solve problems

is if you're creative.

And we know the importance of play

in childhood development.

But you don't stop growing just because you're a grown up.

You gotta keep the mind sharp.

You feel what I'm saying?

Board games, card games, solving puzzles, playing sports.

Play helps you relieve stress.

It stimulates your mind, gives you that human interaction,

makes you think on your feet, you feel me?

Listen, me?

After a violent game of Taboo with my friends

I have serious adrenaline pumping through my veins.

I've got a endorphins, I'm feeling good.

Who wanna go?

So join that community flag football team if you want.

I won't because I'm not very athletic.

Go with your auntie to Bingo Nights on Thursdays.

I guarantee that if you incorporate play back into your life

those creative juices will start flowing.

And now that I've given of myself, a word from our sponsor.

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In the comments below, let's take it back.

Tell me some of the weird, silly, creative things

you used to do as a child

and maybe that will spark something that you can

start incorporating back into your adult life.

And I will see you on the internet somewhere, bye.

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