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I love that

What's your name um I'm suman and I'm 21 years old and [when] you're gonna sing today. I'm gonna sing touch my fire budgeting

chance of a lifetime you

Touch my fire yeah, can you [feel] the heat?

My crazy rhythms Gonna knock you off your feet come on and touch my fire, but don't you break away?

Burn all [your] troubles say goodbye to yesterday

Get the dirty does it did it did [it]? Did it? Did it it touch my fire


No, that's why I come. I just do the call was good. [I'm] a bit nervous

Tragedy when Fear is no need and go on this tragedy when the morning time you don't know why it not too bad we know

Lovie [we're] going nowhere

And that's Bg's and then my favorite ones aqua Barbie girl

Hey, Barbie, hi Dad. [you] wanna go for a jog and jump in?

I'm a Barbie girl in the Barbie world life in plastic. It's fantastic

You can brush my hair undress me everywhere imagination

Life is your creation

Come on Barbie. Let's go party. Oh

Come on Barbie. Let's go party. [hey]

I won't have you damaged fun well Bobby. We're just getting started. [I] love you. Can [alright] is this a joke no

I've been up and down

bingo and round and round

I've been all over Town [I]

always come back to your

have [Aa]

You can't sing you can't dance [that] [is] a complete lie

That's right

I'm tired of crying

And all you [lane]

That's why I am by

Our lips are true

I changed all

My lives just like I'm Gonna stop something. It's not yours really sir

There is a little bit of a Charisma problem, John. That's my main concern

I don't think you would excite an audience

Mrs., Joe

We got a fee

Going on

We both know [Donny's] wrong, but it's much too [strong] to let it go now

We meet every day at the same cafe

6:30 I know one. Oh, she'll be there

Holding hands making all kinds of plans

[well] a do [pose] plays our favor. We saw


And Mrs., Mrs.. Jones, Mrs.. Jones, Mrs.. Jones BC. True

Steven you've got one of the weirdest voices I've ever heard in my life

It is [a] bit strange. It's [right] [if] more than [a] bit strange. It's really weird in what way

Bizarre will have no power in your voice at all

There's no strength nothing. I mean if if you were to sing at a place

But there was no microphone nobody could hear into your heart

When he's talking to you, [I] don't know where you?

Going and I don't know why

Listen to Your Heart


You tell him goodbye

Your problem is cut lorna. Is that you don't sing like a human being no use your voice sounds like a little sheep

Yeah, don't sounds like a no-brainer. Yeah, you don't sound like a human and that is the fundamental

Problem we have here

You look great, but you sound awful

by the look in your eye

I can tell you're Gonna cry

is it over me if it is save your tears for I'm

Not worth it you see

For I'm the type of boy, who's always?

[oh], I know

Wherever I lay my hat that's my home. I'm telling you. That's my home

Good well, that's the worst we've had today

Can I just ask you one question david who was the person that told you you could sing?

Some somebody works on me. I've got a good voice

Was it a bloke yes? It's whining you are well

I can see you home with me, but you [were] with another man

Yeah, I know we ain't got much to say

Before I let you get away


Be my girl be my girl. Are you gonna be back?

Yeah, wow

Yes, or no no no no okay. Thank you very much all right tito

Come on, babe. Why don't we paint that sound and all that chance?

I'm gonna lose my knees and roll my

stockings down and all that jazz

Start the gum. I know what whoopee spots where the gin is cold

But that piano sucks just too noisy all where there was nightly brawl and all



hey, Shake apart and Brandon fuck

[Seeger] [oh] Richard. It wasn't great. If I'm being on this video. It was very theatrical

It was just a bit weird. [I] thought it was different

maybe receive man

Gala fucking hot stuff go to fucking love tonight


You're an animal yeah, yeah, I am


[haven't] [anymore] I

Am down, and oh my soul, so weary

when troubles come


burdened be

I am still

You raise me up so I can stand on mountains

You raise me up to walk on stormy Seas I?

[am] strong when

I am on your shoulders

you raise me up, so

I can stand on mountains

You raise me up to walk on stormy sea

Raise me up

to more than I can



raise me [up], so

I can stand on my mountain

Raise me up to more than I can be

Thank you

We want a second song no no no no no [justice]

[Lu] is a sleeping aid, [I've] never heard anything more boring in my life stars on your own Ryan sure

What's [odd] [is] yeah, I'm frank pages up from Green eyes

You may be a king you may possess the world and all its gold the gold won't bring you happiness

When you're growing hold your no body to a sup body

Loves you you're very fit quite fits on


Show you how fine


All right, that's great

one two three my country whoops

Frank if this was a dancing competition [I] would put you through to [the] next road yeah a singing competition

We're gonna have to say no some but thank you very much. Oh think about what you do at me under it

Is on that I see you all thanks a lot. I think

Frank out you go, I don't kill yes. I stake you all they bite you all

Bye-Bye, okay? [oh], [frank]


This laughing good enough for you for my world will lift you up

I [will] change my life to better suit your mood

Because you're so smooth gimme your heart make it real all of us forget about it. Oh

You're so mean

where I come from

You know my story?

[I'm] here to make it please

Make you right

Well, I know that [I] can foolish, but I promise you no more [I]

finally found it something were eaten for

I'm not here to say. I'm sorry

I'm not here like you

I'm here saving [me]

Sorry, [I've] got to stop that who did you sing this song to before you got here today?

[yeah], my family hold on. What did they say I wasn't always good [a] [wee], but they said it was good

Yeah, okay [off] you go if a face could launch


thousand ships

There's no you on home with you


Just left me - oh

Okay, thank you

It's a beautiful [soul] Louie

Absolutely, no, you've done to the world

Look, what we've done

What about all the peace that you pledged your only son?

Did you ever stop to notice?

all the children dead from war

Did you ever stop [to] notice?

It's crying at the sweeping sure


But sorry y'all [doesn't] [plan] I thought that was a fair. I thought that's a solid wall. [oh]

Wow, that's our really doesn't it


No, it doesn't it. Oh

What the hell was that?

Wow, my voice is in there. Sorry to say seriously [uh] I am a tree performer

I've been in karaoke finals without looking the screen, and I've had ninety [five] percent of the audience on my side

I'm gonna be honest with you only curve

It is one of the worst I've ever ever heard you're the world you are my night


[if] Aa

She says to me

That it's the end of my world

the end of my world the end of my world

What is the hint of your singing career that's official know?

That dreams are hard to follow, but don't let anyone

Tear them away yeah. Yeah


And there will be tomorrow

In time you'll find all oh



I'm Gonna stop this it is so way off

Way off Mariah Carey [it] is

My voice is what line number?

now you

Didn't hit a helpline


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