Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TOUZANI vs DONNY VAN DE BEEK - CROSSBAR CHALLENGE

Difficulty: 0

Yo people welcome to TouzaniTV. It's me versus Donny van de Beek in this crossbar challenge

Both of us get... hey!

Both of us get 10 attempts to hit the bar

And the difference in scores is the number of shots fired to the ass

Do you agree yes or no?

Of course I agree.. - I can't hear you man


Yes? How many times will you hit the bar?

Uhhh.. I'll hit the bar 7 times - 7 of the 10 attempts?

Honestly... I have a big problem if you do that. But you won't be able to do that

Yes. You wait and see

Who starts? Who starts?

You may start - I may start

Check this. I'll hit the bar right away

He does not only have a big mouth. He also has a big....



Check this

Yes! You know it!

Almost... Almost...

Missed it big time...

Okay ladies and gentlemen

Especially for you

You hit that thing in the back

It was a no look. Just you know

It's 1-1

Hey I have only one ball left

It's 2-1. If you score this one it's game over

This man is thug life. Can you look in the camera?

So if he misses this one, it'll stay 3-1. He can make it 4-1 which means he can shoot the bal 3 times

You're good at maths!

It's not gonna happen

Ahhh this is sad

Will it be 4-1 or 3-1?

4-1 is basically a 'Jantje' (difference of 3 goals in a match)


Shall I grant you this one? - No don't grant me anything

I love assburns

Check this one with Nigel de Jong

You know?

It doesn't stop. Not today...

This guy... He shot the ball on my Dirkie Kuyt (calf muscle and Dutch pro player)

And I don't even have calf muscles

This man can only hit bars man

Calf muscles and stuff

Hey Don hit it hard man

No no man. Go away man

Now he's giving me a hand. Go man

Come come man. - Hey go away man

Hey turn of the camera man

I need some tips from you man. Because this is not going good at all. I lose everytime!

Everytime when I play this. Nigel de Jong also killed me

You'll win the next time trust me

Oh the cameraman is Abdelhak Nouri

Okay man. The next video will be a crossbar challenge with Abdelhak Nouri

Shoutout to Donny van de Beek. I will leave his Instagram account in the description. Follow this guy

Trust me. You'll enjoy his account

Adios Xavi uhh.. Sorry, Donny van de Beek

He just shot the ball on my Dirkie Kuytie (calf muscles and pro player)