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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 서점에서 구매한 그림책들? 아이패드로 그리는 일상 속 음식드로잉? iPad food drawing & Book haul(ENG)

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New drawing books haul

And let's draw food drawing with iPad

Hello. This is Stella

I've bought these two drawing books recently

at the independence publication bookstore

Dining table at 23:00pm Drawing book that have food and recipe


I will open second book too

The name is with my trip

Oilpastel drawing

A cute bookmark!

And a sticker.

Short introduction

23:00pm is good time to take late-night meal!

This book have drawings and recipes of her favorite dishes

There are 6 kinds of menus in the book

Drawings of food ingredients are here like this

Simple cooking recipes are also written in this book

I love enjoying food situation together after cooking

In this book, it shows eating food situation - ingredients - its recipe for one dish

I want to cook these menu of the book

Cute small ingredients are drawn like this

Cute drawing recipe book!

I will show you next book

Airport scene is on the cover. Airport is a start of the travel!

In front, there's drawing by oil pastel and In back, there's year and place

In front, there's drawing by oil pastel and In back, there's year and place

It is good to attach it on the wall as a postcard

Or it is also good to send letter to friends

It contains unique scenes during travel by drawings

what is your own memory/scene during travel..?

I'm curious real oil pastel's texture

It contains unique scenes during travel by drawings

I will film video about oil pastel next time.

Same drawing with this bookmark

I like ordinary life scene during travel

This book is about cook and recipe and another book is about travel.

So I will also draw dishes I ate recently and the moment I want to memorize.

Lets draw with ipad

Drawing app : procreate & Brushes : 6b pencil custom, soft air brush (download - description !)

Canvas size : screen size

I picked this drawing

I plan to draw something in this book to warm up before my own drawing

It looks fun to draw cute little food ingredients!

I will use 6b pencil custom brush

Draw tomatoes first!

You dont have to draw a right circle for tomato

Natural circle is enough okay

After drawing line, fill the color

It is okay if you dont fill it fully

And a green leaf of the tomato

One more tomato

A salt pot and a pepper pot

Draw lid of the pot with dark grey color

Adjust position

Adjustment - recoloring

Finish it with writingsalt

Fill it with soft air brush

Add one more layer

Draw line as much as I want to fill

Fill the color to draw it to this area

Adjust opacity to 30-40%

I chose a light red brown color for garlic

Draw line of garlic

And use soft air brush to fill the color inside

With 6b pencil brush, it is not right to color it because it is not even

So I use air brush for coloring

I like to use customize basic brushes of procreate

Mix various colors for garlic

Combine layers

And then adjust its size

Draw Pieces of garlic

Add a layer and color garlic with soft air brush

The one is line layer and another one is coloring layer

Move coloring layer to be under line layer

And adjust opacity of coloring layer

Draw more detail with 6b pencil

Finish garlic!

Combine layers and adjust size to be smaller

It is better to draw bigger and adjust size later

Olive oil, basil and baguette !

Draw a lid of olive oil

Draw detail (white line) on it

Draw bottle with lighter color of the green

Fill it with olive oil color

Use air brush

Draw the cover of the bottle

If you revise some part, it is also good to use (adjustment - pixel fluidization)

If you move it like this, it can be too much


Draw white line

Draw pattern

Detail is a point !

Finish drawing olive oil

When I draw with I pad, it's very enjoyable to concentrate on something

Add layer and draw white line on basil leaves

it looks like food

Baguette !

Draw it using 6b pencil brush and color it with soft air brush (same way)

Coloring layer is below line layer

Use 6b pencil again to be more like bread

It's fun to draw food ingredients and good to practice drawing because it's so cute!

I will draw dishes I ate recently and add it to my goodnote diary

I added real picture to diary like this

But it looks better if drawing is added

Let's draw!

Draw a plate

Choose tomato pasta color

Add one more layer such as noodle on the plate

Choose tomato pasta color

there's another pasta noodle like this (fusilli)

So simple

Two more...

Now draw shrimp

And color it

Draw orange part of shrimp

Bring shrimp on pasta

Adjust position and size of it

Copy shrimp and just change position

draw green leaves on pasta

Draw two breads to add upon plate

Fill yellow color to it

Coloring layer is below line layer

Coloring bread

Use darker color on the center of the bread

Don't forget to draw detail of bread

Combine layer like this

Move it to plate

Plate is white but still need to be colored

Color it with white + beige color

Erase unnecessary part

One more plate

Copy circle and adjust size

Draw steak

Three pieces of steaks

Choose darker color and use it on some part

Cooked well so it should be darker

Draw white gloss to steak

draw mushroom

Draw line first and add coloring layer below line layer same as before

Choose mushroom colorb

Draw burning part of mushroom

And then lower its opacity

Sweet potato

It's good to change color freely for digital drawing

So I changed sweet potato's color to be more delicious

Add detail on it and lower opacity

Draw tomato and grilled garlic

Use both light and dark color for garlic because it's grilled well

I will draw delicious green sauce !

Im concentrating on it !

White color for gloss of it

Color plates with white color

Color plates with white color

Slide layers to right and make them to be group

When it's grouped, it can be moved together

And a wine glass

Fill the color

Also use soft air brush for coloring

Pickles and side dishes

Pickles is always needed when I eat pasta

Make layers to be group and adjust size

Pickles is always needed when I eat pasta

I can memorize happy time when I ate this meal

Also I don't have a chance to look pictures well after taking

But while drawing I can see the detail and observe it

Add this drawing to goodnote diary instead of picture

Deselect background color layer and export it by PNG file

Copy and paste

I will write drawing diary often!

So far it's about food drawing this time

Hope you had enjoying my video

And second book I introduced is about oil pastel drawing

So I will use oil pastel brush of procreate for drawing next time

See you guys next drawing video soon (pls subscribe & thumb up for this video :))

The Description of 서점에서 구매한 그림책들? 아이패드로 그리는 일상 속 음식드로잉? iPad food drawing & Book haul(ENG)