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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 7 British Study Abroad Tips - How to Study in the UK | UK International Student Guide #Spon

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hello everyone and welcome back to english with lucy I've got a slightly

different video for you today today I'm going to give you my seven tips for

studying in the UK this video is for students who are thinking about studying

in the UK or who are already studying here but want some more advice about

fitting in and finding accommodation I've made this video in collaboration

with chapter who provide incredible student accommodation across zone 1 and

2 but more about that later in this video we're going to cover

making friends the language visas accommodation choosing a uni getting in

the whole lot also I have lovingly written subtitles for you so don't worry

if you don't understand everything switch on the subtitles and we can also

talk about learning English a little bit later on right let's get started right

tip number one is do your first assignment and your first assignment is

a research assignment you need to find a good University and you need to research

both the University and the courses incredibly carefully I was an

international student in Madrid and I remember thinking I don't care where I

go I just want to be in Madrid and that was the wrong way to go about things I

had a great experience in Madrid I should have looked at all of the

universities and courses to make sure that I picked the right one because I

have a feeling I missed out on a couple of really cool opportunities you need to

ask yourself a lot of different questions you need to use a variety of

resources and find a variety of opinions as well don't trust the first person you

talk to ask as many people as you can some questions you should be asking

yourself are how is the University ranked use the league tables I'll be

putting lots of links and information in the description box

not only how is the University ranked but how is your specific course ranked

just because one University might be the best in England it doesn't mean that

their version of your course is the a good university might not have the

best ranked course but the experience could be exactly what you're looking for

make sure you look into what the course is like and how its examined some

courses are completely exam based some have way more essays and research

projects and presentations you need to look and find what you think is right

for you another question what are the entry requirements are you realistically

going to get into that university what grades do you currently have do you need

to take an extra exam chances are you might have to if you're not a native

speaker of English what's the location like we'll be talking more about

location in the next topic but I'm obviously very biased towards London

because I think it's perfect for an international student and I was a

student there for two and a half years yes two and a half years of my four-year

degree one last thing to think about when you're choosing University is which

University group you might not have heard of this before but there are

groups of universities like the Russell Group which is a group of universities

focused on research and academic achievement or the University Alliance

which are way more business engaged number two accommodation is key and this

is such a big topic for international students because it's not always easy to

find suitable accommodation in the UK because often you will have to have a

guarantor that earns over a certain amount in the UK and that is why student

accommodation directed towards international students is such a godsend

for you I cannot reiterate enough how important it is to choose the right

accommodation in the right location with the right people if you get this right

you have the foundations for an amazing experience in the UK I don't want to

pressure you but if you do get this wrong and I got this wrong before and I

had a really nasty time if you do get this wrong it can make your life a bit

of a misery for the first year of my degree I lived in zone 4 which was so

far from the centre in a really boring residential the kind of nasty area there

were no there was no nightlife there were no shops it was pretty awful and I

lived in a really badly run block student flats they told us it was all

going to be amazing and it really really wasn't however in my last year of

university I lived near to my University in a gorgeous room with lots of sunlight

a lovely view lots of friends nearby it was wonderful and I had such a great

time the difference was mind blowing I had the privilege of going to see the

chapter in Kings Cross to have a look at what I can only describe as the most

incredible student accommodation I have ever seen in my life it was just a few

minutes walk from Kings Cross station and it was this amazing glass building

with loads of outside space which is such a luxury in London there you can

sunbathe when it's glorious and sunny outside like it is at the moment and

have barbecues or chilled drinks have coffee with friends inside there's a

massive common room with football tables table tennis TVs IMAX and downstairs

there's a study area and an additional quiet area which is silent you can make

your coffee in the little kitchen there and then study with friends or when the

exam periods come around cram intensively in the silent area this

would have been ideal for me in my first year I had to take a 50-minute train

just to visit my library and it was the only quiet space I had in London when

you finish studying you can head over to the gym which was amazing it was amazing

it's better than the gyms that you actually have to pay monthly fees for

there were so many weights machines treadmills could have exercise classes

livestream to you so you can follow those and you can do your exercise with

an amazing view but for me the best part of the entire trip to chapter King's

Cross was the room I got to see bear in mind this was one of the lower-priced

rooms so I can't even imagine what the more expensive ones are like when I

walked into the room the first thing I noticed was this incredible view and the

video doesn't do it justice it was amazing you could see for miles you

could see all of the important monuments like the London Eye and the chard

imagine waking up to that every morning you'd feel like such a Londoner I

generously tested out the bed for you guys I can confirm it

very comfy you also get a little kitchen area with a hob microwave fridge

everything you need and you get a bathroom with lots of storage some of

the other chapters across London you can choose to live with a friend or a

partner which saves loads of money or in a shared flat so you have a private room

a private bathroom but you share the communal kitchen and living area finally

each chapter is unique and different so there's something for everyone there are

ten chapters in London there are two new ones being built at the moment which

will open in September there is white city in West London and also Highbury -

which is next to Holloway Road station you've got chapter Portobello which is

next to a canal you've got the chapter in South Bank which has a Sky Lounge

overlooking the London Eye the one in Spitalfields which is spectacular it

overlooks the gherkin if you're planning on studying in the UK I highly recommend

you consider chapter the team will help you find one that is perfect for you and

covers all of your needs whilst being close to your University to see all the

options visit chapter - london comm or if you're already in london you can head

to your nearest chapter and have a chat there's also a live chat option on the

website where you can ask any questions you have the link is in the description

box by the way did I mention there was a cinema number three location is the

foundation choose where you are carefully the UK is very small but we

have massive amounts of diversity what you find in the north is very different

to what you find in the south and what you find in London is very different -

absolutely everywhere else it's on its own do you want to be in a city do you

want to be in a town do you want to be in a rural location there are

universities in all of those locations I studied in the capital city my partner

well studied in the middle of the countryside in an agricultural

university we both had fantastic experiences but extremely different

experiences in my opinion and this is completely subjective I would recommend

for the majority of international students to go to

city and this is simply because there is so much more to do I currently live in a

very very rural location and every now and again I see like an au pair arrive

or an international student and they have a much harder time meeting

like-minded people but that might not be the case for everyone you might love

being in a river location now you're going to want to see the rest of the UK

when you're here what I would recommend is choosing a location with fantastic

transport links to the rest of the UK so you can visit those towns you can visit

the countryside you can visit other cities you can get the full experience

but you can still live in a busy buzzing place now for this video I'm going to be

talking specifically about London because that's where I went and I've got

loads of insight to share with you and I'm pretty sure most international

students are very very happy there there are so many different places in London

that offer different experiences and different feels about them

you've got Kings Cross which is the center of the city I'm sure you heard of

it platform 9 and 3/4 in Harry Potter where you've got some Pancras station

there so you've got easy access to Amsterdam and Paris and the rest of the

city and also it's a hub for travel to the rest of the country

you've got Spitalfields which is like the hipster area full of street art

markets quirky shops coffee shops it's really nice and then you've got places

like Islington which is like a small town within London it's got an amazing

high street with loads of shops restaurants music venues it's gorgeous

if I had to move back to London I think I'd live there there are ten chapters in

London including a few in each of the areas I've mentioned which means that

you can visit every part of the city because this is what makes chapter

special when you're a resident at one of the student accommodations you are a

member of every single one so you can visit all of them and spend time in all

of them this means you can visit every location use their facilities attend

their parties and events they've got things like book clubs movie nights

parties networking sessions karaoke nights

honestly I visited one and I wanted to be a student I wanted to relive my

student days but in a chapter because it would have solved my biggest problem

which was making friends right tip number four

familiarize yourself with the visa system early at present international

students from outside the EU or UK must apply for an international student visa

it is up to you to make sure that you comply with everything however you're

not in this alone if you have an offer from a university they want you to come

to the University they will do everything in their power to help you

get that visa remember you can also do a short term study visa which is for

shorter courses like English courses for example you'll be applying for a Tier

four student visa again information in the description box you can apply if you

have been offered a place on a course if you can speak read write and understand

English and if you have enough money to support yourself and pay for the course

the earliest you can apply is three months before the course begins and

you'll usually get a decision on your visa three weeks

after application you can arrive in the UK before your course starts and this is

highly recommended you want to have time to settle if your course is six months

or under you can arrive up to a week before and if it's six months or over

you can arrive up to a month before the great news is with most student visas

you can work and earn money so you can work up to 20 hours a week although I

really think being a student in the UK working twenty hours would be far too

much so that's very generous there are links to full guidance on visas below

but remember the university should be there to help you get through it

tip number five this is a broad one but it's meet as many people as you can now

making friends in the UK can be hard sometimes that's why I really recommend

living in student accommodation because everyone is there everyone one wants to

make friends I remember being in student accommodation and thinking oh do I talk

to them do I not and when I finally met that person later it turns out that they

also wanted to talk to me that day as well

everyone's there for the same reason to study to experience new things to make

friends the advice I can give to you about making friends in the UK

is number one sign up to clubs and events I've met so many more people

doing classes and proper focused events like dog training cooking classes

running clubs sports activities then I have on a night out when you arrive in

the UK in September October depending on when your course starts it'll likely be

a week called freshers week every night there's a party you get to meet loads

and loads of people they're not necessarily going to be the people that

you spend the rest of your year with universities in the UK have things

called societies and they're basically clubs where like-minded people can do

the things that they enjoy chess societies sports societies cheerleading

societies religious societies it's a great way to meet people like you join

as many as you can you don't have to commit to all of them pick a couple that

you like go consistently make loads of friends another one if you're living in

a big city you will realize that traveling to meet friends doesn't often

happen so it's good to live near fellow students that's why I think chapters so

great it's likely that other people from the surrounding universities will be

living in the chapter and you can go to all of the parties in events and

sessions in all of the other chapters so you suddenly could potentially meet so

many people thousands they're all students they have similar timetables to

you probably similar interests as well it's

a great opportunity number six fit in with the culture this is a

difficult one it completely depends on where you're from and how different your

culture is to the British culture but I'd really recommend that you

familiarize yourself with British culture and how we tend to do things but

take everything or with a pinch of salt trust me we don't spend all day drinking

tea and then at five o'clock get absolutely off our faces on beer well

some of us do my advice to you is make learning about British culture one of

your hobbies if you can try and meet and talk to as many British people as you

can there are so many Brits making amazing videos on YouTube all you have

to do is type British culture and loads of us will come up

but don't be scared London and many other cities are so so international

chances are that food you miss from home you'll find it in a London shop you'll

probably even find it in our world foods aisle in the supermarket the best way to

learn about British culture through meeting at British people and if you're

finding that difficult try offering your services on a language exchange website

or Facebook group lastly let's talk about your English skills you will need

to be able to prove that you can speak read write and understand English well

you will need to prove this for your visa and you'll also need to prove it to

the University it's likely that the university will request a higher

standard of English than the Border Agency when you look on the university

websites you will see what the language requirements are and different

universities will require different levels so it's worth looking around many

UK universities will offer you a language course to help you prepare and

that will be ongoing throughout your studies and there should be lots of

support as well the universities want you to do well

they don't want to just get you in and what you suffer the exam grades needed

are there for a reason and you will have support throughout your time common

exams are the IELTS the TOEFL the Cambridge Advanced the PT academic

information on all of this down there in the description box the different exams

have different parts to them they're done in different ways they also have

different costs so it's worth looking at which exam is right for you and which

exam is suggested or recommended by your University right guys that's all the

information I can give you today I really hope you enjoyed this lesson

put any questions you have in the comments and I'll do my best to have

some sessions answering them don't forget to check out chapter the link is

in the description box chapter - London comm they've got an amazing selection of

student accommodation locations and options lots of different prices lots of

different lengths of stay it comes highly recommended that's it for today's

lesson I hope you liked it I hope you learned something don't forget to

connect with on all of my social media I've got my

Facebook I've got my Instagram and I've got my Twitter and I will see you soon

for another lesson yeah

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