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It's eight twenty-six, let's go to the analysis in International Politics in voice of Jorge

Aguilar, who is on the other side of the study. Go ahead Jorge.

Hello Goodnight. Yesterday I finish the Impeachment or trial

politician against the President of States United Donald Trump. After two weeks

to deliberate in the Upper House, the Senate of the United States voted on Wednesday in favor

of acquitting Trump for the scandal of Ukraine. President Trump took advantage of the majority

Republican who has in the upper house, who does not consider him guilty for the deals

made with Ukraine to carry out a investigation against his democratic rival

Joe biden The Democrats, who are majority in the House

of Representatives, approved on December 18 two articles of Impeachment to impute

to Trump in an ordinary criminal proceedings in loes that he was accused of Abuse of Power and Obstruction

to Congress The Senate vote was 52 against 48

votes in favor of acquitting him of Abuse of Power and 53 against 47 votes to absolve him of

Obstruction charge to Congress. The only one way he could have been dismissed

it was if at least two thirds of the hundred senators would have voted in favor of the impeachment,

situation that did not proceed. In short, Donald Trump is the third president

in the history of the United States be judged in the Senate for the Impeachment of the Chamber

of Representatives, which will continue in the position and thus be able to seek reelection

on November 3 of this year. What caught most attention on Wednesday

in the vote was the Republican senator Mitt Romney, who was a presidential candidate

in 2012, which I think Trump was guilty and voted for his impeachment in the

Power Abuse charge. But what does it mean that the acquittal of

Donald Trump for the November elections next?

Democrats and Republicans will have to think about the effects of this process

of Impeachment only nine months after the elections presidential, but it's not just the change

or the re-election of the President of States United, but also the entire

Lower house and more than a third of the Senate. The country is going through a strong division

politics, according to polls, politics of the country is very similar to what you had

before the process of Impeachment

Trump's approval rating is around 45%, this figure is what has remained

during the term of his presidency, but the chances of his reelection are still

uncertain as everything in politics, but They are far from scarce. But there

a very clear thing not only in politics from the United States but in practically everything

the world, the polls don't count all the history, and there are other signs that

political trial procedures if they have had an impact on voters.

The White House political strategy in this matter it is very clear: describe the

Impeachment as another example of the establishment from Washington that is sworn to the president.

The political trial came to an end in the Senate, but the end of a chapter is closed, but

the book will not close and the pains will continue Trump's head related to Ukraine,

although the theory says that nobody can be tried for the same crime twice, but

in a matter of political judgment it is different.

To former National Security Advisor John Bolton He was not asked to testify before the Senate,

his version on how Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate Biden is starting to leave,

with this even the democrats could call him at some point as a witness and

I could also call other witnesses, as the former Trump chief of staff, John

Kelly, who recently supported the claim of Bolton and this could indicate that after

the witnesses might be more helpful For the Democrats.

If this were to happen, it would be an event important, not overwhelmed by an acquittal,

how would it have happened if I had testified in the Senate.

As long as history can serve guide, it is not known exactly or by

where could the next revelation come and this uncertainty may be more than enough

to worry Donald Trump and the Republicans.

And I end with the phrase of Voltaire: It is dangerous Be right when the government is wrong.

Thanks so much and good night.

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