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How to Get Your Video Noticed on YouTube. Wanna be an internet star? Knowing a few tricks

will put you on the most-viewed list in no time. You will need A great idea Video and

computer equipment and persistence. Step 1. Click the "Videos" tab on YouTube to see what

the most-viewed videos of the moment areand then make a video response to one. Parodies

of currently popular internet videos often "piggyback" on the fame of the original and

end up becoming famous themselves. Step 2. Aim for a large but specific group, like video

game fanatics, or people who hate Carlos Mencia. Although throwing out a wide net seems more

logical, a targeted audience is actually more likely to latch on and spread the word. Step

3. It seems obvious, but use the best idea you have. It's probably the one that makes

you and your friends laugh the most or has you using the word "awesome" repeatedly. Violence

really hurts, and should never be used for base, commercial motives. So don't do it.

Step 4. Shoot for the highest production value you can afford. Videos that are severely underlit

or have blown out audio are pretty unwatchable, and unlikely candidates for internet fame.

Step 5. Before you output, do a Google search for "Exporting for YouTube." Heavily pixelated,

out-of-sync video clips rarely make the rounds in office emails. Step 6. One of the keys

to getting your video seen is having a title, tags, and a thumbnail that will attract your

audience. YouTube offers you a choice of 3 different thumbnailswhichever images are

found a 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 of the way through your video. Savvy users find a frame they

like during editing and make sure it occurs at one of those points. The other key factor

in attracting an audience? Keep your video short and sweet. Two minutes or less is ideal.

Step 7. Remember the specific interest group you targeted? Now that you're finished, consider

emailing your video's link to websites relevant to that group. Sometimes all it takes is a

single blogger to get the ball quickly rolling. Step 8. Don't just upload your video and forget

it; become part of the community. Comment on other videos, respond to comments on your

own video, maybe even stir up a little controversy. Step 9. Repeat the process. Each time one

of your videos makes even a small dent, you gain subscribers, and a large subscriber base

is the number one reason a video attracts a large viewership. Did you know According

to its community guidelines, YouTube does not allow videos that show "graphic or gratuitous

violence," or "someone getting hurt, attacked, or humiliated."

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