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Welcome to back boss in the video this time

we try to fix the floodlights

are exposed to rain water infiltration

and it has a crusty and total death

how to open it we heat on a hotplate

to open it we heat a few minutes

if I have my Preheat 15 minutes on a hotplate

and then we congkel for the front of

the front, the

glass is only sealed with the aluminum body,

so to open it, just heat it up

and we pry it out

please be careful because the material for the cover is glass, not acrylic, the

condition for the led pcb is very pathetic,

especially in the distribution line power

This IC is for what I don't know

so because the serial code is not visible

So I don't understand what it does?

to treat my curiosity, let

's just check the LED lights that are connected in series,

we use a power supply set to 6 volts DC,

we check one by one it looks like the leds are OK,

then we check using 16 VDC or 16 volt DC

, I measure 3 lights at once This

LED to lift 4 LED lights is not strong

but if to lift 3 LED lights 16 volt DC is STRONG,

so my prediction is that this LED light works at 3-5 volts or the USB voltage

in this PCB has 42 LEDs. For example, multiply the

required voltage around 240 -250 volt DC

if something is wrong, please correct it via comments, boss,

to save time, let's just replace it with a COB

LED lamp or an HPL LED lamp that supports 220 AC, the

price is relatively CHEAP, 20-30 thousand rupiah, some Rp. 25,000

in this video, I use it 50 watt COB LED lamp that supports 220 V AC.

There are two COB LED lights, white and warm white

, the first one I tested

, this one is warm white or yellow

for attaching cob LED lights. to the body so that the heat from the LED COB is evenly distributed

I use DIY glue

so my glue is getting hotter the stickier it is the drier

if the COB LED heats up unevenly to the body it

will easily cause damage to the LED lights

the next step is soldering or connecting the cables to the LED lights The COB is

because there are some parts of this cable that are peeling or to protect the parts

that are subject to voltage, I smear it with UV glue

or this is often used by HP technicians to protect jumpers

to dry these UV lamps, they can be dried in direct sunlight

or we use UV lamps

without UV lamp this glue will not dry

even a day will not dry

Knowledge is limited Your lifespan is limited

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