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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 메이킹 #02 하리에게 두리말고 여동생이 있었다?! ??|?연애공식 구하리?|투니버스

Difficulty: 0

A clue is in Ghost Signal?

Download the game and find the clue!

(Ghost Signal)

(Hari's younger sister)

(Who is the new girl coming to the studio?)

(She seems to know Hari)

I'm Ji Ye's (Hari)...

I'm Ji Ye's younger sister, Su Jin!

(She is an extra of Hearts and Hari)

How do you think your sister is playing Hari?


I heard something weird..

I farted with my mouth..

My sister? She's amazing...cute..

(She's watching her sister playing Hari)

(She's mimicking her)

Tell me one good thing about your sister.

One good thing...?

What kind of sister can compliment their sisters?

It's weird to see her in my workplace..

I'm supposed to see her at home..

She came here to help me as a beauty.

I don't think she fits the role because it's "a beauty".

"A beauty" is supposed to be beautiful..

-So I was worried.. -What??!

How do you feel about helping me?

-(paused) It was fun... -Fun?

She coached me!

I hope you wrap it up well.

-Well done. -Love you.

-Go away! -Debate smile!

(suddenly changed) Thank you so much!

Hearts and Hari!

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The Description of 메이킹 #02 하리에게 두리말고 여동생이 있었다?! ??|?연애공식 구하리?|투니버스