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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: One Hope Is Enough Cast Real Life Partners 2020 (Hazal Subasi, Esra Bilgic,Tolgahan Sayısman)

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hi there

Watch our video to find out the surprising truth about the real life partners of the

one hope is enough

Tolgahan Sayisman as Yılmaz Tolgahan Sayisman was born on 17 December

1981, in Istanbul, Turkey During high school years, Tolgahan was involved

in sports such as football basketball. Also, he won awards in some sportive

area which are tennis Moreover, he joined some school actives about

music and acting. Sayisman started his modeling life when he

was young. He became First Runner Up in Best Model Of

Turkey 2002. Furthermore, he won Manhunt International

2005, held in Busan, Korea His first publicized relationship was Berrak

Tüzünataç in 2007

After breaking with Berrak Tüzünataç He met Merve Bolugur

and became an item ever since. He had a fling with Serenay Sarikaya They

hardly dated for 2 years

The next person he dated was a Selen Soyder

He then moved on to Almeda Abazi

Hazal Subasi as Elif Hazal Subasi was born on May 8, 1996 in Izmir,

Turkey She is 23 years old SHer zodiac sign is Taurus

Actress and beauty pageant contestant who participated in

Miss Supranational 2015. She's known for playing Zehra in the

2016 TV series Adini sen koy. Hazal has a fortune of around $ 4 million

She has amassed over 600 thousand followers on Instagram.

She has a lovely grey cat called Minos She is dating the very handsome actor and

model Erkan Meric. She won the Best Model in Turkey in 2009 and

in the same year The best model in the world. They met on the set of

Adini Sen Koy and both say they spent so much time together

that they fell in love Both love solitary and if things are busy

and noisy on set they prefer to get away to somewhere quiet

She is dating Rıza Kocaoglu

Esra Bilgic as Derya Esra Bilgic was born in Ankara, Turkey on

Wednesday, October 14, 1992 She is 27 years old and is a Libra. Esra Bilgiç

is a Turkish actress and model She portrays Halime Sultan in the historical

adventure television series Dirilis: Ertugrul. She has amassed over 1.4

million followers on Instagram. Esra Bilgiç and Gökhan Töre who get married

in 2017 in the presence of Turkish President Erdogan, decided to break


The Description of One Hope Is Enough Cast Real Life Partners 2020 (Hazal Subasi, Esra Bilgic,Tolgahan Sayısman)