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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: New Cirque du Soleil artist? See The Bachelor's Vanessa Grimaldi #CirqueWay For a Day!

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Im so out of breath.

Blame it on the socks, okay?

Im sorry. Im heavy.

Im an artist.


Hey guys! Its me, Vanessa Grimaldi.

You may have seen me on ABCs The Bachelor,

and today, Im at the International Headquarters of Cirque du Soleil

in my hometown of Montreal, Quebec, and Im super, super excited!

I was a gymnast for a couple of years,

and then once I quit gymnastics, I decided to apply

to become an acrobat at Cirque du Soleil.

That never happened. I became a teacher

and Im like, well I still want to be part of the Cirque du Soleil family.

But today, I was finally invited

at their International Headquarters and Ill be getting an entire tour,

and Im super excited!

Follow me.

Im gonna make a hat today.

So I heard that I have to choose an outfit,

but first we are at the atelier

where most of the outfits are made in Montreal,

so its super exciting.

I sew, so it feels like Im at home,

I just want to sit down and start sewing a little costume,

but I wont do that.

I want to just take a look and see whats going on

and what kind of costumes are gonna be sewing up today.

I wonder how much pasta this guy ate.

Im at the costume atelier with

Andrée and we just learned this dance move together.

So, Im gonna be learning a dance routine, super excited about that.

I think we have something for your liking.

I hope so. There are just so many options.

Well, this one caught my eye. Its likethis is amazing.

- Thats from Luzia.

Can you imagine theres somebody performing with that costume on?

- And its heavy. - It is heavy, yeah.

And theyre flipping in this?

- Yeah. - With this on their head?

- Its actuallyits a belt. - I knew that. I was just testing her.

- They would have a freaking large head.

- I have the smallest head in the world. This is really

- Oh yeah, this is pretty too. - Right, from TOTEM.

- Are there underwear in here or do they wear their own?

- We provide them with the underwear and yes there is, yeah.

- Gotcha.

And this one really caught my eye as soon as I walked in.

- Yeah, this is really crazy, its really nice.

Its from one of the Free Spirits in VOLTA.

- So many people at Coachella want it, like would want to wear something like this.

- Yeah. And one of the things thats special about this costume

is theres a lot of 3D print components to it.

So those are made of a special kind of plastic,

so that the artists dont hurt themselves if it hits them in the face or whatnot.

- Oh yeah, it looks like a natural bead.

- Yeah, but it doesnt hurt. - Its not wood or anything.

Most of the fabric we buy is actually white to begin with,

like a large majority, and we do all the printing and dyeing and

- This is all in-house. - Yeah.

Wow, this is something that I would like to wear for my dance routine.

Can I wear this?

- I think that you would look great in there.

- Can I wear this one? - Absolutely.

- Oh my God!

Bollywood here I come.

So, this is an artist named Laurie.

- Uh-huh.

- Shes Québécoise and she is doing bungie on the show.

But then its also a transitional character,

so they run around and do cues and you see her from time to time,

and she rotates in a bungie act

and she used to do a lot of acts as well, actually.

Kyle, Im so excited!

- Im excited, too! This is really fun!

- Kyle works at Cirque du Soleil. Youre a contortionist.

- I am. - But now, youre also doing makeup.

- Correct.

- Were at the makeup room right now, so were getting prepped.

Im getting prepped for my Bollywood dance

And what else am I doing that you had a massive like reaction to?

The cradle, you were like

- Yeah, youre doing Russian cradle, aerial cradle,

which is quite a well-known discipline in this company.

Its actually one of the big group acts, its a jaw-dropping act.

- Its pretty intense? - Yes.

- Very excited!

I love this look.

- Alright, Vanessa, its time to get ready now.

I have your costume, you can go put it on.

- Thank you so much.

- We completely transformed that chick. - Off I go.

- Good-bye, skip away!

Can I go flip now?

I want to go see myself in the mirror.

I feel like the expectations are gonna be very high,

people are looking at me, like: “Wow, what is she gonna do?”

Im just gonna get stopped for autographs right now, Im just warning you.

Can I look in the mirror?


Actually, I look like I could be part of the Cirque team.

I love it!

Now, lets do some Bollywood.

What are you doing here?

This is my friend.

This is my friend Maryanne.

She came actually to surprise me in one of her

In the costume they gave me.

This is so fun!

This is amazing! Okay, were stretching our knees.

- So, this is from the show TOTEM.

This is the finale dance with everybody,

all the artists dancing.

So, at the beginning theyre not all there, they come later.

- Blame it on the socks, okay?

Oh, are we making a dance move now?

Oh, I thought this was stretching.

Not stretching.

Oh, so out of breath.

- Youre doing great!

Most embarrassing moment ever by Vanessa Grimaldi and Maryanne.

Now, its bye time.


- Shall I add this dance is taught in 15 minutes.

So, I just saw one of my coaches.

So now, I just embarrassed myself in the dance room learning

a dance that I think did well.

NowHello! Vanessa.

- Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you.

This is very, very intimidating.

Oh my god! They probably think I know what Im doing.

I dont know what Im doing, justIm here as a visitor, okay?

- As a what? - As a visitor, Im just a visitor.

- Well, enjoy your visit. - Thank you.

You guys, they probably all think Im a pro.

Hello, Im a new member.

- Were gonna go first with a simple jump.

- Okay, simple jump. - Yeah?

- From the cradleinto the pit. - What is a cradle?

- This is the cradle. - Im thinking cradle, likeokay.

- So, youre gonna climb the ladder here.

Stand on the cradle.

- Thats the cradle? - Yeah.

- Okay. - And then from here jump.

- What? - Jump down to your back.

- Okay. - Okay?

- So keep the line like this.


- Youre gonna hold me the whole time, eh?

- Yeah. If youre good I can let you go.

- No. - So, I can hold youfor the first time?

- Manu, were not doingno.

This is actually a dream come true, by the way.

So, Im gonna face my fears, because I do have a little fear of heights,

I just didnt tell you.

Everyone, keep doing what youre doing.

Dont watch me.

- Yeah.

Okay, perfect.

- Holy ***. - Arms behind the rope.

- Okay. - Yeah.

Straight jump to your back on the mat.

- Manu remember what we said. - Yeah.

- Slowly like an angel, okay?

My back.


Do they do this without being harnessed in the show?

- Yes, yes. - Or do they do it with being harnessed?

- Without harness. - Theyre crazy.

The mind is so powerful. Okay, ready?

- Ready. - Ready?

- Ready.

- Set and free!

Holy ***.

- Denis.


- I knew it. Guys how good was that?

- Now the porter is gonna get to the cradle, climbing up to the platform.

Yougive your hands and were gonna bring you down,

the porter and myself holding on the launch and do a few swings.

The porterEasy, simple swing, small swing.

- Yeah? - Yeah.

My porter. Whats my porters name?

- Denis.

- What do I say if I sayscared”?

- He wont understand. He will just swing you.

- Im scared. [SCARED I]

Scared. [SCARED II]

Scared. [SCARED III]

Im using scared. [SCARED IIII]

- No, hes happy.

- But Im scared. [SCARED IIIII] - I dont know.

- Oh my god! Oh my god!

- And jump.

- That was a new performance.

I liked that a lot.

- Good, yeah? - Do that again?

- Its impressive, usually Dennis doesnt smile during training.

- Really? - Yeah, its the first time.

- Listen, you guys need me on the team, okay?

- Yeah.

And press to your back, yes!

- I fell like a little doll.

I just fell over.

So, we are trying the front salto dismount

with my man Denis.

Dennis, Denis?

How do you say his name in Russian?

- Denis. - Denis.

- Denis.

- Manu, how do you saythank youin Russian?

- Spasibo. - Spasibo.

And that better bethank you”!

- Nice! - I did it!

Im gonna die!

Can I see the footage of that? Holy ***!

EspasamiWhat is it? - Spasibo.

- Spasibo.

- Sergei is gonna be your coach and Dima your partner.

- Dima, Sergé.

- Sergei. - Sergei.

Nice to meet you.

Ochen priyatna. Ochen priyatna? - Yeah.

- Im learning Russian, too, here guys.

- Go down.

- Step over him, Im gonna hurt him.

- Hands like that.

- Oh ***.


Okay, hold my hand.

- Dont squeeze my hand.

Hold your hand down, go down and jump.

With your body tight

Put your hands down.

Im sorry. Im heavy.

Move your body forward.

Okay, pull him up.

- Come up.

- Okay? - Here we go.


- Push again.

And put your hands down. - Okay, but dont do anything crazy.

Sorry for the bum.

You wanna do one more, advanced?

If the coach believes in me.

He didnt use the harness at all.

- Turn. - Okay.

- Hand, go.



Your hands to the side. Show me your hands beside. Nice!


Okay, next step: hand-to-hand.

- Hand-to-hand.

- Yes, bring your feet a little more. - Hold on, I just want to go

on my tippy toes. Okay.

- Back on the floor. - Yeah.

- And go.

Straight. Point your feet.


- That was so much fun.

Hes sweating so much, Im so sorry. - No problem.

- Bad, but good.

Thank you.

Thank you.

So, I wanted to become an acrobat for a really, really long time

after I was done gymnastics and I got invited to

the Cirque du Soleil headquarters today.

And I really didnt think it was gonna be as exciting

a day as I had, with just picking out an outfit, doing my makeup,

getting to meet some of the trainers and the performers

And its so interesting to see the relationships

that performers have together here.

Its really building a bond and

I thought they were a family,

but now I can really confirm that Cirque is a family,

and a family that I want to be a part of.

So, thank you so much for this experience.

I hope you guys enjoyed it

and I hope youre as impressed as I am with myself today.

But now, I got to go to a little talent show

and Ive gotta take this makeup off.

So, thank you and hope to see you guys soon.


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