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bismillah man you like a question from the brothers go ahead all right

purposely I left out many misconceptions people have about Islam it could be

women and violence and jihad and Sharia hijab so many questions I purposely left

out because I want you to ask the question hopefully sir okay so the

question is why are the extremists doing what they're doing well first and

foremost said they're not following the scripture there's a quick answer however

it is important for us to expand the definition of extremism extremism is an

act that can be done by people of Islamic faith Jewish and Christian faith

or no faith Muslims don't have a monopoly on it number two if we agree

that all life is equal right all of you just raise of hand by the way I'm

serious razor fan do we all agree that every

life is equal every blood is sacred and our we're all precious in eyes of God so

as a human we have to condemn every single act of terrorism may that be done

in the name of Christianity communism democracy capitalism or Islam equally we

have to condemn all of those act including the one done in New Zealand

the one done in Norway or in the history are doing it now number three is really

important when we come to the Middle East right let's come there when it

comes to the Middle East there is a professor in the University of Chicago

his name is dr. Robert pepper he did 25 years of study on suicide bombing and

terrorism he wrote many many books one of his books is really influential dying

to win you can google it and you can go to Amazon and purchase the book anyway

so what he's saying he's answering to the question that why are people doing

what they are doing and this is his conclusion in 25 years of study he said

it is not the Quran it is not the Muslim teachings it's not

life of Muhammad peace be upon him it is one reason why some people there are

doing what they're doing and he mentioned that it's a one-word answer it

is occupation yes that is the conclusion of that professor and of Karen Armstrong

and many many Orientalist and the scholars what they are doing is because

their property has been taken away their land has been occupied either by the

dictators that we are supporting or the occupation that we have or the drone

missiles and the bombings second reason that they mentioned is that they were

drone operators they came on the Neos and they mentioned that we missed 90% of

our targets you know just like two weeks ago a drone missile fell on a marriage

procession 53 innocent people they passed away and these drone missile

operators on the TV they are saying you know we always questioned that why are

there so angry with us and they themselves are saying means the drone

missile operators it is because we are killing their innocent people that is

the reason they're angry now there is no reason doesn't matter how angry the

person is for taking some other innocent life but we have to understand what is

what are the dynamics of there we still have to condemn it at the end of the day

we still have to condemn it but we also need to know that if we are going to

stop what is going on there or around the world we have to make sure that our

foreign policy has to be just with every single country in around the world and

since all of you raised the hands that means we have to make sure that there

has to be a just foreign policy for the Israeli side as much as the Palestinian

side there has to be just foreign policy for the Yemeni people and the Kashmiri

people and the Indian people and all over the world if there is no justice

around the world justice gives rise to peace so once we fight for justice

then peace is the natural outcome of that but what does Islam say about

violence and terrorism Quran says in Chapter number 2 verse number 1 9 0 that

fight in the cause of God for those who fight against you

means if somebody is imposing war on you God is saying that you have the

god-given right to pick up arms and defend yourselves you know just imagine

at 2:00 a.m. at night for example in your home if there's a big bang on the

door and you see from the hole that they are gangbangers out there about to

compromise you your property your children your family obviously you're

not going to open there obviously you're going to call the police if you have a

baseball bat you'll pick it up to defend yourselves

but then the Quran says in chapter 2 verse number 1 9 0 even in that

defensive war do not go to extreme because God does not love the extremists

so what God is saying so what the Quran says that even in a just war they are

certain guidelines a Muslim is supposed to follow and what are those guidelines

the Quran says in chapter 5 verse number 32 taking one innocent life is like

taking the life of all of humanity and saving one life is like saving the life

of all of humanity even Muhammad peace be upon him he said that even in a war

do not kill women and children means no noncombatant should be touched harm or

killed by the Muslim fighting soldiers so in Islam there is no such thing as

Hiroshima Nagasaki in Islam there is no such thing as carpet bombing but you may

be asking the questions how come some people are doing that because they are

not following the clear-cut guidance from the Quran and the prophets example

if they're not following that we have to blame them and not Islam just like I

said to my wife and to the Muslims there just because some people in the

Christian history that they have done Crusades in the name of Christianity

they have done Spanish Inquisition in the name of Christianity they did the

slave trades in the name of Christianity they slaughtered the Native Americans in

the slay in the name of Christianity we blame them and not Christianity yes


sunni-shiite I know there's divisions is it cultural or they're actually some

differences okay wonderful so the question is about Sunni and Shia

what's going on here right Sunni and Shia and I was just speaking at my wife

and I was smiling at my wife right here the reason is we have done so many open

houses and open house is not complete unless that question is asked so thank

you for asking that know it's really important when prophet muhammad peace be

upon him when he was alive he was a prophet the last prophet and he was also

the head of the state means he was the president of the country for example so

after he passed away in the year 632 Muslims have to appoint a new head of

the state not in the prophet by the way a new head of the state so there were

two groups of people a larger group of people they wanted to appoint Abu Bakr

the name and he was a companion of Muhammad peace be upon him an eligible

person some other group of people they want to appoint Ali and Ali was from the

family he was the son-in-law and the cousin of the Prophet and he was equally

eligible by the way it so happened that Abu Bakr was chosen at the very first

caliph at the head of the state so this bigger group they started to be named as

the Sunni that means are following the path of the Prophet and the smaller

group later on they were given the name of Ashiya means the party or the party

of Ali but that name the Sunni or the Shia is not present in the Quran for the

followers of Islam the only name that God has given to the follower of Islam

in chapter 2 22 verse number 78 is the name Muslim so the division between so

the division is a political division it's not a theological division if

somebody asked me the question who are you are you a Sunni or Shia I would say

that I am a yes but really important some people may have the notion that the

Sunni or the Shia if I have to that that we are analogous to the

Catholics the Protestants the Mormons and the Jehovah's Witnesses that's not

true unlike our Christian brothers and sisters like the Catholics and the

Protestants they believe in the triune concept of God Jehovah's Witnesses they

don't but all the Muslims around the world we believe in the absolute oneness

of God all the Muslims we are unanimous in believing in one God we don't have

division when it comes to concept of God our Christian brothers and sisters when

equipped on versions of the Bible but the Catholics now have 73 books in the

Bible the Protestants will have 66 books in the Bible the Greek Orthodox will

have 78 books in the Bible but Muslims all over the world we have only one

Quran in Arabic exactly the same 114 chapters in there again very anonymous

then Muslims pray we pray exactly the same way you go to any mosque I have

never been to China but I go to China if I go to a mosque in China I will be at

ease knowing that they would be praying exactly the same way but our Christian

brothers and sisters your masses your services may be differently respected so

what I'm trying to say is all the Muslims around the world we are united

in our fundamentals and we don't and we should not label ourselves as a Sunni or

Shia only one label that God has given to us and that label is the label of a

Muslim but then your question may be how come some people are fighting between

Sunni and Shia and what not right and the quick answer to that is that is a

human problem humans fight our Christian brothers and sisters you know from the

Catholic and the Protestant sect they have been fighting in Ireland there was

a hundred year war in France and Germany all of there we blame them but not

Christianity for it in the same way if you see some Muslim doing this and there

we have to blame them and their shortcoming their misunderstanding

brainwashing and not the wonderful faith of Islam good question thank you okay

the question is did muhammad peace be upon him did he had a tragic death like

Jesus the quick answer is no yeah he did not he died on his bed in his home yes

and he peacefully passed away so Muhammad peace be upon him as I have

mentioned briefly we consider him and the Quran says to be as the last and the

final prophet and we take him not to be a son of God divine or a mediator there

is no mediator he is taken as a human flesh and blood but God appointed him as

a mighty prophet and the last prophet and to give the same message as was

brought by Moses Jesus Abraham Noah and all the prophets of God sisters question

from your side yes ma'am okay okay wonderful

so the question is why do we separate men and women and why don't why don't

they pray together simple reason the Quran says in chapter 33 verse number 21

that Muhammad peace be upon him is an excellent example for us to follow so in

his mosque way back in the seventh century there was a segregation between

the males and the females in the same room but right there was a separation so

we follow what he did number one number two the scholars say that there is a

good reason for separation is because our purity of our thoughts of our focus

should only be to God the way that we pray we literally stand shoulder to

shoulder touching each other so it may not be appropriate that if I am standing

here if some other lady who is not my wife was not related to me not my family

literally touching me and I would not be comfortable if my daughter was standing

here some man is standing next to her literally touching her so for the sake

of being appropriate so just to be appropriate our focus should be to God

the purity of the thoughts and the way that we Muslims pray that is the reason

the scholars gave that there is segregation but segregation does not

mean that men are superior women are inferior or vice-versa both of them are

equal in the eyes of God it is for the sake of purity but you may be surprised

to find out if you go to a Greek Orthodox Church there is a segregation

if you go to a Orthodox Jewish synagogue there is a segregation again for that

same reason the purity of the thoughts and the way that we Muslims pray and we

are following the example of Muhammad peace be upon him very good question

brothers your side any question about theology yes sir okay so the question is

Jim right okay look my eyesight is still good okay thank you

hamdulillah so the question is so Tim is saying that he he believes in God and he

is a doing good deeds will he go to paradise now ultimately God would be the

judge as I mentioned before you were here right as I was going over those

beliefs yes now believing in one God you know even Satan believes in one God

right I mean shy - Satan knows that there is only one God but the concept of

God is equally important so believe in God means that he is the only creator

nobody with him and nobody besides him believing in God means that he alone we

should worship nobody along with him and nobody besides him believing in God also

means that he should be worshipped directly without any mediator because he

is all-knowing all hearing believing in God also means that we cannot take any

so we cannot say that God has the attributes and this human this person

this hue this creation also has those attributes our God has the attributes of

some humans so believing in God also we need to dissect what exactly

it mean if a person has that right belief then yes definitely he has the

exact belief that we want doing good deeds also means that we may think that

these are the good deeds but in Garst definition it can be many more that we

need to add to be part of the good deeds so what we say is that yes giving

charity helping the poor the needy the homeless the neighbors excellent we all

need to do that as humans along with that we say that there are other good

deeds that God has given in the Quran that we also are supposed to be doing

you know just like when we went to schools and colleges there are core

classes and then there are electives so in the core classes I may be thinking

you know let me just take five even though the graduation criteria may be

seven I'm not going to graduate if only have five core classes doesn't matter

how many electives so in the eyes of God the criteria is that having the right

belief in the ways that I mentioned coming from the Quran and doing good

deeds which are comprehensively defined by God and if a person does that to the

best of the ability then God for His mercy will put that person into paradise

sisters yes ma'am

okay so the question is do we have a ceremony called baptism in Islam the

quick answer is we don't because usually baptism is done perhaps for two reasons

one is to cleanse from the original sin since I mentioned that in the concept of

Islam there if we don't believe in the original sin we say that every single

child born is born without any sin without any blemish pure innocent and

righteous so for that reason they don't have to be cleansed from any sin even if

the person converts to Islam they have to recite the testimony of faith there

is no dipping the person or sprinkling the water so we don't have baptism but a

conscious decision la ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah no other God

besides one God Allah and Muhammad is the messenger that is the theological

baptism in Islam it's an honor that all of you are here as our brothers and

sisters our neighbors let's hope and pray that we can work together and

brothers and sisters in humanity and let's try our best to follow God's

guidance so not only we can have a good war good their life in this wall God

oriented so all of us by God's guidance and blessings we can reach paradise so

with that thanks again for coming on behalf of the majeeda Rama foundation on

behalf of gain peace and all the volunteers let give a big round of

applause to all the volunteers right all of them they did wonderful work may God

guide and bless all of us thank you very much let me end with this Quranic verse

and this verse is from chapter 49 verse number 13 and raising to all of humanity

God is saying our Creator is saying that o mankind I have created you from one

single male and one single female and made you into nations and peoples and

tribes that you get to know each other not that you may hate and despite and

discriminate with each other you get to know each other and then God says that

the best amongst you is the one who is the well mannered person so we hope and

pray and this is the Quranic principle that all of us as

brothers and sisters in humanity if we work together with God's guidance as a

big family inshallah God willing we can eradicate you know anti-semitism and

racism and violence and Islamophobia and inshallah God willing we can create

societies which are based upon morality which are based upon unity which are

based upon equality and justice and peace and once we do that inshallah God

willing not only we can make America great again we can make the whole

humanity great again and may God help us all thank you very much

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