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- Hey everyone, I'm Kayley here, and today,

I'm trying out hair scrunchies for a week.

This is a new style of video in which I both

show you how to do the hairstyle

and then I wear it out in the wild.

Scrunchies started as a street style movement

a couple years ago and have slowly

been gaining traction since.

And while I think we normally associate them

with bad hairstyles of the '80s and '90s,

I wanna see if they can have a place in 2018,

so I'm gonna take seven different inspirations,

try a new hairstyle each day, and see how I feel

about scrunchies at the end of it.

Let's get started.

Welcome to day one, where our theme is runway shows.

We've definitely seen some scrunchies on the runway

and my personal favorite was at the Mansur Gavriel

Spring and Summer 2018 show, which featured

monochromatic looks and coordinating scrunchies.

So today I'm taking a little bit of inspo from the show

and doing a low ponytail.

Now the models were sporting very weightless,

naturally voluminous hair, and so to recreate that effect

instead of using stylers, I used my shampoo

and conditioner.

I used my new ride-or-die, this Herbal Essences

Refresh Blue Ginger and Micellar Water shampoo.

The micellar water breaks down oil so well

and so thoroughly but the shampoo is still pH balanced

and color safe so you can use it on the daily

and it gets your hair just like the perfect amount of clean.

It also has bio-renew in it which adds antioxidants

to your hair and fights free radicals.

And then the real MVP is the Refresh In the Shower

Foam Conditioner, it's physically so much more lightweight

than a normal conditioner, it still moisturizes your hair,

still makes it smooth, but it does so

without weighing it down.

And then to add a gentle wave to my hair

I'm taking this one and a half inch barrel

and I'm going to curl my hair around it

and then I'm going to slide it back and forth

on the hair, and when you pull this off,

you have this really nice, gentle, natural-looking wave.

So I'm gonna do that in alternating directions

around the head, so there we go.

Light, fluffy weightless waves, took less than five minutes

and I'm a big fan.

It's scrunchie time.

Just gonna bring all my hair together into a very

low ponytail that hangs down from the nape

of my neck slightly.

And that's the hairstyle.

This makes me feel very Instagrammable right now.

I feel very feminine but I feel a little bit cool

at the same time.

To stay true to the inspiration for today's look

I wore a monochromatic light blue outfit

and accentuated it with a white classic handbag

and white loafers.

Maybe if Gossip Girl was around now,

maybe this is what I'd be wearing.

Is this Blair Waldorf now, does the scrunchie

replace the headband?

Who knows?

All and all I thought that this runway look

was surprisingly wearable and I'll definitely take

inspiration from it again in the future.

I also liked this hairstyle was feminine

but also had a little bit of a cool factor to it.

If you couldn't already tell, it's '90s day.

Today's look is inspired by the athleisure trend

which was popular both in the '90s and today.

And the hairstyle was inspired by something

that I definitely saw int he '90s and saw recently

on Bella Hadid, and I'm wearing a wing

to replicate that '90s hair length

but obviously you can replicate this

on your own natural hair.

So let's get into it.

Your first step is obviously gonna be

to straighten it.

I've already done that and when I did,

I made sure to bump the ends under with the flat iron,

and now you just pull it into a half updo,

you're gonna put your fingers right on top of your ears

and slide them together so they meet right on top

of your head.

I recommend going in with the comb to really get

everything super smooth, and now that everything

is slicked back, I'm just gonna take a normal hair tie

and secure it in place.

And then I'm gonna put the scrunchie on top of that

and there you go.

Bella Hadid or Bella ha-don't?

So obviously today's goal was to be inspired

by the '90s, and so I went with this athleisure look

with some joggers, wore them as a high waist

and then threw on a bomber jacket over it,

and that was my somewhat-minimal athleisure look.

Get close to listen.

This is the sound of the '90s.

Every bit of my childhood was that sound.

Okay so obviously I'm having all the '90s feels right now

and that is like why I'm loving this hairstyle so much.

I do see this for somebody that has like shorter hair

and you pull your hair back and wear it like this

to the gym with the scrunchie.

It would be so cute and so cool and like minimal

extra effort.

Today's hairstyle is inspired by retail images

of scrunchies, so essentially if you're looking

on a website and you see a scrunchie for sale,

how did they style the hair with that scrunchie?

It was a lot of low buns and messy buns

and so I decided to put that together

and do a low messy bun.

Alright, so we got our third-day hair going on.

It is not looking bad for third-day hair,

but I do wanna use some dry shampoo.

I'm gonna use this Herbal Essences Revitalize

Cucumber and Green Tea Dry Shampoo.

This is going to help absorb oil and it gives

a really nice fresh scent to the hair.

For today's hairstyle I will be using a normal hair tie

and this printed scrunchie.

With this normal hair tie we're gonna create

a low ponytail that's a couple inches up

from the very bottom of your hairline.

And then take a minute to look in the mirror

and make sure you like how it looks from the front.

Now grab that scrunchie and we're gonna create

a double chignon.

Gonna take your scrunchie and put it over

the base of the ponytail and pull just a little bit

of the hair through so you have this little loop.

Then rotate your scrunchie and put both the loop

and the ends of your hair through the scrunchie.

Then take any stray ends and just pin them out of the way.

And there is our double chignon.

I think my immediate reaction is that I like it.

As I was scrolling through retail images,

I kept really seeing this second-day coffee

and dry shampoo kind of styling to the hair.

So to lean into that, I styled it with a graphic tee

and jeans, and then a statement bag and just

some black booties, and I felt like that really took it

to that second-day dry shampoo and coffee

but I'm still kind of stylish place.

Overall, this day was really a win for me.

I felt like the scrunchie added a lot of style

to the outfit while making the hairstyle much easier.

Today's inspiration?


Today I'm taking inspiration from this side braid

that Ariana Grade wore recently with a scrunchie.

My hair has been prepped the same way

it was on day one.

I used my Blue Ginger and Micellar Water shampoo

and my in-shower foam conditioner.

But in order to create this massive side braid

I'm gonna use a little help from my friends.

This part's pretty easy.

Just braid your hair all the way down

and secure it at the end with a scrunchie.

And of course any side braid is cute, you totally

don't have to do this with extensions.

I'm not gonna lie, this feels a little Rapunzel

meets 2018.

I'm always down for a good side braid

and a super long side braid.

I'm also always down for, so the scrunchie

is just like icing on the cake for me right now.

So I decided to style this with kind of a pop star

off-duty outfit.

This is a sweatshirt dress with thigh-high boots

and it's an outfit that I actually wear

fairly frequently, so I love a good side braid

and I love a gratuitously long braid,

but I do feel like this is a lot to wear just for every day

because it's like a baby, you have to take care of it.

But for Instagram, for a day where I wanna feel

extra and fabulous, yeah, absolutely I'd wear this again.

Back at it again with a day two hair.

Today's inspiration comes to you from fashion bloggers

slash street style.

I was particularly inspired from an article

on the Man Repeller and at the end she posted a picture

of her hair in a topknot and this very matchy-matchy

but very fashion situation.

So I'm at least gonna try the topknot no problem,

the fashion blogger outfit?

I'm gonna do my best.

First thing's first, I'm gonna go in with my

Herbal Essences Revitalize Cucumber and Green Tea

Dry Shampoo.

Seriously I can't get over how good this stuff smells.

First thing's first, you're gonna put your hair up

into a high ponytail.

Now you could leave this sleek but it's me,

and I decided to loosen things up a little bit.

And now for our topknot, I'm first going to backcomb

just a little bit for straight fine hair,

it just helps me give a little bit of moldability

to my hair.

And I'm gonna twist it loosely and wrap it almost

into like an egg shape on top of my head.

So instead of taking it forward like this

like a donut, gonna take it up and over

and pin it in place.

And then with the ends, I'm just gonna twist them

and wrap them forward and across.

Pin that in place as well.

For today I'm using a pink furry scrunchie

because it matches the pink in the flowers

on my dress and I liked the difference in textures

of having a furry scrunchie.

And there is our quick little topknot.

The thing I'm immediately noticing is that it does

help me to kind of look taller and give me a better jawline

so I'm into that.

For the outfit I did my best fashion blogger impersonation

and I put together this floral asymmetrical dress

with retro boots and a classic handbag

and some rose metallic sunglasses.

I put these shades on and I'm like Kayley who?

I don't know her.

I'm gonna be honest, I feel like bloggers are doing

calculus with their outfits and I'm just trying to add.

Like they're amazing.

So even though I felt a little out of place

in the outfit, I really liked this hairstyle

because I saw what the scrunchie can do

to change the context of an outfit,

and I also have been wearing this hairstyle

the most since I finished filming this video.

Grab your high tops and legwarmers, it's '80s day.

As with '90s day I wanted to pair current fashion

with '80s fashion, so for the '80s inspiration

obviously I took the curls and then I thought about

like a half updo silhouette, but I decided to do

a half-up topknot instead to make it slightly more modern.

So that said, let's get into it.

I'm going to take a quarter-inch curling wand

and work in sections from the bottom up,

curling my hair in different directions as I go.

And after each section I'm going through the curls

and breaking them into two or three pieces each.

That way I have more curls so more volume.

It also helps to break up that kind of Shirley Temple look

you get after you use a small curling wand.

Well, curls achieved, and now for the half-updo.

I'm gonna section my hair from the temples

to the top of my head and I'm going to secure it

with a normal hair tie.

And for the topknot I'm just gonna create an easy chignon

so I'm gonna go around the base of the ponytail

a couple times and then on my last rotation,

I'm just gonna leave the hair looped,

and that is our topknot.

Then I'm gonna use some soft control gel cream,

this helps to moisturize and fight frizz.

It's great for those of you guys who do

have naturally curly or wavy hair,

and it's great for me because otherwise

my hair will frizz out.

Holy cow, this look is cute!

I like it!

I don't think this hair is bad '80s at all

but the scrunchie and then the clothing I paired it with

did help take it to that '80s place.

I paired it with light, high-waisted mom jeans,

a white tank top, and a matching vintage denim jacket.

And the overall effect was very, very '80s.

I know on '80s day you were probably hoping

for some bad '80s hair.

I got you.

(electronic '80s music)

Over all, I would definitely wear this hairstyle again,

maybe not with the denim on denim

but I do really enjoy it.

I had a blast, so '80s day was definitely a win.

And to close this all out, it's Kayley Melissa day.

I wanted to live that full braidaholic life

and put together a hairstyle that I would normally

have like on my channel on my real life

or on Instagram.

So let's get to it.

Alright, well those curls really held up.

I am really going full braidaholic so we're gonna add in

some hair to this situation.

I'm just gonna take my straightener and like run it

quickly over the curls to loosen them up a little.

First thing's first, low ponytail

with this fluffy scrunchie.

And now I'm gonna create a pull-through braid

with the rest of my hair.

I do have a full tutorial on that if you want some detail

but here's a quick little run-through.

You split the hair in half and secure the top half

with an elastic.

Then split open the space over the elastic

and pull in the back half.

And now repeat that again.

Add on your elastic to the top half,

split it open over the elastic,

and pull through the bottom half, and just keep going

until all the hair is done.

And once you've reached the end, just secure both halves

with an elastic.

And then you go back through and pull apart

the bubbles so you have this faux-braided look.

I like the overall look of this.

I feel like it's cozy and comfortable

and a little bit stylish.

So I paired it with a really normal outfit for me.

I just wore a white fuzzy sweater,

high-waisted jeans and slip-on loafers.

So babe do you know which day this is?

- [Man] This is Kayley Melissa day.

- Yeah, how could you tell?

- [Man] Uh, other than the obvious?

And because you wear this outfit all the time.


I think this is another example of the power

of the scrunchie.

It took what was really a very basic outfit

and gave it a little bit more style

and a little bit more pizzazz and I feel like

it made it a little more me.

And that concludes our week of scrunchies.

So after wearing scrunchies for a week,

I have some thoughts.

Now I went into this thinking that I was gonna wear

this faux pas, ugly item that people would be staring

at me as if I'd sprouted horns, but honestly,

people complimented me on my scrunchie.

And I thoroughly enjoyed trying out new hairstyles

every day and actually finding some hairstyles

and a new accessory that I wanna wear on the regular.

So perhaps we as a culture have put a little too much

fear and trepidation into a tiny piece of fabric

because it's actually quite fun to wear.

So if you wanna play around with scrunchies after

watching this video, I highly encourage it.

I had a great time and at the end of the day,

hair, makeup, and fashion is all about expressing yourself

and having fun, so why not.

So that's it for today's video, you can comment below

and tell me what you thought and hit that like button

if you wanna see more videos like this.

Don't forget that I post new videos on Saturdays

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post notifications so that you're always notified

when I post.

And that's it for today, I'll see you in my next one.

Mwah, bye.

(upbeat music)

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