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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mangrove & Penghidupan kita [Kind of Mangrove Natural Service]

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Mangrove area in Langsa

The condition of mangrove forest cover here

is still good.

these waters are has lot of life

life below of the water

and in the mangrove forest itself

the life of thoses species

is highly dependent on mangrove forest cover


have a interconnected relationship

besides various species that live here

in this habitat known as a source..

seeds of tiger species from nature

or natural seeds

Udang WIndu

Tiger Shrimp

Penaeus Monodon

is an endemic species from the east coast

Of Aceh Province

a very pleasant experience exploring the forest maze in the Mangrove area, Langsa

really extraordinary

at this time I was with friends behind there

I had arrived at one of the ponds owned by the community

This fishpond behind me is a tiger shrimp pond

I just found out the naming in scientific

This type of shrimp has been farmed throughout Indonesia

become a superior commodity

Udang Windu or Tiger Shrimp

has a pretty good sale value

The mangrove stands

give out a good view to be seen

down to labyrinth forests of this region

it give out an unique and fun experience

on the edge of this mangrove area

there are ponds that are managed by the local community

the people here besides farming also care about mangroves

they are also willing to plant mangroves

around their ponds

it turns out that the relationship between mangroves and ponds is very close

the presence of mangroves help the water become healthy

when water quality is healthy

the shrimp would also be healthy, that means

increasing of production and..

income for the community

So, between mangroves

farm activities

it has a mutually beneficial relationship and very closely

isn't that so, bro?

Yes, exactly

so right, the existence of mangroves is very good


the tiger shrimp growth

This mangrove plant can absorb toxins in the waters

so that

Udang Windu or Tiger Shrimp

Tiger Shrimp yea..

so the tiger shrimp will grow well

and, consumed by the community

the community will also be healthy

good one..

shrimp are healthy and the community is also healthy

really so..

my friends are checking water quality

using equipment

check pond conditions for tiger shrimp health

the relationship between mangrove cover and ponds

is very close

The Mangrove

it function as a water filter

so that the water quality is always maintained

as water filter function, mangroves play a role

keep level water quality

with good conditions of water quality

this will have an impact on the level of pond health

the pond health is maintained

So that, tiger shrimp will grow properly

this has a chance

shrimp yields are getting better

thus the level of community prosperity

will also be better

that means

the existence of mangroves

support community livelihood activities

this is one of the roles of mangroves in nature

nature will take care of us

if we always protect nature and conserve it by together

conservation activities are not only protection efforts

but also

get natural services for our lives

especially in the communities around the..

mangrove area

mangrove sustainable dan community livelihood

will also be sustainable

all of we are give support

of the sustainable natural resources management.

including in mangrove areas

watch your step

high tide now..

So, today I am very satisfied

down to the maze in the mangrove forest, Langsa

very exciting

make my adrenaline is rising

and I feel very happy

i feel free

So, magrove and ponds could co-exist

finally arrived at the shelter

how going bro?

i'm tired..// tired but it nice..

The Description of Mangrove & Penghidupan kita [Kind of Mangrove Natural Service]