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The BMW M2

is one of my favorite cars

of the past few years

and that's mainly

because of its handling

the balance

the steering feel

the seating position

it's all spot on

the only problem..

or actually two problems..

one: the sound

and two: it feels a bit held back

a bit asthmatic

at higher revs and higher speeds

and it seems like

we're driving the solution today

we're at PP-Performance

in Bad Mergentheim (DE)

and they're magicians

because this M2

has been transformed!

I'll list some modifications

there's an ECU tune

a different intercooler

a new downpipe

a different, cat-less exhaust

a KW suspension kit

and OZ racing wheels

with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires

the new Michelin tire

and that means

that this M2 goes from 370 HP

to 450 HP

but the difference

is larger than the sum of the parts

they're all almost injections

with surgical precision

designed to tackle a specific problem

let's start with that asthmatic character

at higher speeds and high revs

PP-Performance have mounted

a much larger Wagner intercooler

which means it cools much better

and that turbo get's colder air

and that means...

we'll switch to sport plus now


it really enjoys

revving out to 7000 rpm

while the standard M2

felt like you had to shift at 6500 rpm

because you weren't doing it a favor

and that's something we saw

with our Autobahn recordings

and the timing

that it's not that quick at high speed

and that's because it get's too hot

under heavy duty and high speed

so that asthmatic problem

has been tackled by PP-Performance

let's move on to the next problem

the sound

not that impressive with an M2

let's be honest


there's the remote by Fi

so this has an Fi exhaust

with beautiful carbon fiber tips

they're pretty huge

let's open it up

and this...

this is so ridiculous

and this sounds so good

the M2 is released

the sound that comes from it

is really nice and dark

and full bodied and racy

and sharp

it's like the entire car

has become even sharper

and that sound

my god..

those bangs!

it's like someone threw

fireworks on a campfire

and that asthmatic character

also came through with the sound

it was like it had to breathe

through a straw

and it had this (...)

like it sucked a few pouches

of heavy shag-tobacco

threw those exhaust tips

and now

it's so much more free

and you feel that the car

is happier now

the result of all of those parts

that PP-Performance have added

the chassis, the tires

that exhaust

the power increase

the intercooler

really transforms the BMW M2

and doesn't only fix those problems

it makes it a completely different

and better car

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