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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 8 Native Phrases I Taught in Class This Week

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hello you are watching real English with

real teachers in this sponsored video by

Skillshare I'm going to be sharing my

phrases and vocabulary that I have

actually used or heard this week in

social situations or whilst teaching my

students in my conversational classes

because we all know that language

learning is is pretty much identical to

eating fish isn't it you want it fresh

you want it as fresh as possible fresh

from the market fresh from the sea so

let me welcome you to a new series of

videos where I will be sharing my

freshly caught phrases of the day and if

I can further this terrible comparison

when you fish your outdoors you're in

the nature you're taking in the fresh

air the the water and hopefully even

some sunny skies so let's do that shall


I'll take you out there you'll see a bit

of the the environment I'm in and you'll

learn some lovely language let's go

you're watching English with real

teachers real teachers


ah there we go much better

much better so the first phrase is to

keep on top of your finances to keep on

top of your finances meaning to be good

at managing your financial situation

my girlfriend probably prefer if I was

better at this if I was able to keep on

top of my finances she would feel more

secure about life and maybe her parents

would be more willing to let me marry

her but I haven't asked yet I haven't

asked I wonder what they'll say

they might say come back when you can

keep on top of your finances

okay Charlie but you know keep doing

what you're doing

you're doing well just you know spend a

bit more time on Excel Microsoft Excel

it's not not sponsored could be Google

sheets doesn't matter the next one is to

get to the bottom of something if you've

ever seen a murder mystery film or TV

series you've probably seen these people

the investigators get to the bottom of

the situation to get to the bottom of

this we often say this in the context

meaning they truly discover the real

answer you want to want to find out more

information you could say okay let's get

to the bottom of this why is this

problem occurring what is going on how

can we solve it let's get to the bottom

of this the next phrase is when you

clearly see that someone knows a lot

about something and it's usually to do

with their memory and this phrase is to

know something like the back of their

hand apparently we've all spent a lot of

time looking at the back of our hands I

don't know if that's true but the saying

is suggesting that we know are the back

of our hand very very well the back of

our hand the palm the back of our hand

you could use this phrase with a taxi

driver because they often need to know

the street

very well and if he took you in the

right direction you could say ah he

knows these streets like the back of his


not the back of your hand he doesn't

know your hand very well so to know

something like the back of your hand to

know something incredibly well all right

one of the last phrases I taught in in

class was to do something for the sake

of it to do something for the sake of it

and this means to do it for the facts

that you want to do it really simple

there's not much meaning to it you just

I felt like doing it now I taught this

in the context of asking about a tattoo

one of my students had a tattoo on her

hand on the back of her hand and she

knows her tattoo like the back of her

hand I asked is this a meaningful tattoo

is this a meaningful tattoo what's the

reason behind it and she said no I don't

have a reason so I said you could say I

did it for the sake of it I did it for

the sake of it why did you do that I

just did it for the sake of it I'm not

sure I just did it for the sake of it

why did you jump in the water - no

really I did it for the sake of it

alright this next one is useful for

going shopping when you're shopping

especially if you're with a lady friend

they go into the changing rooms and then

they come out and show you they show you

maybe the address that they're wearing

and instead of just looking at your

phone and saying looks good you could

say ah give us a twirl give us a twirl

then you sometimes say then even though

it's just me I would say us you could

say give me a 12 but I would say us so

it means to turn around

to go like this

and it usually allows the the dress to

float like in the Mockingjay when it

goes up on fire she gives them a 12 I



suppose there could be a slight bit of

sexism attached to it if you use it in a

sleazy way in a in a not very nice way

because it's suggesting that a woman is

to parade for you is to show off her

beauty for you but you can still use it

comically without meaning offense so

give us a 12 and you don't have to aim

it towards just women you could say to a

guy give us a 12 show us what you've got

show us what you've got give us a 12 not

a 12 chocolate bar that is sold in the

UK it's very tasty but yeah that's not

the angle that I was going for with this

one before we go on with the next phrase

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but let's get back to these phrases

shall we alright the next one is to

treat somebody to something if you feel

like you want to give somebody a gift

you could say I'll treat you to it my

mum would treat me to something at

Christmas but it might be less grand not

as big as a present at Christmas it

could be just like a drink at the pub I

think it's my round and Trevor I'll get

this one no no no no you sit down I'll

treat you I'll treat you they'll often

say yeah I'll treat you I'll treat you

to the next round of beers even though

it's your turn I will get them because I

feel like giving you something nice

don't worry I'll treat you on trees

what do you treat people to do you treat

them to a nice experience in your in

your home if you ever host a dinner

perhaps do you treat them with a drink

and then you could say in in response

they treated me to it

oh yes he treated me to this beer that's

quite formal so you'd say oh yeah he

treated me

he treated me don't need to say the full

two something he treated me to this

beer he treated me how lovely how how

lovely of him Trevor he's a sweetheart

isn't he taller than you right now

looking down on you it's another phrase

to look down on somebody could mean that

you you think badly of them you think

you are better than them I look down on

you I look down on you looking down on

you don't look down on me don't look

down on me I'm looking down on me what

are you gonna do but the actual phrase

that I was gonna teach was to tower over

somebody to tower over somebody to be

really tall so tall that you are like a

tower tower like a building a very big

skyscraper compared to the person so a

very very tall girl might tower over me

and in the playground when you're at


often the tall girls might not want to

tower over the guys too much but then

again I wouldn't want to be towered over

because I would feel insecure I remember

the first kiss I had it was in a

disabled toilet neither of us with

disabled we were just rudely occupying

it and she was towering over me I had to

stand on my tiptoes luckily I was in the

dark no one knew now you do but she

towered over me and a guy could also

tower over another girl or the same girl

my dad towers over my mum he's 6 foot 4

I can't remember the centimeters for

that can you write that in the comments

for me if you know it 6 foot 4 inches

and she is 5 foot 2 inches so there's a

big height difference a big height

difference to tower over somebody


you know when two people get on well and

they keep managing to come up with good

ideas perhaps together you often see two

actors they you could say they jell well

they behave well together put them in a

room and they get on really well you

could say to gel well like gel like the

product that a teenage boy would put in

his hair

they gel well with each other you can

also say to bounce off each other well

Harry and I I would say we bounce off

each other well when we sit down a cafe

to think up ideas for our residential

immersion courses we often come up with

great ideas together because it's um

it's a collaborative effort so we bounce

off each other well who do you bounce

off well with I hope you bounce off well

with somebody at least and the last

phrase that I talk to a student very

recently was them if you're if you're

struggling to meet people like I just

come to Australia I need to make some

friends because I don't know many people

I've got a couple of cousins here but

they've got their own lives how to make

my own friends and in order to do that I

need to meet more people so you could

say I need to get out there I need to

get myself out there or you could say I

need to put myself out there maybe an

actor needs to do that as well to get an

audition he needs to put himself out

there to be noticed to be noticed so if

someone has broken up with someone if

they've come to the end of a

relationship and you might say hmmm well

let me know when you feel ready to get

yourself out there and I'll help you

I'll be your wingman you're all wing

woman a wingman is somebody who helps

somebody look

for a partner and I remember I was a

good wingman for Harry when we were

where were we we were in Venice I think

yeah in Venice he he was wanted to meet

a girl and I helped the conversation and

yeah I managed to help him meet her

let's say so a wingman is somebody who

helps another person another friend to

meet a romantic partner so it could be a

wing woman

that means the woman who is helping the

person find somebody or a wingman is the

man who is helping somebody finds Italy

you get my point

so yeah you could advise someone to put

themselves out there or to get out there

to get themselves out there I need to

get myself out there and make some

friends that's all of the phrases I have

for you today but there are a lot more

coming your way as tons of phrases come

up in my conversation classes I'm having

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The Description of 8 Native Phrases I Taught in Class This Week