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I live on 7668 Oak Street Laurel, Maryland 20707, there's a old folks home just down my road,

it caters to the old crazy kinda people, in reality it's just an old folks home, but there's

been some cases of people down there going a bit mad. My Mom told me to go down there

and spend a day speaking to the old people to gain some wisdom from the 'wiser generation'

as my Mom says, or in my words just more boring and less active people, completely dependant

on other people. However seeing as I want my allowance this month I'm just going to

do it to please her. I packed some lunch and I set off on my bike... crashing straight

into the repairman's truck. See we're having some work done to the wood on the under side

of our house, just replacing some panels because it seems like them damn raccoons have been

down there really clawing away at it again. Happens every few weeks, don't know why we

just don't call an exterminator to take care of them for good.

Anyway I rack up to the old folks' home and park my bike round the side. I'm a little

sweaty, it's hot this time of year. I walk into the building and grab the nearest person

I can find, and ask them is there anyone here that wants some company today, the man tells

me that's a nice thing for me to do and to please follow him into the room where the

residents are and to ask whoever i wanted if they would like some company for the day.

So I walk into the room, it's not the nicest in here, it smells funny and looks boring.

Most of these old people actually have people to talk to, either family seems to be sitting

with them or the carers. I see one lonely woman, I feel some strange connection with

her, that sounded weird I know, but in like a 'I know her kinda way'. So I walk up to

her and ask if she would like to talk. I get no reply, someone who works there comes up

to me and tells me she's not spoken more than a few words since she's arrived. I sit with

her regardless because even if she doesn't talk, I might not be 'gaining wisdom' but

hey, it might make her day a little bit better. We sit there for about 20 minutes in silence

until I turn to her and say, nice day isn't it? She turns to me and actually looks at

me for the first time in 20 whole minutes, and mutters the words, 'Do you want to hear

about my life?' I'm a little shocked seeing as she apparently never speaks, but I reply

instantly yeah, why not. I think to myself its better than sitting in silence, even if

this woman is about to tell me her life story of how she worked in an aglet factory her

whole life and had lots of grandkids and so on.

The woman begins to tell her life story to me.. 'I used to live alone, in a house not

far from here. I owned a nice house, it was big enough for more than just me, but I never

seemed to meet anyone, it never happened for me. I was always working, I lead a highly

sociable life don't get me wrong. I was well liked I had been told I was a bubbly person,

outgoing and a good friend. I just never met the one person who I would live the rest of

my life with, to see out our days together. I lived in my house for a very long time,

nothing had ever happened in my house, until one night, I heard a noise. It was a very

deep noise, but faint at the same time. I assumed it was nothing, but a few times it

used to wake me up. I would always just assume it was nothing, and fall back to sleep. One

night the noise had become incredibly strident, it woke me once more, it wasn't like the other

times, I felt like I wasn't alone this time, like there was something in my bedroom with

me. I could feel it in my presence. The noise had gone but I turned my head to see this

shade of something. I don't know what it was. I rushed to turn the light on to find nothing.

I thought I must of just been having hallucinations because of my anxiety tablets I was prescribed

not too long ago. A couple of weeks past, the noises had stopped, until that night.

I awoke once again to this sharp demonic scratching, this time it terrified me, the noise hurt

me. I felt pain from that sound. I was sitting up in my bed all alone in my dark house, just

listening to this noise. The noise was getting louder, the scratching felt like it was in

the room with me. I couldn't take the noise any longer, I rushed to my cold dark bathroom

to splash some water on my face, I was dripping with sweat, I'd hoped I was having a night

tremor, another side effect of these pills I'm taking. I got into the bathroom with my

legs shaking from fear. I turned the tap on, the running water hitting the ceramic sink

masked the abominable scratching noise for a few seconds. I cupped some water with my

shaking pale hands and splashed it on my face to cool me down. The noise had gone. My heart

stopped racing, thumping and the panic attack that I knew had been creeping up on me started

to fade, until I turned the light on. There it was, the satanic infernal creature that

had been making the noise. Other than this things 'face', the smell was the worst, it

was completely abhorrent to me. It smelt like rotting flesh. I've never smelt rotting flesh

but it was the smell of infection and disease. The smell went right up into my nose plaguing

my insides, I could even taste it. The room turned even colder, and even though the light

was on, everything around me felt black, and I knew I couldn't escape it. The creature

had a haunting distorted face, Its eyes were stitched but I could tell it could see me.

It was covered in blood, not fresh blood, but blackened clotted blood. That may have

explained the smell. If I could describe it more to you I would, but the creature was

indescribable, words haven't been invented to describe this terrifying evil. You couldn't

imagine any word that could possibly begin to get close to what this creature was. I

knew it wanted to hurt me, I knew it wanted to make me feel pain. The creature's breath

was on the back of my neck, it was like ice, uncomfortably chilling my sweating back. The

thing brought up what I could only assume to be a hand with black long daggers for fingernails,

it slowly lacerated the side of my neck cutting into me softly with ease, drawing blood. I

could feel my blood dripping down my neck, warming the cold area the demons breath had

been on, it was painless. I wanted to die. I closed my eyes as I began to have a panic

attack, I didn't think it would be possible to have a panic attack considering the amount

of pills I'm on and how I was standing completely still for what seems like hours, when it had

only in reality been minutes, even seconds. I close my eyes and count to 10, like my therapist

had told me previously. I opened my eyes. Nothing. There was nothing there. I thought

I may have had a night tremor, until I heard the faintest noise of blood hitting the cold

wooden floor of my bathroom. It was all real, but I was alone. I felt empty, I didn't feel

scared, I just felt nothing. The scratching noise has never left my mind, it carried on

until I had to leave my house to be put in this home. I was deemed crazy. But it happened.'

The story the woman told claimed it to be true, I know she believed it, she was convinced.

But you hear about these people who have been abducted by aliens all the time, down south.

There's plenty of people who believe it happened, doesn't mean it's true. To humour the woman

I asked where this experience happened considering she said she lived close by, she replied '7668

Oak Street Laurel, Maryland 20707' I got up from the chair I was sitting on with

the woman and left immediately, not before getting stopped on the way out by a worker

asking if I was ok assuming something was wrong considering I was profusely sweating

and trembling after the exact address the lady read out was apparent to me. I asked

how the lady I was talking to got the black scar on her neck that I noticed just as I

was leaving. The worker replied 'What scar? Are you sure you're okay? You've been sitting

with that lady for over 40 minutes, in complete silence'.

I am writing this story only minutes after it occurred, while it's still VERY fresh in

my mind. I work security for a hotel in the Pittsburgh

area. A few months back, we had a guest call down in hysterics saying that she wanted to

be moved to a different room. She explained that she had been staying in the room for

a couple of days, and that when she had gotten out of the shower on this day, written backwards

in the fog on the mirror in the steamed-up bathroom were the words; "Help me I am trapped

behind the wall". Obviously, the woman was shaken, and the hotel

staff granted her wish to be moved to a new room. Of course we all had a good laugh about

it, assuming that the previous guest had just fogged up the mirror and written the words,

so that they would show up the next time the bathroom got all steamed up. Thinking back

on it now, I guess it was a little odd that she hadn't seen it on any of the previous

days. Regardless, I had completely forgotten about it, until tonight.

About thirty minutes ago now I was doing my rounds, walking the floors from top to bottom.

I work the night shift, and so it's often very quiet, especially on weekdays. I had

just gotten done reading a scary story on my phone, when I got to the end of the hall

on the 10th floor. There, when i looked up from my phone, directly on my right was the

door to room 1024, standing wide open. Now, at this point the woman's story from

several months ago hadn't occurred to me. It was still a little disconcerting however.

I'll occasionally find doors that are open a little bit, usually held open with the nightlatch.

But never have I come across a door to an empty room standing wide open, all the way

to the wall. As I said above, the room was empty and, ergo,

dark. The room started with a hallway, which was lit thanks to the light spilling in from

the 10th floor, but after about 15-20 feet the light ended and the room turned to the

left, into darkness. I was a little on edge, but I made my way

into the room. Immediately on my right was a switch that I flipped, and thankfully a

light came on from around the corner of the room. If it hadn't, I don't know that I'd

have gone around that corner. As it was, I did go around the corner, flipping yet another

switch, though the light in the room was still fairly dim.

I took a look around the room for anything out of the ordinary, and made sure nobody

was in the room, before turning my attention to the huge window that looked out on the

city and the Monongahela River. I walked up to the window and looked out at the river,

standing there for a minute just watching the water move. I then looked up towards the

city skyline and noticed that there, in the reflection off of the window, was a man standing

in the entry hall to the room. He was silhouetted by the light flooding in from the 10th floor,

and his back was turned toward me. He was facing the wall.

As I saw the reflection I somehow knew immediately that this man wasn't really there. I looked

back down to the river, closed my eyes, took a deep breath and quickly turned on my heels

to face the apparition. Only now the man was not only facing me, but

he was standing only about three feet away. He was shaking violently, like he was extremely

cold, his clothes and gray rubbery skin were dripping wet, and his face bore an expression

of agony. His jaw hung slack and crooked. His eyes were completely white. Off-white,

a hint of yellow, and shriveled like an old grape.

I held his gaze for a brief moment before the fear rose up in me so fast it made my

head spin, and I stumbled, nearly fainting, into the nightstand by the bed.

As I hit the stand, I quickly turned and regained my footing, in fear of being attacked. While

I spun, trying quickly to refocus my eyes, there was a low groaning sound that echoed

throughout the room, and as I finally regained my composure I realized that the man was no

longer there. It took me a moment to urge myself to flee

the room, but after about five seconds I did just that. As I beat feet around the entry

hall, which is right near the bathroom, I could distinctly hear a rapid banging coming

from the wall inside the bathroom. It was then, fleeing for my life, that I remembered

the woman's story. Im still here now, still in the hotel at work,

and I don't know what to do. I'm terrified, and I still have to walk by there two more

times. I don't know what I should do about that message

that was written on the mirror, and the banging on the wall. If I tell someone, there's no

way they'd believe me. And even if they did, would they really go to the lengths of knocking

down the wall to find the corpse that I now know is hidden there, in room 1024?

This all began when my friend, Sarah, got a job working at a large hospital. Because

I work there as well, we were excited at the prospect of seeing each other for lunch even

though we were in two different departments. I dont want to bore you with details, but

the hospital is designed oddly. It has five floors, but no central stairwell. And while

there are plenty of elevators, only one takes you from the basement level up to the 5th

floor. Its easy to get lost or confused because nothing is clearly labelled. But Sarah

swears this isnt the case. Sarah didn't get lost and there is a 6th floor. And she

told me to look in her diary for the truth. I have omitted the earlier part of her diary,

which were random ramblings about Lucy, her family, etc. and had nothing to do with the

6th floor. 10.5.15: Work is ok so far. Im in charge

of the 5th floor so any tickets that come in for that floor are mine once I get use

to things. We had a code red today. Working at a hospital is interesting.

10.06.15: I took a ticket to replace a monitor on the 5th floor. On that floor there are

double doors leading into the behavioral health area. Because some of the patients are a flight

risk, once I badge open the door, I have to wait to make sure it shuts behind me before

badging open the second door. The doors will not open if someone else is standing on the

other side as two people cannot enter from opposite sides at the same time. The people

that work in the main office there are nice and directed me to the broken monitor. I swapped

it and naturally I got lost trying to find my way back, but Im still new so? I

came to a strange elevator; all the elevators in the hospital are either gold or silver,

but this one was blue. Weird right? Ill see if I can explore tomorrow. I really want

to learn my way around, so Im not constantly bothering everyone for directions. I think

Kat is annoyed with me. 10.7.15: My coworkers are awesome except for

Kat. None of my coworkers like her that much, at least not as a coworker. As a person I

guess shes alright. Slow day. No tickets. Lucy was right about writing things down.

It helps. I try to write everything down, but nothing interesting is happening to me.

10.9.15: This place is huge. I found the blue elevator again by mistake. It only goes up

one floor, to the 6th floor. Since I was going to the lower level, I got out and wandered

around until I found my way downstairs. Asked Robby about it back in the workroom, but he

told me there isnt a 6th floor, nor any elevator that goes up to it. Sure you dont

belong up there with the crazies? Thats what he told me. Really?

10.13.15: Today, someone had trouble with a scanner not working. The nurse had actually

forgotten to turn on the computer, so of course the scanner wasnt working. It seems half

my job is gonna be fixing mistakes like these. After that, I ventured over to the blue elevator,

but a nurse chased me down and asked if I was lost before I could check it out. I asked

her if there was another floor above this one and she got really snappy with me saying

we were on the top floor. Whatever. 10.25.15: Sorry I havent written in a while.

Ha, who am I apologizing to? Anyway, I got the flu and just wasnt up to it. So the

next two weeks I get to work nights. Some network guys are doing some work. Nothing

desktop support can do to help but we have to be their for the doctors in case they get

upset. I might do a bit of exploring, since I haven't really gotten a chance to do so

yet. 10.28.15: I saw something really weird last

night. 10.29.15: I dont like sitting in the basement

workroom all alone. The halls are dark too and theres nobody down here except me.

10.30.15: I really want to go up to the 6th floor, but I dont want to get in trouble.

But its boring watching Netflix on my phone all night and honestly, theres no work

to do. Also, Im kind of scared sitting down here in the workroom all alone. At least

upstairs the nurses are around. 10.31.15: Something really strange happened.

My heart wont stop beating. I dont think its real. No one was working in the main

office that late on the fifth floor, so I found the blue elevator. Swiped my badge and

pressed 6. Most of the elevators feel like a roller coaster, but this one didnt. I

nearly panicked, thinking it had stopped, but the door opened to an empty ward. I texted

Kristen half-jokingly telling her that if I dont text her in an hour, assume Im

being murdered on the 6th floor of the hospital. She told me there was no 6th floor and to

go to bed. I tried to take a picture to prove it to her, but it was too dark to see anything.

So armed with my cell phone flashlight, I wandered around.

The design of this floor is similar to the rest of the floors in the hospitals. A giant

square thats divided into two sides, north and south, with fours wings: A, B, C, and

D. Like its counterparts, these were not labelled, but by now I knew the general layout of each

floor and could get around. There were empty patient rooms, but no beds and no computers

filled with dust. I flipped a few lights on. Nothing. As I moved deeper down the floor,

I came to an extremely long hallway. This hospital is filled with these and its odd

to walk down one even in broad daylight. But at the end of this hall, I saw the faint light.

I should have just made my way back to the elevator and called it a night, Diary. I know,

but curiosity got a hold of me as I had tried to turn on several lights and none of them

worked. Instead of leaving, I turned off my flashlight and stuck to the walls as I made

my way toward the light.Half way there, a chill ran up my spine. Diary, you know how

you get that distinct impression someone is watching you? Yeah well, I turned around intent

on returning to the workroom, but a figure standing in the center of the hall stopped

me dead in my tracks. I have trash eye sight, so I stood there for a long time trying to

determine if my eyes were playing tricks on me in the darkness, or if something really

was standing there. Something with long hair dressed in a hospital gown. Then it moved.

At first I was 200% sure I was seeing things, its all in my head just like Lucy says,

but I realized it was definitely coming my way.

Ive always told myself that I have a 100% success rate of surviving any horror movie,

because Im not stupid. But the most I could do in this situation was back up, inch by

inch, while my heart beat furiously. I backed all the way to the source of the light I'd

been trying to reach earlier. There was one door behind me, where the light shone from,

and another door, half open to my right. Empty. The figure was still there, staggering forward

slowly and as much as I didnt want to take my eyes off of it, I glanced at the door behind

me hoping to hide where the light was. Inside sat an operating table, no one on it, but

the room didnt look abandoned like the rest of the ward. The computer was on; the

same equipment we service. I turned back around and now the figure was

running toward me. It screamed. So loud. And it sounded like a childs scream. I jumped

into the empty room and shut the door behind me, putting my weight against it.

I heard more screaming coming from outside. Diary, I must have waited hours, before I

came out, fully expecting the long-haired ghost to be standing just behind the door.

But there was nothing. Just the light coming from the operating room.

I called Kristen, but she didnt answer so I went back out. The hall was now empty.

But when I glanced into the room with the operating table I saw people. Doctors, nurses,

all standing around the long-haired ghost. At least I think that's who it was. There

was blood all over them. Blood all over the walls. Blood everywhere. One of the doctors

turned and looked me square in the eye. God, I got out of there, sprinting down the long

hall. It was pretty much a straight shot to the blue elevator. But as I stepped inside,

I heard someone yelling. A doctor. Yelling. Waving. Thank the heavens, the elevator door

shut before he got in. Back on 5th floor. I scrambled to the doubly doors, swipe my

badge. Get a red light. Swipe again. Someone is standing on the other side. Not moving.

Just standing. What the hell Diary, what the hell? I ran through where the patients sleep

and took the stairs. I go straight to security. I know I sounded crazy, rambling on about

a 6th floor, patient with long hair, and operations; he probably thought I was an escaped patient

from the 5th floor. Diary, I want to cry right now. The security guy just looked at me and

said there is no 6th floor. I offered to take him up there, even though I really didnt

want to and he said alright. We made our way back to the 5th floor, and I walked him to

the blue elevator. This elevator doesnt work, he told me.

Was supposed to go all the way to the lower level, but since we already had an elevator

that did that, they didnt see the need for two. I insist on taking him inside. I

swipe my badge, we go in. There is a button, but it doesnt say 6th floor. The security

guard clicks it. Nothing. We both go back downstairs; I return to my office, wondering

if I imagined the entire thing. I think I might be dreaming.

11.02.15: Security told my boss what happened and he spoke to me about it. Apparently I

cant go on the 5th floor at night? Or maybe I got in trouble for not being in the workroom?

It sounds to me like they're trying to hide something but firing me. My parents took me

back to Dr. Allison after I told them what happened; telling her I was talking to myself

again. Making up crazy stories. Kristen finally responded, but she doesn't believe me. She

has to read my diary. She has to believe me. I wrote everything in my Diary just like Lucy

said I should. 11.03.15: Nobody believes me. I'm not crazy.

I know what I saw. There is a 6th floor. I'm going to leave my Diary on Kristens porch.

I hope she reads it. Kristen, thanks for being a good friend. You believe me, don't you?

Thats the last entry in her diary. Sarah hung herself in her bedroom the same day as

he last entry. I had known Sarah only a few months and wed

only hung out maybe twice, so I had no idea she considered me a close friend. She had

mentioned once to me that she didn't want to take her medication anymore because it

made her sick, but I never felt comfortable asking her what she took it for and I figured

it wasn't anything serious. She seemed so normal.

But after reading Sarahs diary, I went up to the 5th floor after work one day. And

Sarah was right; there is an elevator that goes up only one floor at the hospital.

It opened up to the roof.

When I was 13 I was living with my mom and her boyfriend in his trailer. It wasnt

bad. The only part I hated was there was no store nearby and the bed. The bed was an old

hospital type bed the guys mother had been through hospice in. It was uncomfortable and

always felt kind of creepy. The house itself wasnt bad. I was comfortable

being on my own. Anyway, my room was at the back of the trailer, a long open floor plan

lead to the front of the home where the kitchen and living room sat, separated by a small

partition. From my bed i could see all the way into the kitchen and part of the living

room. I had settled into bed one night, but i was

restless and unable to sleep for a long time. After much tossing and turning I had started

to get comfortable and thought sleep might finally happen. But my back was to the open

door, which i have always hated, so i rolled over one more time to face the door, then

i saw it. I saw a figure standing at the far end of

the kitchen, she had to be about 6ft. She was lean and completely nude. Her skin was

a creamy beige dappled with very light lavender here and there. It reminded me of the freshly

dead. Waxy, smooth, purple and blue undertones blossoming about the body. I thought it was

strange i could see so much detail considering the only light was coming from the street

light outside. The truly odd part however, was her head. She had a cats head. But, it

was almost paper mache/mask like? The eyes were closed slits, reminding me very much

of a stylized Maneki-Neko. But, there was no smile on her face. No mouth that i could

see. In fact, aside from the eyes, there wasnt much detail anywhere on her body.

I closed my eyes for a count of ten, convinced I had just been letting my imagination run

wild. When i opened them, she wasnt gone. She was closer. She was now standing at the

edge of the kitchen and the beginning of the hall. My heart lept into my throat as i start

at her. She didnt really move much. Sometimes i thought i would catch her head tilt to the

side or she would sway slightly. I closed my eyes again. I tried to think.

It couldnt be my mother or her boyfriend. They were in their bedroom and didnt want

to be bothered I was smart enough to know what that meant, so i was sure they were busy

and this wasnt either of them. All the doors and windows were locked. We were the only

one in the house. This had to be my imagination. This couldnt

be a real person. I slowly opened my eyes She was gone. I

relaxed. See? Just my imagination. Mother always said i was creative.

I noticed movement in the bathroom. Slowly, she leaned around the corner of the bathroom,

looking down the hall at me. I let out a small whimper. I tried to scream for my

mother, but nothing would come out. I kept trying to call for her. But i was frozen with

fear, all i could do was scoot back further in the bed, shake, and whine under my breathe.

I slowly realized, she only moved when my eyes were closed. But I couldnt stand looking

at her. It mad my heart pound out of my chest and i wanted to puke. It made me ill to look

at her. Like vertigo. I closed my eyes one more time. Convinced

if i just kept them closed until morning i wouldnt have to deal with her. I was determined

to just go to sleep. Just lay there and pray i would live through the night. Things would

be better tomorrow But i heard a loud shuffle and the sound of a body hitting the wood paneling.

In my panic, I made the tragic mistake of opening my eyes.

She was now standing right outside my bedroom door.

I flung myself face first into my pillow, eyes squeezed tight, I finally found my voice

and screamed bloody murder. One soundless scream followed by endless chants of, MOM!

MOM! MOM! My mother came flying out of her room and

into mine. Suddenly all the light were on. Mom held me and told me it was a dream. I

was in hysterics and managed to talk my mom into letting me stay in her room.

I slept on the floor next to her side of the bed. They kept the bathroom light on for me,

they also locked the bedroom door on my insistence. After a few sleepless nights in my moms room,

then on the sofa with all the light on, they moved my bed away from the door

and it never happened again.

It was surprising how quickly i got over the

situation at the time. But looking back on it now still scares the shit out of me. What was it?

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