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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sneaking Out Of The House At Night - Getting Caught

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So last year in the eighth grade I had this group of friends. It was me my

friend Andre and my friend jasmine. We hung out like every day and every time

we hung out it was just like summer time. We like started going through snapchats

I like people in our grade story and they're just like sneaking out and we're

like "maybe we could try it" and I was like "um I don't know because like I have

alarms on my house and like whenever I opened my door makes like a like kind of

sound and like at night it's like put in a code and then like it makes a noise if

you like open any like door or anything so I was like I don't think I can." And

then one of my friends was like "maybe if you try opening the upstairs window..." So I

tried it like with the alarms on and it didn't make a noise and I was like "oh my

god how am I gonna get out through a window?" So I like went around my house

and I figured out that my brother's bathroom house they go window and then

you could hop onto the roof and climb around and hop into the fence and get

down. So we planned it to go on a Sunday night which the next day was a good day

off that we had from school. The night before we like snuck out we made a group

chat and like we were just talking on it like saying like "oh my gosh we do this

I'm so nervous." So then the night rolled around and I

was just laying in my bed and I was like thinking about the consequence, I was thining

about like "what if my parents catch me?" "blah, blah, blah" and then I remember my parents

saying "goodnight to me" now like "why am I doing this?" like "oh my god" like "what if

what if I get caught?" or like "oh my god" but I was like "okay whatever." I was gonna

do it you know I got to live my life I'm a teenage girl like come on okay.

So then I've texted him I was like okay guys were way up 1:30 and then we all

just like left our house I like went onto the roof and I was like being like

so loud I don't know how no one heard me. and I got him to the roof and I climbed

all the way down my heart was a grasing like so fast like they like almost fell

out of my chest. I got down and I just sprinted to my friend Andres house and

he came out and me just sprinted to our friend Jasmine's house. And Jasmine came

out and then we went to the store and we were drinking like some like energy

drinks and we were just going crazy like running around the parking lot stuff

like that. And we were having the time of our lives.

And then we I was like okay guys let's go home now and we were like heading

home and then these four police cars just like surround us. The police car

rolls down its window and it's like hey guys like what are you doing out of it

this time we're like um nothing we're just like heading home and they're like

why you guys out and we're like trying to lie but we just cut it and I was like

we just snuck out okay then they're like oh my god that's the most disrespectful

thing you could do your parents over we're like lecturing us and it was just

bad and then they're like call your parents and tell them to come pick you

up so we called our parents and then they

all came to pick us up they were all really bad and I was grounded for three

weeks so I'm never doing that again and you're thinking about it don't do it!

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