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he and esta class in English vamos a

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description so now let us begin okay

Philip como se if a body my mother and

father s was muy facil go say hey Paris

Padres not parents not father's parents

yes once I heard the king of the Spain

he was giving a speech and he was

talking about his new son coming soon

and he said we're going to be fathers we

recently find found out that we're going

to be fathers and it's our first baby

it's not correct you wanna avoid ha hee

haw is son hija como se dice a daughter

daughter the not doubter daughter okay

pero ethos children une nino Syria one

child a child so one child two children


eco say Alleluia Walla abuelo

grandfather abuela grandmother

huellas grand parents see Sawalha visa


great-grandfather great-grandmother eat

da da de vuelo salted a willow Tara


that would be great great-grandfather

great-great grandmother or great great

grandparents okay LCC in English more

straightforward okay

it can make the tota T Oh uncle Tia um

when Estados Unidos and he comes Lydia

Tio's esta tarde we have aremy steals my

aunt and uncle yeah mmm there's no word

in English for that Sabrina is Sabrina

nephew and Sabrina is nice yeah this one

is tricky because when I hear nice I

always think of Miata very similar but

nieta is a granddaughter exactly yeah

e-commerce dated prema prema prema or

prema is cousin is the same for girls

and boys cousin cousin let's hear you

mm-hmm cousin cousin yeah not cousing

cousin okay Anita Anita Nieto is

grandson Nita is granddaughter in


grand children ICC yeah

English ECC you see ya on tenemos cuñado

Kuna Yala iere no new era Queen yellow

Khun Ella in English Unni odd Oh is

brother-in-law you NYADA is

sister-in-law and general son-in-law

yeah and no era daughter-in-law so it's

really easy in English isn't it pretty

easy is well race Webre swagger swagger

Oh is your father-in-law and your

swagger hello

hello swag that mother-in-law Maria

she's an English Learner isn't she yes

okay and I think that's most of it

pero como se fait Padres Pro madrastra

Pat Rastro is step-father madrastra his


yes muy muy let's move let's move faster

on the Spanglish es muy facil para que

siempre policy step what's the

difference between a half-brother and a


yeah with their half-brother you are

sharing a feather or matter you share

one parent if you have a half-brother

okay so vamos a bird seed police record

on and start elaborate Skakel know step

in de entonces is the bell by the fear

in a frenzy vosotros spice at reducir la

francaise yo voy de la respuesta

correcto displace okay okay so a quien

es el padre de tu madre como literally

ideas and unless who samos apostrophe s

no para los possessives entonces cuando

la ventana CNS el padre de tu madre el

padre the - Madre and Padre del - Madre

so you'd say who's your mother's father

mm-hmm who is your mother's father or

who's you can contract it mm-hmm okay

well now will they of course your

grandfather your grandfather okay it

control videos quien es la romana de tu

padre como la traducción who is your

father's sister who's your father's

sister ela respuestas away is your aunt

your aunt I'm so impressed Abruzzi

fearlessly on font okay

y es la mujer de tu hermano Conrado

Phidias la mujer

there - hermano so who is your brother's

wife who is your brother's wife what is

my a large quest oh okay so this place

has to punyalan Oh - sister-in-law

yes your sister-in-law okay akina's like


the term Ana como trollope ideas can

slide our mana by Eva tetra mana so

you'd say who's your sister's daughter

who's your sister's daughter Gila

respuestas - Sabrina Sabrina in English

Sabrina nice your niece good

eople Ultimo este informe as complicado

quien es la hija de la hermana the -

madre y de la hermana

finis Kerala what that Ola it's for you

happy so you sir who's your mother's

sister's daughter miss your mother's

sister's daughter who's your mother's

sister's daughter

your mother's sister's daughter is your

- prema remaining less cousin your

cousin yeah exactly

oof that last one was a wig oh okay I'm

confusing is it confusing is it


there you see family for cover is not so

easy as you thought there you go there's

always something to learn so we hope you

enjoyed this video thank you very much

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