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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Are We Faking Our Friendship?

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hello and welcome back to real English

with real teachers this morning in this

live broadcast Charlie and I are talking

about the subject of best friends

Charlie and I we're very good friends

we've known each other for 10 years now

so we should know a lot about each other

and we're going to put that to the test

today and we want your help as well

because as a follower of ours you

probably know us quite well I think on

this channel we basically just talk

about our lives so we want to know how

much you know about us as well

and by participating in the chat and in

the comments after this broadcast has

occurred we want you to tell us your own

answers to these questions to see how

well you know us and also you can answer

these questions about yourself as well

the idea being so that you can practice

your English so that you can write

statements like I think Harry's favorite

color is blue I think the questions will

be more interesting than that but that's

the idea we want you to to participate

and use your English and have fun using

English that's the main thing that we

want to do here but Charlie how are you

are you with me today or am I gonna be

on my own for this hour oh god I hope


I hope not indeed that would be that

would be awful wouldn't it hello

everybody welcome to the the video that

we find out if we are actually good

friends or not or if it's all been a big

lie for this for this channel to exist

it would be hard to lie about this

wouldn't it we would have to prepare

every single video very well wouldn't we

we'd have to align our our stories sure

yeah we'd have to also yeah we have to

pretend about how we know each other and

also fake our laughter which you are

actually really good at doing

wouldn't be for you it wouldn't be a

problem I I'd find it quite easily I

imagine about 50% of your friendships

are probably fake because you're able to

turn on your laughter like the microwave

like the microwave very nice

M yeah I was actually going to ask you

outside of live broadcasts to stop doing

that because it makes me feel quite

awkward when I laugh in front of a

student and I think now are they

thinking that I'm fake laughing well

most the time I'm not most of the time

no yeah yeah eighty percent so it's not

fake okay really yeah

fake laughter fake laughter we say

what's that was that fake laughter again

Charlie it was that fake laughter no but

I can tell I can tell when it's real

because when it's fake it tends to stop

very abruptly gillnet yeah yeah well I I

do sometimes try not to do that

sharp ending fade-out but yeah that's my

haircut like yeah just not your haircut

yes a lovely fade yeah Peter Giles says

the volume is good so we're off to a

flying start we're doing well oh sorry

pardon me chai but that's some good

language we are off to a flying start

yes yes it is we did have it recently

but we'll put it down it's good to

repeat I think off to a flying start

okay to be off to a flying start so it's

when you get a really good a good start

to something good beginning I guess it

probably they use it a lot I'm like

horse racing don't they I'd say Oh Harry

the horse got off or was off to a flying

start so again what the verb get as well

he got off to a flying start that's true

that's true yeah well do you reckon

you'd be a fast horse I reckon I would

be a really fast or

yeah very fast very sexy okay yes yeah

stallion what's the phrase a dark horse

a dark no of course yeah oh she's a bit

of a dark horse yeah

what would you mean but if someone is a

dark horse that means that they are

surprisingly good like you didn't expect

them to be the winner or to be really

good at something right yeah yeah or

surprisingly attractive could you say no

I think it's about the like well I think

it's about being good at something and

you're unexpected yeah there you go so

especially someone who has a surprising

ability or skill an example here Anna is

such a dark horse I had no idea she had

published a novel so she had this secret

skill of writing novels being a writer

so Wow

Aries such a dark horse like Charlie's a

dark horse

God didn't realize he was so good at the

drums yes there you go perfect example

you wouldn't think it would you

but I'm bloody fantastic yeah yeah yeah

yeah yeah absolutely

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let's get back to rue it real English

with real teachers are we faking our

friendship are we faking our friendship

so guys we'd love you to ask us

questions to see if we know the answer

to each other's personal lives and we've

also prepared some questions that we're

going to ask each other and then you can

you can chime in as well you can answer

them on your own behalf on your own

accord and your own accord or you can

you can guess and see if if you know the

answer of one of ours so should we go

straight into the first one I think we

should yeah just one we've actually had

a question and this is exactly what you

want to see today questions about about

us all about us Daria but Daria as Ted

why did you

I'm not going to tackle the surname but

I ever would Ivor but I'm very are very

good very good job yeah like Bravo Bravo

lovely picture as well and why did you

decide to start a channel what sorry

Charlie call me a pervert doesn't matter

what she looks like it's a matter what

she I just said nice picture nice

composition of the photo why did why did

you decide to start a channel it was the

first this is you yes this idea oh

that's a good question isn't it charlie

I actually think you I think Choi I

think you were the one who suggested

first doing a podcast in you but you

yeah idea to have video to be honest no

no I wanted a podcast and I know just

remind me after 2 or 3 years what we

wanting to do now well yes after two

years of utter success complete success

on YouTube yes we're going to start

we're going to start a and a podcast

you're right yeah and we've recorded

about five but we haven't edited any

yeah exactly

that's no if you want to edit some

podcast yeah yeah we yeah we could we

could do within a podcast editor but

good questions area yeah we thought we

were both teaching English but we need

to find students so we thought if we

start a podcast we

can find students like that and then I

thought well maybe people want to see

our faces as well Charlie

so shall we should make a video and we

did and we never looked back no good

phrase good phrase and we never look

back never look back and I also said

utter which is quite a good word which

means complete or absolute so I could

say here's an utter idiot and that would

mean he is a complete idiot could you

say he's an utter perv

yes you could yeah if song was a

complete pervert you could say that an

utter perv John explained perv pervert

somebody who is very focused on sexual

things mmm yeah usually not a nice way

you don't people don't really like

purpose which is why I called me a

pervert there you go and we never looked


so that's that's really good it's kind

of like if you've heard the expression

and the rest was history no it's not

about a slightly difference that

actually isn't it it is but I know why

you said it it feels like you would use

it in some scenarios the same way it's a

bit of a phrase to end yes and to say

you're happy with your decision so we we

started our channel that was two years

ago and started putting our faces in the

videos and we never looked back so we

didn't regret our decision we carry what

are three items Charlie your best friend

always carries so guys what are three

items your best friend always carries so

I spent lots of time with Charlie one

thing he always has in his pocket is his

his air pods

he's like little air pod mmm Apple thing

the Apple earphones which are wireless

he always has them in his pockets now

that charlie is an aspiring videographer

or as Charlie likes to say before


thank you so you did a sparring video

this firing yeah that's good

trying to be wanting to be yes exactly

an aspiring videographer so we could put

anything an aspiring teacher an aspiring

actor normally with a profession which

is a bit different a bit new

yeah or there's a process to go through

to get to that point of being the

professional standard that's it so

Charlie's don't really be an aspiring

cleaner I guess because you could be a

cleaner quite quickly how dare you I'm

not saying that there isn't room for


in cleaning I'm a ruddy but I'm a ruddy

good cleaner thank you very much Oh

ruddy ruddy this is another way of

saying blood is like a an informal

intensifier that was ruddy good you know

after Charlie and Stacy have their

yearly sexual intercourse whoa whoa whoa

back off sorry I am an utter perv but

Charlie could say that Wow Stacy thank

you that was ruddy good don't you mean

the other way around

yeah basically so yeah that was ruddy

not grubby okay yeah ruddy better than

the last time but you can't use it like


yeah ruddy good goes well but yeah ruddy

excellent mmm

ruddy great I'd say we use it ruddy

excellent sounds okay isn't it very bad

rubbish an epic ruddy fantastic sounds


ruddy action as okay I think you can use

it with any adjectives whether it's

gradable like good but you know you

could have be more or less good better

but then with I can extreme adjectives

like fantastic you can use that ruddy

fantastic ruddy good yeah you can't

really use it with negatives that was

ruddy bad ruddy awful no oh no

running awful that sounds nice to me

that's it that was ruddy awful that's

cuz your ruddy hey let's move on

from this ruddy awful example they wail

because you're a bloody sorry an

aspiring videographer well I could say

Charlie is a ruddy good videographer

he's an aspiring videographer and he

always carries his camera with him so

he's got a nice camera he's always got

that around his neck so he's got ear

pods his camera and he doesn't go

anywhere without his phone doesn't go

anywhere without his phone he's always

got his bloody phone he's always got his

phone on it but it's very normal

nowadays to have that Oh another thing

sorry wait wait wait wait wait your man

bag Charlie carries a man bag that's one

thing that he's always got him yeah so

this is a bum bag isn't it a bum bag bum

bag but it's no longer used on the bum

call people put it around their body

don't they should be a body bag it

should be yeah it should be a breast bag

kind of goes across the chest let's call

it a chest bag I wonder why they didn't

why Naik didn't decide to call it a

breast bag guys get your comments in

yeah why not okay and do we have any do

we have any answers

so well I love this songs that I love

this topic we've had some questions okay

so we have yes so we've got one from

ELISA phone earphones and money well

that's a pretty good one yeah these are

quite standard things but I think you

probably do always have your phone

earphones and money charlie yeah yeah I

I do although money not so much now cuz

I'm I'm a gadget boy I have it on my

Apple pay

I'm trying to be all futuristic okay so

phone your phone is your money in a way

yeah yeah I wonder if you could pay with

your earphones maybe Apple earpods gen4

would would would be that excellent

that would be ruddy excellent with here

yeah and then we've another one phone if

home and gum so chewing gum girlie I'll

show you mine now mints air pods and

drone drone do you can always carry your

drone with you I do actually carry it

around a lot I was being a little bit


but I do like to carry it around it

comes with me wherever my camera goes

and sometimes maybe more places because

if I'm going on a walk I care more about

getting the aerial footage then then the

camera I can use my phone for that but

yeah phone is also there but I went for

those three I thought you would put

mints in do you not recognise that I

always carry mints now I do to be to be

fair but I I forgot I forgot about the

mints I thought your camera's more

important what's more important mints or

a camera Roman I'm aspiring videographer

so yes probably the camera yeah yeah

couple of words I wants to explain

Charlie I could say then again which I

thought that must sound weird to English

learners and also to be fair to be fair

we have explained to be fair before and

and also the word Ariel

so you said aerial footage so Ariel

meaning from above so jolly always has

this drawing so that you can get aerial

footage so from above then I said then


so that's cut that kind of means but

doesn't it then again like we'd saying

something is different to the previous

thing which has been said

live victory kanji licking phrase yeah

it could be but although something like

that so yeah in an example I could say

oh I am I don't really like Bedford I

think it's quite boring then again then

again we do have a lovely lovely River

which I like to walk around yeah so I

don't like a but although in contrast

we're showing some contrast it's

actually quite simple but really nice

for a non-native to use I don't really

hear it much no I know it would be quite

quite an easy one to take you to the

next level

yeah especially in an IELTS that'd be

great really good yeah yeah I would use

that and so the strictest stress in a

certain way let's say then again so

we're stressing again that's where the

the stress is lying then again then

again bla bla bla bla bla exactly yeah

and to be fair I have an example he's

done the job badly but to be fair I gave

him very little time to do it so he's

saying in their defense mm-hmm yes in

their defense yeah so it kind of is

quite simple really

you are being fair mmm person in saying

it yeah yeah it's busy saying but that

person has an excuse so he lost the race

but to be fair he had a broken leg yeah


the aerial footage was but to be

fair he is only an aspiring videographer


thank you yeah they were okay um that's

interesting so I was going to go onto

the next question that I had prepared

but Peter has made me look at Natalie's

comment and that's exactly it

I'm wondering if you both know or

know what each of you wanted to be when

you grew up yeah I'm wondering if both

of if you both know what each of you

wanted to be when you grew up

yeah yeah yeah what maybe I was

wondering if we're saying wondering it's

normally an indirect question I was

wondering if you both knew what each of

you wanted to be when you grew up yeah I

think it's subjective isn't it I think

all right yeah yeah yeah so nice

question and yeah I was gonna I was

gonna say about Harry so what do you

guys think Harry wanted to be when he

wanted when he was younger what did he

want to turn into what he want to be as

a professional adult okay he wanted to

be another pervert well that was

accomplished and but yeah what do you

guys think um Harry when you when you

hear that do you instantly know the

answer about you well that's about you

about you do I know to be honest I was

very I had no ambitions really as a kid

I like because I think I've got an

answer for you oh go on go on

you're gonna write it down as we play oh

okay no I've got one I've got one edgy

it's something I would have wanted but

okay go on go on write it down as we

planned you okay so someone thinks you

wanted to be a sailor sailor is that

because people think I'm homosexual why

this sailors have to be homosexual no I

don't know there's just that that's a

bit of a stereotypical thing about

sailors isn't it oh well no I'm not

doesn't matter but I just wondered

people do sometimes thing kind that way


that way good language well done Harry

yeah well done write it down

Thanks so if you're that way inclined

its dummy you're insinuating you are

suggesting that somebody is a certain

way and normally it's often about

sexuality so yeah I think he is that way

inclined to me I think he likes boys

yeah yeah and you can use it for girls

as well is she that way inclined could

you use it as a question I think she's

that way

is she that sure Graham has said dr.

Lowell dr. Lowell yeah hello dr. Lowell

to the waiting room please

actually why would dr. Lowell be going

to the waiting room

and we don't normally take off the topic

comments but this is very quick work and

walk that's British work the first one

and walk nice okay so I think Harry

wanted to be a couple of things when he

realized he could use microphones

efficiently he wanted to be a studio no

I think you did want to get in the

studio but for a different reason you

wanted to record your your lovely lovely

voice as you have some good pipes on you

don't you I have good pipes on me the

hell do you mean yeah so I wanted to be

a singer that's quite a good one that's

quite a one option that's one option

I've got another one that I think you

really thought of which which is fairly

typical for a UK or a British boy

growing up in Bedford he wanted to be a

footballer that's a good one

I did love football but no I didn't want

to be a football I didn't particularly

want to be a singer

I wanted to be

an athlete I wanted to be a professional

sprinter I always liked the idea of

running really fast yeah a bit like like

Usain Bolt but really yeah we had Sports

Day every summer we'd have a competition

where everyone in the school would run

and do like a little mini school

Olympics and I always wanted to be the


I loved it especially the sprinting I

remember how nervous I used to get

building up to it

really yeah using up to it leading up to

it here building onto something that's

good language to build up to something

yeah - yeah as time gets closer so and

we can also say in the build up to


can't wait mm-hmm yeah in the build up

to something that is nice as well so in

the build up in the build up through the

event sorry

in the build up to the event I did I got

more and more nervous yes yes exactly

okay so you wanted to be a sprinter you

didn't want to be a footballer well I

would have I did love football to be

fair I did really no I did really like


yeah that would have been good that

would have been good probably between a

sprinter a footballer something related

to sport that was all I really cared

about when I was a kid yeah okay

what about what about you Charlie have

you written down answer as we prepared

we hadn't it was for you Oh was this

actually one that you've prepared ballet

oh yeah okay

what about you though our curiosity not

videographer because they didn't really

exist back then to be I don't think I

had that I wasn't that typical one thing

I definitely didn't to be a footballer

maybe maybe when I was four or five I

thought that'd be fun I think I might

have considered being a a cricket coach

when my dad forced me into that sport

and then ten years later I realized it

was the most boring sport in there in

the world yeah you're not really that

way inclined are you I'm not necessarily

saying that choice homosexual but that

he's not really interested in that he's

not then when we find yeah yeah nice so

you probably wanted to be a drummer or

something pretty musician I suppose that

was the first first thing I aspired to

be yeah a musician yeah yeah good okay


all right so I'm gonna ask you a

question or do you want to ask one of

their questions Charlie some really good

questions coming in at chez charlie is

very like a manager I'm gonna block your

dad soon well I think you are having

managerial actually Choi yeah yeah yeah

on the courses you're always the one

saying okay guys and remember we need to

clean up the house actually you're the

you're the setting

the ground rules for what we need to do

the next morning on that day okay

managerial says the adjective manager so

charlie is managerial with that thing

charlie is

managerial yeah so all right charlie I'm

gonna ask I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna

I'm gonna ask a question about you okay


setting the ground rules Oh sir yes good

language em what does that mean to set

the ground rules the tell people the

basic rules of the place yes yeah so the

start of our course we always set the

ground rules like okay if you need to

smoke smoke out the front of the house

and don't be racist and well enjoy your

court enjoy the course that's it so

basically just smoke there and don't be

racist yeah there you go

okay yeah yeah you got it you've got a

question have you ever thought well this

is a good this is quite a good one and

maybe just for us to chat about have you

ever thought of changing so not of

change but have you ever thought of

changing your job as a teacher

so Gratton Gratton what a great name

things to remember

after prepositions if you want to use a

verb we use ing and it's quite

consistently like that apart from the

preposition to which normally becomes

with comes before the infinitive so I

want to go shopping but I'm thinking of

becoming I'm thinking of becoming a

teacher or before becoming a teacher

mm-hmm preposition and then ing form of

the verb yeah yeah

have you I've I've thought about it very

briefly very briefly

I wonder if I could go back into

marketing and I very quickly realized

absolutely not

yeah I'll be terrible god I'm terrible

mark see you'd have another heart attack

oh yeah bad day all of us break down

yeah yeah for me no not really

I actually realized though that when

aren't we've missed named ourselves

because we have not really teachers with

tutors aren't we right so I wouldn't I

wouldn't necessarily like to be a school

teacher but I love being a tutor very

good point jazz very good point but then

when we do courses and we have groups we

are teaching aren't we we're teaching

there yeah and we have been in the past

so yeah we can hold on to our title as

real changes yeah yeah

so guys official change now real English

with real tutors okay have quite the

same ring to it it still works with the

acronym but isn't it still just got it

yeah yeah yeah don't need to change

graphics that's that's great this

individual who I can't pronounce your

name sorry I am a teacher of English too

but an actor inside yeah nice yeah

that's great that's kind of fun

sometimes I feel like that yeah he'd be

actor inside me she's waiting to come

out do you feel like a particular video

of ours has really enabled your this

side of you to come out mmm yeah

definitely yeah there's what we did one

about Peppa Pig very very good video

fantastic edit and good acting

throughout Harry was the editor of that

one yeah yeah do you remember seeing the

footage of where you went over the top a

bit a bit OTT as we used to say I did

yeah and I really wanted

use it did you yeah yeah I was getting

into the acting I was letting myself go

you know yeah so it's fab and you're

trying to act and other people are

stopping you from acting fulfilling your

potential or good language well done

Harry go on put it in to fulfill your

potential so it's to to become what you

are capable of becoming so I did a

fantastic scene at the beginning with

with Charlie Choi did well as well but I

really was amazing in the scene and

Charlie said no that's too much you're

being too loud we're not using this

footage and I know managerial know very

managerial yeah and then I said well if

that stopped me from fulfilling my

potential you know the actor I could

have become he didn't he wasn't allowing

me to do that I'm seriously gonna vlog

your dad he just said teacher and tutor

are the same sometimes my dad

contradicts Charlie it's like that news

reporter in the new Alan Partridge

that's off site yes yes people won't

understand that but I just wanted to let

you know yes that sure yeah yeah okay so

um same I don't like to be a teacher but

a tutor and I am a tutor uh-huh okay

yeah well I would say that there is a

difference Peter I think a tutor is more

of a one to one person on they knew you

would have your tutor for tuition for

your private tuition and then you have

your teacher normally in a classroom

yeah I I do think of them like that yeah

that tends to be how it is and then

someone has said bro I like that very

very casual bro can we make video call


yes you can see our links to lessons if

you want to take lessons with us or even

come on one of our courses here in the

UK you can click links in the

description box below to our websites

there you go yeah yeah and someone's

done a good example if we want to live

peacefully we have to set the ground

rules yeah good example good example

okay I'm gonna move us on to the next


yeah did you answer yours what what

would you like to be did you reveal yeah

athlete Ashley yes yes let's do let's do

one more and then I've got to go to

Cambridge oh okay I've got plans guys

sorry I all right guys the next one is

this one way to get out yeah okay okay

tutor does your best friend have pierced

piercings tattoos or both

wait so you answered you want me to ask

that that onto that about you well no

this is this is one that I think I know

the answer of so you read it out I

hypothesize and then you write your

answer okay okay good okay you get you

go ahead and hypothesized so having

having known Harry for a long time and

unfortunately seeing him in far too many

not intima that's a bit disgusting

far too many indecent situations because

he likes to sleep naked and we sometimes

have to share accommodation and our

immersion courses that always delights

me when I wake up too hairy naked on the

other side of the bed and I

I believe that

he doesn't have any piercings or tattoos

but but I think he does really want a

tattoo and if you are a tattoo designer

he would love to hear from you wouldn't

you you'd like a tattoo I reckon I don't

know if you know where you want it yet

but I'm imagining that you'd like it

somewhere like under your arm so do you

want me to write that down as well as

part of the answer no under my art not

here no I'd probably I'd have a like

there on the bicep no no I I think I'd

have it here here I reckon so it's more

well if you're gonna have a tattoo you

might as well you should

might as well that's interesting you

might as well meaning why not

why not have it you might as well have

it in a place where people can see it

hmm you know yeah that's a good good

swap for why not cause a lot of

non-native especially Russians use that

phrase a lot why not why not why not so

yeah there might as well we might as

well do that yes you might as well so is

good if you give you advice you might as

well it's different to shoot though it's

not like should so just like make your

suggestion you might as well go to

Cambridge while you're in England it's a

lovely place you might as well yeah it's

easy it's easy for you as well yeah and

should is probably higher up in the sort

of like forcing you to go should is a

bit more like telling you to do it and

might as well is just a suggestion

yeah very like why not yeah you might as

well come on you might as well why not

yeah yeah I'll get a tattoo on your face

yeah I might as well why not and you I

like the way you started off you said

having known Harry for a long time

so what means what is his because I have

known how

for a long time hmm having known Harry

for a long time I know that ba bla bla

bla bla we start the sentence with

having known having done this because I

have done this

having been to America I know that

tipping is very important because I've

been to America I know that tipping is

important I thought you meant getting

rid of rubbish then I think ah no they

use scrap heap in America yeah very nice

oh so what what was the question again

do you have any tattoos piercings etc

and the answer is no and elaborate on if

you want one and if I I do yeah I do

want to get one I do want to get one and

I haven't mentioned that to my parents

so no what do you think of that one dad

and yeah I'd like to get one but I

haven't decided where or what I think

you should get what if you want it there

Sean go there you just have real tutor

real tutor that's a good one yeah

reeling it with real tutor or just cheer

real tutor well there you go there you

go and what about you Choi would you

ever get tattoo no no never do it I

don't think I could carry it off or pull

it off maybe pull it off yeah I don't

think I could pull it off but it I think

I'm cool enough to do something so some

people aren't able to pull off a pink

some some guys aren't able to pull off a

pink shirt maybe they're not comfortable

enough with their sexuality

perhaps so people often say I know he

pulls off pink he can pull off a pink


I can definitely put off pink I'm

wearing pink shorts and I think my pink

shorts look great so okay well let us

know guys do you think Harry can pull

off pink shorts but yeah if you if

you're watching this on the replay we'd

love you to comment below telling us

whether you got any of these right if

you know us do you know us better than

we know each other that would be good to

know and also tell us your own answers

know do you have any tattoos or

piercings do do you know what you want

to be when you're older or did you know

what you wanted to be when you're older

but yeah thank you very much Harry Thank

You charlie thank you I really enjoyed

that I hope you guys enjoyed a view

learn something new loads of vocabulary

on there remember to join us on

Instagram and Facebook that's how we

tell people when we are going live

remember to check out I talking those

community teachers or professional

teachers if you want to improve your

fluency grammar pronunciation all of

that jazz and you can take lessons with

us as well you'll find the links in the

description box below but see you next

Wednesday for another live and yeah much

love yeah tada bye for now

The Description of Are We Faking Our Friendship?