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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [DRAWING] 엉덩방아 띠니? 움직이는 그림으로 그리기?? w/ ADOBE 에프터이펙트

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( Happy Birthday to you~♪ )

( Kids having fun at birthday party )

( 'Thinny' trying to eat food before the song ends )

( He pulled the tablecloth and ruined birthday food )

( Check the ending of the story at the end of the video )

Hello, I'm Sodam.

Today's video will talk about painting goals in 2020 with my drawing.

and I'll show you my animation works which is my favorite combination of drawing and video.

First, sketch the image with colored pencils,

and fill in the colors one by one.

While colored pencil and paper are touched together,

I like that feeling of coloring softly.

I also like the warm feeling that colored-pencils have.

The colored-pencil brand used in this video is 'Prisma'

This painting was inspired by the episode in 'The return of Superman(Korean TV program)'

They're so cute and Their behavior looks like fairy tales.

I used the scene as a motif, and added a story.

Sometimes, I inspired by TV, music or everyday life, and stimulated to say, "I want to draw this!".

When I do that, I usually satisfied the process and the result.

So my goal this year is to read a lot of books, watch a variety of movies,

meet a lot of people, and grow nourishment for good work.

and based on that, I want to draw many heart-warming image.

I want to work on moving drawing and animations.

It's still a simple animation yet,

I'm going to work hard on it!

It's been a long time since I've been working on a colored-pencil.

The work to pile up the color of colored-pencil lightly

made me feel like hardening my minds.

I can feel the power of painting once again.

So, On Youtube this year

I want to show you what I felt from my fingertips

through drawing and diary.

I drew the second scene

so that the story would continue.

Eager to eat, 'Thinny' fell down from a chair

and fell on he's backside

It might be good to express a static drawing,

but it was more fun to use the bouncing motion.

I add the motion through the After effect Adobe program.

It was painted in one piece,

and I used Photoshop to separate objects and re-draw them.

So far, I've done it simply this way,

but the next mission is to express more detail animation.

After seeing the process and looking at the motion again,

can you see each movement apparently?


( Who wants this cute cup-cake hat? )

Although it's a simple action,

but I think it's very nice to make them move.

I especially like this drawing

because there's my characters 'sodam' and 'thinny' on this drawing

For the last scene, I drew a party that every child enjoyed happily!

I hope your day will be as happy as my drawing.

That's all for today.

Thank you for watching my drawing

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