Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Susan demonstrates propagation of 'Spirit' sweetgrass

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OK today I'm going to be talking about how to propagate 'Spirit sweetgrass

from rhizomes

first you

have to get a shovel

and dig up some of the roots, some of the plants to get the roots exposed

you can see there

are quite a few rhizomes

in here

its important to remove as much of the soil make it clean

as possible

and you want to keep things moist so the roots don't die


that's what they look like

after there

cleaned off good

and you take

that material and split it up a little bit so

you can have one or two per pot

and you can see the roots are quite long


you get a product like this

that is nice and established in the roots


you let it grow for a while and you can transplant it out


in the garden or you can keep it in the pot

and eventually what you're going to want to do is harvest it

braid it while it's still green

into this

type of a product

and it is used by native Americans in culturally


ceremonies for spiritual

and religious purposes

The Description of Susan demonstrates propagation of 'Spirit' sweetgrass