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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Jennifer Williams Has a Message for Shaunie O’Neal ‘Sneak Peek’ | Basketball Wives

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Hi, OG.

Hey, sexy. How are you?

You look so pretty. I love it.

Hi love, how are you?

Long time no see.

I know.

Hi Mamacita.


Looking all sexy.

So CiCi's in a much better place with the family,

and I'm trying to show her that I want to be a part of her life.

So to keep the love going,

I decided to get us all together and invite her bestie, OG,

so that we can just have a good time.

Oh, yes. Do you want to get shots?

I'm hungry as shit, and I want Jackie to buy me a steak.

And I will gladly do that. You seen Kristen lately?

No, not since the night at your house.


We're moving forward and trying to maintain positivity.


And just try to move forward.

What is it with you and Kristen?

When she said her and Kristen was fine, you had a stank face.

I didn't have a stank face, I was just quiet.

You was trying not to.

Okay, my thing is this,

Kristen came to my birthday party and made a scene.

She was rude, was disrespectful, and she tried to shade me

for not being married or having a kid.

I'm a grown as woman. I got a husband.

No, I don't want to learn from you.

I got a kid.

I do. All the things that you were looking to have.

So that was, to me, like strike-

Okay, so you're never going to let it go?

Girl, I tried.

But seriously, all I'm hearing from CiCi is how fake

Kristen really is.

I cannot believe OG is sitting here

with her negative opinions about Kristen.

It's hard enough trying to get my family back together.

Like, kill it OG, please.

When CiCi have private conversations,

CiCi tells me how she feels about Kristen

and I'm lending an ear, and I'm listening.

But I just want everybody to be authentic, transparent,

and happy for each other.

CiCi's engagement party, I'm happy for her.

I'm not going to be mad at whoever her guest list is.

[crosstalk] Is Kristen going?

You know, we're at that point

where we are trying to move forward,

so I am going to invite her.

That's all I ask.

If you choose to do that,

which it's your choice, just tread lightly.

Why is CiCi telling them she's not mad and she's moving on,

but telling me, "Fuck that bitch.

I don't want nothing to do with her."

They look like they're trying to mend their friendship,

but behind closed doors, she's still mad

at some of the stuff that Kristen did to her.

Why you just won't let them be happy?

It's not about letting them be happy or not.

I want them to be happy,

but in order for them to be genuinely happy,

they've got to really talk about what really bothers them.

Listening to OG just constantly just talking shit

is just really getting under my skin now.

I'm just going to take my shot

and leave before the shit escalates.



Bye, Mamacita.

I almost feel like she wants my family to be at odds.

I'm like super, super confused.

I don't know what you guys forgave each other for,

but you told me the grandparent thing

was very hard for you, and you know why.

Oh yeah.

Byron knows why, and Byron knows the truth.


Does Kristen know why?

Yeah. So, we talked about that. We did.

We laid that whole thing out. Whatever issues-

I'm talking about with Thomas, girl.

Was Thomas involved in this conversation at all?


Despite what CiCi has said in public,

in private she has definitely shared some things with me

about this family. Now every day that goes by,

I'm looking at her, waiting for her to own it.

And it's getting to the point

where I just might explode at any given moment.

Look, we're going to move forward

for the sake of the family and for each other.

And we kind of just left it at that.

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