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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The ULTIMATE 20 MINUTE COOKING BATTLE

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(upbeat music)

- [Mike] We are Sorted, a group of mates from London

exploring the newest and best in the world of food

whilst trying to have a few laughs along the way.

(water splashing)


We've got chefs, we've got normals.

- (beep)

- And a whole world of stuff for you to explore,

but everything we do starts with you.

(upbeat music)

- Hello, I'm Barry and this is Ben.

- And this is a battle,

the leaderboard currently looks like this,

so it's all still to play for.

- [Mike] Today, the three normals go head to head to head,

in a battle to create a show-stopping dish

to impress our chefs,

the curve ball being, they only have 20 minutes to do so.

Also, Ben gets on everyone's (beep)

by ringing this bell every 5 minutes.

- Hello, I am Barry Taylor,

and I'm going to be making a pasta limone

with homemade garlic bread in 20 minutes.

- And your 20 minutes start now.

(hooter wails) - Pancetta, into a pan.

- [James] Oh, he's playing it cool.

- Boiling water, a lot of salt.

At a point where you think it's too much salt.

- That is a lot of salt.

- It's a lot of salt.

We'll be using that salt later on

because we'll be using the water as a sauce.

Spaghetti going in.

- He's gone for the cocky approach

and I can't wait for it to bite him on the arse.


- I make this recipe at home all the time.

- Mate, you are so, you're too calm, you're too calm,

you've gone too far.

- Meanwhile, I'm going to get my bread ready.

I've got some rosemary, which I'm gonna be chopping up.

Baking powder, flour, yogurt.

- [Ben] 10% of your time has gone.

- He doesn't know what a percentage is.

- There's a 100 of those and you've used 10 of them.


- I'm not listening, we're not playing that game.


- [James] He's losing a lot of pancetta.

- [Jamie] Yeah, I keep seeing a lot of pancetta

going on the floor.

- Bringing that together.

And I'm going in with my pancetta.

- [Ben] Oh, into the bread.

- All right, bringing this together.

Give it a quick knead.

That has to rest up.

Meantime, on to my lemons.

Pasta limone is my favorite pasta dish

because it is so simple

and it can be done in about 10 minutes.

So we're zesting three lemons first into a bowl.

What am I forgetting?

I've got in my garlic.

(bell rings)

Blimey. - Five minutes gone.

- I'm doing all right.

- Hello, my name is Jamie Spafford,

and for my 20 minute meal,

I'll be making a cheese and spinach stuffed

pork chop on the bone, wrapped in Parma ham,

served with a rainbow chard salad

with a orange and mustard vinaigrette,

or dressing.

- A lot to get done in 20 minutes.

Safety first, your time starts now.

(hooter wails)

- Here we go, boiling water, over spinach.

And now I'm going to peel and slice my garlic.

This is gonna be for the filling for my pork.

- I'm feeling stressed.

- [Jamie] Why are you feeling stressed?

- I don't know, you're giving off stress vibes.

- [Barry] Yeah right.

- Corn on the cob.

You could just use tinned corn.

But where's the fun in that apparently.

So, let's, ah!


Let's have fresh corn.

- [James] Slowly mate, slowly.

- Right, we're gonna have some mozzarella in here.

We're going to have some mayonnaise, in.

We're gonna have some sour cream.

Okay, parmesan going in.

This is gonna be really hot, Jamie.

So be careful with your hands!


Wrap this in what I presume is a clean tea towel.


Finely chop the spinach.

Filling is made.

I now need to cut a hole or a pocket in my pork.

Ah now, do I go for the big chop or the little chop?


- Going in to time! - Time!

- Heart versus head decision, I've gone for the big chop.


I'm gonna work quickly.

Get that right in the pocket.

(bell rings)

- [Ben] Five minutes in.

- I am Michael Huttlestone,

and I am making BBQ ribs with baked potato and rarebit sauce

and a pickled slaw in 20 minutes.

- And that time starts now.

(hooter wails)

- [Jamie] You've got a lot of pre-stuff already done.

- [Mike] Absolutely, 'cause that's the only way

that I'm gonna do this.

- [Ben] What you got going on in that rub?

- Lots of delicious spices.

The ribs going in, they're getting rubbed

in all of this.

I've got a baked potato which has already

gone into the microwave for twelve minutes

because that's a touch point.

The ribs going in soon enough to pressure cook in time.

So there's quite a lot of pressure points here.

- It's a good thing you're using a pressure cooker.

Am I right?




- Okay, these now go, oh that's not big enough,

so we're gonna drop the ones that are big enough in that.

Now, the lid goes,

it goes on!

That goes on, starts to cook.

I've touched some meat so I'm going to wash some hands.

Butter can go in there,

I'm making a pickled slaw

so cider vinegar and water going in there

with salt and sugar.

Want to make sure that butter doesn't burn

because I'm gonna make a roux and a cheese sauce

so that's coming down a bit.

Gotta bring that up to the boil.

Yeah, so you're probably seeing the theme is,

my dish is made up of, can I make all the things

that you shouldn't be able to make in 20 minutes.

Like a pickle, like barbecue ribs,

like even a baked potato is touch-and-go

depending on how you do it.

Right, now.

(food processor grinding)

Gotta use it properly.

That should be ready to go in there,

that starts pickling now.

(steam bursting out)

Brilliant, okay, now let's make a roux.

Okay, so I've got melted butter and in goes flour

and I'm gonna cook that out for a couple of minutes.

(bell rings)

- [Ben] Five minutes gone.

Is this similar to the one in the book,

Can't Be Arsed to Cook?

- Ah, no.

- Oh.

- Oh, you've got Eric Lanlarded!

- Yeah I did!


- No.

- Now I need to grate my parmesan.

- This is an Italian choice.

Why, and why will it win this battle?

- I couldn't believe how simple it was

and how little ingredients it had.

Elegantly rich and beautiful it was as well.

Garlic, all I'm doing is crushing these.

(bell rings)

Okay, right.

Okay now pressure's on.

- Halfway.

- [Barry] Nice, very nice.

- [Jamie] Pork on top.

- [Barry] I mean wrapping your meat in Parma ham

is always a good shout.

- [James] It is a great shout.

- Now, on to the glaze.

Butter, sugar, smoked paprika.

Oh, that smells amazing!

Oh, yes.

In with some bourbon.

- [Barry] Going well, going well.

- [Jamie] One more flip.

- Oh look at that, yes, cooking.


- Cooking.

- Ooh, that is a sticky, glossy glaze.

Once this is in the oven J...

- [Jamie] Yep.

- Is it chill-out time time

or have you got 101 more things to do?

- Once it goes into the oven

that needs to cook for as long as possible.

We can have a sip of bourbon.

- [Barry] Oh, wow, cooking.

- And now we can start to think about our salad.

(bell rings)

- [Ben] Halfway mark.

- This is how the audience would feel

when watching a Pass It On.

I'm panicking for him.

- My pickle is coming up to the boil

so I've just got to get that in ASAP.

Oh, no!

I've already messed it because, this has happened.

I've frozen this and I'm increasing the surface area

and now that's going back in the freezer.

Okay, my flour has cooked out.

I add ale bit by bit till it's all combined.

- Why is this dish gonna win above and beyond the other two?

- Honestly mate, I don't think it is.


That's absolutely what it should look like.

Okay, so now that comes off the heat

and in with cheddar and parmesan.

(food processor grinding) - I'm just going to do

a whole carrot.

- I think he's doing well.

I am extremely worried for him.

- [Ben] Mike, this is the sound of the halfway bell.

(bell rings)

- Okay.

- That's good to go, that's good to go,

that's good to go, let's roll this out, why not?

So, into a pan, butter, load of garlic.

- [James] But remember you drain it

before you put the... - Oh...

- Oh, oh, oh. - Bloody hell, I forgot that.

- [Jamie] What's the matter, what's the matter?

- What's, I don't, I can't understand why he's panicking.

Why are you panicking?

- I've forgotten how to do the bread.

- You just did it in...

- [Mike] Oi, keep your trap shut!

- Am I not allowed to say that?

- [Barry] Pasta, perfectly al dente.

Keeping that pasta water which is important.

Okay, into your pasta go your lemons,

go your lemon juice, and goes your salty water.

Need quite a lot in there.

- Should you have bothered draining the pasta, or...


- In your cold butter.

(bell rings)

- [Ben] Last five minutes.

- Into a medium saucepan.

- [Barry] Have you made this salad before, J?

- I made a salad before.


Mustard, olive oil.

Ooh, that seemed like a lot.

We'll leave it there.

Orange zest, whisk.

James' golden whisk.

- Good whisk choice.

- [Barry] Ooh, he's down low.

- Nicely caramelized in there.


- [Ben] All to do with that pork is gonna be cooked

in the time that remains.

- [Jamie] That is the big pressure, is the pork.

(bell rings)

- Five minutes to go?

- Five minutes remaining.

- I can't even pretend to be relaxed, because I am not.

Oh, look at that cheese sauce, that is melting nicely.

And into my cheesy sauce goes mustard,

tablespoon of Worcester sauce.

Once that's combined, creme fraiche.

Then I'm gonna stir through the yolk of an egg

quickly so it doesn't scramble.


Good, I made it.

My potato has come out.

So, oil it, because it's about to go into the oven.

It's hot, it's hot.

- Stop it!

- [Mike] Salt, salt, salt.

- He doesn't realize he hasn't got time to do this.

- [Mike] Comes off like that.

Okay, now that's going on there, and that's going in there.

- [Ben] As that goes into the oven,

(bell rings)

the five minute remaining bell.

- Perf, right.

We're getting somewhere, we're getting somewhere.

- Yes, it's emulsifying!

That means it's working, okay.

In with your bread.

- He's going for one big bread, I like that.

- How long?

- 200 seconds remaining.

- Now, what!


Come on out!

(repeated squealing)

- Forgetting to do something, evidently.


- Five minutes,

the perfect amount of time to cook a fried egg.


How did I forget that?

I was like, there must be another thing.

Little bit of garnish.

- [James] Drain it.

- You...

- I just really want him to do well.


- [Ben] J, you remember how panicked

your first 20% of time was?

- Yep.

- You're in your last 20% now.

- Okay.

- Ah, it's gonna be touch and go

but I gotta take that pickle out.

- No you don't.


- Okay, it's pressure time.

Stand back.

(steam bursts out) - Woo!

I needed to leave those ribs for as long as possible.

Oh dear, I'm worried now.

- 200 seconds remaining.

- All it comes down to now

is whether or not this is gonna cook in time.

I'm scared.

Pile high the parmesan. - Whoa.

- A bit of basil on top.

- You've got time to make that look nice, mate.


- Point was, it's rough and ready.

Holy moly, it's working.

How long left?

- One minute and 54 seconds.

(tense music)

- Now, when do I get my pork out the oven?

- Wow, he's gonna, he's gonna cut this so fine.

- [Jamie] Can I get a time check?

- 150 seconds remaining.

- Two and a half minutes.


- Unnecessary.

- Okay, great.

(tense music)

Can I have a time check?

- Two and a half minutes remaining.

- Okay, let's get the garlic back in there, then on top.

If this bread isn't garlicky then there's no point.



- 45 seconds.

- Rest, rest, rest.

(tense music)

- [Barry] That's a chunky pork chop.

- Last 45 seconds. - Oh, nice!

- Mother f.


- [James] His nervous lip thing is going.

- [Ben] Your ribs, the meat looks like

it's sort of shrunk back from the bone,

you happy the way it's cooked?

- I can't tell.

I'll know when you bite into it, mate.

- Mate, get it on the plate, get it on the plate.

- Forgot this, didn't do this.


- Last 60 seconds.

- Come on!

- [Barry] 30 seconds yet?

- Uh, 16 seconds.

- What?


I missed that.

- [Jamie] Oh, nice, nice.

- [James] No panic.

- [Barry] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

- He's gonna have time to finish

with another swig of whiskey.

- [Barry] D'oh.

- [Ben] Details matter.

- I'm so proud.

Oh, look! - [Ben] Spring onions.

- [Barry] Looks really good.

- [James] So impressed.

- [Mike] Oh. - [James] Come on.

Come on, look.

- [Mike] Yeah.

- Get it on the plate, get it on the plate!

- Five, four, three, two, one.

- [Ben] Step back.

Step away, step back from the plate.

- Can we taste it?

- I think we should while it's hot.

- Yes!

(dramatic music)

- Barry, Barry, Barry.

He was super in control in the kitchen.

It smells amazing.

- [James] It's a big old portion.

- It's not as loose as perhaps I'd have liked it

but the pasta is perfect, al dente,

you just bite through, it's got a bite but it's not chewy.

- I get the salt.

I understand why there's so much salt in the water

'cause all that lemon offsets it perfectly.

- But it's also so rich from the butter.

- Barry told us that the bread had to be garlicky.

And it's got a hint of garlic.

It's got a hint.

- But what is not to love about

bacon, garlic, butter, and bread.

- It's good, it's pretty good.

- Some of the edge bits, a little bit more doughy,

but also some nice crispy bits

where it's gone golden on the bottom.

Enough for 20 minutes?

It's damn good.

- It's all about how they've played it.

So, maybe some of them have gone ambitious.

Barry has played it to what he knew,

what he can definitely do in 20 minutes,

and he's added something to it and it's turned out well.

- Nothing wrong with that.

It's Jamie, it's a big meaty dish, but it looks good.

- Did he choose a piece of meat that was too big though?

- Well, I'll let you cut into it.

- He was never gonna choose the small one.

- While you cut into it I'm gonna talk about egg,

'cause that looks like a nice runny yolk,

and the chard's got nice crisp on it, but the big question.

- [James] I think it looks good.

- I thought it was very bold to cook it on the bone,

even though there's better flavor if you do.

- I think it might be just cooked.

I think that looks pretty delicious.

- Just a little bit rosy but I don't mind that.

That is not shy on whiskey.

It's got a good whiskey-ness, but also the sweety caramel

which is slightly, perhaps reduced a bit too far.

Whether by luck or judgment I'd say that pork is perfect.

Good stuffing and I really like

that kind of dressing around the warm chard.

Good egg, good glaze on the pork.

Good, good, good.

- I think he's done really well.

- Mike.

I was nervous for him for most of that 20 minutes.

I think it looks colorful and fresh.

- It does, yes, it does.

- And vibrant.

Can't believe I'm eating ribs with a knife and fork.

- [James] I don't know why you're eating ribs

with a knife and fork.


I'm ditching it after this.

- That is a good rub.

It's spicy, it's got quite a kick to it.

But then also that sweetness of

the caramelized barbecue sauce.

And I would say, pork cooked all the way through.

Not falling apart as some long slow cooks are,

but more kind of like that American style rib

that has a bite to it.

- That's what you should have with ribs.

The potato, it's delicious, get loads of rarebit on it.

It's just an amazing cheesy beery sauce in a jacket potato.

And it's great.

Offset by the pickle.

It's very slightly pickled but that's a good thing, I think?


- If you had an extra five or ten minutes,

could there be elements that could be minisculely

kind of tweaked and improved?

Maybe, but for 20 minutes, that is stunning.

(nervous groans)

In third place, a delicious dish

that we'd be super happy with midweek

but we felt perhaps didn't push it as far as it could.

Ironically, if first and second place

had failed to put it on the plate

it would have been an outstanding winner.

Barry, you take third place.

- Okay.

- Which left us with a quandary between you two.

- You both put a lot of effort in,

you both really pushed it.

One of you pushed it further,

but what we did like is the fact that

one of you didn't compromise on anything

and for that reason, Jamie is the winner.

Mike, you're second place.


- I was sure that you had that.

- Okay, three, two, one.

- I tell you one thing I am excited for,

you two doing your one because,

well, what can two chefs do in 20 minutes?

- I'm terrified right now, I'm terrified.

- You guys did such a good job.

I feel like you've set the bar incredibly high.


- [Barry] And the scoreboards are now looking like this.

- [Ben] And if you think that you can also get three points

then you just need to get the recipes down below.

They're all there, and you can go and cook 'em



- You get the message.

Now, as usual the chefs will be taking the same theme

and battling it out in a few weeks' time

so there's your reason to subscribe and ring that bell.

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And if that's not reason to subscribe enough

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My turn.

- Yeah, you do this one.

Even though you're not a dad I'll let you have it.

- You ready?

- I dunno you're really, really excited by this.

- I dunno, it just made me chuckle.


Here goes.

I popped down the shops to pick up eight cans of sprite.

- Right.

- It was only when I got home I realized I'd picked 7-Up.


- I like it.


- [Mike] As we've mentioned,

we don't just make top quality YouTube videos.

- [Distorted voice] LOL!

- [Mike] We've built the Sorted Club,

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Check it out if you're interested.

Thank you for watching,

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- Barry told us what to look for in the bed.