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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Top 10 Shocking Galactus Facts - Part 2

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Galactus is a necessary evil.

Or rather, an essential cosmic force that balances out the Marvel universe, yet occasionally

ends up threatening all of the characters we know and love.

But yall know that alreadyso lets talk about some of the things you might not

know about the fellow who devourers planets because his hunger dictates it so, coming

at you with a part 2 of our list, the top 10 galactus shocking facts.

Also, be sure to stick around to the end of the video and let us know which of these facts

surprised you the most.

Lets get to it friends.

10 His Heralds In the Marvel universe, Galactus has had 17

heralds, most of which are dead.

These heralds either died on duty, or were released from theirherald-ship’, so

to speak.

And yes, were just talking main 616 continuity heretheres even more heralds if you

venture out into the rest of the multiverse.

But more on that later.

Lets talk about the lucky individuals who have had the opportunity to be Galactus


Tyrant, the Fallen One, Air-Walker, Morg the Executioner, Red Shift, and Anti-Man were

all his heralds, and all died in the process.

Then theres the folks who were released from his service, Firelord, Destroyer, Rom

the Spaceknight, Nova, Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Stardust, Praeter, Dazzler, and our

pal Doctor Strange.

Then theres Terrax the Tamer, who was depowered.

And of course, theres the Silver Surfer, who is his the most well-known herald of his,

the one who was introduced alongside of Galactus, practically designed to complement the devourer

of worlds, and is an ongoing ally of his even when not heralding.

Speaking of heralds though, that brings us to our next number-

9 Superman was his herald In 1999, this little crossover occurred between

the Fantastic Four and Superman, titled Superman Fantastic Four, in a story called the infinite


It saw the man of steel finding a mysterious object in metropolis that turned out to be

a nuclear bomb, and long story short, he needs the help of the Fantastic Four.

But throughout the story, things take an interesting turn, Henry Henshaw aka Cyborg Superman becomes

involved, and Superman is imbued with GalactusPower Cosmic.

Superman is into the new gig it seems, to the point where Reed Richards needs to figure

out a way to snap him out of it, but seeing the Galactus obliterate a planet really turns

him off, and he starts to plead with the massive antagonist to not consume planets bubbling

with life forms.

Theres more to it than that, and Henry Henshaw gets a really crappy ending in this

one where hes turned into what Galactus deems as perfection (a piece of condensed

alloy without thought or consciousness lol), but lets move on.

8 Planets Hes Ended Sure, Earth is always at threat when it comes

to Galactus in the comics it seems.

But what about other planets hes actually managed to devour?

Theres a handful that weve witnessed over the years in the 616 universe, including

Sakaar, Poppup (the home of Impossible Man) Tarnax IV which was the throne world of the

Skrull empire, and a handful more.

Weve only witnessed roughly 9 planets being destroyed by him in the comics before, which

is a little odd when you consider what his whole schtick is.

No wonder dude is so hungry, he barely eats!

Im sure hes destroyed plenty of planets off panel though.

7 Squirrel Girl This number is something a lot of you probably

know about thanks to how AMAZING it is.

Once upon a time, in a 2014 story arc of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, specifically between issues

1 and 4, Squirrel GirldefeatedGalactus, via friendship and understanding.


So as the story goes, Galactus is on his way to Earth when hes approached by Squirrel

Girl, who hasborrowedsome of Iron Mans equipment thanks to her army of fuzzy

adorable creatures snatching it without his knowledge.

She heads to the moon with the intention of preventing Galactus from destroying the Earth,

and the two get to talking.

And whats her overall solution?

She gives Galactus a planet full of nuts for him

to devourer instead.

And it works!

It ends with him not obliterating our planet, and he gives the young hero his card in case

she ever decides she wants to be his herald.


In the process, she also mentions that she defeated Thanos that one time, to which Galactus

responds, “hes a tool.”

Speaking of-

6 Thanos While Galactus might not be a villain in the

traditional sense, he often finds himself coming head to head with another famous Marvel

antagonistwere talking the mad titan, Thanos.

And when you think about how colossal Thanosthreats to the universe have been, it makes

sense that their paths would cross from time to time.

But its happening multiple times, with Galactus actually being defeated by the mad

titan in the process.

This first occurred in the Infinity Gauntlet, the comic book crafted by Jim Starlin and

George Perez from the early 90s that inspired the MCU Infinity War story arc.

After Thanos acquires all of the infinity gems, Galactus is part of the cosmic forces

that attack the mad titan, only to face defeat against the all powerful big bad.

He also didnt consume a planet he had set his hungry sights on because of Thanos, which

is the reason why he teamed up with Adam Warlock and co.

Theres been plenty of other instances too, including in the recent Cosmic Ghost Rider

story arc, in which Frank Castles Punisher becomes the ghost rider and then makes an

alliance with Galactus, becoming his herald, with the two teaming up to eventually take

on Thanos.

No spoilers on that one thoughits still fairly recent.

5 Galactiac Lets venture into an alternate reality

for a hot sec, and take a look at a version of Galactus called Galactiac.

Whats so interesting about this fellow from Earth 9602?

Its that hes from the Amalgam universea universe in which characters from both

Marvel and DC comics are amalgamated together to create some really neat alternate versions

of themselves.

Galactiac is the combination of Galactus and Brainiac.

He even starred in his own comic, called Challengers of the Fantastic issue 1.

Hes capable of manipulating energies on a cosmic scale, and rather than devouring

planets, he must replenish his energy cells by siphoning off the lifeblood of entire planets.

So still bad and kind of the same but different and mildly creepier.

4 Ultimates There was a time where Galactus almost lost

his powers for good, in the Ultimates Vol 2.

Were not talking the 1610 universe, friends, but rather, the Ultimates series that follows

the Ultimates team on 616, when the team was Black Panther, Blue Marvel, Carol Danvers

as Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeaus Spectrum, and America Chavez.

When writer Al Ewing was plotting the end of his run on this series, he intended to

have Galactus sacrifice being the Lifebringer as a means of saving Eternity.

The whole plan was to make Galactusstory a tragedy.

But in the process of writing it, Galactus was just too damn likeable, and Ewing changed

his mind, scrapping that whole plot entirely.

3 Monsters Myths and Marvels Apparently Galactus is even endearing to the

people of Earth 616, too.

So Marvel has this fun series in 2009 called Marvel TV that features the fictional Marvel

Channel, where you can get all the 411 on the 616.

This comic serves as an episode of a show called Monsters Myths and Marvels, and specifically

takes a closer look at Galactus.

As the description goes, “Is he really the planet-eating celestial being weve come

to fear with every fiber of our being?

Or is he the construct of a super hero team desperate for headlines?

Join host Gordon Allsowrth as he exposes the truth behind Galactus and the greatest hoax

ever pulled on humankind.”

Aka, a giant money scam courteous of Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four.

Galactuslikeness is used to market a slew of products, including toys, burgers, amusement

parks, and my personal favouriteLAXATIVES.

Yes, the people of earth 616 like to use Galactus as a symbol for helping out with bowel movements.

For when you really, really, REALLY have to go.

Whats not to love?

2 His Daughter Galactus is a daddy!

Not that kind of daddy, people.

2009 not only brought us Galactus laxatives in Marvels panels, but also, his daughter,

Galacta, who first appeared in Marvel Assistant Sized Spectacular issue 2.

She possesses similar powers as her papa, including the use of the Power Cosmic, and

cosmic awareness, although her abilities arent as strong as daddy dearests.

Unlike her dad, Galacta isnt consumed with the desire to consume planets, or rather,

she controls her hunger better.

She prefers to chill on Earth in her human form where she uses the alias of Gali.

Shes a hero, who uses her powers to protect earth from extraterrestrial threats.

Eventually though, she realizes her hunger cant be satisfied, all thanks to a cosmic

tapeworm living inside of her.


They call it Tapeworm Cosmic, of course.

As one does.

She then tried to use Wolverines genetic code to create a living planet with his mutant

healing factor to serve as an infinite food source, but as you can imagine, Logan wasnt

real down with that.

Turns out the Tapeworm Cosmic is actually a cosmic being much like themselvessomething

her father discovers when analyzing herand, in other words, Gali is pregnant.

But heres the kickeraccording to Marvels executive editor Tom Brevoort, Galacta is

not considered to be part of the official Marvel continuity.

1 The Colour Purple Speaking of Galacta, the devourers daughter

and her daddy dearest actually wear the colour purple for a reason.

In our last list, we mentioned how Galactus is perceived by races across the universe;

he doesnt have a true form, and isnt a being in a physical sense, with each mind

seeing him as an image it can comprehend.

It comes from an effect called neurocensoring FX that causes the brain to see something

called Kirby crackles (odd black circles), which comes from the mortal brains inability

to directly perceive the power cosmic.

But with that in mind, theres a reason why we see the colour purple when we see Galactus

and his daughter.

According to Galacta, its because, I quote, “thats merely what your crude little

cortexes perceivedue to the colours royalty symbolism which she callsancient mythopoetic

cultural sludge encrusting your merely mortal minds.”

So I wonder what other kinds of colours others in the 616 universe perceive when they look

at them.

There we have it friends!

Whats your favourite Galactus fact so far?

What other stuff about the character should we have mentioned?

Give us a shout in those comments below and let us know!

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