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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A TYPICAL TEACHER'S MORNING ROUTINE

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I got eyes hello everyone welcome to my

life stream so this is just a quick one

everyone yeah I just would like to share

my yes morning routine as a teacher so

I'm actually getting ready for work

right now so I see yes I haven't brushed

my hair I just washed my face I watched

my buddy I didn't wash my hair because I

already watched it yesterday

so yeah cream in moisturizer

hello region John did some how are you

thank you for coming - John how are you

Jim Joe

that's good how is business doing jump

Chinese business so yes guys I'm getting

ready for Rick right now getting ready

for work Jun hello are these weren't

family I'm going to work I'm just

preparing am I gonna have you checked in

here because it's cool I'm getting ready

for work

what is that I would go live maybe just

15 minutes


hello junkie TV how are you thanks for


I'm good I'm just getting ready for work

right so as you can see I haven't

brushed my hair I'm gonna brush it after

I fix my face fix my face it's my

facebook I I mean you live near Pune so

yes guys this is this really nothing

hello Wendy Epsilon how are you my dear

that's I'm not very good at the you know

forming the Kela okay so I just do it

like I wanted I'm not the expert so yeah

I'm just doing like that this boot


hello Britain Japan hello Kate 29 kids

hello how are you how are you I need to

sort kids for school and oh thank you

829 kids no problem no problem

have a good day 29 kids I'm also getting

ready for school

yeah I'm gonna go to school thank you so

much eighty twenty nine kids Russia in


how are you great Shane Japan are you

work right now or at school just cuz you

see I'm not very good at putting key

like he likes like place like but look I

haven't even fixed it I really it's very

this is a nightmare for me would think

it is a nightmare because you know my

Kela is not bad time while we're aiming

words my killer is not one time yes guys

I have glasses ten guys so right now

it's a it's 9:15 so usually I leave home

at 9:30

hello then a future I'm getting ready

for work I know everyone so yeah I was

pretty community because my baby is a

week and then we all are unmuted from

time to time thanks for coming down a


what do you think about my killer is it

equal now because it's really hard to

you know do this on Mikey like guys it

always takes time you know I have a good

day 829

- B - V - nice keel I'm a damn ah-hoo

thank you so much Kela is very hard to

form guys no today I keel a lady's life

it's taking my life okay that's enough

okay enough with you tonight so after I

put I usually put this mascara thing

also for eyebrow just to make it that

fun this is


so yes guys make it so much dunsky TV so

yes guys can I use like you guys

finished should now let's have the lips

lips lips that's how simple my my

morning routine how much I go to work

like this is it okay just here yes we

have gloves for one hour in the morning

in one hour in the after


to me do we do hello Justin Johan oh my

god welcome back

after I pick this color guys this color

I'm gonna put this one this color just

double because this is matte so much yes

guys bidding already good Thank You

Jesse Joe hi actually guys I haven't

edited my new video so yeah I just won

plus in the morning and afternoon one

hour as well so yeah I have two hours



yes does I'm preparing cookie is the

sigil all I'm good I'm good Jesse Joker

James Fermanagh has hello welcome to my

livestream James James reward is waiting

for the water to boil let's continue the

session 7:13 a missionary and that's it

guys I put powder my Padres loose powder

so this is a they go to work like that

guys is it okay oh please good morning

are you thoughtful ears long time no see

how are you I'm getting ready for work

thoughtfully so this tree maybe only for

10 minutes yeah

thank you every sporting family

I'm always huge just by your side

thank you so my stuff believes that's

very supportive of you say what about

that I'm ready for work so that's all

guys this is all I do with my face

nothing really special so yes guys

that's it

mm-hmm yes mm-hmm I'm gonna brush my

hair after Charlotte this is just turn

yep so I sometimes put this this one

must get mess mascara but I don't

usually put even today I'm not gonna

predict it's very annoying to remove

guys you just don't know how hard it is

just a moment guys I'm going to prepare


anthropology 101 hello not Chris blog I

just prepared my husband's coffee guys

so yeah I'm gonna go to work right now

so getting really foolin

hello fellow bloggers welcome to my

livestream so yes guys can get easy no


James be modest so yes guys with us the

end of my streaming

funny that's so funny okay sis thank you

so much guys for dropping by so yes guys

this won't be a long string it's just

for oh I wanted to have it only 15

minutes but now it has been 17 minutes

so maybe we can make it 20 minutes and

then I'm gonna end because I have to go

to work

everyone yes uh yeah that's it

so yeah that's really it

I'm gonna go to work so that's how I

prepare myself to work everyone okay no

problem life happens haha the police I

missed you you didn't see I didn't see

you for a while how are you the police

so yeah guys um I'm gonna have my

favorite present I got told no problem

hallo bloggers have a good day so yes

guys guys the police guys is a foreigner


he isn't Filipino so I don't think he

can understand what you are saying in

Tagalog or whatever ready to go


this rebt

were no problem nope robbery foul


thank you so much everyone so I only

have 30 seconds right now and I'm gonna

end the stream so I hope to see you

again later maybe 60 mi time so that's

gonna be like eight hours from now but

I'm not social okay so anyway anyway if

you need to my channel please don't

forget to subscribe and click the bell

button below to get more a place about

much I know you have the flu or

something no nobody

oh yeah it's normal because you know the

change of weather yes so have a great

day everyone bye Bob