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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Where I Live - Barbara Johnsen and Her Converted Barn House | Pottery Barn

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Pottery Barn

Where I Live Barbara Johnson

My name is barbara Johnson I'm an interior designer and I live here in Sonoma California

and this is my barn, this is a space that I've been dreaming about building for a long time

it's my home it's my office and it's just a terrific space to live in.

I had always wanted to live in a barn.

It represents everything that I love about design

from the light

to the openness the idea that everything happens in one room which is terrific and there's a lot of history in this whole building

so the idea of living inside of all this history and bringing it back to life again

has huge significance to me has good karma, a good feeling about it to me.

this barn originally was built

in the eighteen forties

in a location outside

princeton new Jersey called Neshanic Station.

and it actually was a wagon house

built completely by hand so it has all these hand-hewn beams

so there's no bolts

or metal in it of any kind, it was just put together with timber pegs,

and there's what they call marriage marks which is where

farmers used to mark each post and how it went together with the beam and how it went together with various

elements of the structure that you can still see, when we put it back together again it only took

about seven or eight days

even though the whole thing go back together the turnout was

standing for two

hundred years almost it didn't take very long to take it apart and put it back together again

I think it's important to find

the space that just works perfectly

everybody has their own

own unique environment in which they feel best and most comfortable

we tried to recreate as much as possible from the old days and

many elements are brought out here for example this table right here is actually

one of the old doors that was up on the front of one of the windows and we turned it into a table

the flooring here in the space is original, it's old

heart white pine

the planks are fourteen,

sixteen sixteen inches wide

so you have all those refurbished and redone here,

and the beam that you see over here above the

fireplace over here was actually a post

for some of the corn crib areas

and we turned that into the mantle

so as much as possible I tried to use

every element of the barn the original barn that I could

For a stairway

we needed to get

out of the building

and go around in a circle to come back in again

I didn't want to have to cut any beams

or any posts of any kind

to accomplish that stair

so we sort of stretched the building a little bit

and added that silo, it was

a challenge to find a dome

for a silo and get a silo built in California

but it all worked out

and I think it adds tremendously to the shape of the space.

this loft space is

really my favorite space

it's a whole other dimension in scale and

proportion to the rest of the barn.

it's very cozy up here, the roof is a little closer the colors are very warm

it's nice to have a second space to come to,

I have my desk up here, you can see over everything down below

I can read, there's a library up here, I can watch a film,

there's a fireplace

one of my favorite

spaces here though is the master suite it's much more private which I really enjoy,

it really is a little cocoon.

I created the master bathroom up there as a little

sanctuary I want to give a break from the rest of all this wood and warmth

in the building it's all in

blues and white, a great big beautiful bathtub,

and lots and lots of fresh light in there, so it's wonderful

I think the reason that pottery barn selected this space is it makes a perfect backdrop for

just casual country American style,

as an interior designer it's a great affirmation to think that my own work was something that

was appealing and attractive to pottery barn to come in and

show their products

in this casual country american look

it was a lot of fun a great

professional group and their products look fabulous in this space

Pottery Barn

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