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At 10:15 pm,

on Chinese street in L country,

owner of the Zhen Shi antique shop,

Zhen "antique", died in his shop.

The right side of his body is badly burned.

On his right arm,

there's some slashes, possibly caused by knife.

How can someone cause this?

My honey.

Two months ago,

Gui "Opera" just arrived here.

She and the girl

I dreamed about when I was 10 years old are the same.

The mother

only left the picture of "high mountain flowing water" for Xiao Hua.

Surprisingly, Zhen "antique" wanted to possess the pic.

Zhen "antique" gave Gui "tricky" 100,000 yuan.

What did he want you to find?

Maybe the pic of "high mountain flowing water"?

How can you know

he wanted me to find that pic?

Look for He Ye.

Who is He Ye?

He told me

this pic

could guide you to your younger brother.

There was a snowstorm on December 31st.

A hole was churned up.

Then they found the father's body in it.

How cruel.

This was unexpected.

Let me explain. It was unexpected.

How can you explain

the video Q gave me?

Why did you steal my clothes,

then break into my house?

He deprived me of my beloved.

Then treated her like that.

So you already watched my video?

Zhen actually has conflict with

the dead.

So why did Ou kill Zhen?

Detective, try your best!

Detective, good luck!

At first, I kinda believed

Gui Gui wasn't the final criminal.

As the relationship between Gui and Zhen

isn't deep.

Secondly, Sa still conceals a lot of things.

He can be

an indirect "murder".

We haven't found out the real cause

leading to the death of the victim.


it must have been done by someone hating him.

Chen. Ou and He...

But actually,

when Ou found out what she'd sincerely been giving

was throwing away,

there might be a smoldering fire to revenge in her mind.


Five blessings enter home, good lucks come.

All things come satisfying.

As for suspects,

please wait.

We'll check one by one.


Go check.

You can't touch her.

I think in those two eyes...

Stand still.

Something in the two eyes.

I touched it.

My phone.

Let's check things in turn.


Aromatic bag.

You'll be scared of it.

I told you already.

Will be scared of this?


This is my key.

A key in my room.

What's this?


It's drug.

Check it out.

Drug. Drug.

Check it out.

Drug. Drug.

Check it out.

Drug. Drug.


What kind of drug?


Causing death after 2 hours taking in.

Poison whom?

Poison Zhen.

Today, at 9:30...

Properly 9: 30 am.

I'll give you one more day.

Bu Zhong Yao.

Tell me about your family background.

If I won't get the good tonight,

I'll reveal your secrets from the past.

Wait for being arrested.

She was threatened.

I was threatened by him.

As Bu Zhong Yao's friend

revealed I once killed people.

So Zhen used it to threaten me.

In addition,

there was "high mountain flowing water" pic.

I did it for my beloved.

Because this pic was very important to him,

I couldn't let Zhen get it.

So I took it to my place.

Not only took the listening device,

but also "high mountain flowing water" pic?


You think I believed what you just said?

Why don't believe me?

Although I lied around the bush at first,

now everything I say is very sincere.

Okay, I believe.



Good girl.

Let's see what's in her phone.

You texted "Today, at 9 pm,

I'll meet you.

As for the thing you wished,

I'll give you a satisfying answer".

Did you meet him at 9 pm?

I was there.


In his house.

He was home,


So at 8:45 pm,

who met him?

At 8:45 pm, it was Chen.

You met him at 8:45?

He was still at home?


He was alive until 9 pm?



This is...?

It's the key in my room.

To what?


Come on.

Here it is.

This is...?

An orphanage.

You're an orphan?

That's your older sister.

This is an adoption contract.

High Mountain, Heaven Angel orphanage.

Leader Jia, male.

He adopted two children.

One is Gui "sister".

16 years old.

And Gui "tricky", 6 years old.

10 years younger than the sister.

Adopted on January 01, 2001.

Back then, she was her sister.

It was her who made Sa crazy in love,


He adopted two of us.

Here is the older sister.

Let me have a look.

Look, she's much prettier.

Here's "high mountain flowing water" tea.

How can you get that tea box?

You're an M's citizen?

I'm from country of M.

My sister gave me this "high mountain flowing water" tea.

She really loves making tea

for children.

But I clearly saw the adoption paper.

You're not their natural son.


my mom gave me a tea bag when I was young.

It's "high mountain flowing water" tea.

Taste of memory.

So everything's clear now.

You're also an orphan

that tasted the tea

at that orphanage, then remember of it.

So the taste you clearly remember isn't from your mom.

Chen "Private" just

used black makeup remover

to find out password on the computer of Gui "Opera".

Very clean.

L'Oréal black makeup remover, blackness helps blackness.

Helps us one step closer to the truth.

Whom to check next?

Come on.

Our Sa "Painting".

I'll go easy if you're honest.

If you resist...


It's a knife.

Small knife with bloodstains.

Find it so quickly.

I think I'm good at hiding it.

You caused 3 slashes on the body,

didn't you?

Someone really understands why

I caused the 3 slashes.


friends can cover up for friends.

Only those.

Check the chest.

Feel like I'm enjoying.

He can have a tiny key.

Can't you take turn to touch me?

I can't feel the temperature of your palms.

Oh my God.

Same same.

You also have this.


Where's the drug from?

I bought it.

When will you use it?

When it's in the right time.

When did you meet "the dead" the last time?

I guess

I sent my younger bro a message "Have to discuss".

He asked me what was that.

I answered "We must talk".

He told me "Come to me at 8:30 pm".

8:30 pm.

So you met him at 8:30 pm?


So you haven't used the pill yet?

I bought this after meeting him.

How about that wound?

The wound... We'll talk after you check the rest.

Keep it carefully.

Check the next.

Quickly vote.

He "Tea".


Why am I so beautiful?


always use Tik Tok to record this beautiful life of mine.

You should quickly download it.

It's Tik Tok.

Pretty outstanding.

His watermelon seeds are nice.


Tea knife.

If it's a cigar...

The purple is tea.

"High mountain flowing water" tea is purple.

How about the bloodstains here?

That's Zhen's blood.

Bloodstains of Zhen "antique".

I stung him a bit.

Stung where?

His right arm.

Why did you sting him?

Cause I wanted his blood circulation to get better.


You fed him drug?

I didn't feed him drug.

I was surprised when I saw him.

As I didn't come to see him.

Where you saw him?


I saw him at the gallery of Sa "Painting".



I met him at 9:45 pm.

It's not here...

This key.

Give it to me.

I want to find keys.

Now time's to see the room of He "Tea".

That's his trunk.

This key opens which trunk?

The big one. There's a trunk.

Open it.

What's this?

There's blood on it.

Done. Done.

What's this?

Pour it out.

Pour to that cup.

"Triangle Sleep"

Brown powder becomes effective 2 hours after use

and can remain effective within 12 hours.

After drinking it, three red spots will appear

on the vent system of the left arm.

3 red spots form a triangle.

He, it's you who did it.

It wasn't me.

Zhen gave me this thing.

He told it was my brother's stuff.


I haven't used it.

This is my main motive to come here.

You also have??

Promotion today?

You definitely have it.

Kitchen God Day.

Shouldn't we prepare drug in advance?

You'd better feel embarrassed if you don't have it.

Get it out here.


Let's take turn.

Drug. Drug. Check it out.

Look at that.

Let's take turn.

Today, at 9:45,

I went to Sa's gallery.

I came there to kill Sa.

Kill Sa?

This is the part I haven't told you yet.

In your flower garden,

I found the body of my younger brother.

Only with finding your brother's body

in my garden,

you can't blame this case on me.

Swear to God.

Nothing's between me and your brother.

I don't even know him.

On January 14th,

when you and Gui "Opera"

were hanging out,

I sneaked into your house.

I found the ground near its corner jut out,

then I gently dug it up.

Suddenly came out a hand

with the ring of my bro.

After I dug the body up,

I knew it was my bro.

There was a gun hole on his body,

he must have been "shot dead".

Extremely sad,

I moved the body

from the flower garden to the morgue for burning.

Then I decided to revenge for my bro.

So today, at 9:45 pm,

I brought the poison to Sa's gallery.

I thought,

when the door opened,

I'd use a tea needle to sting him.

At 9:45 pm,

I found Zhen interrupting me.

Really surprised,

I asked why he was here?

He was ambiguous.

While he was ambiguous,

I found out 3 spots on his arm.

As I knew how this drug worked.

It took time for the drug to become effective.

But "high mountain flowing water" tea

can speed the blood circulation,

then foster the drug effect.

So when he was off his guard,

I stung his right arm.

He then became unconscious.

Let's focus.

After he was unconscious,

I put him in...

The thing you see right now.

In Sa's gallery, there is one thing

behind the easel,

under the white statue.

Under the statue comes a black cloth,



I put Zhen there.

When he was still unconscious, I waited for Sa.

As he was normally back at 10 pm.

I wanted to "kill" him,

so I hid in the gallery

waiting for him

in the locked room.

How could you get into

the gallery (the secret room)?

How could you?

I knew the password.

I could just get into the room!


is it a secret room?


What the heck?

This is...

Can't believe you wanted to "kill" me!

It requires password.

Password cabinet lock.

There's a touchscreen.

At 9 pm, I came to meet Zhen.

As Zhen always wanted that pic,

I told him the password.


Zhen knew the password?


But at that time, Zhen hadn't known yet.

And she already stole it away.

So, Zhen opened the secret room,

searching for it.

When he was back here to search, I was already inside.



I waited you here.

As I wanted

to "kill" you right after you were in.

But you left Zhen outside.

I left Zhen

near this cloth,

under this,

right here.

Among things I did to him,

none of which "led to his death".

As I only wanted him not to interrupt me.

As I only wanted to "kill",

"kill" Sa Painting for my bro.

Please be more lucid.

I wanna ask

what is the real cause of "the death" of the "victim"?

Still no ideas.

What is the effect of the pill?

The pill,

"kills victim" 2 hours after being used.

It causes "death"

2 hours after being used, right?


And Triangle Sleep doesn't.

Triangle Sleep comes effective after 1 hour,

causing coma within 12 hours.

The important thing is

mine has always been locked.

Zhen told me that was my bro's.

Someone else has it!

Explain the score.

After 21:50,

I was back to maintain my mom's pics.

Everyday, I had to maintain

"high mountain flowing water" pic of my mom.

But at that time, it wasn't here.

I didn't know it.

As when I came in,

I figured out

a black cloth covering something.

I pulled it up.

It was my bro.

You dragged him back (to the antique shop)?


You took him?

I took my bro back (to the antique shop).

When you dragged him, was he "dead"?

He was "dead".

He was "dead"?

You're sure he didn't breathe anymore?

Did you check like this?

I did!

He was "dead".

Didn't breathe any longer.

Why did you cut him by knife after that?

As I felt weird, wondering why my bro

was "dead" here?

I checked my bro's body carefully

then figured out a hole on his arm,

caused by a tea needle.

I recognized the color of the tea.

There were clearly purple color

of the tea on it.

Then the first one I came up was you.

I wanted to protect you.

You wanted to protect him,

so you dragged your bro away.

I was thinking no matter what reasons,

did he "kill" my bro.

I couldn't lose another friend.

If he was really "dead",

wasn't He the direct "killer"?

If so...

At 9:45 pm,

you put him here?

At 9:50 pm, he came in

and found he was "dead".

5 mins.

Someone did it within 5 mins,

Or I and him,

one of us is telling lies.

As I wanted to protect you,

I made the 3 scores on his arm

to cover the hole.

But I really wanted to cover up for you.

So I made 3 slashes on his arm.


friends can cover up for friends.

I couldn't lose another friend.

So I left him here.


I'll check all of you.

Let's check Chen Private.

You trade

this kind of drug?

So you only have this.

The thing is.

At 8 am,

I was caught by Zhen, then I returned the clothes.

Then I waited till 9 am.

My friend told me

detective Q did believe the video

I faked.

Tomorrow, I'll confront Zhen.

So, the thing is.

Zhen already knew I stole his clothes.

After confronting Q,

he must have known

I faked the video.


the fake video

might affect Ou, right?

At the time,

I could only do one thing

to keep his mouth shut.

That was "killing" him.

At 3 pm, I secretly

put a will into his suitcase.

Then saw his health check report.

Health check report?

Hatred and hatred

made me "kill" him.

I wanted to put this poison

into his tea cup.

I couldn't find it.

So I thought

at 8:45 tonight,

I would tell him

why I stole his clothes.

I made an appointment.

At 8:45,

I did meet him.

But surely he didn't let his guard down

while talking with me,

so I had no chance to poison.

Then I thought chance might come

when he was sleeping.

So later I came to his house

to poison him.

We have the last one.

Ou hasn't told her story yet.

She didn't buy that drug.

Where's the phone?

The phone of the "victim".

The phone is...

When coming over my place,

please keep everything clean.

As I clean up everyday,

to get the house away from dust.

Ou "Dignified".

Check where dust is.


Where is dust?

Please take off your shoes.

Take of your shoes before entering my room.


Wedding anniversary day

can be the password.

June 30th, 2014.

Isn't it.

It's wedding anniversary day.

It's a wedding pic.

Can you open it?


It's opened.


She logged in app Mango.

I moved in Chinese street since I got married.

Today, I decided move out.

Thanks for those happy times.

Goodbye Chinese street.

10 pm on 17th.

There is a legal paper in her album.

To sir Zhen,

About standards of punishment for stealing a famous pic

you requested last time,

I've looked up for similar cases relating to law.

So I can tell you that

with objects worth more then 500,000 yuan,

punishment can be more than 10 years.

If the theft involves weapon,

or has other purposes,

punishment can be sentence for life or finance related.

The thing is

I really love my husband.

In my heart, he is

such an talented painter.

I and him were collegemates.

We got married after graduation.

I extremely admired his talent.

After marriage, we always lived here.

Our relationships with his dad and his bro

weren't good.

That day, his dad came to see him.

I heard their conversation.

His dad told

"You're so talented,

why don't use your talent for good things?

Why do you always simulate mom's pics

and fake them?"

He sold them out

causing chaos in the market

turning his mom's pics into counterfeits.

Then he said "I'd rather die for great cause.

I'll let the law punish you".

Then my husband was very angry, he said "What?

You want to report me?

You want me to go to prison, right?"

Finally, he left.

After that,

I saw my father-in-law falling to the ground.

Then, he got the phone,

going to call police.

Because I really loved my husband,

I didn't want him to be reported.

When I was so panic,

I took...

that thing to beat him unconscious.

I didn't know that...

Too hard.

Yes, I beat him too hard.

That made him "dead".

Because of protecting my husband,

I finally had no choice.

Then I dragged and buried him.

Did he know?

Did my bro know that?

He didn't know.

He had gone.

He had angrily gone.

She has passport,


and flammable powder.

She also had Zhen's ring.

She knew her husband wanted to run away.

Where did you get "Triangle Sleep powder" from?

From my husband.

This suitcase hasn't been opened yet.

We must open it.

Can I have a look at the phone?

I moved in Chinese street since I got married.

Today, I decided to move out.

Thanks for those good times.

Those good times.

What's their wedding day?

June 30th.

From June 30, 2014

to June 30th, 2020 is

6 years.

6 times 365

equaling how many days?

You really calculate the password like this?

You know,

a woman falling deeply in love

surely calculate days like this.

You know,

brothers can betray you.

Women can abandon you.

But numbers can't.

Numbers won't and never.

365 times 6,


Till June 30th this year.



July, 31 days.

August, 30 days.

31 (days).

You haven't counted two leap years.

28 or 29 days.

February in a common year has a day less.


A common year has 365 (days).

A leap year has 366 (days).

Plus 2.

Let's plus 2.

Isn't correct.

She said "those good times".

This logic isn't wrong.

It's from the date she got married till now.

Till the date she posted on app Mango.


January 17th,

From June 30th to January 17th.


It's opened!


Look, here are clothes she wore when burying her father-in-law.

She has ash,

the drug causes unconscious after you breathe it in.

Here is a thumb ring.


Yes, it's my husband's ring.

Why did you take it?

Actually, when I came to the shop this morning

to give him food.

I heard him calling someone.

He said to that person

"Tonight, I must "kill" her.

So I need to hurry up.

Detective Q will soon figure out

I'm the thief of watercolor pictures.

Why do you go out today?

He wanted "Snake Head" to fake

my export license,

then burn me down,

put his ring on my finger

so that people would believe the "dead"

to be him.

How can?

Bones of men and women are different!

Bones are different!

As the body will be burned

to ash.

Burnt into ash.

After that he threw my phone into the sea.

and then

he could secretly flee away.

Too cruel.

As a result, when I came back I found out

that there're these things in his box.

I think

if he used this method to kill me

I would be very downhearted.

I love him so much,

why could he treat me like that?

Actually you didn't want to kill him,

you only wanted

to go far away, right?

I wanted to put him in a comma

then take his stuff away.

Until he's awake

then he would know that

I already knew about this.

After that we wouldn't get entangled with each other anymore.

Did you put him in a comma?

Yes, I did.

That means 3 spots I saw in his arm

was actually caused by you, right?

At what time did you do it?

Because I needed to confirm that

he ate my anesthetic

before he drugged me.

That's why when I came back in the evening,

I put this anesthetic into the dumplings.

And then indeed

at 9:15

he took a teapot and asked me to drink.

I drank the tea

then I spitted it out.

Spitted it out.

After that he ate my dumplings.

After finishing the dumplings, he went out at 9:30

He went to your art gallery.

I just thought

he definitely wouldn't come back that soon.

And then

at 9:40

I packed up my stuff then went away.

However, until now we still don't know

how did your younger brother die?

I think Zhen did that,

because just now there's a very important information.

There's hair in the crime scene.

We will find out the whole truth soon.

If my younger brother was caught,

he would confess about him.

How many people did he want to get rid of?

Zhen's birthday.

The phone in Zhen's room

has been opened on by me just now.

There are two messages after opening.

One is about a "not important murderer" told Zhen:


the stuff you wants these days

I already help you took care of it.

About the matter with He Ye at the beginning of October

I also took care of it.

So your younger brother...

On November 2nd

I lost contact with my younger brother.

On the evening of January 11th

I had to help you move,

you must thank me properly.

On January 11th,

he helped him move He Ye's dead body

to your place.

On January 14th

I found it out in your garden.

There is a shipper's acceptance notice.

Dear customer,

your request has been accepted.

Items are 38 paintings.

The appointment time at your door is

00:30 tomorrow.

38 paintings.

It's 37 paintings adding the "high mountains and flowing waters" painting.

He took the "high mountains and flowing waters" painting.

It's at my place.

Take it out, where?

You guys go and find it.

This board can be moved.

Behind it.

I see a painting.

High mountains.

So beautiful.

High mountains.


This represents my mother's most artistic achievement.

I think today he must have taken it no matter what.

Because he must flee away tomorrow.

There is an interval between two layers.

What is this?

Dear husband,

I know that there's not much time left for me,

so I especially write this letter.

This is the letter which Madam Shui Mo

wrote to your father.

Except the last wish I told you before,

I want to ask you a favor.

Not long ago I just knew that

after I divorced my ex-husband,

he passed away.

Hua Er was sent to High mountain angel's orphanage.

I have an incurable disease,

I don't want after staying together with me for a few days

he will have to experience the pain of losing mother

since he lost his father from an early age.

Therefore, I have a presumptuous request.

Please consider our husband and wife affection,

after I pass away,

adopt my Hua Er.

I gave birth but didn't raise him,

I'm guilty to him.

I hope you can do my part as a parent

to raise him up.

Please don't be too sad after I die.

I will always accompany you guys.

Your loved wife.

So my father adopted me

not because he fancied my drawing talent.

In fact he did it because

Madam Shui Mo asked him to.

It's a good deed.

I think this box

belonged to Zhen's father.

And this box

probably hasn't been opened before.

That's right.

Therefore, I and Zhen probably shouldn't have known about this.

Finally the secret of my identity is solved.

Confirm it.

Let's do one-on-one interrogation.

One-on-one interrogation

Detective has the right to question the suspect alone.

The case is on its peak causing tremble hands.

Stably filming thanks to Reno.

The first important reason of asking you to go in here is

you have the least suspicion.

He asked you to steal the painting,

and saidf you don't steal it I will expose you".

But if you're exposed you can run away.

Yes, because I has been running away for a long time.

You have been always running away.

I think

the reason of death actually is

because somebody

poisoned him

2 hours before.

I need to revise the time-line again.

At 8:45

Chen came

What time did you come?

At 9:00

there's no problem as well.

I have a problem.

Burn mark.

The oil lamp was fallen over because of me.

You came at

9:55 or 10:00?

At 10:00.

Then I saw Sa (dragging the corpse)

After Sa's gone, I came in to see.

As a result I found out

Gu Dong seemed to be dead.

I saw gold power on his hand.

I thought that Sa killed Gu Dong,

so I put the oil lamp on.

According to your words,

who do you suspect the most?

Person who doesn't have pill.

So I think I know

your time-line now.

I also know Sa's time-line.

Now I decide that

you two absolutely don't lie.

I think you should call Sa first

to talk about my part back then.


If Sa doesn't have suspicion at all,

then I need to keep him to interrogate at the end.

If I call the suspect at the end

as soon as he comes in he starts talking nonsense,

it will discard everything.

But what if he's the murderer?

You quickly note down Gui's time-line.

We need to erase Gui's time-line.

then people coming to confess

see who has changed then "shoot" immediately.

"Shoot" immediately.


What's up?

I need to check again about

what did you do today.

At 10 a.m

I brought the food to the shop for him.


I heard him talking on the phone

about he wanted to kill me tonight.

Then I thought

"when he comes back tonight

before he drugs me

I need to put him in comma first".

Ok, so he came back home at 10:15.

He asked you to drink tea,

and you asked him to eat dumplings.

As a result, there's poison in the tea

and in the dumplings

as well.

That's right.

I drank tea and then spitted it all out.

He ate and swallowed dumplings.

That's right.

And at 9:30

he went out

At 9:30

he went out,

at 9:40

I packed up my stuff then went away.

But at 10:00 you updated your Mango status,

what was that?

That's true. At 10:00 I updated my status on Mango

when I was on the way

to the bus station.

We have one question.

You put him in comma first then you went away

because you're scared of that

he would stop you when you're on the way,


Of course.

At first I thought

I should wait until the anesthetic starts effecting

then I ran away.

But then I thought he went out

he wouldn't come back anytime soon.

That's why I packed up my stuff and went away.

You went away first.

That's right.

So who do you suspect the most?

From my point of view,

I suspect Sa.

Because I think

it's related greatly to my mother-in-law's painting.

The "high mountains and flowing waters" painting is greatly related to this.


Do your best, detective.

Wipe it all out.

Need to go through each person again.



There's something on the rooftop.

But I found it out,

help me hold it.

I hold it for you.

Help me hold it.

You have elegant skeleton.

If there's something,

it must be inside

the gap between those eaves.

Is this the one?

What kind of drug is that?

Killing lives in 2 hours

So this is the poison.

Killing lives in 2 hours.

So it's the pill just now.

Why am I able to deal with such difficult thing

by raising my hands?

Because I have elegant skeleton.

So we

we dwarfs can never solve any cases.

This is a very strong poisonous powder.

It has effect with a little amount in the blood or orally taken.

The victim will die of poisoning in two hours .

The victim

will have a little amount of blood effusion in his oral cavity.

Does the victim have blood effusion in his mouth?

Let's have a look.

We can confirm the cause of death now,

I think.


there's blood in his upper jaw.

That's right. That's it.

No we know the cause of his death.

Detective, I'm disturbing you for a while.

We discovered that

in the public space,

on the top of the board of China Town.

This is empty.

This definitely was put there by the murderer.

Did you discover a bit blood effusion in his upper jaw?

That's right.

There are two ways,

in contact with blood or orally taken,

two ways.

Actually I think that we need to take a closer look at the time

from 7:45

to 8:00

However, now everybody

doesn't really confirm

about what everybody did at that time.


The most important thing is

who met him after 7:00, right?


Thank you.

Actually we can deduce the time.

Because if Ou doesn't lie,

he ate the anesthetic

at 9:15

He injected him.

The should-be-effected-in-2-hour-drug

had been effective after half an hour.

Why did you inject him?

Because I wanted his blood to circulate faster.

So the important matter has turned into this injection.

We need to verify it clearly with He.

What exactly is the effect of his injection?

was it effective immediately

or did it take time to be effective?

"Famous tea list".

High mountains and flowing waters tea is M country's famous tea,

it's purple.

This tea has the effect of blood circulation.

After making tea, drink it can protect health.

But if the tea leaves are not diluted

and contacted directly to blood

will make

any drugs in the body have immediately effect.

Any drugs in the body have immediately effect.

What time did you inject him?

At 9:45.

Then he's dead at that time.

He's dead at that time.

Anyone who met him before me

is suspicious.

No need to be 2 hours.

We find you to

ask you about something.

You injected him to increase blood circulation,

that injection thing,

what was it exactly?

Tea stains can increase blood circulation,

it will accelerate the effect of drug.

Therefore, it not only accelerate

the effect of anesthetic

but also accelerate the effect

of the poison.

So the time-line

doesn't need to match around 7:00

So it could turn 2 hours into 10 minutes.

It's possible.

Highly possible.

4 people admitted that

they did something to Zhen.

One is Ou,

she made him eat the anesthetic dumplings.

Another one is me,

I injected him.

Another one is Sa, he stabbed him 3 times.

Another one is Gui,

she set a fire.

Set a fire.

But the problem is

there are 4 people who have this drug.

They all said that they hadn't used it.

Who was lying?


Ou said she didn't have this drug

all of this time.

She possibly lied.

To some extent, I rule out myself, Sa, and Gui.

Sa and Gui had no means of lying.

Their timelines relied mutually on each other.

Relying mutually on each other is the first point,

another point is

the way they justified what they did

actually followed logic.

So, it's Ou and Chen (who are suspected).

Chen was quite weird because

to kill this person,

he had done a lot of preparation.

But, when he came to talk to him (Zhen),

they talked for over 10 minutes,

he said that I didn't do anything.

Because I realized that I had no means of doing it,

I didn't do it

and then came back.

That is a reason why Chen was suspected.

About Ou, it's because what she actually wanted was him being dead.

Moreover, she helped him "kill" her father-in-law,

she loved him for all her life,

she devoted all of herself to him,

she was that virtuous.

Suddenly, she heard him say

"I have to kill her".

I think that this (kind of) hatred

can't be resolved by just causing him to lose his consciousness.

There is also

a quite critical problem now which is

Chen had that pill.

That's right.

But he said he didn't use it.

But what if he bought 2 pills?

What we're thinking is that nobody would buy 2 pills.

It's because he wouldn't know that you guys also bought this drug

and carried one pill with you.

So he bought 2 pills, then used one,

and pretended that the other wasn't used,

this whole thing is quite...

This bottle

shows that there's somebody who didn't just buy one pill.

So, there's somebody buying the whole bottle.

This one can be wiped off, I have written it down.

This doesn't need to be wiped off, just leave it there.

We can trick him a bit.

Sa Bright Light (Sa's nickname in this show).

Do you know why we leave you until last?

Just say it.

Just recently, we have analyzed the timelines.

Actually, we have ruled you out as a suspect.

My timeline is very clear.

Let's analyze your timeline again.

Do it as per usual practice.

Go through it again.

You guys feel free to continue making it up.

Making it up.

You two are also collaborating with each other in here.

Tell me about your timeline.

I went at 8:30 in the evening.

8:30, OK.

After I went... you also know that

the conversation between me and my younger brother definitely couldn't go well.

When I started to ask about the thing related to my father,

my younger brother said

that old man should have died long ago.

When I heard this, I was so furious.

You also have got a poisonous pill on you,


That's right.

When did you buy it?

I bought it after I went out.

It's because when I left (my place),

I didn't have the intention of killing him.

So at that moment,

you hadn't bought the poisonous pill yet.

No, I hadn't.

I hadn't had the intent to kill

because he was my younger brother.

After that, what time did you buy it?

At 8:40,

I bought it after I left (my place).

And after that?

Then at 9:50,

I realized that my mother's painting

hadn't received any maintenance today,

so I had to return to the painting studio

to carry out the maintenance.

And when I returned to the painting studio,

I found my younger brother who was covered by a piece of black cloth.

He had died?

He had died.

But I didn't knew

what had caused his death.

So I searched his body from top to toe.

Eventually, I found that on his arm,

there was a very obvious purple

tea mark left.

But I thought that these tea leaves

definitely had something to do with He.

I thought that I had lost a younger brother,

so I couldn't lose a friend as well.

Therefore, to cover for He,

I created 3 cuts on his arm.

I think that we can do like this.

Providing that we can never find

the ultimate evidence

that directly points to the murderer,

the first thing (to consider) is the timeline.

It means that whose timeline will have flaws.

The time for one on one (investigation) is over.

The second thing is the urgency of the motive (for the murder).

So if we have the evidence, we will consider it.

If we don't have the evidence, we will consider logic.

That's right.

Let's go.

Peer Liu,

our Kichen God Festival is so...

Detective, please help everyone organize (the information).


brain has been out of order.

I want to ask Detective that


this criminal case to "Detective Chinatown 3"

which will be in cinemas on January 1 of Lunar New Year,

which one is more complicated?

About "Detective Chinatown 3",

I can read the script from the beginning to the end.

We have a very important script.

It... you can't read it, can you?


I can't read the script.

This makes me feel that I have become an audience.

So I think that the audiences who go to cinemas

to watch "Detective Chinatown 3"

are probably about the same as I am now.

If they only watch the criminal case,

they may feel about the same as I do now.

It's like (you) really want to know the result,



I want to ask: did anybody know that

the "Gao Shan Liu Shui" tea could speed up

the (effect of) poison?

I didn't know that.

When the undiluted tea enters the bloodstream,

"Gao Shan Liu Shui" tea

can cause every drug to take effect immediately.

Take effect immediately.

It means that before I pricked him at 9:45

causing a tea stain,

at that moment

the murderer had carried out the crime.

That's right.

The poisonous drug had already been in his system.

Therefore, nobody

has 2 hours of safety.

Everybody is suspected.

The people who met him are all suspected.

I don't want to consider them as "safe" anymore.

It's because at first we thought that

they both intended to cover up (for somebody).

For example, he wanted to cover up for me,


It's because he thought that my soul mate had killed (Zhen),

I wanted to help him conceal this,

so I created these 3 slashes.

About her,

she thought that her lover had carried out the murder

because there was luminous powder on the hand.

So she helped him burn it.


if they carried out the murder on their own,

they would think that

the victim couldn't die until 2 hours later,


But now the person had died,

he/she would think that somebody had carried out the murder before he/she did.

Because they didn't know that the drug effect was sped up,

they thought that someone else killed (him).

So now I...

I have to confirm one thing which is...


except for Ou,

there was nobody else

administering the "San Jiao Mi",


No, there wasn't.

So if that is the case,

I have to rule out Ou as a suspect.

She didn't have to use the anesthetic

and then use the poison.

He Tea couldn't find out from any aspect

that the real murderer (of his brother) was Zhen.

If I had wanted to kill Zhen,

why would I have gone to Sa's place to kill (him)?

I did not know that he would turn up there.

This is the simplest logic.

If he had really known that

Zhen had killed his younger brother,

he would have killed Zhen directly.

He didn't have to kill Sa

because the friendship between him and Sa was quite deep.

That's right.

Whose motive is the most (serious)?

It's all serious.

Everyone, please talk about your consequences (if Zhen was still alive).

I wanted revenge for the murder of my father.

I didn't even know that he wanted to kill me.

I didn't know that he wanted to manipulate you into killing me.


My consequence was that he would publish

my previously committed murder and arson.

Moreover, he possibly threatened your boyfriend...

the person you love...

That's right.


If I didn't kill him,

he would kill me today.

If I didn't kill him,

after he met Q,

he would find out

the criminal case in which she had killed her father-in-law.

So it appears that my urge was the most urgent.

But the important thing is

she really did use the "San Jiao Mi".

It's really...

That's right.

That's right.

I think that the second person who

has the most urgent motive for murder is you.

You had already left the posthumous letter in place.

So I intended to kill him.

That's right.

So if you tried to kill him once at around 3:00 in the afternoon

but you wasn't successful,

you did it again at around 8:00

and you still wasn't successful,

you still wanted to do it again.

Your motive is very strong.

I feel that my motive is very strong

so I couldn't have one try at 3:00

and have another try at 8:45.

I just need to kill him

before tomorrow...

before he meets Q.

She also had an urgent urge.

If she didn't kill him,

her committed murder would be revealed.

She also had an urgent urge because of love.

That's right.


who could administer the poison

in their own time

but they didn't say it?

Can I talk about my suspicion?


So now I quite suspect Gui and Sa (to be the murderer)

because both of them actually

took action to protect their lovers.

But, I don't rule out the possibility that they had carried out the crime beforehand.

But they thought that

there's somebody carrying out the crime before they did.

Moreover, they also thought that it's the person whom they cared about,

so they concealed it.

Only Sa said that

his urge was actually not that urgent


he couldn't be certain enough that

his younger brother had killed his father.

That's right

because the fact that my brother wore his clothes was so obvious.

But, he also wore the hood

to cover his face.

What was that for?

I had been thinking that after all, he...

Was this person my younger brother?

I always had this question in my mind.

In addition, Q told me that

on the second day

which was tomorrow,

he wanted to go find my younger brother to confront him.

So I wanted to figure this all out.

At 8:30, I went to find him to talk about it.

Consequently, I found out that I can make him mend his ways.

Then you started to have the motive for the murder,

didn't you?

I started to have the motive

not only because of his murder of my father,

but also because at 10:00 I heard

him on the phone.

He said that I had to kill her tonight.

What time? 10:00?

It's 10:00 in the morning.

Is there a possibility that

Sa Painting has lied?

His pill wasn't bought after he met Zhen

at 8:30.

It was very possible that because he heard other people say that

he was not only guilty of this little crime

but he also prepared this action,

then he carried out the crime after he confirmed that.

I loved my father.

What my father thought was helping him mend his ways,

not making me kill him.

Q wanted to confront Zhen tomorrow morning.

That's right.

After he confronts Zhen,

he will know what happened to Zhen after all.

So it means that he can wait until tomorrow morning

when Q gets the result after confronting (Zhen).

If what you said was the case,

he didn't need to kill (Zhen).

Then what did he bought the pill for?

I bought the pill because

he wanted to kill other people tonight.

So I prepared to sacrifice my consanguinity to uphold justice.

My motive

came to being after I had talked to him.

Is that how it was?

If you say that he was uncertain...

he didn't want to kill his younger brother,

what did he buy the pill for?

Is there any possibility that like teacher He said,

at first this person didn't know that

he had committed the murder?

But until recently

that "Gao Shan Liu Shui"....

After the tea was found.

Once the tea was found,

he knew immediately that he had killed (Zhen).

Because he had carried out the crime,

he had been lying from the beginning to the end.

It wouldn't be in the end when he knew that

he was the murderer.

Let's go vote, everybody.

Today, in this case,

I think that the most important point is that

each person

seems to have the motive in concealing the errors

of the people they love

or of the people they care about.

So when there is no direct evidence,

in ranking these people,

I will still use

the urgency of the motive (as a tool) to make judgment.


I will vote for him.

Like Detective, I have ruled Ou Virtuous out (as a suspect).

In three remaining people, anyone could have lie.

In terms of the possibility of lying,

I ruled

Chen out.

It's because the story that Chen told today was


very sincere.

So there are Gui Opera and Sa Painting left.

Their probabilities (of lying) are the same.

Vote for him.

Open the door.

I want to hunt down the murderer.

I already have had the answer in my mind.

The murderer I choose



you, the person who can't say anything clearly.

Open the door!

It's because today's case

has a lot to do with this painting of Madam Ink Wash Painting.

About Chen Private, it's because of the reason that

he had liked me for many years.

About He Tea, it's because his younger brother was the one who stole paintings.

About Gui Opera, it's because she liked Sa Painting.

Now, none of us has the most direct connection

with this painting.

Sa Painting is the most related to this painting

and the whole family.

So I think that he is under a very high level of suspicion.

It's definitely you.

It's time for a true display of my skills.

Being the number one private detective

of Chinatown,

I can probably detect

the person who is the murderer.

Is it Gui Opera?

I feel that it's probably not.

He Tea...

So I definitely...

can't vote for the person I love.

So who was that after all?

It was probably you, wasn't it?

It's time to decide fate...

Sa Painting and Chen Private...

I feel that Sa Painting's reason



is quite weird.

After he had "died"


my room,

it was unexpected that my first reaction was

slashing the wounds to protect the soul mate.


That's your younger brother.

Chen Private's point was that

if I hadn't "killed" Zhen tonight,

tomorrow Zhen would have met Q,

which could lead to... let's say...


the fact that I made fabricated evidence would be revealed.

This is a very fatal thing.



the fact that Ou Virtuous who I always loved and protected

had "killed" her father-in-law

would also be revealed.

So, this thing about him

was related to the lives of 2 people.

If I have to

choose between those 2...

Let's do it.

Let's see how the fate will be.

Do you know...


people with the same occupation usually become enemies.

I said that without much thinking.


There is a presentiment of weaving flower basket (a joke made earlier in this show which means that they are doubting their decision).

Please announce it.

In the tenth case of "Who's the murderer" season 5

which is "Chinatown Criminal Investigation",

In the end,

who is "the murderer"?

Who is Zhen Gu Dong's murderer?

Who is safe with 0 vote will be announced now.

The person who got 0 vote is...

Look at these two.

He Tea

Is that all?

Gui Opera


There's still someone voting for you.

Ou was still voted.

Ou got one vote.

I will quietly step back.

Ou, my first vote is for you.

Because I had no choice,

I had no information at that time.

When voting, I just thought that

if Ou was "the murderer",

this case would be very interesting.

Thinking like that so I voted for Ou.

A Su Le

The other two players,

Sa Painting

Chen Private

I'm really wavering between the two of them.

Hurry up.

Tell me.

You hurt my arm.

Don't use your strength.

Don't use your strength.

In the end,

who got the most number of votes?

Let me announce that

their votes were



That must be you.

Chen Private

Equal votes.

So who will decide?

Because Detective voting first

didn't vote for either of them,

now the decision is up to Detective.

History happens again.

Come here.

The two honor players finally are in the same situation.

Bring me your golden teeth.

Don't we need to justify ourselves?

I'll let you give excuses.


Alright, defend yourselves.

Why was it not you?

Put your "Pride and Prejudice" down,

Turn back to your "Sense and Sensibility".

This doesn't relate to "The Red and the Black".

This relates to "War and Peace".

What are you saying? Vote for him.

Recently I've read those world-famous novels.

I'm sure that I'm right.

Listen to me.

Don't repeat the same mistakes.

This is...

I don't repeat the same mistakes.

the redemption story between brothers.

I'd rather let him die in my hands

than see him die in the other's hands.


So, doesn't it mean

you killed him?

I'd rather

see him die in my hands.

Chen, why was it not you?

Why did I vote for him? Let me explain.

In the first place, Sa Painting said that

his motive for "murdering"

is "killing his father",

but when I said, "If you had wanted to kill your dad,

then why wouldn't you have killed him right away?",

and he replied he had to wait for the other day

when he went with Q.

Then he changed to say that

In the morning he called to say that he had to "kill" someone,


Then if I didn't place righteousness before family,

tonight he would

"kill" another one.


I've always said that to Detective

and to everyone.

So eventually what was

your "motive for murdering"?

My "motive for murdering" was

"killing father"

and preventing him from killing others.

If it's possible for me to pull him back to the righteousness,

I will definitely do.

After 8:40, I realized it was impossible,

but I couldn't accept

to be killed again.

Come on, Detective.

Detective is so confused.

It isn't Gui Gui who votes this time.

How joyful

and excited she is.

I will rely on my intuition.

Believe in your intuition.

Will you repeat the same mistake?

I clearly told you

specific time

and even motive for murdering.

Do you know why it is dog-head Detective?

It's that in the end

never believing in self-judgement.

Go vote.


It's really hopeless.

Anyway, youngsters

always experience the last thing by themselves.

He immediately...



why is it that every time choosing 1 out of 2,

Sa Sa would be chosen?

Come on.

Lock it up.

Lock him up.

I was very honest with you guys.

I laugh myself to tears.

Why is it? Do I not look like a criminal?

Sa Sa

Why didn't you tell him

what will happen to him

in 5 seconds of announcement?

The next 5 seconds

will be the most regretful time in your life.

Come stand next to me.

Tell him.

Stand next to me to experience that 5 seconds.

Stand next to me to experience that 5 seconds.


are you sure of your decision?

I'm very sure of my choice.

I'm very sure of the majority's choice.

Aside from my vote,

I think

if the result is 3 - 2,

everyone will vote for the most. That's it.

So I believe in everyone's decision.

Please announce.

I want to see your facial expressions.

Is Sa Painting

Everyone wants to see your facial expressions.

"the murderer" of Zhen Gu Dong?

You'd better not express any regret.


Magic weapon of investigating -

OPPO Reno3 Pro.

The moment of announcing "the murderer".

Don't make all viewers cry.

I should announce that

the accusers


You've still said that much.

Congratulations Detective.

Why isn't you "the murderer"?

I tried my best.

Good acting.

You're so bad.


Detective assistant please award the players gold.

The key hint that you guys missed

is that near the poison bottle discovered on the shelf

was the trace of Sa Hua's specialized glitter.

It's on that side.

I don't like it when you guys put evidence in such high places.

Do you think that

the one leaving the evidence is not tall, too?

You guys don't know how high it is.

Over here.

There's really glitter.

Why is it not Gui who casts the decision vote today?


So when did Sa poison him?

I poisoned him at 8:30.

When I first went to see him,

we had a fight.

I poisoned him.

What I changed

when telling you guys was that

I went to see him first,

and I bought "poison" after that.

Plus I'm really...

In the phone I said that I had to go talk to him

with the very honest voice.

So I didn't go buy "poison".

But I had bought it already.

This case gives us

a very simple lesson.

It is that we must not think that

a little seed has no power.

If that little seed

is a kindness seed,

when it sprouts,

its power in the future

will exceed your imagination.

However, if it is

a malice seed,

when it sprouts,

the final result will make us

be unable to foresee.

So my brother's case

is that since childhood,

he supposed that he didn't receive parental love.

He thought that I - his big brother

is an orphan adopted.

He thought that I monopolized parents' attention.

So the seed inside him

from child- to adulthood

was not cared about.

Once he grows up,

that can no longer be fixed.

So from childhood,

from when he was a baby,

it's important to pay attention to his mental health,

the fully development in his personality

and his need of being loved

so that the future tragedy will be avoided.

Okay, let's say thanks

to our partners.

Shaking-hands-causing case details.

Stable photographing with Reno.

Thank you SG

OPPO Reno3 Pro smartphone

for sponsoring this game show.

Thank you OPPO.

Douyin the more you play, the more you love

Solving cases, uncovering minds.

Thank you Douyin APP - recording beautiful life

for sponsoring this game show.


On the way of solving cases, eating all days and nights.

Thank you AoLiAo - Eat together, play together

for sponsoring this game show.

Is there BaiShi?, Is there BaiShi?, Is there BaiShi?

Thank you the support that

Pepsi prepared for solving cases

for sponsoring this game show.

Thank you Pepsi.

Discover a truth,

discover a self.

Thank you Bosch - technology makes beauty in life.

for sponsoring this game show.

Use black to treat black, makeup removal

Clarify the truth.

Thank you


for sponsoring this game show.

Thank you everyone.

Thank you.

Thank you everyone, see you in the next episode.

Thank you.

Today is the Kitchen God's festival

Wish you guys a happy day.

I won't say my wish for everyone here.

It won't be so lucky.


I have a bad feelings.

Bian Hualan

Everyone of us is willing to

give away something because of love,

whether it is family love, romantic love or friendship.

Everyone is not God.

Actually each of us thinks about our own happiness.

If you don't stand in that person's shoes,

you may feel

easy to speak out the answer.

However, if you have no place,

being in the position

that you see your loved one...

If you see the one you love the most in the world commit a crime,

you will definitely want to protect that one.

You will want to help that one escape from reality,

or at least, that situation.

This help is a help,

must not be a hide.

I want to say that stand is greater than right and wrong.

It exists in everyone.

Always, you must never use a sin

to cover another sin.

That not only can't help

our loved one

but ourselves will also get involved

in that dangerous situation.

Using a sin to cover a sin


a sad way and also the most stupid way.

I don't think love can outweigh

rights and wrongs.

I don't think love can outweigh the law.

To each mistake in this life...

Whether you face your loved ones,

or your enemies,

or even


you must always be clear and decisive

in what you should do.

You have to stay rational to analyze the situation,

then figure out

the most appropriate way

to protect your loved ones.

Happy new year.

Have a happy lunar new year holiday.

Let us wish everyone a happy lunar new year.


Why do we still hear that sound when celebrating lunar new year?

I don't hear.

Wang Ba is praying.

A person who makes a wish from reason

Get your paronychia treatment.


Not me. I bite my finger nails.

Take off your shoes.

Wanting to take up a pig farm.

Who want to take up a pig farm?

His first name is Wei, so he definitely loves 'wei' (livestock production)

You love raising pigs, right?

I hope that my children are always healthy.

Who got

the correct answer will receive

red envelopes in the tree in front of you.

One hand is not ferocious.

Two blades.

Three humble visits to a thatched cottage.

Beijing - Shanghai high-speed rail.

Congratulations Mr. Sa.

Your insight is

built on everyone's answers.

My talent...

What is your talent?


Are you happy?

What is that?

This fate is too unstable.

The Description of 【ENG SUB】《明星大侦探5》10案(下):探案唐人街——魏晨王鸥再续“成全CP”虐恋! 何炅撒贝宁竟成塑料知己?Who's the murderer S5 EP10【湖南卫视官方HD】