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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Legends Rising Season Finale: Worlds

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My work is my life.

It's what I love doing so

what I really want is to represent Brazil well

and show the world that our region is strong.

We know we've got better players than them individually,

and we simply need to unite

and play like a family and we'll take home the victory.

That's it, damn it.

Let's go?

For Worlds, the most important thing for me -

I want recognition from people as a great player.

My goal at Worlds is to at least get to the Quarterfinals.

Because in Season 3 we also got to the Quarterfinals,

but we were automatically seeded into the Quarterfinals then

and we also lost to SKT T1, 0-2.

So we basically didn't win anything at all that time.

But this time I want to use our own strength

to prove that we can make it into the Quarterfinals.

Go paiN! Rexpeita!

The first week was very good.

I would say what went right this week was

we were able to take home victory

in the game against Flash Wolves.

We're fucking awesome!

We're gonna get through Groups!

To win against you, these guys will have to suffer.

Suffer until the end.

There's no other way. They will have to suffer.

If they want to win against paiN, they will have to suffer. A lot.

And that's the spirit I want you to have in there.

The breathing will help you guys a lot,

stabilizing the body, organizing the body.

So the tension can be at the best level possible

when the game starts out there,

but the game has already started. Cool?

Stay alive, you got it?

Stay positive.

That's what I want in your head.

They will have to suffer a lot, got it?

After arriving in Paris, the most surprising thing to me is

the food is completely different from Taiwanese food.

So I'm not really used to eating it.

- It really smells bad! - It smells so bad!


It smells really weird.

I think it's this one.

Fuck. SwordArt, how can you stomach it?

At the end of the first week, our team record is 1-2.

After we lost to paiN Gaming,

we were actually pretty down for two days.

Everyone has worked hard together for over a year.

Everything has been for this stage, right now.

And during this year, all of you have trusted each other,

and loved this team, and loved each other.

So don't let the shortcomings from the past few days

break that trust.

Any setbacks during the game,

everyone needs to play even harder, encourage each other,

and support each other, your teammates.

Not just only SwordArt encouraging his teammates, ok?

The match isn't over until the Nexus is taken down.

One, two, three...

Flash Wolves, team!

Annie. Annie, dead. Dead.

Lulu. Ok.

Lee, Lee, Lee...

Orianna's shown. We can!

Orianna's over here! There's a few people left. I'll go back, I'll go back!

Defend base, defend base. Steak! Defend base!

I'll defend, I'll defend!

Steak go defend, just go!

Aaah, nice! Nice! Wait up, wait up!

So, brTT, your girlfriend is in our studio in São Paulo.

She heard you. She saw you.

She thought she would be sending a message to you,

but it's you that has a message for her.

Go for it, relax.

Without a doubt, this was the best year of my life.

It was only the best because you were there.

Dude, you're everything to me, you taught me love.

When I'm with you I...

I can't be sad. I'm always smiling. I look like a big baby.

So I have something to ask you.

I want to know if you will spend the rest of your life with me.

So do you accept?

Obviously, I accept.


Congratulations to her!

Fuck, I broke the little box, dude.

I practiced so many times. I opened the box on the wrong side, man!

Right now, I feel like we've worked hard

and to have this result today is extraordinary.

You first.

- The legend goes first. - It looks looks like poop.

This is coffee. Who wants coffee? This looks like coffee.

Isn't it chocolate?

I'll eat this one, the yellow one. It's sweet.

I'm very happy because we worked hard to win the first seed in our group.

I'm very emotional.

We've had our low points,

but in the end, during the matches, we found our touch.

The feeling of winning like this is especially great.

It wasn't because of any individual player.

It's the five of us working together that secured victory.

Your badge.

Thanks, thanks, thanks.

La baguette! La baguette!

It's coming, coming, coming.

Steak should be drawing first, right?

But then wouldn't we go against Flash Wolves?

Yeah, yeah that's right.

That's correct.

Oh, let's high five!

We could only face ahq and OG.

We can't face EDG. EDG and SKT can't be on the same side.

So we would only get ahq or OG.

What are they picking now?

They're drawing the second-seed teams.

Right now, we have the best scenario.

They are doing our opponents?

We got OG!

Ahq is playing against SKT!

We've won!

It's too good! Nice!

It's ahq!

It's good, it's good, it's good!

I think that the results from the draw are pretty good for us.

Even though OG performed pretty well during the first week,

they went downhill during the second week.

So I think there's a chance for us to get into Semifinals.

One of the reasons why I feel esports is so important

is because you are able to do what you love as a career.

I think it allows people to really enjoy their lives.

Probably can't. Let it go.

Take it down, take it down. Hurry! Quick!

I think the biggest reason we lost to Origen yesterday was because

they handled the rotations much better than us.

I think, by the end of Worlds,

I matured in two major ways.

The first is I've learned play styles from foreign teams.

And the second is from the experience of being in international matches.

When we walked outside the arena, there were still a lot of fans outside

cheering and yelling for us.

I think the fans are my reason to forge ahead.

That's why I work so hard every day.

Why I want to be an even better player.

It's because of them.

The format is that you face your opponent.

Does that change any of your strategy?

The strategy won't change that much

but during the pick-and-ban phase,

it would be interesting to see the other coach's expression.

I think it'd be delicious if we cooked ramen in it.

Doesn't even make sense.

xPeke plays a lot of unusual picks.

There were some picks that weren't anticipated.

Picks like Anivia, he already showed in Quarterfinals and Group stages.

I think that we can amply handle it.

Hey Wolf.

I saw you playing Diana so I picked it too.

I'm an initiating-style Diana with a 0/4/0 KDA.

Did you die 4 times again?

Yeah 0/4/0

When they do play TF, however,

they play very defensively.

I'm just afraid of the roaming.

Our coach usually gives a lot of gameplay advice.

Beyond that,

he also helps us play with a calm mind.

I'm saying all this is so that you can play without regrets.

First, I do like it when I am able to play,

but even if Easyhoon starts,

I think that he can be trusted.

So my mind has become at ease.

I think there are good things about it.

Since this is Europe, if I say that Origen is going to win,

I would receive a big response.

But because I am a part of SKT, I will say that SKT will win 3-0.

Then Jun-sik, organize the waves.

Okay. Lee Sin is here.

Mid no Flash.

Ali, Ali, Alistar mid.

Doesn't matter, Lee Sin full health.

No Alistar. No Alistar.

I think I can live. Ah, I'm dead.

Sang-hyeok, no Flash? Ahh!

Here. Lulu. Ward here.


Hey, please tank. Hey, I'll tank.

Tank, tank, tank. Switch tower-aggro.

Hey, break mid turret. I'm tanking.

I think we can Baron off this.

It doesn't matter. If Sivir comes, it doesn't matter.

Get Sivir. Hey, this dive. Hey, tier two...

- Hey, wait a bit. Wait, wait. - Me too!

One, two, three...

Hurray! We won! To Germany!

We won!

We won! Yeah!

You can't do that while looking down.

In the Final, we go like this, and then... Ahh!

Ah, really?

How's that, how about that? Sound good?

You did well. You did well.

Here's SKT.

Oh, this is the SKT room?

I heard SKT wanted Shin Ramen.

- Oh! - So we brought Shin Ramen.

Original Korean.

I also brought Yook Gae Jang if you prefer.

I will bring chopsticks so please have some.

One, two, three.

Don't they look like a couple?

Yeah. Oh, so cool.

Please enjoy the ramen!

Thank you!

Thank you.

Oh, I'm so full.

The moment he opened the cover,

he said, "I'm full," and then...

Wolf will be ginormous.

He seems like he's getting bigger.


What if your stomach explodes?

I will die, then!

It really will explode then. I will die!

You can't die. It will be inconvenient for us.

What is this? Isn't this an interview?

Well, it's a press conference. There's 150 people.

Then I better go up doing this.

Right, right.

There are tons of cameras there.

If Faker does the broccoli ceremony,

I'm sure he can shoot a commercial in Korea.

- Of course, really. - How?

Just eat broccoli after winning.

Then the entire world's supply of broccoli will be so in-demand...

All the vegetarians will...

No, no.

Not vegetarians. I mean commercials.

How about a broccoli vegetable juice?

Just thinking about it is horrendous.

On the other hand, what does SKT think of KOO,

that's different since the LCK regular season?

What strategy do you think can bring you victory in the Finals?

First, in the case of KOO, when watching the Semifinals match,

they made many mistakes during the early laning phase.

I think we can use that to our advantage

to snowball the game for better results.

We wanted SKT to lose to OG,

but unfortunately that didn't happen.

They're the greatest team we'll have to overcome,

so to play the Finals against this team,

that fact alone is very meaningful and significant.

Globally and especially in Korea,

fans are cheering and not even sleeping.

If you were to win,

is there something you plan to give to the fans?

If we were to win,

I think that is a gift in itself for the fans.

but if they want something more,

I will eat a broccoli that's similar to my hairstyle.

Manager, please get some broccoli.

I promised to eat it.

You promised to eat broccoli?

What does that mean?

In the end, what matters is whether you've won Worlds or not.

I alluded to this yesterday, but

Samsung Blue won more games but lost in Semifinals,

and the only team left in memory or talked about was White.

Ok? I said it yesterday. If you lose here, it's failure.

Ok? Don't underestimate them. Let's win.

SKT1! Fighting!

If we were to be the first to win a second time,

I think that we'll be remembered in history forever.

It's a placement that even I covet, to some degree.

But more importantly,

winning, in its entirety,

is more important than gaining a second title.

Nice! He has Q, he has Q.

Hey, get that ready. Number 6.

One, two, three... Nice!

I'm sorry I'm sounding like a broken record, but

it's something I've been saying since Spring Finals,

Loss, Loss, Win, Win, Win - a reverse sweep.

This is the third Finals where I've said this,

but I really think a reverse sweep is possible.

Even though we've won two games already.

Originally, well, I didn't want a 3-0 sweep anyway.

If we win this game, then we get two records.

You don't really need to think about the record.

If we win, the perfect record follows.

I peeled, but I think I'll go down. I got Flayed.

I'd like it if I could live. Try to have one of us live.



Jun-sik can't get kicked, no matter what.

Give me Penta! Penta, Penta, Penta!

Ashe is too far away.

You went through a lot with the current SKT team.

How do you feeling holding the Summoner's Cup for the 2nd time?

When I won before I didn't feel too joyous,

but now, I feel really happy.

To the fans here in the stadium,

or all around the world rooting for you and SKT,

please say something.

We have overcome the challenges and won.

That's why I feel happier.

Victory itself makes us happy.

Oh, thank you.

How did the broccoli taste?

Oh... oh... I almost threw up.

Guys, you all worked hard!

Down it, down it.

He's right there, coming out.

I'll give this to him.


- Hello! - Why'd you come out so late?

Hey, let's hug once.

You worked really hard.

- It's Seong-woong's aunt, hug her. - Hello.

Bengi's aunt wants to hug Sang-hyeok once.

Oh my, you worked so hard.

I guess you can say I became the best, but

I don't think I'm that great yet.

There aren't any absolute winners in LoL.

I need to work even harder in the future.

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