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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: An English Question and Answer Lesson on a Saturday Night!

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you are having a good morning or a good

evening or a good afternoon wherever you

are in the world I know that you are

from all different places but thank you

so much for being here I am Bob the

Canadian and we are going to take some

time this evening to learn a little bit

of English so just let me check in a

moment to make sure everything is

working properly it usually is but you

know sometimes sometimes we have some

technical difficulties and it looks like

today everything is working really

really well so I just want to say hi to

a bunch of people in the chat I can't

say hi to everyone but hello to Lally

and a Janee a hello to Hammoud thank you

to Todd for being here

hello to Ranade hello to Moses Bogdan

Pepa Goma I can't say all of your names

but thank you so much for being here as

you know Todd has just posted a link to

a forum where you can ask questions

about the English language and I will be

more than happy to answer them for you

as best as I can there are already

excuse me there are already a lot of

questions lined up so I'm gonna get

started right away and I might go a

little quickly on these first ones I

just clicked the wrong button Renz er

says hi Bob I know three different ways

to translate my name from Russian into

English Andrey Andrey Andrew please tell

me which of these ones who you think is

more correct so Andrew and Andre are

very common names in Canadian English

you could go with either one of those

Andrew sounds very English and Andre

still sounds a little bit Russian so you

could decide which one you think would

be best for you of those two a janilla

has the next question a generic hello

H&E I hope everything is good everything

is excellent

I'm two thumbs up right now I need some

help I find it hard to differentiate

between the a as in cat and the e as in

men the two vowels can

pronounced both as the same as in men so

if we just listen to how I say it

cat men so it is slightly different it

would be a little weird to say cat cats

like it if I shorten that a too much so

I'll just give you both pronunciations

cat cat and Men there you go

hopefully the it is very close though I

could see why it's difficult to know how

to use the two of them I just want to

shout out to Sean from free 99 English

who's in the chat as well Sean is also

an English teacher and sometimes he

answers questions for people so that's

awesome he also has his own YouTube

channel you should check it out

second question from a janilla Bob I

added hindi subtitles on last Tuesday's

video did you like it they have not

shown up yet oh I will check that out

for sure thank you very much for doing

that I will check that out hopefully

sometime tomorrow I'll have a look at

that but I really appreciate that

a Jeanine nice work next question from

paul de ukrainian hi bob thank you so

much for your great jobs for the great

job you do I really appreciate that

there's here's my question could you

tell me what does exactly mean if

someone asks who is your happy person so

I have not heard this phrase but you

could say this the phrase I have heard

though is where is your happy place

so where is your happy place that is a

very common question in English and

basically the person asking it wants to

know where are you the happiest is it

sitting driving your car maybe sitting

in your living room maybe you have a

special chair that you read books in and

that would be your happy place

so let me just keep moving along here

Eugene from Etobicoke says that he added

subtitles to a video as well Thank You

Eugene and he recommends that I also use

the YouTube copyright tool to look for

other copies of my videos yes that would

be a good idea next question from gaga

there are a lot of questions by the way

so if it seems like I'm going

fast I'm sorry Gaga says happy Saturday

night with the learners Bob I have seen

in some songs they use the word eight so

eight is real

but it is very common to hear that for

me say it in an English lesson because

I'm used to using proper English I ain't

used to using improper English but it

didn't even sound right when I used it

there Renata says have you ever eaten

breakfast for dinner yes I have

sometimes eaten breakfast for dinner and

what Renata is asking there is sometimes

and I'm sure people do this around the

world but sometimes the meal we normally

eat for breakfast which might be toast

with jam or eggs sometimes when we're in

a hurry and we don't have a lot of time

to make our evening meal or dinner we

will just make some eggs and have some

eggs with toast or we'll have a bowl of

cereal so we call that having breakfast

for dinner

it's a really quick and easy way to make

breakfast Renata has the next question

as well the plural of ox is oxen that's


can I say auxes too generally no if you

said ox is it it's it's just not going

to sound correct to people Renata has

the next question as well and says there

Renata says do you think the English

language today is somehow influenced by

William Shakespeare I think so I think a

lot of the phrases we use have come from

the plate

a long time ago and we still study and

use his place today in our high school

classes and you can still go and see

place by William Shakespeare even though

he has been dead for hundreds of years

his plays are very very popular so I do

think his plays definitely influenced

the English language I'm just gonna

pause and say hi to everyone here 285

people thank you so much for being here

I'm Bob the Canadian this is a

question-and-answer English lesson many

people will participate in this lesson

by asking questions via the forum there

is a link from my friend Todd that will

be in the chat and this is a great

lesson to improve your listening and

your comprehension skills in English so

if you have a question please ask I will

try to answer all of them next question

is from Renata as well have you ever

read any books by Nicholas Sparks so I

have not I believe Nicholas Sparks wrote

The Notebook I think that's the and I

did see that movie let me just check

here Nicholas Sparks The Notebook

they're usually love stories by the way

Nicholas spirt I think so yeah so I have

not read any books by Nicholas Sparks

but I have seen movies next question

Doreen from Taiwan good morning Bob good

morning to Tori could you explain oh


could you explain the difference between

notice I corrected your question there

could you explain the difference between

fussy finicky and picky when I want to

explain someone chooses is yeah when

they're choosy with their food which

should I use you can use all of them you

can say that someone is fussy you could

say they are finicky probably the most

correct word to use with if you're

talking about an adult would be picky

you would say oh he's really picky with

his food let me see here let me clean up

my questions moving right along I missed

I was going to say hi to

easy and fun English is here as well I

know you said hi to me earlier

so hello also too easy and fun English

and let's move on to the next question

also from Doreen Thank You Doreen for

asking good questions

Doreen from Taiwan says hi Bob thanks

for your teaching you are very well

is incorrect so if you are having

someone do work for you you would say

how much will the work cost that is

perfect that's exactly how you should

ask that question and then one more

question from dream terrine you said the

last question it was the last one but

here's another one what is the

difference between notice I corrected

your question there what is the

difference between you can make a

snowball and you can make a snowball out

of it I mean in what situation should I

add out of it at the end of the sentence

so you don't need to but it is a way of

being precise about what the snowball is

made out of so a snowball you could say

I can take some snow and I can make a

snowball out of it so the out of it

simply means that you're making it out

of the snow and it's not required at all


Mylene Moray there is a link that you

can use to ask questions

Todd posts it routinely in the chat and

that's how you would ask it let's see

here the next question is from Bruno

Bautista hi Bob I use on key to study

English so Anki is a computer software

that works like flashcards it helps you

learn vocabulary but I'm taking too much

time to review the cards even knowing

the meaning of the words expressions

idioms what can I do it that's a tough

one like you just need to spend time

with it and it's not for some people

they can learn vocabulary really quickly

for other people like me when I was

learning French it was really a work to

learn vocabulary so I often was just

memorizing and writing out words and

using them in a sentence a few times to

help me remember it so let's see I just

want to check to make sure someone's

asking whether the audio is working I'm

pretty sure it's working that's working

for me so

I'll just

having audio problems of their own at

their end let's see here

Henry oh so people are saying he is

freezing on my end briefly so I'm

noticing my fees coming back seems to be

working so I hope everything's working

for everyone we'll find out in a moment

let's see here Todd says we had a minor

freeze in the stream so we should be

good Henry from Taiwan says hi Bob hi

Henry once in a while when I study too

much English

I dream of speaking English at night I

just had one last night has teacher Bob

ever had that wouldn't learn in French

thank you yes I have had that and it's

actually a good thing if you are

starting to have dreams where you if

you're starting to have dreams where you

are dreaming in English that is a very

very good sign so some people are saying

audio problem I hope the audio problem

has gone away it's where you hopefully

it know the audio is cutting off

sometimes so let's see because on my end

it says that everything is working

properly and hopefully it just kind of

fixes itself after a while hopefully

people are going to be able to hear me

again I'll just wait I'll keep going but

I'll just keep my eye on the chat

hopefully people can let me know if they

are hearing me again or not so it's just

well we'll just keep going let's see

here lolly lolly says let me see hi Bob

to be in cahoots does this expression

always have a negative connotation thank

you when you're in cahoots with someone

it means that you're planning to do

something with them and we usually use

this when people are doing something bad

it doesn't have to be when they're doing

something bad but it can be when someone

is doing something that they shouldn't

be doing so Todd is saying he'll let

no if the audio fails really badly but

hopefully Renata says during my question

to cut off for a few seconds so

hopefully it's all gonna be working

better Renata says hey Bob what does it

mean when something is booming so when

something is booming it means that it is

doing well probably the most common

phrase would be to say business is

booming so if you run a business and you

are selling a lot of things then then we

would say that business is booming for

you so that's probably it just means

that things are going well so just so

everyone knows I do have a lot of

questions in the feed

your question hopefully it's not too

long Karif uh from cali says hi Bob how

do you use follow up on that

so if I tell someone hey I want you to

go out to the field and pick 20 buckets

of flowers then ten minutes later I

might follow up on that by walking out

to make sure that they are doing it so

that's what follow up on it would mean

to go and check on something you've

asked someone to do to make sure that

they are doing it so next question is

from a mira question is from Amir from

Lodi says hello Bob it's all downhill

from here is it used in a positive or

negative sense almost always in the

negative okay if you say it's all

downhill from here it usually means that

is very much used in the negative so I

have to I'm just gonna apologize people

that it seems like the audio is cutting

in and out for some of you it is just

difficult for me to figure out what's

happening because we do Todd and I both

watch the video while we're doing it and

we're not seeing the same audio problems

so I wonder if there's just a problem

with YouTube itself we'll we'll keep an

eye on it but I'm just gonna keep going

we'll make the best of it hopefully you

know what that phrase is when you make

the best of something it means that even

if you're having problems you just keep

moving on and you keep doing it let me

see here next question Zarah I have to

paste this here

Zarah the Iranian says hello teacher how

are you and Jen Jen winter is not boring

for her could you please tell the

difference between weather and climate

so weather is what happens every day and

climate is the general day-to-day

weather in a certain area so that would

be the difference n is Jen bored no Jen


a little bit of work through the winter

as well so she always has something to

do every day let's see here

Danielle Mariah says hey Bob hi Daniel

good evening to you and Todd what does

the expression from the horse's mouth

mean thanks a lot

so when you hear something from the

horse's mouth

it means that you hear it from the

actual person who did it so let's say

that I say to someone my brother got in

a car accident and they were and if they

said I don't believe you I would say

look I talked to my brother I heard it

from the horse's mouth that would mean I

heard it from the actual person who it

happened to so that's how you know that

it is true so gonna go back to the next

question now the questions are really

piling up so we'll see how far I get

today through all the questions

Edgard says hey Bob how do you pronounce

the word occur and occurred well that

was an easy one

so occur and occurred hopefully you

could hear both of those that's how you

would explain it

Renate has the next question the

question is could you explain the word

roster please so a roster is the list of

people who are doing something okay so

when you look at like a baseball team

you would say there are a certain number

of players on the roster that means

they're on the list of people who are

actually playing in the game that's what

the roster would me Hammoud says Hammoud

said hi Hammoud how can i practice my

writing skills what do you recommend

this is Hammoud from Saudi Arabia that

one of the best things to do is just

write a lot but it's helpful if you can

write and get some feedback so maybe do

some writing with an English pen pal if

you can find one that's what I highly

recommend that you find a person who can

help you with your writing that would be


maybe if you can take an English course

if you can go to one of your local

cities and find an English course that

can be quite helpful as well let's see

here next one-mile Iain says hi I not a

question but a great conversation


Mylene very good let's see your Daniel

has the next question Daniel says next

year I'm going to study abroad but I

need to choose between Canada and

Ireland do you know which is better for

students I I think both would be equally

good for you

I think what's important is that you

study in a place where the the English

accent that you learn will be the most

helpful going forward so if you know

that you're learning English to do

business with people from Ireland I

would learn English in Ireland if you

think you are if you are learning

English because you're going to be

talking after your studies with a lot of

people from Canada then I would study in

Canada that would be my recommendation

for you let's see here

next question

Sebastian Sebastian Pinto says can you

give us daily exercises to be a

translator so I don't have a lot of time

to do more than just make a few videos

so I don't have time to make lessons or

to give people assignments each week

Sebastian so at this point in time I'm

not going to be doing that but that is a

great idea you yourself could do this

though you could decide that you are

going to read the English news every

morning and you're going to translate it

into your language or you could decide

you're going to read the news in your

language and translate it into English

and then compare it to English news from

another website let's see here next

question is from Anderson Anderson

Miranda Miranda hi Bob hi says how can I

say you're welcome in another

not using this phrase so you can say you

are welcome so you're welcome you are

welcome you are very welcome or you're

very welcome you are most welcome you

are most welcome

or you're most welcome all of those

seems seem to work

let's see Zakia chin says hi Bob the

audio is sometimes cutting off because

of the bad network it happened to me

right now yeah sorry about that folks I

will I will just keep moving on and I

will have to check into the audio

problem after the live stream is done

you will need to bear with me that means

that we'll just have to suffer through

it together

Bogdan has the next question the next

question is is it common to cheat on

exams in Canada I think it's common

everywhere for people to try and cheat

when we give exams in Canada in our

schools we try very hard to make sure

that students do not cheat so is it

common I don't think it's common and

does it happen in Canada

yes I'm sure students cheat I'm sure

students always try to figure out ways

to cheat on things I think I've now I'm

clicking too many buttons at once let me

stop doing that let's move to the next

question let's see here

Rosa says hi Bob

for example someone says she looks young

and another says yes but she is not use


not a symbolic way or a sane way to say

this well you could say she's getting on

in years that would mean that she's old

but in kind of a nicer way to say it I'm

gonna pause for a second think rafael

diaz Vega for the super chat Thank You

Rafael Diaz Vega that is very very kind

of you I do really appreciate it when

people give me super chats so thank you

and I hope you were having a good night

I think you are probably I'm not sure


we're probably in this time zone if you

are I hope you're having a good evening

let me move on to the next question

from Victor Victor says hello Bob I'm

from Panama Central America I always see

your videos but a few days later ha now

live thank you you helped me a lot well

you are very welcome Victor I'm glad

that you are able to watch my videos but

also it's cool that you can be here at

this live lesson hopefully you are

hearing everything ok we are having a

few small technical difficulties here

and there but overall I think that

things are working well Andersen Miranda

says Bob do you think audiobooks are

good ways are a good way to improve any

language yes absolutely

in fact my video last week about what

books to read I recommended that people

read the book in English and then see

the movie and someone in the comments

who might have been you Andersen said

you forgot to mention that audiobooks

are quite helpful and I did I felt bad I

should have mentioned that audiobooks

are very very helpful when you are

learning a language so definitely great

idea Andersen get the audio book and

read it so next question is from Manuel

Cansino hi Bob the Canadian is there a

difference between deviate and diverts

so when you are thinking a certain way

and you have one idea

sometimes you deviate from that idea so

when you deviate you move away from that

idea but when you divert something you

do it to that thing so if there's a

river flowing you can block the river

and divert or divert the flow notice

there's two kind of ways to pronounce it

so you can divert the flow or divert the

flow in another direction so one when

you deviate it's something that the the

person doing it does they deviate from

something but when you divert something

you make it happen to something else I

would look both of those up

though because I'm that may be a very

narrow explanation of the two let's see


Eugene from Etobicoke says add oil add

oil is the this a correct expression in

English yeah if your car is low on oil

it usually has a light that pops on that

says add oil and that would mean you

should put some oil in your car for sure

let's see your next question a Janu says

are you interested in joining a live

meditation session on Facebook with a

trainer so am i interested I would be

but I I it sounds silly I don't have


meditation I think is a good thing to do

in your day to relax your mind but a

Janee I I I appreciate the offer but I

don't have time right now in my schedule

I'm I'm really trying just to have

enough time to go for a walk every day

so that I stay healthy but thank you for

the invitation Louie says next one here

just gonna hey Todd could you mention in

the chat if there have been any audio

problems for you in the last five

minutes thank you so Lewis luaus says hi

Bob could you please tell me the slight

difference between job and occupations

so my job is that I am a teacher if

someone said what do you do for a living

I would say my job is teaching we don't

often use the word occupation but you

could say that as well you know my

occupation is teacher you more often see

the word occupation on when you're

filling out the form so it'll be you

know your first name last name address

occupation from there so anyways let me

see here next question is from RJ the

aussie RJ the Aussie says I'm living in

Toronto right now and sometimes I have

trouble catching what Canadians say do

you know about any slang dictionary

thanks buddy I

don't know if one off the top of my head

RJ but leave a question in the comments

and I will look for one tomorrow and

maybe I can find a link for you to one

so Todd says there has not been any

audio problem since I last said so so

hopefully things are working well from

now on I hope that it was just a small

problem I will say I can tell from the

information in front of me that the

connection isn't great at this end so

hopefully we get through the next part

the next half of this live stream and

everything goes well let's see here

Hammoud let's see here oh how can I

practice my writing skills without a

teacher any suggestions so I I mentioned

a pen pal but the other thing you can do

Hammoud to practice writing skills is to

simply copy out English writing that you

read every day so if you read a news

story on an English website write it out

by hand with pen and paper as well so

that way your brain is starting to learn

a little bit

Mylene has the next question Mylene

you've I'm glad that you got your

question into the forum Mylene

what's the difference between tough hard

and difficult so it's tough for me to

stay focused during a live stream when

the technology isn't working it's hard

for me to stay focused it's difficult

for me to stay focused so in that

situation they all mean the same thing

you could say that it is tough to drive

in the snow you could say it's hard to

drive in the snow and you could say it's

difficult to drive in the snow and they

would all mean the same thing hey I'm

just gonna pause briefly to thank all

the 389 people that are watching right

now thank you so much if you are new

here click that red subscribe button

down there and you will get notified

when I make new English video lessons

I'm Bob the Canadian if you didn't know

who I was and give me a thumbs up and

for everyone out there don't forget to

come back and watch this video two more

there will be English subtitles

available for you so pop back in

tomorrow and there might be small parts

of the video that you want to re-watch

so make sure that you do that let's see

let's go to the next question daniel

says I need a sip of tea here Daniel

everyone can read the question for a sec

Daniel Mariah says does the

pronunciation of it and eat is it the

same no so I yeah so it and eat are very

different so it has that really short I

sound and eat has that longer a sound so

there you go

next question is from our Ellie hello I

would like to know the correct order of

either and within the following sense

I will go either with you or her I will

go with either you or her you could say

both let me see which one would I say I

will go either with you or her I will go

with either you or her I would say the

second one but informally both are


okay I'm sure one of them is more

correct but definitely I would say it

the second way let me clean up my

questions here folks let me get the

questions cleaned up let's see

Putin has the next question hello Bob

can you help me can you tell me how to

use such in a sentence in writing and


so such is an interesting word because

we use it in a lot of different ways it

is it is such a common word that you

will see it a lot so you're better off

finding a video about the words such

instead of having me explain it here

because it's such a difficult thing to

do and it would take such a long time

that it would be difficult for me to do

it just in a short answer here so I

don't want to I'm trying to use the word

such again

I don't want to take too much time

answering one question but you can

rewind and hear a few example sentences

that I just used so that is good

Shawn from free 99s back thanks Shawn

did you run to the store had to run to

the store and get something maybe and a

few people in chat saying nice things

about me thank you Nadia Chen thank you

very much and Thanh Trung is saying hi

so hi to everyone in chat I'm gonna keep


along with the questions here victor

says hello bob thanks for all your help

keep going I always see your videos from

Panama I always watch your videos from

Panama that's very very cool thank you

very much Viktor for those kind words it

is nice for me to get positive feedback

sometimes from people so let's see here

next question is from Ken hello mr. Bob

how are these meanings different free

and less for example caffeine free and

caffeine less which is correct so we

would say caffeine free when you say

caffeine free it means there's no

caffeine in it so you might drink

caffeine free coffee we would normally

say decaf coffee in that situation but

that is how I would say it but they do

mean somewhat similar things if you have

something that's sugarless it means

there's no sugar in it so you I think it

might be specific to the ingredient

that's missing Zarah from if you look in

the description below you will see my P

o box address and people tend to like to

send me Christmas cards last year I got

a few post cards and Christmas cards but

yes if you would like to send me a

Christmas card just scroll down below

the video and you will see my address is

P o box for 19

in canada l0r 2a0 i think so but scroll

down to get the actual address now be

cool Zara if you sent me a Christmas

card I would like that just cleaning up

my questions here let's see here the

next question is from Lorena Lorena hi

Bob I would like your opinion is it a

good idea to write a letter in Spanish

and after that translate it to English

to improve to improve my English skills

and vocabulary thanks Bob

so the very quick answer is no ok the

very quick answer is that if you can and

you are learning English you should

write it in English it is ok to write

things in your own language and then

translate them when you are very early

on in the beginning stages of learning

English but generally most language

teachers will tell you that the more you

can write directly into the target


the more you can write in the language

you are learning the better it will be

for you ok so try to do that Renata says

will you continue to do live streams

when your channel reaches 1 million


I don't know Renata I really like doing

live streams but I will be honest right

now making one video a week and doing

two live streams a week feels pretty

busy for me so I'm going to keep doing

it I promised myself that I would try to

make one video a week and do two live

streams a week until February and then

I'll think about what I'm going to do

after that but I'm definitely going to

always keep making videos and I'm

definitely going to keep doing live

streams I'm just not sure how long I can

keep up this pace but I do really like

it so I'm not quitting any time soon

hopefully that makes sense to you so

that means there will be a live lesson

sorry there will be a video Tuesday and

there will be a live lesson next Friday

and there will be a live lesson next

Saturday night

I don't

and to stop doing this too soon

Sebastian Sebastian the bob says how do

you pronounce depth and depths so for

English speakers those are actually very

difficult words as well so when you say

what is the depth of the pool that's

pretty easy to say what is the depth

because see my tongue comes out a little

bit the depth the depth of the pool but

when you say that you're going to the

depths of the earth that is hard to say

for us we tend to say it quickly like

he's going he's gonna go into a cave and

climb down into the depths of the earth

so you see how I I did it a little more

quickly there let's see here

Yusef says chef says what does what is

the meaning of commit and what is the

difference between method and approach

and thank you for Morocco so when you

commit to something it means that you

promise that you will do it so I have

committed to making a new youtube video

every Tuesday I have committed to that I

think I've done a new video every

Tuesday since last March

I've also committed to doing live

streams on Fridays and Saturdays

whenever I can so that means I've

promised myself and all of my viewers

that's what I'm doing so I've committed

to that that's something that I've

committed to my method or my approach

those are the same things my method is

that I shoot footage for a new video

early in the week I edit it on Monday

nights I plan my lesson on Thursdays I

do a live stream on Friday that's my

approach or my method so that's how I

plan and do the work to get things done

so let me see here next question let's

see here oh I think I did that one


yes so I'm just gonna clean up my

questions here actually doing really

well on the questions now I think having

some earlier technical problems slowed


the amount of questions that people ask

so hello Bob I'm Shawn hi Shawn what is

the difference but do it Shawn from 399

English probably a different Shawn so hi

Bob I'm Shawn what is the difference

between I'll be trying and I'll try is

there any subtle difference especially

when you use these phrases in real life

so if someone says to me that they're

going that like I'll try or all be

trying they mean the same thing okay

when you say I'll be trying though

that could be something that happens

over and over again and if you say I'll

try it might mean like a one-time thing

like make make my coffee really good the

person might say I'll try but if someone

says I'd like you to deliver coffee or

something how would I answer I'll be

trying I'd like you to work really hard

to do well in class that's kind of a

repeated action you might say I'll be

trying so that would be two slight

differences that I can think of between

the two let's see here

loan from Vietnam says hi Bob I watch

many many of your videos to improve my

English thank you so much you are very

welcome loan what do you think about

learning grammar before learning other

skills for the English language thanks a


so grammar is a great thing to study but

it isn't the most important thing in my

opinion I think it's a good idea to

study some English grammar I think the

more important thing when you are

starting to read to learn a language is

to read I think that is highly important

I think once you get to a certain point

speaking the language is very very

important and I think always listening

to English whenever you possibly can is

very very important and writing is a

great way to get ready to speak a

language and then I think you should

build vocabulary in that you can learn

some vocabulary our sorry some grammar

to understand the structures of the

language but it's not overly important

in my opinion to always study just


biak kampung has the next question I'm a

bit confused how to pronounce cash

please help so on a computer you have on

a computer you have memory and a CPU and

the CPU has cash so cash is pronounced

the same way as cash and it's just a

little bit of memory on a computer that

helps it work faster hopefully that

wasn't too technical of an explanation

motion says let's see here hi Bob could

you please explain the difference

between he'll blow his top and he'll

blow up from Germany so if you blow your

top it means you get really really angry

and if you blow up it means you get

really really angry they have slightly

different usages maybe I would tend to

say all when that guy loses a football

game he blows his top that usually means

you know he's just gonna get super angry

but you could also say he'll blow up or

he blows up whenever his team loses

their soccer or football game so I think

they're fairly equal in meaning that

would be my opinion on those two phrases

in fact I'm gonna write those two down

because I I think I'll use them for my

other little youtube channel that I have

so Syed says missed you would you please

explain how to use Doh so there's a

couple ways to use Doh so when you make

bread you start by making dough okay so

you put flour and water and yeast in a

in a bowl and you mix it up and you make

bread dough so you make dough but you

could also say at his job he makes a lot

of dough that means that he makes a lot

of money

it's an older way to talk about money

but we do sometimes call money dough so

yeah he makes a lot of dough where Wow

he spent a lot of dough on that car I

think people my age sometimes use dough

to refer some money

I don't think younger people do use that

word that often anymore

next question from Ming Xin from Taiwan

hello Ming's unit I hope I'm saying your

name correctly what does make it about

you mean does it mean selfishness yes so

sometimes people will make something

about themselves so you'll say oh I have

a headache and they'll say oh I have a

headache and you'll say oh I'm feeling

sick and they'll say oh I'm really

feeling sick so in that situation

the other person is always making it

about them or they're making it about

themselves so you could say oh you

always make everything about you

I just want to talk sometimes hey

Carolyn Clara thank you so much for the

super chat you are very very generous I

will use that money as I always say to

help pay for the internet connection

here which isn't working very well

tonight earlier on we had a little bit

of trouble so but Carolyn Clara thank

you so very much for the super chat you

are awesome

good shout out to you for that let's see

here so Eugenia Lou says sorry Bob I

made a mistake add oil add oil I mean

what people shout at a sports stadium

all the time I don't think that's what

they're yelling I don't think they yell

at oil I'll have to think about that one

maybe someone else one of the other

English speakers in the chat can solve

that little riddle but I have not been

to a sports game where they have yelled

add oil add oil I'm going to research

that a bit though Eugene for sure just

to see by the way Eugene has what's

considered a hard to pronounce first

name in English if you look in the chat

the last question is from someone whose

name is Eugene now you know how to

pronounce that name let's see here

Hammoud says Bob any chance that you're

going to teach English

CAES or do you like to stay in Canada

from Hammoud and Saudi Arabia I do plan

to stay in Canada I do really like being

in Canada I don't plan to move I think

if I was 30 years younger I would

probably think about it but right now no

I'm just gonna stay here Sean from 399

English says the connection has been

great for a while now thanks Sean for

letting me know that that's awesome

and again people don't forget that Sean

from free 99 English also teaches

English on YouTube give him a visit if

you haven't watched any of his videos

you should jump over there sometime and

have a look so but thanks Sean for that

information I think I have a question

here that's a repeat let's see here

this is from Lucas Lucas Friedrich says

hi Bob hi Lucas I love your method of

visual teaching it's really the best

technique I've ever seen could you

explain the main differences between

American and Canadian English so mainly

I would say it is a slight pronunciation

difference we say a few words slightly

differently I say the word boat and out

a little bit differently compared to my

American cousins but generally Americans

and Canadians have almost zero problems

understanding each other the languages

are very very similar if I was to

describe it I would say that the

Canadian accent is a lot more neutral we

are we don't have a very strong accent

compared to some parts of America so but

generally we spell a few words

differently so they spell it color and

we spell it color with a u so we borrow

from our British cousins a little bit

but generally Canadian English is a

fairly neutral type of English to learn

in fact I think it's a really good form

of English to learn I think it has

universal appeal biak Kampong says do

you speak French oui shapow francais

Matt Pond only livestreams pal suma

Andre but during live streams I only


so sorry about that oh he might be

talking about the Hamilton tiger-cats

have a chance yeah we're gonna have to

research this one Sean that's a good

question though he might be referring to

some of the some of those types of

things it might sound like a Doyle for

sure let's see here John has the next

question I believe it is not quite

correct to address you as mr. Bob isn't

it so it depends okay

sometimes just it's polite and a little

bit fun to refer to someone as mister

and then their first name so it's not

very formal

it's definitely somewhat informal John

but it wouldn't be uncommon for people

to say to call me mr. Bob as mr. Bob the

Canadian the YouTube teacher so it's

quite it's quite normal but it is very

informal there that rhymed did you hear

that it's normal but informal Kim has

the next question hello Bob what is the

difference between morale and morale

okay so first of all the pronunciation

so morale is the first pronunciation and

morale is the second pronunciation so

yeah Shawn says the Habs do too

I'm gonna have to do some research on

sports chants or sports Cheers

so the difference between morale so

there are things in the world that

people believe are the moral thing to do

or it's morally right to do certain

things so it's good to help it's good

it's good to give money to the poor it's

good to help people in need it's good to

stop when someone's car is broken and

help them so that is there are morals or

we can act in a moral way so that's a

good way morale is this the general

feeling of a group of people so at work

this past week all of the teachers we

had a day where it was a team-building

day and we did it for staff morale so

that's the second

morale and that means we did it so that

all the staff would like each other more

and like their job more so we increased

staff morale

so when morale is not good at a

workplace people don't work as hard and

they they aren't as happy and they're

not as healthy so let's see here

next question from Jamila Sinjin Hova

hello Bob from the Czech Republic hello

I'd like to ask you about making let's

see here we've got someone spamming so

it's hard for me to read the question

I'd like to ask you I'm making a video

about deal idioms and more how and when

we can use it so idioms with the word

deal in it I could do a few of those yes

I could I could find a way to make a

video about that that would be quite

helpful let me write that down

after this live stream and I will try to

remember to do it

moko says today is my t OE IC test

English language test please give me

your advice try to relax

don't do anything differently hopefully

you slept really well last night

hopefully you are well-rested and

generally for all of you my advice when

you are taking an English language test

is that most of the work that you do is

in the months of preparation before the

test and just try and relax on the day

you write the test so that everything

that you have been practicing comes back

to you so that you can remember

everything that you need to remember so

moko I hope your test goes really really

good today let's see here

next question from Claude mere Claude

Muir says hello Bob can we use the word

heavy to refer to the winter and the

snow yeah so sometimes we get a really

heavy snowfall that would mean we get a

lot of snow so that would be probably

the only way we use the word heavy in

the winter you could say we had a pretty

heavy winter

last year that's not as common maybe but

definitely when talking about snowfall

you could say we had a really heavy

snowfall yesterday that means you got a

lot of snow right now here though we got

a lot of snow and now it all melted it's

actually a little bit warm now I think

it's only I'm actually gonna check I

think outside right now it's only about

3 or 4 degrees

oh it's 1 degree so a little warmer than


manny has the next question Manny says

how can i bounce the ng sound so I think

you mean in words like I wear a wedding

ring I am NOT a good singer just felt

that wrong I am NOT a good singer

so I wear a wedding ring you can see

that sentence in the chat I am NOT a

good singer you can see that sentence in

the chat hopefully that is the N G that

you are talking about so two examples

for you there let me clean up my

questions here for a second everybody

let's see Ishmael has the next question

I'm glad you found the form Ismael I saw

that you were asking that in the chat

how can I say when the people are eating

and I what can I say when people are

eating and I arrive at a place I that's

a tricky one like if you are annoyed

that they started eating without you you

might just want to say something kind

like hey guys next time could you wait

for me or hey could you guys wait before

you start eating but generally for me if

I'm going to go somewhere to eat and

when I get there people are eating

already I just kind of walk in and I say

hi and I sit down it's no big deal so I

hope I understood your question is mal

and hopefully I understood it correctly

alexandra says or alexandra says hi Bob

I'm Alexandra from Brazil Alexandra

Alexandra do you prefer winter or summer

winter and I love your cats

oh that's cool it's

bad you won't see any right now because

we are inside and our cats are very much

used to living outside let me clean up

my questions here I have a few repeats

let's see here

Rambo I'm laughing at your name Rambo is

actually the name of a movie how can I

improve my fluency and avoid awkward

silence when speaking so first of all

how do you improve and how do you

improve your fluency you have to talk

more that is one of the best ways if

you're talking about the fluency of

having a conversation with an English

speaker you just need to do more of it

so you might have to hire someone via

prep Lee or via FaceTime there's a link

below to prep Lee if you want to use it

the second question how do you avoid

awkward silences

I highly recommend that you always

prepare for English conversations you

need to be ready to talk about your

favorite things and ask about other

people's favorite things you need to be

able to talk about what you did that day

and ask people what they did that day

you need to be able to talk about the


and ask people about the weather you

need to be ready to talk about the

latest film you saw and ask people about

the latest film they saw you want to be

able to ask if they're interested in any

sports what sport team they follow if

they saw the latest game if they ever go

to the game so I would become really

good at all of the things you can fill

that awkward silence with because people

love it if you can ask them questions

about their life and they'll talk they

will talk so become really good at in a

kind and gentle way asking questions

let's see here that's that's what I

would say next question grammar question

here I tend to skip those guys you know

what I skip them because I don't

sometimes I answer them and I don't

quite explain it properly grammar is

hard to explain without a big

chart and all the rules listed behind

you next question is from Renata Strait

is Netherlands do you speak Dutch I

don't I'm learning it you look Dutch sir

yeah I am 100% Canadian but my parents

came from the Netherlands so there is no

mystery as to why I might look a little

bit Dutch I have the Dutch face

I have Dutch looking here but yes I am

Canadian I was born in Canada but both

my mum and my dad when they were

children their families moved here from

the Netherlands they moved here from

Holland so that might be why I look a

little bit Dutch let's see here

I'm going to skip a couple questions

here sorry if I don't get to your

question next question is from ELISA

hello Bob what's the difference between

advise and advice so when I advise

someone I give them advice so advising

is the conversation so when you advise

someone they have come and asked you a


and you are advising them so that is the

act of telling them wise things but if

you were to name what you're saying to

them you would call it advice so that's

the actual things I say so the act of

giving information is advised and the

actual information you give is the

advice I'll put that sentence in there

when I advise someone I give them advice

hopefully that makes some sense to you

just I got to check something here sorry

for the brief pause I'll get to the next

question now is from Louise and Louise

says Louise Sarah razo says hello nice

work I'm from Venezuela hello the app

Elsa works to improve the pronunciation

thanks in advance and I talked to myself

can help me improve my speaking I did

not know if that app but I will have a

look at it sometime in the near future

let's see here

trying to just find a couple last

questions before we head out because it

is almost been one hour and I need to

wrap this up soon Angela

Angelina Deng says hi Bob I want to

study in Canada could you suggest to me

which universities would be suitable for

learning business management and can you

recommend some excuse me losing my voice

right on the hour could you recommend

some good universities there many of our

students in our high school who are

international students like to go to the

University of Toronto there are though

many many good universities in Canada

there are great universities in every

province and it really just depends on

where you would like to live where Sean

is from on the east coast of Canada

there are excellent universities out

that way if you go to British Columbia

there are excellent universities so I

would say it doesn't quite it doesn't

really matter just find a Canadian

University with a business program and

I'm sure it will be a good one anyways

Bob the Canadian here you are learning

English with me I am going to wrap this

up please come back tomorrow and turn

the subtitles on and watch this one more

time if you are new here don't forget to

click that subscribe button over there

thumbs ups are always good for me as

well thank you to the people who gave me

live super chats today that was awesome

of you I don't need money but when you

do give me money it is kind of a nice

way to thank me and I use it to help pay

for my internet connection here out on

the farm anyways I'm going to wrap

things up there are a few questions I

didn't get to I am really sorry about

that but sometimes that happens anyways

Bob the Canadian here thank you for your

questions there will be a new video on

Tuesday there will be a live lesson next

week Friday and there will be another

life lesson like this next Saturday hope

everything goes well I hope you have a

great day thanks to Todd for being here

thanks to Sean for $3.99 English for

being here and thank you to every single

person who came to learn a little bit of

English and I hope you have a great

evening and a great day and a great

weekend and

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