Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Benny Steveninck (Hamme, BE) shows us around his lofts

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We are Benny and Carine Steveninck from Hamme.

We have been racing pigeons since 1997

and we have been quite successful.

Here we are at the breeding loft.

It consists of 20 breeding pairs

mainly from the same bloodline.

80% of my breeders are related to Chipo.

This pigeon is Chipo, he needs no introduction.

This is a very tame and friendly pigeon which begged

to be basketed as a young bird.

She was 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Young Birds on the middle distance.

This is the racing loft of the cocks.

We have twenty cocks which are basketed for races up to 600 km.

The partner stays home every time.

This is Raymond, 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon 2012.

An excellent pigeon which finished 9th in the national race from Bourges.

This is the racing loft of the young birds from the second round.

They are raced in two sections,

one for cocks and one for hens.

We have a few pigeons left which have not yet been moved

to the racing loft of the cocks.

This is Sun,

The 1st National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB.

This is an inbred hen, bred from a grandchild of Chipo

which was paired to a daughter Chipo.

She won a 1st provincial La Souterraine, a 3rd provincial Argenton,

a 7th provincial Chteauroux, as well as a 44th national from Bourges.

This is Crack.

Crack is a son of Chipo.

He is an excellent racing bird himself.

Winner of a 1st provincial Bourges and a 3rd National Ace Pigeon,

as well as a 1st provincial ace pigeon.

Crack is an outstanding breeder.

His sons and daughters have won national top prizes,

including a 19th national Chteauroux, a 51st national Argenton,

a 73rd and 81st national Chteauroux and a 91st national Bourges.

I have a few very special pairings for this auction.

I have paired a few of his youngsters to the dam of his sire;

which is the dam of Chipo.

This pigeon is Chihaut 98,

a son of Chipo and a nest brother of Crack.

He was 3rd National Ace Pigeon.

He has won nine first prizes as a racing pigeon.

He is an amazing breeder as well. His youngsters have won for instance

a 4th provincial Montluon, a 6th provincial Bourges,

a 9th provincial Chteauroux and a 13th and 14th provincial from La Souterraine.

I have something special for this auction: I paired him to his half sister.

That half sister is the dam of Sun, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance.

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